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  1. Damn is it refreshing to see a Bills MLB be able to carry a WR down the middle of the field.
  2. I'm 100% sure this stat will lead to all sorts of justification about off coverage when teams are beating the bills ass, him being the number 2 receiver or whatever else. I am also in no way shape or form saying Jones is anywhere near the level the guys they mention. I just saw this and wanted to point it out. I will say, calling him the biggest bust in living memory may be a bit of an exaggeration.
  3. elroy16

    Bills Second in Pressures

    Pressures Drop backs faced Pressure rate Pittsburgh Steelers 59 143 41.25874126 Buffalo Bills 54 131 41.22137405 Philadelphia Eagles 51 129 39.53488372 Baltimore Ravens 47 121 38.84297521 Los Angeles Rams 39 101 38.61386139 Chicago Bears 45 118 38.13559322 Minnesota Vikings 44 116 37.93103448 New York Giants 41 109 37.6146789 Arizona Cardinals 41 111 36.93693694 Washington Redskins 44 122 36.06557377 Cincinnati Bengals 50 143 34.96503497 Dallas Cowboys 38 110 34.54545455 Jacksonville Jaguars 36 107 33.64485981 New England Patriots 44 131 33.58778626 San Francisco 49ers 47 140 33.57142857 Kansas City Chiefs 50 151 33.11258278 Carolina Panthers 39 118 33.05084746 New York Jets 40 123 32.5203252 Tennessee Titans 36 111 32.43243243 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 45 139 32.37410072 Los Angeles Chargers 34 109 31.19266055 Green Bay Packers 37 119 31.09243697 Cleveland Browns 34 118 28.81355932 Denver Broncos 33 115 28.69565217 Indianapolis Colts 35 127 27.55905512 Seattle Seahawks 32 119 26.8907563 Miami Dolphins 32 126 25.3968254 Atlanta Falcons 35 138 25.36231884 Detroit Lions 21 84 25 New Orleans Saints 27 110 24.54545455 Houston Texans 21 97 21.64948454 Oakland Raiders 19 98 19.3877551 https://buffalonews.com/2018/09/27/enormous-game-vs-vikings-vaults-bills-pass-rush-near-top-of-nfl-in-pressure-rate/ Not too shabby. Murphy looked better last game, maybe he's finally getting healthy and in playing shape. Hughes is obviously playing at a very high level right now, I believe only Mack has more pressures on the year. They schemed up a few pressures last game by bringing Milano on rushes and dropping Murphy. I also like seeing Alexander rushing from the inside on obvious passing downs. He's can run stunts to catch the interior lineman off guard or he can drop back and play short zone. "The Bills play the Green Bay Packers in Week Four. Green Bay is currently 22nd in defensive pressure rate at 31.0 percent. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been pressured 33.5 percent of the time (44 times on 131 drop backs) thus far in the 2018 season."
  4. elroy16

    Allen is a budding superstar

    I was about to post the same thing. Looks like he's yelling at the ref for a flag already. I remember when he threw a pick in preseason and hit the defending near the goal line and caused a fumble. As he got up he started giving the touch back signal. Seems like he's got pretty good awareness.
  5. elroy16

    Josh Allen nails the post-wheel concept

    I wonder if the game slowed down a little bit for him. Accuracy on short throws is something he needed to work on. Even last week he missed a short throw, albeit on the run, to Murphy. Against the Vikings, everything was on target (minus the one deep ball). He hit guys in stride on swing passes, screens, and Croom on the wheel route. Just last week he almost missed a wide open DiMarco on a similar throw. Hopefully he can continue to show that type of accuracy and decision making.
  6. elroy16

    Where Did That Pass Rush Come From?!

    Lorax rushing from DT in the wide 9 looks seemed to work well. He and Kyle were doing a great job of compressing the pocket while Hughes was going to work. Gotta give the secondary credit too, they had good coverage a lot of the day. Corner depth is a concern, but they played well yesterday.
  7. elroy16

    Reason for some optimism. Receivers open.

    This one is so bad. He has a solid pocket, all he has to do is hold it for a fraction of a second longer to see Croom WIDE open. Even at the time of the throw the CB has a 5 yard cushion with his hips open. KB is not fast, he's not going to run past that corner. This article actually made me feel quite a bit better. It seemed like every time they showed receivers down the field during the telecast, everyone was blanketed. I just assumed that was all game, but it's clear Peterman was missing guys left and right.
  8. elroy16

    Embedded Part #2

    I really hope Murphy gets healthy and can play close to 100%. The D-line coach was talking him up and I had a buddy who's a former Redskin season ticket holder talk him up quite a bit. I'm excited for Eddie too, it looks and sounds like he's putting in a ton of work and hopefully learning a lot from Hughes. Those 3 and Shaq might not be a world beating DE unit, but I think they could be solid and deep. Remember 5 years or so ago when Kyle had surgery on both achilles and people said he was done? Good times.
  9. Is anyone else annoyed by the "they backed into the playoffs due to the Bengals help" nonsense? A. Most teams in the playoffs needed some sort of help at some point. Yes, it came down to the final few minutes, I don't care. B. Since the division restructure in 2002 (16 years), a 9-7 team or worse has made the playoffs in all but 3 years. Call me a baby, I'm sure I sound like one, but damn that annoys me. It's not like they got in the playoffs with a 7-9 record.
  10. elroy16

    Fun film review of Josh Allen vs. the Browns

    This is what I think happened as well. My only other gripe with his performance was the throw to Lee around the 3:40 mark of the video. He opens up too much on the throw. This is something that was brought up about his footwork at Wyoming on throws to the left which led to some inaccuracy. It's not a bad throw to Lee, but as the guy mentioned, it could have been better.
  11. https://player.vimeo.com/video/285647672 I'm not sure if this video has been posted yet, I looked down a few pages and didn't see it. First, what a tremendous play. Taking a bad snap, dodging quick pressure, and making an accurate throw. Looking at it more closely though, it's even more impressive. The Browns are baiting him into a quick throw to Streater, but he eyes the safety and doesn't go for it. Then after the pressure and a quick look at his second read, he steps up in the pocket, looks right to his third read, presumably Holmes who should be coming into the middle of the field, then quickly looks left back to his first read and hits Streater. Lastly, while he's stepping up, he's going to the right of Miller. As soon as the defender starts breaking that way, he cuts back to the left towards the end zone before throwing the ball. It's a good thing he threw it too, because I don't think he would have got in as another defending was filling that gap. Very quick and impressive awareness considering what was happening around him. For someone that needs to work on going through his progressions, he sure made going through his first 3 reads, back to his first receiver, while under a lot of pressure, look pretty easy. As always, good stuff from https://twitter.com/Cover_1_ I was pissed on draft night as someone in the "Anyone but Allen" group, but he's already got me on the bandwagon.
  12. I thought about that too. The kid has me giddy.
  13. elroy16

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    Final question I have, if you had a choice between the worst school and the best school to send your kid, which would you pick? It shouldn't matter, right? As you say, it's all on you, so the school shouldn't matter, right? It obviously does matter. You can't teach your kid everything. Like it or not, you have the biggest impact, but so does the school they go to, other adults, and their friends.
  14. elroy16

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    You're right, it probably is an indication of the realities they come from. So why not try to teach them these things in school? I'm seriously baffled at how you guys can admit kids come from backgrounds where they don't have parents teaching them important lessons and in the next sentence call me an idiot for saying schools should be trying to teach them the same lessons. High school. If they aren't teaching kids these lessons, how are they supposed to learn these things? You see the problem here? I'm an idiot for thinking schools should teach more relevant information to kids? We obviously aren't going to go anywhere, so let's get back to something we can agree on, Hue Jackson is a terrible leader.
  15. elroy16

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    I'm don't necessarily disagree with anything you're saying. At the same time, I don't understand why you think teaching basic finance is "passing the buck." Did your parents teach you the calculus and algebra you use everyday? I'm guessing no, you probably learned that in school. Kids learn things at school, parents can't teach them everything. Basic finance is important to everyone, calculus and algebra is not. I completely understand your point when you say your daughters standards are set by you. That's not my point. I think the curriculum schools teach isn't necessarily the most helpful for kids when they become adults. You might use algebra and calculus everyday, but I sure as hell don't. Calculating a tip would be a lesson in basic finance. In an ideal world, all parents would be like you, but it's just not how it is. I think we'd be better off as a country if we also teaching kids basic finance and other practical skills in school.