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  1. That TD last year against Denver will be one of my favorite Jerry moments.
  2. We should include Bass in this as well. He's got one of the strongest legs in the NFL. BILLS going for all strongest...I like it.
  3. I feel bad for our receiver fingers and hands!
  4. I love Josh Allen. I remember hearing about him in the spring game and his rocket arm but ultimately they went with the senior in cam. He got injured vs emu and Josh came in and just looked the part. Then he got injured. But man that 2016 season was a blast. I just knew this kid was special! You could tell in all his interviews just the type of person this kid was. Been so dang fun watching him through the years. I think he is going to be crazy awesome this year and we will see a huge mvp season!
  5. I would love it if Chad muma somehow ends up on the Bills.
  6. I personally would rather just tack on an extra 10 min quarter or something along those lines for post season. Keep reg season same.
  7. Carr and Adams were teammates at Fresno State in college. I'm sure they've kept that friendship over the years.
  8. I would not be mad at all of the Bills picked up chad muma in the 3rd. He might not last that long I think I've seen 2nd round projections on him.
  9. He also just had a child. I could see him start to think more long term for his child sake.
  10. And that is why you don't want stefon to date your sister.
  11. Pretty close. That penalty on Logan bummed me out. Otherwise he had a good game. Sorry Logan but I'd much rather watch JA. Next year Bills!
  12. Logan went 1st pick of 3rd round. We took epenesa. I was really wishing Logan would of ended up here. But I understand that we had Edmunds at the time. But Logan has some amazing instincts, and a sure tackler
  13. Don't really care who wins. I'm rooting for Logan Wilson to have a good game though.
  14. I didn't get to watch the senior bowl. Do you have any scouting on chad muma?
  15. I think Donald and Miller are too much for Cincy line to handle and take away rac yards so Bengals struggle to score. I also think cincy D will play well, so will be a defensive battle. In the end I think one of those rams guys makes the play at the end. 20-17 rams.
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