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  1. As a poke fan Josh has had Bohl then McDermott. 2 defensive minded coaches. The more I think about it they are a lot a like safe more conservative. Just once I'd love to see Josh with an offensive minded coach. I'd rather live with being too aggressive and losing than being too safe and losing.
  2. I was at work trying to watch so I did miss some of the plays. Guess I was just thinking after we got that penalty maybe would of been a good time to TO. I do wish we would of went for it on 4th there but I get being down only 10 and wanting to minimize risk. Just needed someone to make a play and didn't get one. Good game plan from the Bengals.
  3. 50 seconds left before half and we don't use a single time out, if we could of scored and made it 17-10 17-14 before half we could of maybe done something. Just at a loss, not our day sucks. Lots of things always seem wrong after a loss. Always seem to struggle in the elements.
  4. We need to spend the extra to get a dome, or change up to being a physical team. This stinks but such is life I guess.
  5. I mean it's not super "hype" but come on watching firz cheer the way he did does it for me. I wish I could have that much fun at 40 plus lol. He loves the mafia!
  6. I dont think nothing will ever beat that shot of him shirtless at last years pats game. Love it!
  7. With von I'd be a good 75%. Without the pass rush threat it makes me nervous. Can our secondary cover for 5+ seconds that's what scares me. Going to be a battle. My heart says we pull it out somehow someway.
  8. no more. please end. i cant watch these 5 yard struggle passes anymore
  9. Brady just tried to slide into that defender, i cant stand that guy!
  10. We are still only 2 weeks removed from Hamlins injury. I think 1 more week of normal week will help. Got the wild card game out the way, back to a normal week. We will see a different team out there next week. Playoff game though so it's going to be a battle. Can't wait.
  11. I didn't get to watch the whole game. Key point I remember was being up 17-0 then bass kicks it out of bounds and that seemed to really give miami life. Lots of Bills mistakes, we literally are our own worse enemy. A lot of division games this weekend. I think we will get some things cleaned up. Goal accomplished this week, maybe not how us fans wanted it, but to the team they got it done.
  12. If I ever made millions I'd head that way. A few million would go so far on that side of the world. I've read of people who retire there and live like kings off 3k a month.
  13. I remember a few "flops" we got the calls for. Can't remember the game but I'd Def say it was more on the flop side than legit lol.
  14. Had my JA jersey on at albertsons here in town, got a Go Bills from this guy from Illinois in line behind me. But yeah seems every where you go and have bills gear on you will get a Go Bills!
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