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  1. 6 teams better and I think byes for top two were fair. Home field advantage and the bye does favor the top seed greatly. When the league went to 4 divisions per conference it did make securing a wild card more challenging and was part of the reason it took us so long to get into post season. Funny how we never have clinched with wild card since they changed format. 3 division winners and 3 wild cards made sense in the 90s. I think what we have now is as good as it can be with division and conference structure
  2. More likely bentford. Problem is we don’t know how good or bad Elam will be at corner and we may need 47 at CB. Plus he was pretty good there
  3. He’s not an nfl kicker. he faked it for two years. I don’t care what the cost is. He has to go
  4. I actually think over the last 4-6 weeks they have looked better. Poyer has looked faster to the ball and tackling has always been solid. Hyde had some key punchouts on Tyreek in the Miami game. You cant discount the mental element to the game they bring and i do feel much more comfortable with them back there than anyone else currently on the roster. I would agree its probably the last dance for both or at least one. It is an important position for this defense and im sure the front office is considering on how to proceed. I know there was talk about moving Bentford to safety but after the year he has had at corner i wonder if that is not a consideration anymore. We could enter next year with Douglas, White, Johnson, Elam on the depth chart that could motivate them to look at that again but a lot needs to fall into place for that.
  5. Buddy I typed this almost two months ago.
  6. I noticed at the end of the game wilkins came up to greet Josh and tell him good game. Josh didnt necessarily reciprocate the gesture. I think Wilkins thinks he can act like this during the game and be cool with each other after. I genuinely think Josh hates this guy.
  7. Beane had no part of Hyde/Poyer unless you are referring to them resigning them to the deals they are currently on. They were some of the best FA signings this franchise has ever had. The issue now is that the wheels have fallen off and they are still our very best options and will most likely have to reset these two and several other important Defensive positions this offseason. The negligence surrounding finding a reliable WR2 for the past two seasons while we are in this window is scrutiny he cannot avoid.
  8. You seriously think anyone is spending the time to do that on a fan forum.
  9. Would he have drafted Allen if he had the first pick?
  10. You are being so stupid I can’t stand it. if you are seriously crediting beane with identifying NFL talent with the likes of Cody Ford, Kair Elam and Boogie Basham then save anymore of your time and start researching common sense. should we seriously be celebrating the fact that beane has drafted 3 nfl caliber running backs in 5 years all the first 3 rounds. If you think that is a success you are completely missing the point.
  11. Go across the league and give me a percent on how many 1-3 round picks are key contributors and starters. What is the percent on that?
  12. Execution on first quarter is important too.
  13. The point is all those picks are having to be used after picks flopped. As we all know veterans cost more money. And the fact that we had little money is why Gabe Davis is WR2 and missing scoring opportunities at the end of game. There is a domino effect Someone who gets it.
  14. Two players a draft is not good enough. Not expecting all pro players. Just solid and capable starters. Not with a $40+ million a year QB contract. every single miss in the draft has later been compounded or made up for with a corresponding move (or several moves) that has put us further into a tough cap situation. why does he get let off the hook for the guys not working out? Isn’t his job talent evaluation? So if a guy leaves and doesn’t do well anywhere else he is off the hook? Sorry. Don’t share that sentiment. Pick the correct players for your scheme and take advantage of good production on rookie deals. That’s the formula. this dedication to investing these resources into the same positions has cost us the opportunity to address the top need this team has had for 2 offseasons.
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