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  1. Many of ESPN guys not so high. Stephen A didn’t even have us in top 5, but he had Patriots there. Get Up guys when asked if it’s not KC then who, all on that panel picked the Browns. I really don’t mind as I prefer to be under radar.
  2. If Cole was cut today, how many teams would be willing to sign him tomorrow? My guess is few to none. Even Jerry Jones, and Bob Kraft are taking hard lines with COVID and vaccines.
  3. So when will the Bills finally have enough and cut at least one of them to send their own message. This is a threat to team success.
  4. Almost every study done on public funding for stadiums has shown it has done almost nothing for local economies as they always sell, yet always enriches the team owners.
  5. We have a very large and strong union with my job. Our union also reached an agreement on vaccines without our vote. Not all things required member body vote to come to an agreement within a union. We actually got a really good deal for getting vaccinated and had over 80% of 13,000 vaccinated within 2 weeks of agreement. Those who remain unvaccinated, that’s their choice, but life will become very inconvenient for them. This really doesn’t seem that hard, not sure why it is for some of them.
  6. I didn’t think it was possible to hate Mahomes, who knew. As a 45 year Bills fan, I prefer Mahomes over Allen, but think the discussion is already old and tired.
  7. Is there some unwritten rule I’m unaware of that would have caused fight?
  8. I live in Denver and have followed Lindsay since his transition from Denver South HS, to CU, to Broncos. Great guy, big heart, but is basically the same back as Singletary. I would love to have him on our team, but not both him and DS.
  9. There are 16 NFL Coaches I would trade for McDermott. Doesn’t include college coaches I would take over him. Harbaugh, Reid, Tomlin, Payton, McVay, Vrabel, Arians, Carroll, Shananhan, Pederson, Belichick, Flores, Reich, LaFleur, Rhule, Kingsbury He is very average, and very boring in every way.
  10. Team Off - 13th Def - 17th Turnovers - 17th Point Differential is -1 Looks average offense, below average defense with the Top 3 team offensive teams next on our schedule.
  11. He was hurt much of season. Played through a lot even though he could have shut it down for NFL. Watch this piece on Laviska and his family. https://pac-12.com/videos/laviska-shenault-jr-credits-inspiration-his-late-father-success-colorado I’m a Denver resident, CU fan, and have seen him play many times in person. He is a stud athlete, versatile, with good hands but has been a bit injury prone. He is a amazing kid, with tough story. Would love him with the Bills, but needs to prove he can stay healthy.
  12. I have 2 kids attending CSU and not exactly a fan of JA as a player. Yet, I have ZERO problem with this, I love it. It’s what makes college football so great. Passion and tradition is real and stays with you your whole life. That said, I am hoping for Rams win. BTW, Cam not a sheep and has the biggest sack in the WAC.
  13. You just a few posts ago said there was a reason Kyle Allen was not drafted, do you think there then is a reason Josh had no D1 out of HS, 2 D1 offers out of JC, and was 3rd team all MWC senior season at Wyoming? College Allen #1 - 25 GP, 4283 Yds, 61.7%, 7.4 Y/Att, 37 TD, 18 INT, Rating 138.6 Allen #2 - 27 GP, 5066 Yds, 56.2%, 7.8 Y/Att, 44 TD, 21 INT, Rating 137.7 One Allen UDFA, other gave up 2 2nd rd picks to trade to #7 to draft. I’m not saying I would trade Allens, but I sure as hell wouldn't have drafted one of them #7 overall.
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