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  1. The directTV recap doesn't show this play unfortunately because I swear Mariota called out a fake snap right as they moved. It seems like a hard count with movement timed to simulate the snap should be a penalty. If he didn't call out a fake snap, then I don't have a problem with it.
  2. Strong route by Duke for the TD with good hand usage. If he can continue to get open like this in the red zone and use his body to give Allen a nice target, he might be a nice weapon.
  3. Yup, heads up play by Allen. If you watch the replay, you can see Gore is probably going to get stopped, by the edge defender that totally lost contain. Of course it doesn't save the timestamp. It happens at 10:24. I was not expecting Gore to rip of 8-14 yarders when they knew it was coming. That and suffocating run D is so fun to watch. I forget who it was, someone from the O-line I believe, but they said it was a matter of pride within the team for the offense to finish the game off. Every other game the defense has had to stop the opponent to win the game, this time the offense got to finish it off.
  4. 3-1 with a very good looking defense, I'm happy with where they are at. Obviously a big step back on offense this game, but the pats defense is playing at an extremely high level. Maybe the concussion will be a good thing for Allen. He needs some time to sit and realize the hero ball nonsense is almost always hurting the team. Take a sack, throw it away, anything but these terrible throws and big hits. I think Barkley can get a win in Tenn, then get healthy over the bye, and let's roll.
  5. So if he gets one sack on Brady, but gets pushed around and abused all game, you're good? What if he doesn't get any sacks but is constantly in Brady's face and causes a pick or two? You're still going to be unhappy because he didn't show up in the stat sheet? Regardless of what's said about a rookie, thinking they'll be unstoppable in anyway, shape, or form is hilariously naive. I feel like if he came in and was playing like Aaron Donald, you'd still B word.
  6. They've faced two premier RB's and as a team have done very well. If that's the worst they'll do with Edmunds at MLB, while continuing the have an elite pass defense, I fail to see the problem.
  7. The Bills were 29th in the league against the run that year. The Bills are 8th against the run this year. Maybe tackles by the MLB doesn't correlate 1 to 1 with the success of the defense.
  8. My only hope is AB freaks out on the sideline and punches brady and belicheat in the face. A man can dream, right?
  9. Did anyone read the Lane Kiffin story on ESPN? https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27638015/trash-talk-mattress-fires-flying-projector-lane-kiffin-year-tennessee McDermott's approach >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kiffin's approach You obviously have to have confidence, but the over the top nonsense doesn't work long term. The Kiffin story just made me think of Rex. Anyway, back to what matters. This doesn't look good for the Bengals. The stars are lining up for a W, just gotta execute.
  10. 0-3 teams make the playoffs about 2.5% of the time. The Bengals desperately need this game and will probably play like it. Bengals O-line hasn't played well, Bills need to minimize big plays and force them up and down the field. Thankfully, this is what the Bills D is to a T. Bengals run offense is awful, hopefully we'll see a lot of 3rd and longs. I assume McDermott will have these guys ready, they don't strike me as a team that will get complacent and assume the enthusiasm/excitement for a hope opener will be enough to get a W.
  11. He's great when he fires off the snap and blows up gaps. Of course that can lead to him leaving the middle of the field wide open when he's fooled on play action. I'm not worried yet. I'll gladly take a MLB that is slightly below average against the run but good against the pass over the opposite. He's still young, he's super long, and athletic, I think at worst he'll be average against the run, which I can live with.
  12. All the DT's really. Against the run they were doing a good job at filling gaps (outside of the first drive) and against the pass they are collapsing the pocket. No longer are we seeing the edge rushers look like they might get home only to have the QB step up in the pocket and sit there for an extra 2 seconds. They may not be blowing up the line every play, but they're consistently getting a good push. The D-line as a whole isn't really spectacular, but they play very well as a unit and compliment the secondary very well.
  13. That makes me get way more into the game and way more pissed when they lose. Granted I still do it every game, but it definitely doesn't help me.
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