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  1. This poor bastard is gonna have to have one customized. https://www.rebelcircus.com/blog/meet-man-80-pound-genitals/2
  2. Broken bones heal, some diseases don't. I take a little pain over being in the hospital puking and ***ting my brains out. I had a close friend almost die just from stepping in bird *****. They said if he didn't go to the hospital when he did, he would been dead in a day or two. Took him a month to recover.
  3. I beg to differ. If I were forced to do either one, I'm jumping on a table hands down. That alcohol would pick up any trace amounts of bacteria and bring it right along with it. That's disgusting.
  4. 2 sacks...........per quarter So 8 😋
  5. Ladies and gentleman, your 2019 coach of the year........Andy Reid. What a ***** dunce
  6. FWIW, I really hate listening to flaccid Joe's gargly voice calling out the plays.
  7. Actually, I rarely drink at the games anymore. Got sick of paying $14 for a beer and not remembering the game afterwards, lol.
  8. They sound like a couple guys who caught their wives having a threesome with Josh. Salty blowhards.
  9. More like based on pure horse *****. That is a joke.
  10. Yeah I know, I'll be there. Not sure what made me think you were talking about the game in Miami. Apparently was hittin the sauce harder than I realized.
  11. Bills - 37 Mahi-Mahi - 6 Had to edit score. Not sure how Meami will get in the end zone.
  12. Has great hair. You forgot the hair man......I mean that fro is all kinds of legit.
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