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  1. Inconsistency is gabe's issue specifically his hands
  2. they will get healthier soon Fingers crossed Von Miller not out for extended time
  3. Dan Campbell gave the Bills the opportunity to go ahead w some bad clock management that last drive Kudos to 17 and 14 for a sweet completion to give Bass a shot Ed Oliver really showed up
  4. he's turned it up another notch Always around the football
  5. Brissett did evade a few should have been sacks The one time they dialed up two extra pass rushers Milano dropped him immediately Seems Frazier is locked into base 4 man rush 99% of the time It can be frustrating but seems they are sticking with their mindset Up to the front 4 to win and get home more often or on key downs They should look better once more healthy bodies return in the secondary and force qbs to hold it a extra second
  6. whatever McDermott said to him seemed to deflate any animosity His shoulders slumped and it almost looked like he put his head on McDermotts shoulder
  7. quality win Rode out a bad first half with obvious rust showing from lack of practices Used a turnover to get a spark and closed out a stubborn Browns team On to short week and hopefully some more guys return
  8. wow were finding a new bottom today Need a turnover to spark something
  9. Team doesnt coach ripping the ball out and we dont send extra pressure at the qb often
  10. Allen is pressing because yet again he is the whole offense. They had yet another offseason to address the run game and did zip. The line stinks and Knox is asked to block instead of running routes. Gabe Davis hasnt made the leap and no clear cut third option has emerged Honestly we miss Beasley on 3rd down I'm not a McDermott fan but Beane should shoulder some blame as well. They invested a ton into the D line and not much to show for it . Bills have two pro bowlers they drafted White and Allen. Rest were FA's and Diggs via trade Pretty mediocre drafting . Most concerning is the inability to win the close games Anytime its one score seems like you can feel the panic on the sideline
  11. I have this nagging suspicion Allen is so good we'll always be just good enough for not change to me made I'd just be happy if they changed up once in a while and stopped playing so passive I'd pass out if Frazier ever commited to forcing the issue on defense by bring the house once in a while Qbs gotta feel good knowing we are not going to change things up pressure wise
  12. Bills O line sucks at run blocking straight up No clue why they ran a sneak there but it was a stupid play call
  13. time for the pass rush they heavily invested in to show up
  14. Gabe Davis has been inconsistent. Hands and getting open . Knox basically invisible with only 27 targets all season. Too focused on Diggs. Bills seem to be slow rolling new guys not really giving them many opportunities I think Shakir needs a few targets per game Overall offense seems to have become stagnant without much new looks/wrinkles
  15. Davis has been inconsistent Knox is invisible. Would like to see more Shakir. Would like to see Josh use the backs and Gilliam more Take some of the load off of the qb having to make difficult throws downfield and be a battering ram
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