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  1. Bubba Gump

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Imagine those eyebrows on Adam Gase......one stare and players would poop themselves
  2. Bubba Gump

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Are there cops behind me?
  3. Bubba Gump

    Caption this

    HEY BOB.....MY SHORT BUS IS HERE......SEE MY SHORT YELLOW BUS MR. KRAFT.... Or Bob just pooped his pants......he just pooped his pants
  4. I love it. Rivers letting that Pats ref know how he feels how the game was called for three quarters. He's like, now you throw the flag when it doesn't matter.
  5. I'm out, not gonna torture myself by watching the biggest blowout in NFL history. LA should be more than embarrassed.
  6. Rivers hit low after the pass and again no flag. They would've thrown 6 flags if that were Brady
  7. How the NFL let's this turd officiate Pat's games is an absolute joke. No way he should be out there. Ever heard about conflict of interest Roger? I hope the owners say something. 1 flag on NE so far and about 5 big ones on LA
  8. Well seeing how Bradley is too dumb to make in-game adjustments this is just an absolute pathetic display of defense. They've basically thrown in the flag.
  9. GAME OVER!!!! Sorry Rivers, another loss to your nemesis because your defense looks like a high school team. And Nance, go ***** yourself you overrated homer
  10. KC is going to destroy the Pats next week. Just woulda been nice to watch them lose at home.
  11. Someone needs to punch Edelman in the throat under the tackle pile
  12. Only gonna take one good hit to end his career, unfortunately no one can ever get near him.
  13. I thought the Chargers had a tough defense? They look worse than the Bills did against NE
  14. Lol, Gilmore torched right after Romo says how great he is.