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  1. Probably the reason I've been divorced for 20 years. Couldn't quite get the "Fine" thing.😉. He did have a 76% catch rate. I wish some of our WR could have gotten that.😱. Most people are talking about the money and not specifically the play of Singletary (myself included). Can we get similar play from a rookie for less money. Maybe, definitely cheaper. Can we get better play for the same money (FA), I'm not so sure. Does spending more money mean we will get more production (FA), I doubt it. I'm "Fine" with drafting a player to replace him (money), I'm just not confident that we would get any more production than we have with Singletary. Especially without fixing the OL. So, I have some questions that I go back and forth on. Maybe you can help. If another team is willing to pay him 5m (just a number) for his skills and production, why is he not worth 5m to the Bills? We drafted him, great teammate does everything asked of him, knows the system, been healthy and available etc. Why is he worth more to someone else? What happened to draft and sign your own?
  2. I do like him. He's a good solid player, good teammate and is pretty much always available. Is he elite? No. But still a good player. To give a little perspective. You said 1600 yds. Josh Jacobs had 1653 or 4.9 ypc (career of 4.4). Your arguing over about .2 of a yard difference per carry between them(7.2 inches). I'd give up the 7.2 inch difference than pay nearly double the cost for Jacobs. Of course I want our running game to be better, but, I think it would be improved more with upgrades to the OLine than it would be getting a new RB. A new running back is not going to protect Allen any better than Singletary. As for Allen. Get a respectable OLine so he isn't running for his life every few plays. (BTW he wasn't running when he hurt his elbow and maybe having a better line would have helped). A different RB is not going to stop Allen from running nor will it stop designed running plays. Since 88? Nice. So you were one of the early bandwagon fans. Sorry you missed the 70s when we got our butts kicked regularly. Glad your Fandom started on a positive note. Here's a little advice. Don't EVER question a person's "Fandom" just because they don't agree with you. It comes across as childish and kind of pathetic. PS. If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn't pay Singletary 5.5m and even if he stays, I'm still looking for a bigger back in the late rounds or UDFA.
  3. We rotate backs and I don't see that changing anytime soon. How many backs hit 1600 yards in the 2022 season? 1 maybe? Plus between Allen, Cook and Singletary we rushed for over 1600. Get an OL together, and give Cook and Singletary a few more snaps and between the two you'll get your 1600 yards plus. Maybe we should just use what we have better, instead of beating up on them.
  4. LOL. In our system. LOL. You made my stomach hurt. LOL... 1600 yards. LOL... At least know I know why you are down on Singletary. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Thanks, been a rough day at work, I really needed this. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Please no more today.🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. Don't get me wrong, I think we have some VERY good players on D. But, other than when Von was playing, do you think any OC we played against said "We need to focus on this player in order to beat the Bills"?
  6. And I disagree. I think he does everything he is asked to do in the system we run. Blocks, catches and gets 4.6+ yards a carry while splitting carries in a rotation. Give him 15+ carries a game, a respectable OL and he's a 1,000+ yd rusher. He's earned more touches, we just don't give them to him like we should.
  7. Of course any back would like a light box, I'm sure most would also like to average more than 10 carries a game. Give him an OL and a chance to get there. You can't just pick 2 games (loses at that) against KC and use it as a "Fact" to try and argue your position. The least you could do is use recent or career stats, but I guess that wouldn't help your case. Why not 4.6 over the last 2 playoff games THIS season or 4.7 over his career? I get it, you don't like Singletary. That's your opinion. Some of us think he is better than he gets credit for. That's my opinion. To each their own. But at least use numbers fairly and don't just pick random ones cause they fit your opinion.
  8. 6 man boxes doesn't mean much if your getting hit in the backfield. 😉
  9. We do. We just don't have any "Game Changers" on D and our only REAL O is Diggs and Allen. I think we are easy to gameplan against. Double Diggs and spy Allen. On D when Von was playing, Double Von. Pretty simple. I thinks we need a bigger back (later rounds) to compliment Cook on a rookie deal and a couple of "Difference Makers" i.e. WR, LB, Edge. Someone that makes the opponent have to plan for. Add an OL or two to give Allen an extra 1/2 second in the pocket and I think the whole O changes including the running game.
  10. FA will be key and Morse decision (I think he stays for at least one more year). Personally, I'd re-sign Ike and get a starting RG (VET ONLY). I don't want a rookie or low level starter next to Brown. Re-sign Q, Van Rotten, whoever you choose for depth I'd probably go with Q for flexibility). Then draft 1 or 2 OL. Doesn't really have to be early picks but should be able to compete for a starting position next season and one has to be OG/C combo (day 2/ early 3). Ike and Bates battle for starting LG. If Ike wins the battle you have a BU Center/ Guard. Bates wins, you have a BU guard. Bates best play is at LG or Center. LT Dawkins LG Ike/Bates C Morse RG VET ONLY RT Brown
  11. At 11m, I'd sign Edmunds to a 10 yr contract. He'd be what like 25 at the end of it?😉. Seriously though, at that price I'd re-sign him. At 16-17+, I'd pass and sign a couple of OL and draft his replacement.
  12. Looks like he played LG in 2022. https://www.nfldraftbuzz.com/Player/Jarrett-Patterson-OL-NotreDame
  13. Really liking Campbell as a replacement for Edmunds if he isn't retained.
  14. I also like Voorhees and Tippmann as options. Is there any savings on the cap hit if he retires versus being cut?
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