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  1. China better not ***** this one up. Can we just burn all of China and let them start over? https://www.marketwatch.com/story/a-new-virus-emerging-in-chinese-pig-farms-has-the-essential-hallmarks-for-a-pandemic-2020-07-01
  2. Not worried at all. Cam is shot, and has nowhere the quick decision making Brady has to get of the ball quick enough. NE has a questionable O-line and lost their world class O-line coach. Wouldn't be surprised to see Stidham beat him out in camp. Scam Newton is finished.
  3. Nope. Everything he did with the Bills happened decades before he turned into a nutcase.
  4. Brady absolutely stinks at golf. Nice to see him fail at something. Manning is no Arnold Palmer, but he's much better than TB. Loved it when Charles Barkley said, just because you're great at one sport doesn't mean your good at the others.
  5. Brown knows he stuff, but he also likes to prove people wrong and can be a hard listen at times. He does think his ***** don't stink when it comes to Bills knowledge. I'd rather listen to Sal anytime.
  6. Here's a live look at Edelman...... 😭 I wonder what Jizz-elle thinks of all this. Of course Tommy prolly took a picture and showed it to her long ago.
  7. I could see Singletary regressing some if Zack Moss plays to his potential. Not to mention Gore was pretty invisible the 2nd half of last season, so that meant more work for Devin as well. Patrick DiMarco may not do much (not that he has lately) if he even makes the team.
  8. ***** Tom Brady and his Flinstone vitamins. I bet they're a big seller with the massholes.
  9. 🤢 🤢 🤮🤮🤮🤮
  10. They sent an email to me saying they are willing to work with anyone who might have a hard time making payments right now. But yes, if you can still afford it no problem, they are taking any payments. I've already paid a grand for my seats in 134.
  11. Dude is bat ***** crazy. Sammy and Zay together would be a blast to watch at a rave.
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