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  1. I’m beginning to think all of his actions/decisions on and off the field indicates narcissism to me. He feels he knows better than his coaches and teammates. He and only he can possibly make the hero play to win the game. It’s immature, selfish and disrespectful to his teammates and coaches. Grow the Fu*k up!!!
  2. By his 6th year in NFL Brett Favre had won 3 league MVPs and a Super Bowl. Josh has accomplished jack in his career compared to Farve at the same point. He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, he hasn’t earned it yet.
  3. Actually Josh himself said he doesn’t watch a lot of video in a podcast interview this summer. Not saying it’s a big deal, just it came from him himself.
  4. I live 20 minutes from CU campus and can tell you that without question there is way more buzz for Buffs then Broncos. Buffs are fun, Broncos are not.
  5. FYI: From Warren Sharp newsletter today about the head official for Bills @ Jets Monday: Carl Cheffers a veteran referee who calls a lot of penalties. Cheffers consistently ranks in the top 5 per season for penalties. A Cheffers officiated game will exceed NFL average in penalties more often than not. The takeaway from his long term trends are that when the dust has settled the home team wins well above the NFL average. Cheffers consistently ranks in the top 5 every season for overall penalties Led NFL in 2021 with 14 penalties per game for 124 yds per game Home teams 58-39-1 SU (60%) since 2016 Home teams 48-49-1 ATS since 2016 3rd most offensive holding penalties in 2021 Most unnecessary roughness penalties in 2021 2nd most defensive pass interference penalties in 2021 Led the NFL in calling offensive pass interference in 2021
  6. I download them on Apple Podcasts all the time.
  7. Doesn’t help that all the WNY media just bend the knee to the team. They are either literally employees or so scared of making anyone in the organization even minimally uncomfortable to actually begin to hold anyone even remotely accountable.
  8. I also think some of this is about coaching. Do we believe in Ken Dorsey? Is HC Sean McDermott a better at Head Coach? How will DC Sean McDermott work? Also, what will materially change with team and coaching to stop the now long streak of flaming out in last playoff games? I think many are tired of all the hype and talking about how great they are, and want to actually see them live up to their potential before they crown them again. Like actually prove that you are a Super Bowl caliber team before we crown them all that.
  9. Save about 1 million on cap, so there is that!
  10. https://twitter.com/SneakyJoeSports/status/1696493958581432397?s=20 Thanks. Been trying unsuccessfully to find how to post tweets.
  11. ✍️ Noted. 9-8 floor, 11-6 is ceiling. Hope I’m wrong and your 13-4ish prediction is correct.
  12. The schedule is brutal, hardest this version of team has had. The following scenario isn’t unreasonable one. Division Games - Pats, Dolphins, Jets X2. 3-3 is not unreasonable Likely Losses - @ Eagles, @ Chiefs, @ Bengals. 0-3 Tossups - Jags, Cowboys, @ Chargers. 2-1 Should be wins, but never know - @ WTF, Giants, Broncos. 2-1 Easy W - Raiders, Bucs. 2-0 I feel this 9-8 scenario or 10-7 is most likely. Pats winning division, almost no way I see that happening.
  13. Isn’t there different stages/tiers of what is deemed successful for team sports? Bottom Tier = Success is sucking bad enough to be able to draft elite player. Above Bottom Tier = Success maybe getting to .500 Mid Tier = Success is making playoffs Above Mid Tier = Success is winning playoff game or 2 Top Tier = Success is making final 4 or better Elite Tier = Success is winning Championships Think most people on this site feel this team has had a Top or Elite Tier roster. Problem is their performance and results in playoffs when it matters most are not. They have under performed their talent. Doesn’t mean they are sh*t. Doesn’t mean the owners are sh*t. Doesn’t mean they aren’t still fun to watch. It just means at the level they are at and should currently hold themselves to, the past couple of seasons have not been successful.
  14. Because his greater tendencies and instincts will always be to defend and favor his defense. That’s one of the arguments many make to why its so much harder for defensive HC to win the Super Bowl in this offensive/QB era.
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