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  1. Not at all. I also think the play calling has not been good most of the season. I do believe it to be more Daboll than McD. I think McD, has too much trust in Daboll. If I could make a change, it would be at OC. Houston's secondary may be in shambles, but we don't really have the pieces to exploit it. 46 pass attempts by Allen. It's not like we didn't try. I think Duke and Yeldon should have been playing for the last several weeks over Foster and Gore. A couple of screens to Yeldon and Duke being a good blocker may have been what we needed yesterday.
  2. Well, if your looking for a KGun type offense and gameplan, your probably going to be disappointed. But, I do think the plan that is in place is to go offense this offseason both FA and draft. It will be up to Daboll to put it together. If he does, McD will let him run with it. If Daboll can't get it to work, McD gets a new OC. As an aside, I am more of a defensive guy, so I enjoy the smashmouth football and close scores that get you jacked up for that last play of the game. I prefer winning of course, just don't like blowouts. Too boring when you already know the end of the movie.😉
  3. I think he has. In my opinion, just like any new managers job. First year, analyze, put your plan into action, understand what you have to work with, adjust where you can without creating turmoil. Second year, Make adjustments based upon previous year (ie. Changed OC) clean up the junk (ie. contracts and people that don't buy into your plan) bring in a couple of guys to call your own (ie. Edmunds, Allen) and solidify the Defense (his strength). Third year, culture is in place. Improve on weaknesses (ie. Offense) add some depth and versatility (OL) consistency on both Offense and Defense (ie. coaching and terminology) 2020 should be the year to really see if the Bills have it right and the correct people in place. Just my thoughts though.
  4. I won't argue that Duke is a WR4 if we had a true #1. And I support Duke. Given what we have on our current Roster, I would put him at#3. He earned his playing time and did well with it. Don't think there is any debate there. If he's #4 next season, I am good with it. Foster needs to go. Hasn't done squat since last season. Just get a True #1.....
  5. Lorax played his heart out for us and will always be a Bill in my eyes. Wish him and his family the best. Didn't we draft Vosean Joseph (sp) for Lorenzo's spot? What's his status?
  6. I am thinking with Duke active, we may see some screen plays with Duke being a good blocker out there. May bode well for Singletary.
  7. Was it this one? Posted by Real Mcnasty...
  8. Any possibility it was a chess move to get NE 2nd seed? Is it conceivable? Could this have worked out? Any Chance? Titans at KC, (Titans possible win?? Bills at Houston (Bills win?) Bills to NE (3rd times a charm?) Titans to Ravens? Bills @ Ravens ? Maybe I am just loopy as I have been up since 3am....
  9. So, we have The Lunatic and McNasty. Anything on Frazier yet?🤔
  10. I'll say Daboll and his 1st quarter gameplan. Defense will be fine and can adjust quickly. Offense doesn't adjust as well as the defense. Needs to be an aggressive game plan. Easier to back off than it is to turn it on. Start fast. Score early.
  11. Key word is he “May”, my OPINION is he will improve based upon what I have seen so far in his rookie season. Add some experience, coaching and a full off season. Again, it’s my opinion. You’re welcome to yours. I just don’t think it should be on the teams list of priorities. I don’t disagree with having a reliable pass catching tight end (or two) on the roster. My opinion is, we might already have them in Sweeney and Knox. And even possibly Kroft. Different OC’s, so I think play calling may also come into play as to how they are used. 6 catches on 14 targets in 11 games played this year. With an AAV of 6.2m. That’s 1m per catch. I would say that is really good. Could he earn it over the next 2 years? Maybe, depends on Sweeney and Knox I guess. Totally agree with this. Lose Croom or Smith and you can get whatever TE you feel is best. May want to look at a few other players on the roster as well. The topic is Duke should play. He should and just like you said, we have absolutely no room for anyone on the roster that has not earned a spot. I think Duke has earned it based upon his on field play results. Honestly, I don’t think we are too much different in our thoughts when it comes to the offense. I read more than I post on here and I do truly value your opinions and insight. You have a lot of knowledge and it’s nice to have this place to discuss the Bills. Being in South Florida, as you can imagine, NOT many Bills fans down here. I’ll reserve my Daboll comments for another thread or day.
  12. Great News. Stills, Fuller and Hopkins... We'll need him.
  13. Which is why I believe Duke would be the better choice. Possession over speed. Rather Duke help keep the chains moving and keep Watson off the field. Keep Foster as well if he is that important on ST, sit DiMarco.
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