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  1. next closest guy had 28 tds that year Nobody besides Lomax had over 4000 yards Totally dominant
  2. much as Bass has been struggling nobody would have questioned them going for it instead Think I trust Josh more to convert than Bass
  3. Patrick Mahomes has a passer rating of 79.7 with 738 yards, 5 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in 3 games in Super Bowls in his career. We saying Josh would have fared worse than that if McDermott held his side of the bargain in the playoffs?
  4. No its already been proven the defense cant stay 100% intact through the season and fails in crunch time Just give Josh elite outside receiver to take top off and give him a real 50/50 ball target and watch the offense take the step to being unstoppable
  5. we didnt win or lose based on Allen's play D line simply did not bother to show up Rest of the defense was walking wounded but D line was basically 100% and stunk it up even with the much lauded rotation that we wasted roster spots and mucho cap space on
  6. I'd agree and add the 2 lost rest days cost us the Chiefs playoff game in my humble opinion
  7. D line failed yet again Doesn;t seem to matter how much resources they throw at it they flop in the playoffs Think Beane be better off going full tilt on weapons and line depth for Josh
  8. Nah he should have taken the underneath throw and backing up one audibled out of the run and got something on 1st down. But were nitpicking one or two plays by the qb while the D line had all game to come up with one and failed Spagnolo put his d in better position than Brady did for Allen . Mahomes missed bunch of throws and it didnt matter Chiefs dont have to ask their qb to make a bazillion plays each game Only the Bills trot out Allen and ask him to be perfect on 50+ snaps Lets face it Bills outclassed again in the coaching/adjustments arena Only in the game thanks to flukey fumble at goal line and Chiefs not coming up with Josh's fumble and the pass to the sideline few plays later. Once they adjusted to the Bills run game and started B word smacking the defense you knew it was over
  9. if for some reason Pegula did sack up and fire McDermott we would have pick of the litter for a coach
  10. expecting more and more from one of the top 5 players in football seems nuts How about the coach gets it figured out, we find people that can get open and catch the football. Maybe field a defense that stops somebody in the playoffs?
  11. Tough loss to swallow but I felt it coming. We got several lucky bounces to have been that close at the end Defense was toast and once again Chiefs made adjustments in the 2nd half and we did not What sucks is Mahomes didnt even play particularly well and we still were short
  12. put williams and elam in least they are 100% no clue what to do for d line
  13. might not have enough bodies to get this done Just too easy for Mahomes
  14. that was some play Guys on defense need to get pumped up and somebody make a damn play!
  15. guys on the D line need to make an impact and create some negative plays and stay turnover free on offense
  16. how that ball change hands on the bottom of that pile >
  17. put ball on turf twice and dug out to get 3 Survive the jitters and settle in
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