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  1. At least Kelvin Benjamin won't be involved Not to mention half that state smells like ass because of the paper mills
  2. Is Good Friday definitely on a Friday this year?
  3. I think as long as Easter is on a Sunday this year, it will be.
  4. I wish the NFL would schedule Thanksgiving games after teams bye weeks. Especially when the away team has to fly halfway across the country. Idiots!!! The Bills finally get a turkey day game, but still somehow take it in the pooper from the league.
  5. Nov 24th Denver Nov 28th @ Dallas That's gonna be tough, having to go to Dallas 4 days after playing the Broncos at home
  6. He def gots a nice rack of man tittays
  7. Who's Aaron Rodgers and what is a Packer?
  8. All the Pats players were wearing these either Superbowl week or leading up to the Chiefs game because they were underdogs. Not sure if the Bills ones were around then.
  9. Ray Ray gonna go to NE and catch 90 five yard passes from Marcia
  10. 39.4 yds net would be 2nd worst in the league to the Chargers. Most teams are above 40. We need a real punter for a change. I like the Minister, but he needs to be better.
  11. Reminds me of Eric Moulds. Goes and gets the ball, fights for it. We haven't had a guy like that in a long time. Hopefully he can transition to the NFL, but that is a big task.
  12. Gonna be a huge bust, Jamarcus Russell level bust. Way too small to go against the fastest, biggest players in the world. This ain't college no more. Doug Flutie was somewhat successful decades ago when players weren't machines like they are now. Drew Brews is successful but is also 4 inches taller than him. I think he fails miserably if he doesn't get killed running for his life first. Hopefully he stays healthy enough to have a career in baseball and become the next Jose Altuve.
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