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  1. He is never firing Jason garrett Probably gift him the franchise
  2. Crazier eyes, Fitz after his 4th quarter td throw or Adam Gase at this week 1 press conference?
  3. Ford has struggled so far but I dont think metcalfs body will hold up Not at that David Bostonian size Connective tissue is not going to keep all that mass attached
  4. lets see if Baker has a comeback in his tank Fitz got robbed
  5. which is why they should have never done it to begin with
  6. not sure why they even added the challenge for pass interference I think I've seen one overturned all year
  7. Sammy is a Ferrari, in the shop more often than on the road
  8. they sure were last year Follows up the drop with a bad int Ugghh
  9. the offense will get better They have been moving the ball. Need to some short field opportunities, get the turnovers down and maybe let hauscka kick Is it me or does McDermott not trust the kicker He sure has passed up quite a few field goals In 2017 he was happy to trot out house money anytime we breached the 45 yard line
  10. Dan Snyder and Rex Ryan deserve each other. Would be vastly entertaining to see press conferences with Rex Ryan again
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