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  1. My boss bought tickets for the Tampa Bay game. Will be my first NFL game. So excited. Have fun in Nashville.
  2. I live in montana, can confirm big sky country
  3. Man 38 is so young. My Vincent story is my cousin went to college at Northern Colorado and during Xmas breaks we got to talking and I asked if he knew anyone famous and he said he had classes with Vincent Jackson, so I always thought that was cool. It's to bad, he was great.
  4. I agree with the it wasnt me commercial. Shaggy song came out when I was in 8th or 9th grade that one was good.
  5. The only thing I'd like about Sherman is he is pretty smart would probley help during the week teaching things to the cbs. Also really passionate and could be a good leader on D. However he is probley wouldn't be worth the money
  6. Matt judon, von Miller would be nice. Lindsay would also be a nice piece.
  7. Thanks Buffalo Bills! I've been a fan of football for awhile I started getting serious in about 98 around 9 years old. First favorite team was that 98 vikings squad but being from Wyoming i wasn't super invested, always was a poke fan and from early 00s I mainly just followed pokes in the pros. Obviously I came here when you guys drafted Josh and have fully committed to buffalo. Will def root for the Bills forever from here on out, the more I've read and followed buffalo just reminds me of how wyoming is. Its been a blast being that invested in a team! The heartbreak is real. I will forever be
  8. I just don't understand how our o line just got abused tonight. Literally pressure every snap from just there d line. We got man handled. I know spags has had some good defensives before but man it was brutal to watch. Every year we see the same things play out, the aggressive teams always win. Passive teams always lose. We were the passive team tonight and it showed in our players efforts.
  9. Man, it all starts with the lines. We couldn't pressure and they were getting home with 4. Dissapointing but a great year. Singletary is just to slow need a speed back bad
  10. I'm in montana now, lots are going for the pack but I've turned half my town into rooting for the bills lol. Everyday I have some sort of bills apparel on and get lots of go buffalo.
  11. Wow juju just got the perfect partner to tic tok dem fields with
  12. I liked how McD had a shnow Hoodie on today too. He is a players coach, this team will fight tooth and nails for him.
  13. I've always heard and read of the bills fans that travel. Thats why I was kinda curious, someone made a good point that at 16k it might get pretty loud. That would be cool if we had a good size bills crowd in their too though and make it a little harder for them also.
  14. How much of the 16k will be bills mafia? What do you guys think?
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