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  1. Wish people would stop posting Thad stuff. The are definitely homer for and biases against among media. Then there is Thad Brown.
  2. Not sure why grown men want autographs or wear gear with another grown man’s name on the back.
  3. Seems weird to not share them on social media. I don’t go to The Athletic to search for articles, I go and read them when shared on Twitter.
  4. We decided we couldn’t raise our kids in that state anymore and left. That was a decade ago, and it’s worse now. If you have ever lived there it’s not hard to figure out how this all works with regards to football and life.
  5. Football is king in state of Texas. The McNair family is one the made families in Texas. Look at the list of Texas athletes and Texas celebrities Rusty Hardin has represented. Trace the political money and back scratching between them all. I lived in Texas for almost 10 years, this isn’t hard to connect the dots on why Watson wasn’t charged.
  6. Do they really need to release full page bio pages for camp bodies? It makes it feel so much more Important then it really is.
  7. Believe he was released so would not affect comp picks.
  8. I’m talking about this specific game, these specific 13 seconds. Arguably the worst loss in Bills history. How he handled it afterwords was weak, and it’s clearly bothering some of his coaches and players.
  9. If you felt this way about your boss would you put your name on it publically?
  10. As the “leader” of the team say something like “I’m the head coach of this team, I didn’t perform up to our high standards. This loss is 100% on me. I’m sorry to my players, I’m sorry to my coaches. I will work tirelessly to not just learn from this but to be better for the team and the fans.” Even if it wasn’t specifically his fault, that’s what leaders do and say. This is where his boring, cliche based communication style really does him a disservice. It comes across as disingenuous and fake.
  11. I agree it’s probably a little of everything. I live just outside Boulder here in Colorado and we all remember his college issues. What I do feel is minority coaches don’t get the benefit of the doubt for current set up, past performances and previous actions as white coaches do. Hell McCown might gets HC job in Houston without coaching a single game at any level.
  12. Maybe. My Bears fan good friend says the Nagy is really screwing Bieniemy. Still think it is crazy the Eric hasn’t gotten a shot where all of these other assistant coaches with much less resume get all these jobs. Maybe Saints will be one for him.
  13. Didn’t hurt Doug Pederson or Matt Nagy getting jobs not holding the play card with Reid. Not carrying a play card didn’t hurt Zac Taylor get Bengals job or Hackett getting hired in Denver. Did it hurt Kevin O’Connell getting the Vikings job this week?
  14. Bieniemy has best resume by far of the assistant coach 1st time HC candidates, has for a few years.
  15. HOF of horrible OC choices, Shurmur, Nagy and Bill O’Brien would be on 1st ballot.
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