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  1. when is the last time this coaching staff made adjustments in game that made a difference? Seems we have one game plan and if it doesnt work there is no plan B The defense to me looks the same every week Dbs too far off the los No exotic pressure I cant remember the last time this defense overwhelmed a team up front That passive approach might be why the defense hasnt scored a td in almost two full seasons
  2. lets all be honest Allen has to play at a very high level/near perfect every game or were not winning anything The defense has been trash since the Houston playoff game and seems to be getting worse with each game. WE have zero running game. You would think with teams not stacking the box we could actually run effectively Every mistake he makes is going to be huge from here on out as we'll be trying to outscore the opponent to win every week.
  3. defense has been terrible since the Houston meldown
  4. Basically were asking Allen to outscore the other team with no running game and while being besieged by the pass rush. Josh played like crap but c'mon when is the defense going to step up? The offense and Allen specifically carried them to the four wins. We have zero ability to run the football and cannot stop the other team . Our defense plays scared too tackle and cant make a play. Best guy on the defense tonight was #61 and they just activated him off PS. Edmunds has been terrible, White isnt playing at his usual high level. Oliver is starting to look like a bust at where he was picked. Epenesa is invisible. Norman is old and slow. Maybe stop getting process guys and go get some talent. Get some nasty on the field. Your rotating a bazillion d ends to keep them fresh and none of them can get pressure/set the edge or not over run contain and allow mahomes to run anytime he wants for first downs. Is Hughes even trying?
  5. best player on defense today has been #61 and I dont even know who the hell that is
  6. honestly id rather get burnt over the top than continue to let them get 7 yards a clip running McDermott is not the guy
  7. McDermott quickly losing me 3rd and 1 and we cant convert then a stupid decision Geesh
  8. two terrible games in a row Feels that first four weeks was a mirage
  9. John Brown is not playing through the contact Chiefs dbs are playing physical with the Bills wrs
  10. starts with out d line who cant beat backups on the chiefs O line
  11. well based on 5/12 weeks we know we have a bottom tier defense Hoping Josh keeps his composure
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