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  1. Well, he went to Harvard, wears his wedding ring on the field and has an epic beard. So maybe.
  2. What a thing of beauty. JA is a man among boys.
  3. Doesn't matter who our QB is.....I'm still punting on 4th and 1 in OT.
  4. His GF posted that. And all I can think now, is he's gonna suck next week due to the "depletion" of energy.
  5. I went to school with his girlfriend and I can say, she is a prissy little stuck up b-word. And he is exactly the same. The "we are better than anyone" couple walking down Park Ave.
  6. He definitely seemed to put more air under the ball, instead of throwing darts like he used to. It's great to see he doesn't have to bazooka every pass.
  7. My center really smells like ass, I'm dropping back into the shotgun.
  8. Mike Catalana is a douche. He also hasn't thrown an INT since 2019.
  9. And Anthony Lynn is a chicken *****. Shoulda gone for it. Was basically their only chance to win and he chose to punk out and kick it away.
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