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  1. Some stellar defense being played out there tonight.
  2. Not sure Frazier had to change too much. Phins o-line is garbage.
  3. Collinsworth is brutal, and his son is also annoying as hell.
  4. It was beautiful. Got in line at 11:50 and it took 10 minutes to get through the gates. I park in lot 1 and just seeing the towers with the Bills logo gave me chills. It was great to be back, except for all the idiots not wearing masks where they were supposed to. I had mine on until I was in my seat.
  5. I expect Josh to have a great game. He won't be as geeked in Miami as he was coming out of the tunnel into a full Highmark Stadium. Should be a fun game!!
  6. Exactly. Hughes was held numerous times. Even when it wasn't Hughes, the Pitt left tackle was holding a ton. I was there and watched that position purposely. They got away with at least 4 obvious holding calls. The officials were brutal that day.
  7. I agree he was very under used. They went 5 wide most of the game, which was ridiculous. They should've ran him more. I'm just saying Pitt was in prevent leaving the line wide open for him to get those chunk plays at the end. He's definitely quicker with his cuts this year. I just don't think Daboll will give him the chance to gain 1,000 yds.
  8. Most of his yards on Sunday came on the last drive when Pitt was playing for the pass.
  9. You can still become positive for Covid a day after a negative test, so that in no way is the safest way at all. Because you test negative you are immune?? Makes no sense.
  10. Setting up five wide on offense 75% of the offensive plays was inexcusable. They told Pittsburgh exactly what was coming every single time. Play calling was atrocious today.
  11. Yeah, I didn't realize they actually removed posts. I've been warned and DM'd about crossing the line, but don't think my posts were deleted. Good to know.
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