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  1. It would boggle my mind if no one labeled him a bust on this site. With so many armchair GMs and all.
  2. NFL Network guys loved it, and I'd trust them over the clowns at ESPN.
  3. After seeing that pic, his name should be Big Mac Jones. Looks like he's eaten plenty. Fat POS
  4. WEe are gonna ***** him up. Don't look too happy kid.
  5. Where are all the Pats war room people, getting handies in the back room?
  6. Bears better hope Fields pans out, they gave up a ton to move up 9 spots.
  7. Alabama QBs don't scare me in the NFL. They always fail. Bama always has the best o-lines and WRs every year. Their QBs are way overvalued.
  8. Wasn't it Mike Vrabel's kid taking a ***** in the background of his virtual room?
  9. Asian Boldin's competitiveness?? Didn't he quit the NFL?
  10. Ja'Marr Chase looks like he might be cocky trouble. Another O'Dell Beckham.
  11. Pitts not very bright. Says being the highest drafted TE at #4 is something that can never be taken away. Well, until one goes in the top 3.
  12. Won't matter, their defense is so bad they'll need to score 45 to have any chance against the Bills.
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