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  1. How in the ***** has this thread gone 83 pages for a beat up DE??
  2. Obviously, but it's a very sad place right now. And believe it or not, there are many Bills fans that are Sabres fans too.
  3. That's false. LA has some of the worst sports TV ratings around. And two lousy markets doesn't matter, the ratings are for the entire country, not just TB and KC.
  4. Also had their lowest ratings since 2007. People are sick of watching Tom Brady, and maybe already getting sick of all the Mahomes hype. I would be willing to bet that a Bills/Packers SB would've generated a bigger audience. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/09/super-bowl-ratings-game-fails-to-attract-more-than-100-million-viewers.html
  5. Wow, never even knew he had Alzheimer's. He was one of the good guys. RIP
  6. Found this on a Chiefs board. Delusional much? Originally Posted by Mecca It's easy to give up after all that. Exactly. It gets pretty demoralizing when you get flagged for playing good defense. Posts: 8
  7. Recipe for disaster......trade FGs for TDs. Reid may be coaching his worst game ever, which is somewhat understandable.
  8. Is that Mahomes out there with a wig singing? I hear a little Kermit in that voice.
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