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  1. Move it to Miami. Let's see how the Chiefs do.🤣
  2. I'm actually less nervous this game than the last 2. I know we have an offense that's a juggernaut. Maybe we only have a defense that's average this week, but I Billieve(😉) Allen will still be the real difference in this game and pull it off.
  3. 1,2,3,7,10,17... Doesn't really matter to me. Just get the Win with no additional injuries please!'🙏
  4. Hey now. Don't put all us Floridians in the same group. Granted I am a transplant, but been in Florida since mid 80's and live about 20 minutes north of the Hard Rock. 😡. Not all Horrible down here.
  5. This is a tough call this week... How do you beat Hill and Waddle, keep them on the sidelines. Pull a Parcels. Motor and Moss with body blows combine for 200+ all purpose yards. Nah, who am I kidding. Lil' Dirty of course!!
  6. Agree. 80-90 Josh would have to think about it, 60 yards, flick of the wrist. Never need to get a 1st down, just TD'S all day long.🤣
  7. Was just thinking, he'll be their starter next week.🤣
  8. I'll probably start watching Panthers/Giants and switching games. One of those days for channel surfing for probably the first 3 qrts.🤔. Rooting for Daboll to shock the NFCEast.
  9. The BIG Reveal, It's My Boy !!!! Lil' Dirty !!!! PS. He HAS to make up for the screwup last week.. LOL...
  10. I don't like having 2 games on, but I love the earlier start time. Good for old guys like me. Hard to stay up that late.🤣
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