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  1. bet the film gets destroyed Both sets Cant tamper with the legacy of the face of the NFL for the past 20 years Bad for business Integrity of the game means nothing compared to lost revenue All this crap during the tenure of Goodell " ESPN reported on Sunday that Goodell had asked for a salary of $49.5 million a year, the use of a private jet for life and lifetime health insurance for his family. Goodell was paid $31.7 million in 2015, the most recent figure publicly available " Anyone think Roger is anything more than a corporate shark
  2. This will get swept under the rug like it always does I think Belichick knows the nfl is all about $$$$ and allowing this to get any traction is bad for business. Ktaft and Belichick can pretty much get away with anything
  3. Jackson is doing it in a non traditional way Maybe the future of the nfl is going to be option style football, He's on a higher level but others have played in similar fashion and they didnt sustain it so time will tell.
  4. Poyer and Hyde need to take away those backyard chuck a duck throws Steelers offense relies on long pass interference calls from dbs panicking I dont believe the Steelers can make long sustained drives against the Bills
  5. I expect McDermott to have roast 'Duck" on Sunday Long as hero ball Josh isnt running around handing over the football we should win convincingly
  6. NFL needs to come out and either say what they were doing is legal and allowable or the drop the hammer. How much more of a cloud of doubt can you create around one team?
  7. With all the new technology, added cameras, rule tweeks, coaches challenges and still too many games decided by terrible officiating. Coaches losing a challenge even when they are correct is really stupid.
  8. Given how windy it was an how bad Josh has been on long throws I was dumbfounded how many times we threw deep over the top on third and short in the first half. I'm all for going for the kill but Josh has been terrible at it and conditions werent exactly perfect to throw deep down the sidelines. Really wish Daboll would keep Singeltary next to Josh in the majority of sets The threat of a draw or swing pass might slow that blitz down just a bit. Hope they have a better game plan this Sunday.
  9. Line was bad. Daboll didnt provide answers to the endless pressure. Allen missed on a few deep throws that could have changed the game early. Too many drops and receivers not competing for tough catches yet again . Ravens defense was tough, Wink sent the house and the Bills didnt make them pay . On to the Steelers, hopefully Allen learns from this and Daboll had a better game plan.
  10. the officiating was bad all game and hurt both teams We lost this one outright, they just made a few plays that we didnt come up with
  11. yet we were starting Kelvin Benjamin last year who is even slower and has hands of stone There is more to it than this explanation
  12. I'm going to trust the Bills to win They havent lost a game yet where I feel they were supposed to win this year. Steelers defense is good and their special teams have been great
  13. The rpo offense is enough They arent asking Jackson to throw 30+ times or to move the chains with throws to the outside. Wrs on that team are a luxury they dont utilize much and they are still equal to what we have Daboll wants to run a pass first scheme without the talent on the outside to do it. We have the same problem the Patriots do running the same scheme
  14. yeah he tried to catch it with his gut We have a bunch of stomach catchers on this team I hope they go hard after a elite talent in free agency
  15. He for sure looked more like 2018 Josh but the O line also looked more like the 2018 raggedy unit. Getting hit that many times has to rattle any qb. Bottom line is we still dont have a consistent answer from cover 0 blitzes and Daboll continues to call stretches of weird cutesy stuff. Still if John Brown wins off the line and creates some separation we might be singing the praises of Josh Allen . I'm curious how many hits Allen took today Had to be 20-25 That is not a recipe for success or his long term health
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