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  1. Duke on offense, The Freak on defense
  2. Throw the ***** ball.....wtf with this playcalling
  3. Looks like about 5,000 fans in Miami. They are gonna be a joke this year. If you live in Miami and your football team sucks, way too many other things to do rather than sit and sweat watching a garbage product.
  4. They definitely aren't doing well there. I've been there on wknds where at least half the tables weren't open. Hopefully the sportsbook can turn them around.
  5. Well, in Zeke's defense, he does work for one of the top two douche owners in the league.
  6. Guess it depends on how much Jerruh hates Shady for being an ex Eagle.
  7. Yeah, because as we all saw last year, Allen sucks at the deep ball. What an idiotic statement. Cimini just another douche who is gonna look bad once Josh disproves him.
  8. Hell naw! Shady would be worth a #1 if he ran behind the Dallas o-line
  9. I would much rather go to TS for the complete casino experience. Been to Del Lago a few times and other than being brand new, it didn't impress me much at all. They never have enough tables open so you have to wait or cram into a full table. Although I'm sure I'll be there for some sports wagering soon enough.
  10. Coming from Roch it's def more convenient than going to TS. I would love them to put one in Finger Lakes. Then you're talking convenient.
  11. I believe the sportsbook at Turning Stone opened Aug 1st. Theirs is run by Caesars.
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