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  1. There was "no attitude". Then he says, "like I bring". Wtf?? No one has more attitude than Josh Allen. Maybe he was talking about the defense, or coaches. The dude wore his heart on his sleeve and bled blue and red. Now that he's gone......he's one bitter person. He knows the Bills are getting a ring without him. He no likey!!! Don't worry Jon, Dabol with fix everything.
  2. Love Pat McAfee. He is a serious tool!!! He gives zero *****!!!
  3. That poor bastard. He knew immediately he was screwed. That sounded brutal. I remember when I worked for UPS I was leaning against the dock with my chest area. I had a plastic pen in my chest pocket. I reached for a heavy package under the belt which pulled me up against the dock pretty hard. I heard what sounded like a pencil snap. Thought it was my pen at first. Nope, was a rib. I heard it and felt it snap. Was a gross feeling.
  4. Well, why not renovate. They don't need any xtra space for more banners anytime in the near future.
  5. Nope! Welcome to our home Ryan T. and Mike V. They're gonna get spanked. Henry won't make a difference in this one.
  6. OMG, I never realized how tiny she is. I love it!!! I could pick her up and carry her around like a football.
  7. None of these guys look very excited when they get picked. Sauce was prolly the most energetic.
  8. Not to mention, the Jags knew who they were gonna pick weeks ago. But they had to milk the whole clock. Ridiculous.
  9. Josh gonna stiff arm him into oblivion
  10. This draft, as in most cases, is annoying AF. Mike Greene keeps saying the picks are coming fast and furious. Well, they sure AF aren't announcing them fast and furious. Gotta fill that time slot and make that money. First round should only take 1-2 hours.
  11. I don't drink, but I have an alcohol beer scented cologne I wear to work just to see how people react towards me.
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