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  1. LOL. Let alone I was told I didn't know and those who watch football know.🤫
  2. Very good front 4. But let's remember who they played as well. Cardinals and Broncos? We are the better team. We just need to play that way and not down to the competition.
  3. Maybe I'm wrong, but at 5.8 ypc, I could care less if he doesn't break a tackle. Most people complain about lack of YAC. He' getting them. Just keep his carries at 15+. It's more about balancing out the offense and having the threat there than breaking a tackle imo. We should be happy we have some semblance of a running game without Josh being our leading rusher. It's NICE!!!😁
  4. Perfect, que up the next Nickname thread. Not nice!!😡🤣🤣🤣
  5. Thinks it's going to be a defensive chess match. It'll be on Dorsey to be creative and stick with the short quick routes. Can he do it again? Going with Shakir as my choice this week. 😁 Bernard on D.
  6. And Airseven would be the richest person in the world.🤣
  7. I think he was an expensive insurance policy. Not knowing what we were going to get from White and when he would be back. Benford has been a pleasant surprise. Plus letting Wallace go, it was a neccesary position to fill. Was really hoping he could pick up zone concepts better, just hasn't panned out...yet....🤔
  8. I think it's good to have him on the field. A lot of people complain about rookies not being used. Especially early picks. 12, 22 or add a 6th OL. Doesn't matter to me, Just keep Crosby away from Josh.😁
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