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  1. I mean sure, it'd be great to have a mauler that pancakes guys every play, but a guy like that would probably be a top 5 pick. This article was shared, but I think it got buried in the original thread from after he was drafted. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2019/4/17/18309044/nfl-draft-2019-cody-ford-buffalo-bills-oklahoma-scouting-report-offensive-tackle-ranking You sound a lot like the author before he watched a bunch of film on Ford. Sure, he's not a huge mauler that's running guys over, but he does enough in the run game and is a very good pass blocker. Honestly, that sounds so much better than the nonsense that's been put at RT recently. I don't need the O-line to be this insane dominant force (although that would be amazing), they just need to do their job. My favorite part about watching Ford is once he's engaged, you almost never saw guys shed his block and make a play. Sure it happened here and there, but for the most part, he's a steady RT that does his job very well, albeit maybe unspectacular.
  2. That's a very good point. There's a cut between the Singletary pick and Beane saying they want to get Knox, so who knows when the Knox comment came. I'm glad you brought that up because at first watch is seemed like they wanted Knox as soon as they picked Singletary. Between that and them wanting to trade up for Ford, it almost seemed like they're falling in love with players and may push a bit to get them as opposed to letting the draft unfold a bit. They obviously still let the draft unfold since they didn't trade up for Oliver or make a huge jump for Ford, but it was still something I found interesting while watching the video. Yeah it did, that was interesting. They looked pretty dejected when Carolina traded up. I'm not sure who it was, but Beane asked who traded up and it sounds like someone says, do you really want to know? All of these guys were on the same page, they all knew they wanted Ford and they all knew Carolina was probably trading up for a tackle, hence, the guy not wanting to break the news to Beane.
  3. That's a great and very encouraging article, a lot of good gifs. "Just enough" in the run game and a very good pass protector. I really hope he wins the RT job. RT has been so freaking mediocre (at best) for years. I've probably said and thought this 100 times, but damn this FO is refreshing.
  4. On WGR, Beane said Singletary wasn't asked to catch many passes in college, so during a private workout they had him run routes and catch passes and he did a good job of it. Singletary said he did some catching drills at the combine to show off his hands as well. Sounds like he can do it, he just wasn't asked to in college. I thought RB was an option in the draft, but not in the 3rd round. That said, I can see why Beane described him as the funnest player to watch in the draft. He's very shifty and does a great job of setting up blocks.
  5. A bit off topic, but I didn't want to start a new thread. I'd seen the end of this video where he says he's going to enter the draft, but not the first part. She asks him what the MVP trophy means to him and he immediately starts talking about the team success and how he couldn't have done it without his teammates and scout team. I freaking love this kids attitude. Back on topic, McShay's, "there's no way you watch every snap of the Bills." is so obnoxious. With cutups, he could probably knock that out in a day. It might not be in depth, but he could get a good idea of what Allen is about.
  6. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.
  7. Love his quickness, change of direction, and ability to stay low. He's nice and thick and has good strength. Excited to be a Bill and wants to work, what's not to like? I'm very excited about the pick. When the Bills went on the clock, I felt pretty confident that's who they'd pick. It made perfect sense and this staff doesn't seem to try and outsmart themselves like previous regimes did. Not an official combine time, but holy $#!t snacks that shuttle is impressive.
  8. Wallace only played the last half of the season. It's smart to make sure there's competition there in case he struggles. I'd love for him to take the starting job and keep it for the foreseeable future, but it's not a guarantee. I like the signing a lot. Gaines should be able to come right in and start or be strong depth that can step right in if someone struggles or gets hurt. Damn I am loving me some McBeane these days.
  9. @Mark80 is definitely out of his mind for thinking the cash bail system is broken and disproportionally hurts poor people or to think that the justice system is biased towards rich people. Yes, he's definitely out of his mind... smh
  10. You guys thought we had homers here, good grief.
  11. I'd love to see a stud DL get picked up at 9. Another force off the edge opposite Hughes or a someone carving up the middle now that Kyle is gone would be a big help to the defense. I like what they're doing, grabbing guys on offense through FA that should be able to help right away and then ideally build up depth and maybe one impact guy (probably on D) from the draft.
  12. Ideally he's the starting RT and Dawkins picks his play back up after being a bit complacent and is a solid LT for us. Then they can draft a OT in the middle of the draft to groom as a RT or swing in the future. With Morse at C, the line could be significantly improved.
  13. That bend makes me feel all tingly inside.
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