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  1. Divorce takes its toll on everyone, including the kids. I hate seeing this stuff.
  2. Switch Cowboys and Bears. Switch Packers and Chargers. Meat packers are industrial and the origin of Charger was that the guy liked hearing the crowd yell "charge!" after the bugle at Dodgers games. Reminds me of stories of Buffalo Soldiers charging into battle during the Indian wars. Titans are industrial because of the term "Industry titan", or because they were the Oilers? Peacekeepers are a bit of a mess. Giants and Browns? What's the thinking? Rams in rodeo is a bit of an odd duck too, but I know this won't be perfect.
  3. It's like Von said about being 0-7 past two years in close games or whatever the stat was: "I just got here, and that's not the mentality I've seen." This is a new kind of team, where old narratives matter less and less. I truly believe that.
  4. The captains appear to love it. I doubt he'll lose it like that again. I'm fine with it but am surprised we're even still talking about it.
  5. Lamar last two games against us: 40 yards or less rushing. 165 yards or less passing. Trends can tell whatever story you want them to.
  6. For a long time I thought our family was the only one that did that. Didn't hit me until I saw people joking about it on here.
  7. I trust Beane to keep that window open for a long time. Patriots squeezed two decades of dominance out of Brady. It can be done.
  8. I miss nothing. I stopped trying to find the silver lining during the drought when I saw Kyle Williams sitting in front of his locker after yet another loss, unable to look at the camera when he muttered that he's tired of losing all the time. He, at least in that moment, was mentally broken and I began to wonder if this was just the start of our misery. He was later an understandably bawling mess when they made playoffs. I'm glad it's over.
  9. Injuries a concern but I think we'll get most of them back by game day.
  10. We are teetering on one of the most injury-ridden games I've ever seen.
  11. Perhaps, but no boot, no limp, and jersey hanging at locker gave me hope.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Was getting excited for a second when I saw no limp on his way in.
  13. I agree on most teams passing. Ravens may evaluate how bad they want him after playoffs and tag him once or twice while they find their next guy. They have time. I just don't see them caving to his demands whatsoever.
  14. Why not? Every Ravens fan I know says that's what they'd do too if it weren't for all the injuries. It happens all the time.
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