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  1. I had to post in defense of OP, I just started watching and it’s riveting. There’s an apt comparison, these fans breath their club.
  2. This schedule is awesome for me, I live out west and planning on the LV, Ari, and Den games.
  3. Needs to be something you can really tap your toes to, something catchy: TOOL - Lateralus
  4. Julian Blackmon, FS, Utah. I will admit I’m a little biased here, but he is a smart kid, and sees the whole field. He reacts so much quicker than most players.
  5. I think they do. We’ve kind of belabored the point in threads, but there really is going to be a distinct advantage to teams having low turnover going into this season, we have three starters changing in offense and defense ( 4 if you count nickel, and two of those are familiar to McDermott). The Pats can’t say the same.
  6. Go through the sign up as if you’re purchasing a subscription, when it gets to the pay screen, the amount says $0. It doesn’t ask you for a CC# either.
  7. I’ve now watched last season twice in as many days on Gamepass. Just some random thoughts; I’m trying to be a little more incisive in my observations, less obtuse: 1. Gore killed a lot of drives with negative run plays. I’m not even talking 0 yard plays, there were way too many negative runs and those drives generally ended in punts. I love Gore, but glad to love on. 2. Andre Roberts is amazing. The return game was transformed when he returned (pun) in week 4. 3. Josh Allen gives receivers more time after the catch. Because he throws with such zip, receivers have about a half second longer to make a move than they would otherwise. Brown and Beasley made the most of that on many 3rd conversions. 4. I’m excited to see more of TJ Yeldon. He is as sure-handed and savvy a receiving back as I’ve seen. I think he can be a weapon. Reminds me of Ty Montgomery when he was utilized in GB. 5. The pass rush was way too inconsistent, I can see why the DL was so heavily addressed in free agency. We won’t miss Shaq or J Phillips. Also, Harry Phillips looked promising before the injury. 6. I’m worried about not having Lorenzo Alexander, he made so many heady plays. AJ Klein might be a brilliant signing as he is a similar, albeit, younger player.
  8. I agree it’s about making a jump this year due to the shortened offseason. This has been a stark reversal from the strategy of the last two years. Beane has—in the past—placed a premium on draft picks and building through the draft, and has said as much in interviews. if reports of our national return to status quo in July/August are true, that means no rookie OTA’s, no team OTA’s; all rookies and FA’s will get is training camps and preseason.
  9. I loved his fire last year, but with the other Phillips—Harrison—coming back, it would’ve been a lot less playing time.
  10. I bet Beane is working on some additional FA signings and felt comfortable giving away the picks. Don’t sweat the picks until you see who else we sign.
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