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  1. I don't think Beane would give up a 1st and pay Clowney top money. I don't see the production to justify it and he did it with JJ Watt on the other side drawing a ton of attention. Once Clowney sees that guaranteed money he's likely to go full Mario Williams mode. This Bills leadership doesn't seem enthralled with uber talented under achievers
  2. Kiper is ok He can be annoying but he started all this and is the original. If he's wrong he typically wont backpedal he will take the lumps. McShay is like a politician. He will go along with what is the popular take than minute and backslide at the drop of a hat. I refuse to believe he know anything about football He's a media creation I'd take more stock in what the beer vendor has to say
  3. We had a good free agency , a great draft. Things are looking up and this board is more testy than ever
  4. AB I am happy they did not land The free agency signings were moderate contract and most if not all without long term implications I have no problem with Julio but wonder if the Bills are "close" enough to expend serious draft capital and tie up big time salary cap money. He's going to want to long term money and just not sure Julio in 3 or 4 years is worth the investment and it might be that long before the Bills are in the hunt. If we were a 11-5 team and a contender I could see it Maybe next year one of these blockbuster deals makes sense
  5. I'd just stay the course and continue to build through the draft and integrate smaller pieces into the mix Clowney's production as a edge rusher is not overwhelming and Julio is getting up there where a big drop off could come at any given year
  6. Before they commit to even 6 mill a year I'd prefer they draft another DE Better to try to improve that position with a high draft pick than pay 3 times the rookie salary for mediocrity
  7. I thought defense was pretty good They go exposed the games the unit got wore out by the offense not moving the chains Also for whatever reason the unit seemed to get a lot of pressure but werent able to close the deal and get a lot of sacks. Bills move the chains better on offense and I have to believe at worst they will be back running the football effectively the D should be fine. Ansah seems like a risky proposition unless its a short term deal with little upfront money
  8. Just continue to build the way they are doing. Next year they will have good cap space again and can add a few pieces or a big one or two. Slow and steady til they know for sure what Josh Allen is. They on paper shored up the line and he should have much better skill guys to start with. Lets see if he can get close to 60% completions and up to 230 passing a game
  9. "I'm going to kick you with this foot on that side of your face"
  10. Trust me he can tackle He's a violent defender He needs to be coached up on the thinking part of the position and needs a little weight. If the Bills can get his football IQ up he could be a very very good player
  11. Fast violent hitter Its a good pick but might take a year or two before we see him much besides special teams unless injuries hit
  12. lol same size Sanders had a 4.37 40 My point is he cant handle the punishment Guy had a bazillion carries in college and didnt break down
  13. He measures almost exactly the same size as Barry Sanders I think he'll be fine and would be a nightmare behind a good line that could pull You wont even see that guy behind his line. They didnt use his as a receiver but he ran routes at the combine and looked smooth.
  14. Smart move would be to start Fitz Better to put Rosen in and let him finish the season once the losses pile up than go the other way
  15. We knew the Bills were not going to draft 10 guys so I have no problem with packaging up some picks to land guys they felt really good about. He looks the part of a split wide TE so hopefully they hit on this pick
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