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  1. team hasnt been the same since the Chiefs win Should run the ball more and allow the passing game to open up Dorsey/Allen impatient Defense just sucks Dont care what stats say we are not good on that side of the ball
  2. making Mac look like Joe Montana Need to spend the next few 1st rounders on defense
  3. you know players have it in the back of their mind anytime they step out there Booger looked like he wanted to unpin his mike and walk off set Not sure how the Bills players get past it to be honest Prayers for Damar's well being and full recovery
  4. Allen makes up for a lot of weaknesses on the offense Remove the off script plays, add the sacks that only he escapes and subtract not only his run game but what ours would look like with heavier run boxes Bills are a sub .500 team with Keenum maybe way below .500
  5. resign Jones for 1 yr deal and shoot for the moon and draft Anthony Richardson
  6. I'd spend the $$ on O line Edmunds isnt a difference maker to me
  7. Good win for the Bills Running game came to life and defense picked up after a bad first drive Just keep stacking the wins and try and avoid the injury bug Josh was off and the Bills still pulled away and won big
  8. defense has really been bad at time this year Poor communication and tackling against basically a one dimensional offense Its disappointing We go as far as Josh goes, there will be no complimentary football
  9. to catch them off guard we go with 11 dbs Superbowl!!
  10. Daboll was not that different Think were seeing some of the fallout from a team that failed to shore up its O line and that was before the injuries piled up We dont have any difference makers on offense besides 17 and 14 and especially not on the O line
  11. unless you watch the full games a casual fan would not know how much the Bills rely on Josh to be special week in week out I've never seen an offense be this qb centric
  12. agreed but the D line is nothing special and they spent a lot of recent picks plus doubled down with Von Miller We should be winning the battle on the line of scrimmage on defense and that is rarely the case Hyde/Poyer to cover up a lot for sure
  13. Maybe better drafting as well Were still soft at D line and lack true playmakers on defense Maybe Poyer Frazier did bring pressure and they just didnt get Tua down plus the coverage lapses
  14. Josh Allen for carrying the team on his back yet again
  15. man Allen is asked to do more than any qb I have ever seen Ridiculous Beane get the man help or take a hike
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