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  1. Haha, that makes sense. It's tough for me to get that much time at home, but once I started the first, I stayed up pretty late watching the rest. You should take the time, it's almost all meat and potatoes, they're very good.
  2. Lol, what an odd sentiment. I'm too lazy to... watch TV. He has a segment with his workout in the first one, the first half of the episode or so. The second one shows him and his wife at their house. You can scan through them and find it, unless you're too lazy.
  3. I think the undrafted free agency part was probably the most interesting to me. They seriously went all out for Sills, pretty interesting. The only bad part is Kyle as narrator. I love the guy, one of my top 5 players of all times, but man, he's not good at that. It sounded like he was reading the material for the first time. No idea if it was his fault or not, maybe they didn't give it to him beforehand. The only time I've heard worse narration was in whatever Blade Runner cut had Harrison Ford's narration. I lasted about 2 minutes before turning it off.
  4. This part is more important that the dysfunction that can occur when things aren't going well. If they start winning, can they stay on the same page and continue to build the team or will their egos get the best of them? After reading about and watching a lot of clips of Beane and McDermott, they really do seem like genuine people who will continue to practice what they preach and aren't just putting on a face. If they become successful here and start competing year in and year out, I think they'll be consistent and build their relationship versus letting success deteriorate it. I think they have the right amount of loyalty and "family" priorities but that they also understand it's a business and tough decision need to be made. Look at how they embraced Pancho Billa. They didn't have to keep in touch with him or include him in the draft, but they did. At the same time, I'm sure firing Crossman, Castillo, and Dennison wasn't fun or part of the plan, but they recognized it had to be done and didn't let the issues fester. Obviously it can all go south very quickly, but I think we have a very solid pair on our hands.
  5. He didn't though. OP didn't quote the whole article, so maybe that's why you missed it. I have no problem with the Foster comment. He's probably the most athletically gifted, we'll see if he turns into the most productive.
  6. Before the draft last year I wanted a QB first and then a MLB to QB the defense. They swung for the fences on both of the picks and if they both hit 80-90% of their potential, they could both be very, very good for a long time. At first I was a little bit down, we've seen tons of raw prospects come through here at almost every position and we've seen a ton of them bust. I wanted more "NFL ready" players, but so far it's looking good. I think that even more important to Edmunds' development than Lorax is Bob Babich. Babich coached Briach Urlacher for 9 years and Urlacher chose him to be presenter at his HOF introduction. Sure, Babich wasn't there for the first four years Urlacher was in the league, but he has high praise for him. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/bears/ct-spt-bears-brian-urlacher-bob-babich-hall-of-fame-20180402-story.html
  7. https://www.cover1.net/tredavious-white-bills/ Very, very good breakdown of White's strengths and weaknesses. Erik breaks down White's footwork, disruption, leverage, ball tracking, tackling, and penalties and includes a bunch of clips. I highly recommend reading this and watching all of the clips. As someone who never played organized football, the level of detail these types of articles have is very informative. I have to highlight this play (the second one)
  8. Over two years, teams have only tried to throw deep with Hyde in coverage nine times and have one completed one freaking pass. That is nuts. What a fantastic free agent signing.
  9. Cautiously optimistic. He's much further along that I hoped he'd be at this point. I was all for a full season on the bench, but the experience looks like it was good for him. The fear of playing a young QB on a bad team is that you'll "ruin" them, but I think Josh's mental toughness is much too strong for that. I'm obviously not going to bet my house on him becoming a HOFer, but I am very excited for the future of Josh Allen.
  10. Allen is the only pick the Bills have made where I was legitimately pissed off. I was kind of annoyed with the Spiller pick, but told myself he was going to be a great playmaker, so sold myself on it within a day or two. Most picks, I can talk myself into since I don't pay much attention to college football. I was so pissed when they drafted Allen. We knew they wanted a QB and I had basically sold myself on all of the QB's except for Allen. I figured Sam would be off the board and thought maybe the pick would be either Baker or Rosen. When Rosen was there at 7 after they traded up, I got my hopes up really high. He was supposed to be the most NFL ready, he's been groomed to be QB for years and years. We just saw a "raw, but crazy gifted" QB turn into nothing in EJ. I wanted a QB that actually looked like a QB, not a project.
  11. Maybe receivers wasn't the most accurate description, but this evidence says that they didn't value the slot like maybe the Bills will this year.
  12. I guess this would make sense if they actually canceled "1/3 of the minicamp." I'm sure they still had their meetings and worked out, but instead of a 2 hour practice, they're playing games. No big deal.
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