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  1. It's 2022, they're not going to dump a boatload of money into something that isn't feasible to maintain or keep the fans as comfortable as possible given the open air nature.
  2. Okay maybe a bit dramatic. Allen still has another 10-12 years of top level play left in him but this year was the perfect storm to win a Super Bowl. The NFC was weak this year, there was no clear cut favourite other than a 45 year old Tom Brady. The 49ers don’t awe you and the Rams are and up and down football team. Who knows who wins Sunday. The AFC had a lot of mediocre playoff teams. Vegas, Pittsburgh, Tennessee had no offense down the stretch yet we’re a one seed. Cincinnati is playing out of their minds right now but need a last second FG to beat Tennessee and Vegas went down to the last play. Speaking of Cincinnati, they’ll only get better. Burrow another year older same with Chase. KC still has Mahomes. You have to think the Chargers begin to start putting it together in Herbert’s third year. Baltimore gets Jackson back, who were 8-3 when he got injured. Cleveland could be back in the mix, they made the AFCCG last year and played the Chiefs close. Indy has a good team other than Wentz. Etc. The NFC who knows, I don’t see any franchise quarterbacks up and coming in that conference. After 2022 Allen’s cap hit goes to 40 million dollars, unless that’s adjusted we start losing room to build a team. Competing gets tougher. Bad teams overpay our good players because we can’t afford them. And winning gets harder. With Allen, winning every game is possible but it’s not as straight forward as it could have been this year.
  3. I’m sorry, how do you not squib the ball, run 4-5 seconds off, force a Hail Mary and it’s game over? McDermott has to be voice of reason in this situation. The defense was getting chewed up the entire second half with zero resistance. It’s inexcusable that they would not squib.
  4. This loss is the worst because we won this game twice.
  5. They were playing 30 yards off the LOS the entire second half. They couldn’t do anything with that scheme.
  6. Absolute garbage coach. Garbage in Minnesota. Just stands there like a statue. Zero adjustments.
  7. He spent more time preparing for the interview than he did game planning for the Chiefs.
  8. Leslie Fraser getting exposed again. Zero halftime adjustment. I hope someone is dumb enough to take him.
  9. Some of the worst football I’ve seen in the last 10 minutes. Stupid penalties. Turnstile tackles. Brutal snaps.
  10. Stafford’s a bum, he wouldn’t be able to win it all in the arena league. Let alone the NFL. Maybe he should try his luck with futbol instead, LAFC is just down the road.
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