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  1. Add some speed on the outside, and I think it will unlock the bills passing attack underneath. Will definitely affect how defenses play us. I don’t think this offense will be any worse than last year.
  2. I can see it now. Pick 28. Brian Thomas jr. is still sitting there. We are all excited, it’s really happening. With the 28th pick in the nfl draft the Buffalo bills select cooper dejean iowa. 😂
  3. I don’t disagree with you at all. Sorry I threw that out into the universe. Would it really be that shocking though?
  4. Nothing screams innocence more than re-enacting a scene from the movie “psycho”to describe how the mother of your children was murdered. Seems normal to me.
  5. I hate to say it but I could see the bills drafting Cooper DeJean in the first and then moving back up in the 2nd round to draft Troy Franklin
  6. That doesn’t mean much. Especially if you watched the trial.
  7. Yeah I know what kool aid means. Thanks for the metaphorical clarification. I wouldn’t want to take that as a condescending tone as you alluded too. No it’s a sign of high intelligence 😂
  8. I challenge you to go back and reread your posts. Then you want to cry foul. Please.
  9. What would be very telling is josh and Diggs shaking hands at the end of the game like daboll and McDermott did. 😳
  10. You do realize that Diggs got exactly what he was asking for. Am I happy he is gone? No. But at the same time I am not going to cry about it and make excuses for him as if he is the victim of some mass conspiracy. Great player. Enjoyed his time here. Wish him well in the future. Next man up. I’m a bills fan first and foremost.
  11. But that’s just it right there in a nutshell. What exactly is the very definition of “hate” and “toxic”? If having the opinion that Diggs was treated very well here, prior to forcing the Bills to trade him (like Minnesota) is toxic then I guess I am a Diggs hater by that definition. Personally I loved Diggs as a player. Loved his heart and passion. But some of you get so triggered whenever anyone points out his part in all of this that you lose perspective.
  12. Odds are that I’m probably older than you. “Kid”
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