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  1. glad to see T-Rex Where is Thin Lizzy? How is Judas Priest still not it Stupid popularity contest
  2. Graph just reaffirms the need for more explosive playmakers around Allen . Bills dont have any 1st rounders on offense besides Josh
  3. It pains me to write this with the Houston loss still stinging. Much as Daboll drove me nuts its probably best to stick with continuity. Giving Allen a new system to learn would be counter productive. Year two with the personnel intact should show some improvement. Better talent at wr/rb/rt should allow Daboll to call games where Allen is not asked to carry the team on his back. Maybe in the off season the Bills learn how to run a screen game? Maybe we have a 1000 yard rb plus Singeltary. Maybe we dont abandon the run when up by 16 Maybe we run in OT when the clock is absolutely no factor. Maybe we have a viable third wr in all 16 games. Fingers crossed next season brings us better skill guys for Josh. A wiser Daboll who doesnt outsmart himself. A further improved Josh Allen.
  4. but his greed left that door open just in case I'm pretty sure Drew playing to AB's vanity helped create this monster Someone needed to slap AB upside his beany noggin years ago and give him a wake up call.
  5. Only a AB level tool would go handing out cash during a title game in front of cameras Those young men earned a National Championship and he's 1. seeking to take attention away from them 2. possibly risking that championship being questioned 3. setting a really bad example Slapping the cop on the rump is just beyond ignorant. My spider senses tell me playing football is no longer priority one for Odell. Does he realize life is not a episode of "Ballers" I'm fairly certain he could easily get that money to those guys on the down low but then nobody would know what a "baller' he is.
  6. I think we'll see a significant leap next year. He needs to trust his guys to make plays for him. As the season progressed he started to check down on early downs and settle for what was there. Bills upgrade his weapons again and he lets the game come to him we should be in great shape . He can still do the hero ball just on a much more limited fashion. I think he'll always have that as part of his game. I would have him really work on using the rbs more on early downs . The ceiling for him is still insanely high.
  7. We'll see after the combine. Looks like a super deep wr class maybe the best since the 2014 class. Might see some really good players fall into rounds 3 or even later. Shenault looks like a great fit for creative coordinator I imagine he'd be a stud on the Saints for example. Higgins is awful thin looks kind of slow to me I'm curious how he fares at the combine
  8. mentioning that toad is a travesty to this thread
  9. Burrow was insane tonight Where was this before this year?
  10. endurance contest Seriously the milking for tv spots is out of control
  11. that is what I mean lovehateja17.com I'm registering it with godaddy Burrow looks to be the best ready to play qb to come out since Andrew Luck
  12. like how the wr left himself lots of room towards the sideline giving Burrow more area to get him the football That was really nice
  13. Nice thing about games like this is you see all these "elite" guys play against quality competition and watch who really pops out.
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