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  1. I don’t trust Cleveland’s mental fortitude. I agree with you. It’d be very Browns like to end up losing.
  2. I’m with you. I go no football at all for weeks.
  3. The Saints are 100 million over the cap next year. I’m not sure we need to fear next years team.
  4. Please no. I expected lose him but thought it’d be Chargers or Jaguars to help their young QB’s.
  5. And beat the #1 defense (Rams) before we even hit our groove. It’s running games that scare me not defenses; teams that can keep the ball out of our offense’s hands.
  6. I hope the Titans and Ravens beat the ***** out of each other.
  7. Taron Johnson. He had a bunch of solid open field tackles, he was all over the field.
  8. After watching the replay, my opinion on the starting DL is Hughes, Zimmer, Oliver, Epenesa.
  9. Tyreek Hill has been beating the DB’s like they’re an eight-year-old child. Don’t boo me. I regret nothing.
  10. Josh Allen pointed out that Mario Addison spoke to him after his grandmother’s death and that it had an impact on him. Now we know why.
  11. This one doesn’t hurt much, the Titans and Chiefs games did for sure. I loved how we battled back on the road; we got unlucky on the last play, props to Hopkins. I don’t know, I just feel like this is gonna fire up the team. They’re gonna have to sit with this feeling for two weeks and they’ll be ready to go vs San Diego.
  12. This is JT O’Sullivan, career backup QB, but I love his channel. He does excellent QB breakdowns.
  13. Anyone else think Newton called his own number on that sneak? McDaniels looked upset, then on the timeout Newton took his helmet off; wonder if he was getting an earful.
  14. If you haven’t seen it, watch the post game speech, Josh was really emotionally and the whole team gathered around him. Really beautiful moment.
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