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  1. Him talking about how much the game has slowed down for him was awesome to hear. He's already a very good corner and it doesn't sound like a sophomore slump is in his future. The only WR White mentioned when they asked him about that group was Robert Foster. I thought that was interesting.
  2. elroy16

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    Good stuff about Coleman from this guy. For a 7th in 2020, this is a great trade. Well done Beane. It's refreshing to see a FO actually address needs. Now this is obviously might not work out, but it's worth a shot.
  3. https://buffalonews.com/2018/06/08/tredavious-white-reflects-on-journey-from-a-forlorn-field-in-louisiana-to-the-nfl/ So no, his dad is not a deadbeat and his mom did in fact work.
  4. elroy16

    Bye bye Rex on MNF

    This. Rex was supposed to be the color analyst but by the second quarter was just a second play by play announcer. He was bringing very little to the game. I have no problem with Beth. I think Doris Burke is my favorite female announcer/analyst.
  5. Everyone's favorite buffalonews has a bunch of good quotes too. https://buffalonews.com/2018/07/19/how-the-bills-front-office-survived-then-arrived-on-josh-allen-as-their-franchise-qb/ I'm surprised the Bills were the only team to have a private workout with Allen. I looked it up and a few sites say he had 7 meetings, but only 1 private workout. I'm not sure what conclusion to make about it, but I'm glad the Bills did their due diligence with him. From some quick google searches, I see the Bills also had private workouts with Rosen, Darnold, Falk, and Alex McGough, while having visits with Mayfield and Rudolph, and then they met Jackson and a few others at the combine. It'll be interesting to see what strides he's made in regards to his footwork when camp hits. Does he revert back to opening his front side too much on throws to the left side of the field? If he does that early in training camp, it'll be clear he shouldn't start. If it looks like he's cleaned it up, it'll be pretty encouraging. It won't mean he should start, but it'd be an early big first step for his development.
  6. elroy16

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    If it's an injury that someone can fully recover from, I don't have a problem with drafting a guy in the first that might miss some time. Obviously guys bust all the time that look like sure things, so I can definitely understand your side of the argument. Saying you'll do it outside of the first is fair, but for me there would still be exceptions.
  7. elroy16

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    That's hilariously short sighted.
  8. elroy16

    Brandon Beane: The Art of a Deal

    That 3rd was crucial because it also allowed them to move up for Edmunds and still have a pick in the 3rd to snag Horrible Harry. Those comments by Dareus are ridiculous. I can understand being upset, but he really needs to look in the mirror. Beane could only get a conditional 6th for "one of the best players in the league." You think that would say something to him, but instead he blames Beane and/or McDermott. Where's Dareus on the top 100 players list that the players vote on? That's right, not on it. I defended Dareus a lot, but at some point you gotta grow up. I didn't like the Benjamin trade because it was late in the season and he's not really the type of WR that can flourish with Tyrod. It sounds like he's motivated this off season and he should fit better with the current group of QB's, so maybe that will turn into a better looking trade. I was iffy on the Darby trade, but the secondary didn't miss a beat, so it gets a pass.
  9. elroy16

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    He breaks it down a little bit more if you click on the tweet. I don't think anyone expects him to become Clowney considering Clowney is bigger and more athletic. A lot of players take time to make an impact though. With Shaq's newfound motivation, hopefully he puts it together.
  10. elroy16

    6-15: Brandon Beane on One Bills Live

    Zay will make the 53 and will only be out produced by Benjamin, Clay, and Kerley. I like their extremely cautious approach with Murphy. I love the sponge comment about Allen. I can see why they liked him before the draft regardless of the completion percentage. I recently rewatched The Matrix. The sponge comment made me think of the part where neo is having all of the information implanted and dozer calls him a machine. Is Josh "The One"? I kid, but still really, really like everything I hear about Allen. He's obviously got a lot of work to do, but I can't imagine he fails due to lack of effort.
  11. Good point, I missed that. I was looking for another example and saw this one. I don't miss him looking for someone else to blame. Whether it was someone else's fault or not, it just looks bad.
  12. You're absolutely right. I'm not sure how many siblings are older or younger, regardless, he's a great example of a kid that really gets it.