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  1. Does Lamar Jackson have a charity we can donate to when he ***** his pants during the game and has to sprint to the locker room again??
  2. Seriously??? They play there every year and haven't had so many players cramp up or have to leave the field as they did today. New England played there with a 108 degree index. Guess how many players they had leave the game? Zero!!!
  3. It takes less than 24 hours to get hydrated. The problem is keeping that continuous. Apparently the Bills didn't do that.
  4. Buffalo over 500 yards if offense. Miami over 200 yards of offense. Total garbage coaching. Almost as bad as 13 seconds. Ken Dorsey should be head coach. He showed intense emotion afterwards.
  5. They've played there every year since forever. This was the worst I've seen a Bills team prepared for the heat.
  6. Not necessarily. But you can't explain how most of the Bills players cramped up. Some coaches know how to prepare.
  7. But New England didn't have one issue with the heat. And it was hotter that day. Do some research clown.
  8. Bill Belichick too his team down to Miami 4 days before the game. Not one of his players had to be treated for cramping or dehydration. Just sayin
  9. He played fine after, so not sure what the problem is. Maybe the Bills clueless coaches had something to do with it.
  10. After watching Dorsey go nuts, I'd name him head coach tomorrow.
  11. Umm, about 80% of the players cramped up. How did his dumb ass not have them prepared??
  12. Worst coached and prepared for the heat team ever. ***** McDermott!!!
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