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  1. I was worried about MCK tweet on Thurs, thinking maybe it was like a Spain situation. Luckily haven't heard anything else negative sense then, so like everyone assumes probley just mad/messing around with that tweet. With Stevenson handling return duties maybe will will see McK back on the offense a little more?
  2. I'm excited for this game. Going to be a heavy weight bout. No way either team comes out flat. I think it will come down to the wire. Both coaches know the other well. Huge game. Go bills!
  3. Just looked on ESPN playoff tracker, chargers are 2-1 in division and broncos are 1-1 so I think that's why
  4. Stafford has had some bad decision making lately, but that was a nice pass to Beckham that Goff would never hit. I agree though don't trust him in the big spots
  5. Whoever can get hot! I hope jags/steelers games don't come back to bite us in the butt. Good news we can control our destiny from here!
  6. Just crazy how wide open the AFC is this year. Everyone controls their own destiny. I honestly just can't remember it ever being like this before.
  7. Awesome job knoxie, really helps our red zone offense in a big way. They mentioned how swelled his hand was today post-game. Really really praying it stays healthy! We need him as much as anyone.
  8. The rubber or whatever was flying all game, could see it all over the TV. Sucks a cleat can get caught in it just right and it's devastating. Hope tre will be alright, but it's not looking good.
  9. That's good Hyde talked about Isiah, isiah's tweet from before the game had me wondering if it was a Spain situation again "out for season" tweet. Thinking/hoping just an over reaction of being benched. I'd like to keep McKenzie for wr depth.
  10. Once Brown is healthy, do you think the bills might try a different approach to the tackles and maybe put Dawkins inside at guard spot? He has had a really bad year so far. Or just keep going with it hoping he goes back to form from last year.
  11. I know saints are really undermanned, but nice to get a Win. After Allen's second pick I was starting to really worry about the offense. They came back and excucuted in the 2nd half. Still just unsure on the offense, I hope they can start putting it together soon. D hard to really get a feel this game with saints out their stars, more worried about the O than the D though. Good bounce back win Bills.
  12. Running will always help. DE have to keep an eye on maintaining the edge and can't just pin their ears back and pass rush every play.
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