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  1. Blew our load in the first two weeks of the season.
  2. These two should pack boxing gloves for the next meeting.
  3. Name a better playoff run than his.
  4. I would expect him to hit wide open receivers down the field. Baltimore's secondary is terrible. It looks as bad as last years.
  5. tete That translucent wrap around the outside would be great.
  6. Yeah in the US I think it's pretty barebones, might be mostly combat sports and niche stuff like darts and snooker but Canada it effectively replaced Sunday Ticket, also has all Champions League Soccer, Premier League and MLS. Europe I think it has stuff like UFC and Premier League.
  7. Also got the game last night on DAZN in Canada, which has the NFL rights to all the games.
  8. Say what? Byard and Hooker are one of the best safety duos in football.
  9. Gotta be some Bills intern screening them all before they get to him
  10. I feel like LA should be up by two or three scores. Crazy how KC can take the lead on this drive.
  11. Maybe they’ll start picking on JC the rest of this game. That ankle doesn’t seem to be 100% after that tight end torched him.
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