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  1. Beane continues his wizardry. Trubisky can come in a pinch and hold the fort down for still run most of the same playbook El cheapo deal
  2. Fantastic season with a crappy ending. I know Beane is already thinking what he can do to get this team in a better position for next year Josh will be even hungrier and have this bitter playoff experience to fuel the fire. We were a game away fro the big dance Just a few years ago we were talking about the draft by week 10 every season.
  3. outcoached and outschemed in the first half Allen looks frustrated
  4. Been a season to remember Hopefully there is another chapter after this one Go Bills
  5. personally I can't think of a more satisfying season than beating Lamar/Mahomes and capping it with victory over Marsha Brady Media wont know what to do
  6. we'll see if the Packers can regroup They do get the ball first but Rodgers body language is shaky and we know GB's secondary is trash
  7. I predict GB will win but dont care either way. I would root for the Bucs if not for Marsha Brady
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