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  1. elroy16

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    A different take on the TE coaching experience. Off the top of my head, I don't recall the TE's being adept blockers. I haven't had any co-workers tell me he's terrible (as I did with Castillo), so that's something.
  2. elroy16

    Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    How long does Gase get before they fire him and move onto Greggo? Week 10 next year? I don't think being told who your DC is going to be instills a lot of confidence into a new HC, just my IMO.
  3. No question. Like many I was not happy with the pick. Like others, I easily talked myself into it because at least they got a QB. I think the reason my opinion has changed so much is because of how much he progressed throughout the year. Early in the year he threw some WR screens in the dirt, wasn't always going through his reads, took too many sacks, and bailed on decent pockets. After his injury he was making more accurate short passes, staying in pockets, making more consistent throws and really just looked a lot better. Even after the injury, the first game or two he took some hits while scrambling and then he started running out of bounds or sliding to protect himself. I didn't expect to see as clear an improvement week to week as he showed. I'm expecting him to take a solid step in the right direction over the offseason. He appears to have the right work ethic and desire to be great. He's obviously not there yet, but I have a lot more confidence he can be successful than I have been about a Bills QB in a long time.
  4. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/11/28/josh-gordon-interview-cleveland-browns-nfl It's not solely weed and it wouldn't matter if it was. What someone is addicted to can be unimportant to the situation, usually it's just a crutch for other issues. Of course being addicted to gambling or videogames and ignoring family, burning bridges, etc is irresponsible, but it's most certainly not crap. I've know multiple people that have committed suicide, even if from the outside it appeared they were living a good life. You never know what's going through someone's head. If someone is flushing down that much money and that big of an opportunity down the drain, they obviously have some deep seeded issues they're dealing with. Just reading briefly about his past, I'm sure it still weighs on him. It's like women who are sexually abused as kids, it ***** them up for their entire life. I imagine growing up, selling/doing drugs in 7th grade, carrying a gun, and not expecting to make it past early 20's creates some serious issues.
  5. jfc So you either have to resort to violence to officially be addicted to some or it doesn't count? Have you seriously never watched intervention or heard of a story about someone ignoring their family or responsibilities and ruining their life because they're addicted to a gambling or videogames? I guess lack of empathy makes it difficult to understand what some people go through. It's pretty common, so I shouldn't be too annoyed or surprised with dumbass thoughts like this.
  6. These are such misguided posts. You can become addicted to almost anything. People become addicted to shopping, gambling, working out, gaming, or whatever else. Just because something isn't "addicting" doesn't mean someone can't develop an addiction.
  7. I had never really read into Gordon's past but came across this article. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/11/28/josh-gordon-interview-cleveland-browns-nfl Brutal up bringing. There's no surprise that someone who went through stuff like that as a kid has trouble keeping their life together. It's funny in a sad way when people say, "Can't even stop smoking with millions on the line." Almost nothing matters to people when it comes to addiction and mental illness. People will steal, lie, and deceive everyone they love if they're addicted. Hopefully he gets help and finds a way to a healthier life, if nothing else, so he can be there for his kids.
  8. elroy16

    Week 15: Bills vs. Lions All-22 Coaches Film Reviews

    Oh yeah, very excited about this weekend. We'll all be on cloud 9 if Allen can look good and they beat the cheats to screw up their shot at home field advantage. Of course I wouldn't be shocked if belichick confuses the hell out of him and makes him look bad. Hopefully Daboll has a few tricks up his sleeve.
  9. elroy16

    Week 15: Bills vs. Lions All-22 Coaches Film Reviews

    I've been trying to temper my expectations and excitement for Allen, but he's making it tough. His improvement each game is too hard for me to ignore. Since he's come back from injury, it's been so much fun to watch. The first game or two back it was making me nervous because he was taking big hits, but now he's going out of bounds, throwing it away, and sliding to avoid shots. Before the injury, he was bailing too fast in the pocket, but he's rarely doing that now. Against the fins he really only did it once, unfortunately that was the last play of the game, but I'm giving him a pass on that one. Against the Lions they were forcing him to play QB (we've heard that before) and he stayed in the pocket, made short throws, went through progressions, threw deep, and only scrambled when it was called for. His accuracy has looked solid recently as well. He's making the easy throws (WR screens, quick hitches, etc) and when he does miss, it's usually just barely. I don't know if any of the receivers have made a really tough catch, probably Croom at the end of the Lions game might be the toughest. Allen isn't getting a ton of help, but is still making plays. He's still got work to do (obviously), but he's got me excited and he's got tremendous work ethic so I have a hard time thinking he won't continue to improve. I can't wait for the start of next year already.
  10. elroy16

    Mic'd Up: Josh Allen vs. the Lions

    McDermott talked about how Josh is already the leader of the offense. I'd be pretty surprised if he isn't one of the captains next year. They don't get into a lot of his trash talking in the video, he's mostly encouraging guys, but it seems pretty clear he's a little bit of a talker. Someone on the jets said he was talking trash. I'm sure guys are giving it to him, so I don't see the problem. As long as he keeps his head in the game and it doesn't lead to mental mistakes. I appreciate how little he says to the media. When they ask him about other teams or players, he's always complimentary. Once you get between the lines though, let it fly.
  11. elroy16

    Mic'd Up: Josh Allen vs. the Lions

    He already reads defenses better than RG3 did. Being in the DC area it was quite a rollercoaster ride watching RG3. Once people keyed in on his running, it was rough watching him. It's just one play, but he's got a clean pocket and literally everyone is open and yet, he was sacked on the play.
  12. Re-watching ne v pitt, brady had a number of guys drop very catchable passes. We're going to need Daboll to call a great game and the run game to step up. I expect a similar game plan to last week, lots of running to try and get ahead of the sticks. I think the passing game is going to struggle. Their pass rush isn't going to let Allen run wild and their secondary looks strong. Looks like the sprinkle in a little bit of pressure and stunts to mix it up, I'm not confident the line can hold up. At the same time, Pitt WR's weren't getting a lot of separation, I have a hard time imaging our guys do better. They made some tough catches in big spots, something we haven't seen here. The D is going to need to step up big to have a chance. It'll be interesting to see if they pound the run a bit this game. Michel looked pretty good against pitt and the Bills run D hasn't always been consistent this year. Bills red zone D has been pretty awful, need to tighten that up. I don't feel super confident about this game, but excited to see what they can do. Would love to beat them and have them lose their bye for the playoffs.
  13. elroy16

    Josh Allen's progress

    That no-call pissed me off. Definitely should have been holding with the way they're calling games these days. Tre got called for holding on less than that earlier in the game. The Lions did a good job of containing Allen's running, but that was a big part of why he had so much time in the pocket for once. He did a good job going through his reads and making solid decisions for most of the game. He bailed a time or two that I remember and wasn't perfect on some throws, but overall I was happy. A few tough catches by WR's and his numbers look a lot better. I love watching him develop. Someone mentioned that with Allen, they actual feel like they can pick up 3rd and longs. It's so true and it's so refreshing. They're actually picking up chunk plays, something we haven't seen consistently (or hardly at all) for a long time. Foster and McKenzie could make an interesting combo next year. Zay could fit well enough as a short/intermediate receiver if they can find one more solid WR that can help stretch the field. Croom looks like a keeper, otherwise the TE position needs an overhaul. Damn is this going to be a long offseason.
  14. elroy16

    Josh Allen's progress

    That is a hell of a player to try and emulate. I've never seen this documentary, but Kobe is notorious for being possibly the hardest worker in the NBA over the course of his career. Don't !@#$ this up McBeane, get some real talent around Allen and let's see this man shine.