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  1. Bills 37 Jets 13 We won't be punting very often.
  2. I suspect Hill would have had better numbers in KC if Kelce wasn't gobbling up 1,200 yards year in, year out. But Waddle is having a great season too so who knows. Mahomes can pass completions to seven different players in a game though. As good as he is, Tua doesn't do that.
  3. Mahomes and Tyreek, third isn't close. Tyreek will not stop trash talking our team and you just want to punch Mahomes. Guy tries to project swagger at all times and it's so effing annoying.
  4. That's great news that Diggs is reacting positively because he surely realizes this will likely affect his numbers.
  5. I'm assuming half the justification is to keep him away from contenders? Team chemistry is crucial, so if Von is vouching for him then I'm okay with it.
  6. Clark for the love of God just hire more bodyguards you 100 million dollar moron.
  7. As someone else mentioned, since this involves taxpayer money I wonder if they're all waiting until after a certain date in November. Doesn't make it right. It's either that or something has gone terribly wrong that they're trying to fix.
  8. Poor Jets. I believe the Colts still are tied or have more AFC East titles than they do. Either way, sad.
  9. I'm at work and based off these replies I might think we're getting smoked. C'mon guys, give me some positivity.
  10. I thought about a revenge type song, but since tomorrow is one of those wins that could put even more wind in our sails, I'm going with Lose Yourself - Eminem. Not very original, I know. Look If you had one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted One moment Would you capture it or just let it slip?
  11. You seem fun. No entitlement. That's what's called an opinion. Everyone has one.
  12. Eventually, and that date may be far away, they have a moral responsibility to tell the fans what happened to the co-owner and president of this team. It's the right thing to do.
  13. I'll hate them less after we beat them.
  14. Just seeing where things are trending I would not be surprised if they start to try and improve accuracy somehow. Maybe it will suck, but there's zero chance things stay as they are long-term. In fact I expect this game to look very different in 10-15 years.
  15. Divorce takes its toll on everyone, including the kids. I hate seeing this stuff.
  16. Switch Cowboys and Bears. Switch Packers and Chargers. Meat packers are industrial and the origin of Charger was that the guy liked hearing the crowd yell "charge!" after the bugle at Dodgers games. Reminds me of stories of Buffalo Soldiers charging into battle during the Indian wars. Titans are industrial because of the term "Industry titan", or because they were the Oilers? Peacekeepers are a bit of a mess. Giants and Browns? What's the thinking? Rams in rodeo is a bit of an odd duck too, but I know this won't be perfect.
  17. It's like Von said about being 0-7 past two years in close games or whatever the stat was: "I just got here, and that's not the mentality I've seen." This is a new kind of team, where old narratives matter less and less. I truly believe that.
  18. The captains appear to love it. I doubt he'll lose it like that again. I'm fine with it but am surprised we're even still talking about it.
  19. Lamar last two games against us: 40 yards or less rushing. 165 yards or less passing. Trends can tell whatever story you want them to.
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