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  1. No it was a home game. Late in game. Kinda dirty play in today’s nfl
  2. I felt the same way. Officials inserted themself into the game when it got close and it was slanted to favor the cardinals. The Knox penalty was ridiculous. The defender is lunging to the ground as Knox goes to block him. Gets up and whines to the official and gets the flag. The singletary penalty interpreted as after the play was ridiculous. It was a block attempt when he felt his QB was running. The winters hold was more bull####. That’s how every offensive lineman blocks on every play. Hail Mary still stings but we are always having to overcome some degree of officiating.
  3. Would like to see three personnel changes by next week. Get Zay Jones off the team. He sucks. Doesn’t separate, terrible body control and had never made a play that any other receiver in the league wouldn’t have made. Duke needs to be on this roster to high point balls and body small CBs out. If that means you cut Zay than just do it. Get a new punter. Bono is the Worst punter in the league. The snap was horrible on the block but could he have taken anymore time. Plus the 21 yard punt was a nice touch near the end of the game. Time to move on there. Make Ty Nsecke your FT right tackle and start transitioning Cody Ford to guard. Too much pressure off the right when he’s in the game. Both of our tackles may be better suited long term for guard based on what I am seeing.
  4. Not good at all. Need to get him on Luke Kuechly plan.
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