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  1. This is one guy who is a huge proponent of getting rid of the chain gangs.
  2. I was so pissed off at the time, I don't know what the ***** I was saying. My smart watch is still geeking out because of the high blood pressure. Thanks Terry.
  3. Actually, you're right. Nothing but pebbles the last few days. Not much cheese though. Must be the new meds. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Best post of the year. I've been a long time STH and so have my seatmates have been. I kept pitching about the defense all night and my buddy kept saying, well we have a lot of injuries on defense. I said, our d-line is healthy and they can't stop the run, and there is no pressure on Mahomes. After halftime, not one adjustment. McDermott is worthless. Sorry to say, but he is killing this team. TP wants to keep hiring the cheapest, no experienced people to run his teams. He's a joke. Sell the f'n teams ass-whole
  5. Josh Matt Douglas Although, it doesn't really matter as long as McDumb***** is the coach.
  6. Sure, Allen called the fake punk at 4th and 5 from their own territory. Not to mention, he missed that kick. Clown. I was there. Loudest I've ever heard the place. Not our fault the coach is a leptard.
  7. Terry Pegula puts the Sabres and Bills up for sale!! 🙏 🙏 🙏
  8. Diggs, all mouth, no hands. He's dropped more passes this year, than I have deuces. Brady has taken him out of the gamelan a lot more, but that still doesn't account for the dropsies. He also takes himself off the field a ton. He's constantly waving for a replacement. Not sure what's up with that, but it was happening back when Dorsey was still here.
  9. Not 100% sure, but I think the Bills did a nice troll job on Tay Tay. Every game they always play 2 songs during the later parts of the game. First one is Don't Stop Believin by Journey. Then later in the 4th, they always play Mr. Brightside by The Killers. Crowd always sings to both. Last night instead of Journey, they cranked Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus. Coincidence? Could be. I just thought it was interesting. One of the better memories from the game. Oh, that and Jason Kelce in the suite with his shirt off. I like JK, but you're in a suite dude, no shirt means nothing. Maybe check in with Fitz first. Ryan was in the clubs under the heaters, but still in 0 degree weather. Trolling by each fans I guess. Was still a good game, just the end result blew ass.
  10. The fight I saw in the middle of Abbott Rd. It was a doozy. Two Bills fans no less. Took like 6 people to break it up.
  11. I'm happy the Bills have run the AFCE for 4 straight years. After 20 years of the Pats embarrassing us, I thought the Bills finally made it. But now we can't beat the Chiefs, in the postseason, when it matters the most. It's getting really hard to take. We have one of the best QBs in the league, and are wasting him. I know it's getting rough when two Bills fans are having an all out throw down in the middle of Abbott Rd with many people trying to break it up. Then to see the drunk passed out in the snowbank at the 4 corners of Armour was sad. Been a STH for 34 years, and I have never seen/heard so much crap after a loss. People are actually losing their minds. One guy behind me on the walk back to lot 3 kept yelling, "I'll never see a Superbowl in my lifetime, never a ***** one". Then at the Speedway in Pembroke, people at the gas pumps were screaming, " ***** this team" It was quite different than what I normally see. I'm not sure what happened to the dude in the snowbank, but the ambulance was on the way. We checked, they said the po-po and medics were coming. Brutal night. But hey, like we are so accustomed to saying....there's always next year. 🤮
  12. Tell me how I blamed her for being shown on the broadcasts every single week?? It the networks clown. Nice try though. They only show her when she's yay yay.
  13. JFC, I told you to put some clothes on woman.
  14. Copy and paste. We all know. It's not because of Taylor's success. It the f'n networks that just have the need to show her. Why don't these networks ever show her when TK drops a pass or when the Chiefs lose??? That's what pisses me off. They actually showed Jerruh when thw Clownboys were getting their ***** kicked in. They never show Tay Tay when in that situation. You show her in that situation, then maybe I could respect her more. I'll take Pink, Gwen or Madonna over her any day, and twice on Sundays.
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