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  1. These are the perfect unis after hearing the Von news. Bills fans are feeling pretty blue right about now.
  2. Buffalo just can't have nice things. The football/hockey Gods hate Buffalo. Hey, but at least the city has MIL championships.
  3. Uh, from the airport to the Giants facility?? Not very long. I'm also sure you're not getting the same therapy/treatment he his.
  4. The media made Mike White a thing last year too, until he played the Bills and threw 4 picks. I see the Bills knocking him back down a few pegs again this Sunday.
  5. And exactly how do you know what they do during practice and afterwards? Are you there watching for possible "shenanigans" every day? Do you run their social media site? Just curious as you seem to know everything that happens within the Bengals organization.
  6. SF was further down the list. I don't think there was a chance they had a shot at him. I'm surprised Houston didn't grab him.
  7. I wouldn't put that past Jerruh, but just watching OBJ gimping around while arriving at the Giants facility is a bit worrisome.
  8. OBJ isn't playing this year. If Dallas is concerned about how his physical went, then I'm sure the Bills are just as aware.
  9. Take off your homer glasses for once. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2008/10/26/suspension-coming-for-vince-wilfork/
  10. Ah yes, Vince Wolfork. He loved to go after QBs knees. He was a scumbag.
  11. This is getting ridiculous. Bengals players not playing. Now SF QB hurt. Bills luck is just against them this ywar.
  12. This is getting ridiculous. Bengals players not playing. Now SF QB hurt. Bills luck is just against them this ywar.
  13. CLASSIC!!!! And I would love to see Brady back in NE. Beating his ass twice a year would just be a bonus for the Bills.
  14. I agree. I was holding my breath on the Epenesa sack. Looked like he rag dolled him into the turf. If that wad Brady, AJ would've been arrested.
  15. I think Tom has only been happy 7 times in his life. After each SB win. It's the only time I've ever seen him smile.
  16. He hit Meyers in the shoulder. And how do you defend yourself against a hit while you're catching a pass. The receiver also lowered his head into Hamlin. It was a lame call.
  17. My thoughts exactly. If he has already caught the ball, how in the hell is he defenseless? Hamlin was just trying to knock the ball out. Makes no sense. It was a fantastic play by Damar.
  18. The ball moved, but Poyer maintained possession throughout the entire play. He never lost control so therefore he completed the catch. Was a BS call and the reversal came in way too fast IMO. They never really reviewed it. That was 100% a good INT.
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