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  1. Honestly Daboll's job is to put the players on offense in the best situation. I think he can be slow to adjust in games and seems to stick with things that are not working out of hubris or simple frustration. That said the offense left a lot of points on the field There were numerous times the play was there but the Bills just didn't make it. Sometimes it was Josh and sometimes it was the supporting cast simply not being good enough to make plays that high power offenses make numerous times per game. We dont have to worry about a out of gas Gore eating up carries. They need to be much better on third down and in the red zone. Adding Diggs and a young physical rb should help immensely. I'm hoping someone steps up from the TE's Maybe they taught Knox how to catch or Tyler Kroft finally stays healthy for more than five minutes
  2. Its a little bit of all three . I think Beane addressed the first issue with acquiring Diggs. Just off that we should see more production. Daboll did some good things but we also saw stretches of strange playcalls and he does have a problem with getting into his own head too much trying to be cute. Josh needed to be better and I think he will with another year under his belt and the addition of Diggs and Moss. I pray McDermott shows total confidence in Josh. Please dont neuter Allen with "safe ball"
  3. any of these new additions return kicks? Roberts can go but need a sure handed returner You can trust Andre wont cough up the ball on returns and you know McDermott values that a ton
  4. they went bpa whole draft just like Beane said he would Fromm was sticking out like a sore thumb. He picks it up quick and he probably gives us a better shot to win a game or two if Josh gets dinged for a few games.
  5. Duke didnt play special teams Are we saying he is not a better wr than andre roberts and Mck? Thats all I was saying
  6. Likely you are correct Rookies will have tough time. If the wheels fall off on Brown the 2021 FA WR class as of right now is juicy
  7. never get on the field We saw it last year with Duke. I agree we need to develop more wrs Does Yeldon ever play now with Moss added?
  8. Think he's a big framed naturally dense body mass guy who can play at 290 and look much lighter I can see him as the big end playing the run taking on the TE/T double I can see him if we run any 3-4 as DE. He can slide inside in the 4-3 if were up against a pass heavy team or they are playing catch up. He has a very high floor and at pick #54 a no brainer.
  9. and Epenesa I think will equal or surpass Lawson and we wont be paying him 10 mill a year (thanks Miami)
  10. think they significantly improved the team Diggs huge upgrade for the wr core. Epenesa will replace Shaq as the strong side end and can kick inside against pass heavy teams. Moss will be an upgrade over what we got out of Gore All are going to contribute day 1 Love we stopped reaching for projects
  11. think we've nailed it so far Moss is a three down thumper Go watch some of his tape He is fun to watch Very physical , nasty stiff arm . Always falling forward Going to be fun watching him finishing games in the 4th when we have a lead
  12. why's Josh Jones sliding Be happy adding a quality tackle
  13. Might be a day 1 upgrade over Lawson. Works for me. Drafts not over they can find a rb to complement Devin
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