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  1. And "Big Balls" should be played everytime they introduce Josh Allen.
  2. Sucks for him. Once he's done with football and goes bankrupt because he spent all his millions on dumb *****, he ain't gonna have nothing to sell or pawn. Some of these guys are so stupid.
  3. First thing that came to mind when I was thinking of what I really wanted to see them do, was bring in frisbee dogs at halftime. Mind blowing! And Detroit is now using a train horn for their TD song? Lotta thought musta gone into that one, smh. I hate the f'n thing. Love the charging buffalo's.
  4. Jim: I can chug a beer better than you any day kid. Josh: I can chug a beer and then throw a football out of Sahlen Field old man
  5. This. I was never a big fan of SSS because of his loudmouth commentating on PFF, but after listening to him today, he has won me over. He expressed a lot of his personal problems and how it made him a better player. He was a trash talking mo-fo on the field, but he could back it up. He would make a pretty good WR coach IMO. I'm now a fan of his.
  6. McBeane brought him in to talk to the players and give any advice he wanted to share with the team. He seems much more down to Earth on this show than he does on his national show. Talking about the depression he went through as a player. He won't be leaving Buffalo empty handed at least. He is sporting a nice Bills hoodie.
  7. Why just single out Buffalo? You might want to add about 15 other teams to that title. Or even just AFCE Slayer.
  8. Smart money would most definitely bet against the Pats. Public money would not bet against them.
  9. I don't know what in my post makes you think I'm losing it. I posted an article that I think is ridiculous. How can you rank any coach who has never coached in the NFL, other than at the bottom, until they show something? Klingsbury has had success in college, yet he is #32. It's just an article that I thought was a little far fetched.....basically click bait. Just like 75% of all the posts on this board. So take it easy bro, I'm perfectly fine and sleep just well every night.
  10. Didn't see anything about this posted yet and it's about a week old article. This might be the most ridiculous ranking I've ever seen. Can't argue with the first five or so, but after that it gets ridiculous. How can a couple guys that have never coached a game in the NFL be ranked anywhere but the bottom? Also has Gase ranked ahead of Mcdermott. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/ranking-all-32-nfl-coaches-2019-best-worst/gd43to2wbdo41d07vmhzk0dx5
  11. Is there a NASCAR team somewhere that Murphy can join? That overly excited loud mouth of his would be easy to hear over any racing engine.
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