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  1. Ouch.....lol And Milano gets fined $10,000??? I can't remember. But for celebrating after an INT. Maybe he got in a dudes face after, but it wasn't deserving of a fine. NFL sucks. Tyreek and Antonio are perfect examples of people looking "the other way".
  2. You pretty much nailed it with this. I agree with you, I just hate losing. Like the Bills against the Jets. I thought the season was over, lol. Clemson is looking good against Florida State, but as I was typing this, Seminoles picked up a fumble, as Clemson was driving again, and took it to the house. Should be 27/31 to 17. But that play changed everything. 24 - 24.
  3. Almost as bad as the contract the Yankees gave Stanton. All that money for a guy, that when he's not injured, watches cookies go by, then swings at sliders a foot off the plate. Some of these athletes are just way too entitled.
  4. People don't seem to realize that one single punch to someone's head can be fatal. I saw it during a softball game at Cobbs Hill in Rochester. Two guys got into it, and one punch later, one of them was dead. That's why I've never punched anyone since then, it really freaked me out. That was like 20 years ago. I know a few other non-fatal ways to de-escalate a situation. Thankfully I'm past that point in my life.....I think. Not to mention, I'm surrounded by the greatest Bills fans in my section that I could ever hope for. Never an issue. And I'm 4 rows behind Jim Kelly and family. Yeah, that's right, I'm that f'n special, lol.
  5. Police are investigating what happened. This is something no one should ever have to witness during what should be a good time. Very disturbing, no matter what triggered it. https://www.nbcboston.com/on-air/as-seen-on/police-investigating-fans-death-during-sundays-patriots-game-at-gillette-stadium/3139210/
  6. Not to mention the officiating. It's def getting difficult. I hear you. But after only 2 weeks, not one team seems dominant. KC is always gonna be near the top, especially after getting Jones and Kelce back. Cincy might be screwed with Burrow's lingering injury. Miami looks good. The Ravens aren't as good as their 2-0 record. If the Bills can keep playing like they did Sunday, and keep Allen under control...then get Von back? Could be a great season.
  7. Dolphins and Ravens the only 2-0 teams in the AFC. That's not gonna last long. There's gonna be 16 teams "in the hunt" all season.
  8. Whatever. I guess you know the rule book better than everyone else. My bad. I will forever bow to your football wisdom.
  9. I said he must've been in shock myself. Only thing I could come up with. Read my last post. I corrected myself. But if the ball is thrown 5 yards out of bounds and is impossible to catch in bounds, it's determined "uncatchable" therefore what happened in the field of play has no bearing on the outcome. It's in the rules.
  10. Was not a poor call. Did you not see where the ball landed? And screw Minkah, his hit on Chubb was dirty as it gets. Karma is a B word. What made it look so bad, is that Chubb was already wrapped up and going to the ground. Then Fitzpatrick seemed to missile himself into Chubb's knee. Hard to know if it was intent or not in the heat of the moment. I shouldn't put all the blame on Minkah, but it didn't look good.
  11. Same. I still don't know how he left on a cart with nothing on his injured knee and looking more pissed off than in pain. He's a tough bastard.
  12. And that was as dirty of a hit you will see. He went right after the knee. It's a shame Fitzpatrick got hurt himself later on in the game.
  13. It was a blatant grab od the shoulder pad, but I'm glad to see the refs let it go. That was 100% uncatchable.
  14. I'm sure a few massage therapapists will make him feel all better.
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