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  1. they peaked too early around the Chiefs game After that never close to 100% Josh elbow Von Micah Hamlin It just piled on
  2. should be better after more time after his surgery Thats a big one for db
  3. this is how it should have been if the coaches actually had a game plan to take advantage of a bad OL Tough to watch
  4. they need to solidify the OL create a offensive identity that actually includes being able to run the football. Josh need to get better at playing the percentages and really focus on protecting the football He carries that thing around like a loaf of bread
  5. played worse this year They should at minimum bring in competition but wont
  6. nobody I'd settle for the 1st rounder dressing week 1 Seems to be McDermott and Beane often not on same page Elam might be good but why draft a man to man corner when you mostly plat zone? Kind of why draft a 280lb lineman then ask him to shed 50 lbs?
  7. Beane due to draft some immediate contributors This team has had a bad habit or either whiffing or bringing rookies along at a snails pace They really need to get lucky and find a impact players in round 1 or 2
  8. Hodgins is an F Bills got nothing out of him Epenesa is a D he did squat the first 2 years could even argue F Davis is a A give 4th round pick Kickers? cmon man
  9. expect another quick exit in the playoffs till we fix the OL and the defense actually is willing to attack when needed
  10. its never game specific Frazier treats it all the same Since they arent changing things up week to week wonder what they work on? I know it aint tackling
  11. They need consistent production from the slot and a true #2 Gabe does not run the whole route tree. Also run the ball effectively and put Allen under center Improve the line so Knox can be out in patterns They truly need a big physical wr
  12. offense did not play well I think many are still steaming from 13 seconds The defense has come up short too many times in the playoffs Always next year, sigh
  13. who was the nutjob that would post in various colors ? His threads always looked like Christmas
  14. I don't see McDermott winning a super bowl He doesnt have the ability to outscheme or adjust on game day Fine man , good mentor but not the guy I want in the critical moment to be in charge He comes in with a plan and if it goes south he is always out of his depth
  15. the big issue is the coaches believe their scheme is just fine and it was lack of execution and lack of talent that exposed the defense So we will once again invest more resources on that side of the ball Personally I hate watching this defense on game days Even when they limit a team its not the style defense I want to watch Soft zone conservative D waiting for a team to make a mistake or have a penalty or lucky turnover to stall a drive They just fired the safeties coach Guess he was the reason they got wrecked Sunday
  16. they werent winning even if Josh played his best game That is the problem we go as far as #17 carries the Bills and that is on McDermott/Beane They suck at roster building and McDermott in game coaching leave a lot to be desired
  17. they do seem to stink with personnel decisions Putting the entire offseasons resources into fixing the O line seems the move but knowing them will go get some situational players for the defense
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