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  1. the poor girls in question for Krafty were 39 years and 59 years old Human sex trafficing adds spice to the tagline but not likely what was going on Just some old gals giving handies for a few bucks
  2. DuckyBoys

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    those big tall long striders are not going to run great 3 cone times I'm more weary of injury concerns.
  3. Rodak I think simply likes to torment Bills fans. If they do something good , he's always there to remind the readers of past history. He's really good at trolling the fans in a understated way .Graham's pessimism probably stems from covering the team for so long through some very very bad years.
  4. I think Morse will make a significant difference. Nsekhe should be a big upgrade over Mills. Having a above avg center should help cut down on the errors the guards kept making leaving unblocked defenders. Still would not pass up a tackle capable of being a day 1 starter in the draft . Keeping Josh Allen clean and re establishing the run game should be the #1 priority this off season. I think Josh is more than capable of moving the football with the skill guys they have. Team is not going anywhere with the level of blocking they got last year
  5. He took a lot of plays off and the sacks never came where they made a difference. Big talent but the effort never matched it especially in critical moments late in games. Far as hate for the Bills outside Buffalo I have to tell you there are more passionate Bills fans outside Buffalo than you would suspect That 90's run is a awful long time ago but I see more Bills gear here in Florida than most teams.
  6. I would expect some players get cut for cap reasons that might fit for the Bills Also maybe they keep extra cap space in the event of a really good player being offered for draft picks . Just good to see the Bills adding talent and having plenty of flexibility cap wise instead of having to restructure and gut the team to plus other holes
  7. DuckyBoys

    Panthers have released Matt Kalil

    Kalil , another fine Gettelman signing
  8. DuckyBoys

    Golden Tate to NYG 4 yrs $37.5 Million

    These moves make their decision to use a top 3 pick on a rb even more weird. I love Saquon but by the time they fix this mess he'll be long long gone.
  9. DuckyBoys

    Why I feel good about the two new WRs we added in FA?

    Beane stated they wouldn't break the bank and do splash signings. I think he did a great job of plugging a lot of homes if short term. This will the first draft in a very long time where their need list isn't a mile long. The wr's and O line signings should help Allen a lot.
  10. DuckyBoys

    With all the moves, I'm now conflicted at 9

    a edge rusher or DT makes the most sense There is quite a few very good prospects at WR. Buffalo has never used a TE extensively and is there a TE in this draft who is a dominant blocker as well as a pass catcher?
  11. Doubt we draft a TE in the 1st. My guess is edge rusher or OT. Draft is heavy on defensive talent and Beane covered a ton of holes in the offense so they should be feeling good right now
  12. DuckyBoys

    Thoughts on the front office

    On paper they upgraded a bunch of positions without getting saddled with long term commitments. Beane seems to be intent in not getting back into salary cap hell. Lot to like so far and they still have plenty of cap space to chase even a splash signing. Draft should be a lot of fun since they now have a lot more flexibility
  13. DuckyBoys

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    the streak continues for Andy Reid Modern day schottenheimer
  14. DuckyBoys

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    how you let him get that open?
  15. DuckyBoys

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    careful he doesnt pull a hammy squatting