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  1. No but seems like a extraordinary amount of Bills fans floating around most of Florida
  2. I'd love to see some conviction behind these picks NFL has turnover every year yet I see no surprise teams moving up and no top teams sliding down in their picks. They just regurgitated the 2018 standings with a minor tweak or two.
  3. Dont think too many kids played with static sports figures in either case Not knocking starting lineups, they had a good thing and made tons of money The 1 on 1's were actually kind of cool. I have a few totes sitting somewhere in the warehouse
  4. sculpts on those things were pretty terrible. The Mcfarlane figs put the kabosh on them
  5. Allen can stay healthy for 16 games then 10 wins seems possible. Bills suffered 4 blowout losses with Allen out or no starting. Of the games he started the Texans and first Jets/Dolphins match ups should all have been wins. That was with one of the worst O line/skill position groups in quite awhile. I think I'm starting to drink the kool aid. Regardless its should be fun long as he is healthy. He's just fun and entertaining to watch
  6. I'm pretty sure a non Bills fan sees 6.5 games as a tough choice. Hard to be objective when its a team you follow and are emotionally involved in
  7. 18 games is too much. It would just water things down and more injuries, shorter careers, more meaningless games. They want to add revenue just dump direct tv as the exclusive provider Offer more different ways to view football ala cart
  8. 10 wins seems to be reasonable goal. I just hope to see continuity This is year 3 I hope we can get to year 5 and beyond and stop the endless coaching, qb and scheme changes
  9. Little bit like Elway or maybe Cam Newton. Hopefully one day we'll be saying that new qb reminds me of Josh Allen back in the day
  10. Our service was out for almost three weeks before those clowns finally sent a tech to fix the outside equipment which was fried by a electrical strike. Really want to cut the chord but hate going to bars and hoping they will have the Bills game on. Their customer service is rude and sucks I'll try this online chat shenanigan but not very hopeful
  11. Doubt we'll be picking in the top 10
  12. That is one of my earliest Bills memories
  13. I take not stock in what he says. Guy is trying to have it both ways. He says Allen is not a qb and wont succeed then says if he succeeds it will be thanks to good coaching/situation. WTF,? I have no problem with someone saying Allen wont make it but dont then go out and try and play both sides of the fence.
  14. I don't think Beane would give up a 1st and pay Clowney top money. I don't see the production to justify it and he did it with JJ Watt on the other side drawing a ton of attention. Once Clowney sees that guaranteed money he's likely to go full Mario Williams mode. This Bills leadership doesn't seem enthralled with uber talented under achievers
  15. Kiper is ok He can be annoying but he started all this and is the original. If he's wrong he typically wont backpedal he will take the lumps. McShay is like a politician. He will go along with what is the popular take than minute and backslide at the drop of a hat. I refuse to believe he know anything about football He's a media creation I'd take more stock in what the beer vendor has to say
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