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  1. Brady has masked how horrible of a location that stadiums in. It’s going to be empty by week 8.
  2. Le’veon is horrible and is only there for the paycheque. What a calamitous contract that was. He’ll be out of the league after his next one year deal.
  3. I can’t even begin to imagine a 19 year old receiver in the NFL having to get hit by a linebacker in a slant route. He’ll be broken in half. A lot of these guys still lack the muscle mass and size to be in the league after 3 years of college. I can’t see straight out of high school being beneficial.
  4. Boston is a huge television market. The Patriots get huge ratings. There's a reason Chicago and Dallas get 4-5 games a year and they've been mediocre to horrible for the last 15 years.
  5. Like anyone wants to listen to those two blowhards for a 90 minutes.
  6. Love being that high is a joke. He hasn't taken a single snap and was horrible last year in college.
  7. That's the only way we get fans in stadiums I think, they're gonna have to put seats between people, rows, etc. Which is a much better alternative to no fans at all. The good thing is, the Mafia is so loud that 20,000 of our fans will still be as loud as 60,000 from some other stadiums in this league.
  8. Not too sure it’s “evolved” so to speak. The run game is as important as ever, and if you can get a team to load the box you can burn them. Virtually all the best teams last year were in the Top 10 in running the football. Obviously if you have the quarterback to go with that you’re golden.
  9. Brady had enough of the "Patriot Way", and didn't like how things went there with getting him weapons on offense. He's a vocal player but I've never seen him chew guys out as much as he did last year. There's also reason Gronkowski came back to play with him in Tampa. There's no chance he returns if Tom's still in New England.
  10. Fromm's going to make the roster, he's too good of a developmental QB with a chance to be "the guy" should Allen falter for him not too.
  11. He'll get another OC, he's not getting a third. Beane and McDermott are smart enough to cut their losses as we've seen.
  12. Exactly. Stout defense and running the football gets you to the big game. If Allen develops that's essentially the icing on the cake. You need that quarterback to win it all in the fourth quarter. We're 2/3's of the way there.
  13. He reminds of Cameron Heyward. Big, powerful DE. Not quick, not flashy. But will bullrush the lights out of you. Also like how he put Austin Jackson in his place as well when they played.
  14. That really isn't saying much considering the Dolphins have a rookie and New England has a guy that's taken one series of garbage time snaps. And you could argue Darnold is better than Allen. It's not so clear cut. Allen has better mobility but fumbles like crazy and is inaccurate. Darnold makes slightly worse decisions throwing the football but when he makes a good read it's more accurate.
  15. I like the pick, it would be nice to have a guy at kicker that we can rely on for the next 10 years. These end of the draft rounds are such a crapshoot to begin with so kickers here are a good investment.
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