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  1. Dabol will be interviewing in Jacksonville after Meyers retires mid season. 😱
  2. First would be the entire Bill's team of course. Second would be the rookie class. Who wouldn't root for players we drafted. If I had to pick one player for this year, I would choose Hollister. If he won the TE1 position and put Knox as TE2, we would have quite a great tandem. Or he pushes Knox and Knox truly becomes what we hoped he would be and we have an awesome TE tandem. Win, Win in my opinion.
  3. I'd love to have the Jersey that Kyle William's wore in his one and only playoff game.
  4. Keep them away from Josh. Guess that's why they got trubisky. He'll be sore with our group going after him. Poor fella...🤗
  5. Okay... I just have to say it because nobody else has... We still have Mckensie available...😜
  6. I wanted one as well and had one in all of my mocks. But after really thinking about it and reading others posts, I think they'll roll with Harry and Star as the 1DT's. Harry did get better through the year and I really doubt that Star is going to let the team down and come in out of shape. I am sure he wants a ring and probably doesn't have much time left to get one.
  7. For us Country boys. We need to change his nickname to scootin... That way we have a Groot, Scootin, Boogie...🤣
  8. Don't think so. Mckensie. Just competition in my eyes..
  9. Well I guess we'll have to move the 2 midgets we currently have at OT inside...😱 Doyle, Dawkins, Feliciano, Williams, Brown. One heck of a line. LMAO...🤣
  10. That's why they traded back. They needed to keep the picks even...😉 So, now do we go 2 WR's and 2DT1's??😱
  11. And I don't know in the 5th...😁
  12. Seeing every mock I did, got blown up.. Might as well throw some names out that I had left for day 3... Wr. J. Darden N. Texas S. Fehoko Stanford Rb. C. Evans Michigan R. Stevenson Oklahoma LB D. Barnes Michigan And might as well finish the Dline with one of the big boys sometime today... Shelvin LSU Tonga BYU Slaton Florida Bohanna Kentucky
  13. At first I was like WHAT?? Double Dip... But now I am thinking we have a hard time covering Kelce. Maybe instead of trying to cover him, try and force KC to keep him on the line to help block? Same with the bucs and possibly 2 TE sets from NE? Still think we need a DT1 somewhere in this draft... Now I am thinking, this could be quite a fun Dline to watch...🤗. Plus with the extra game this year, I wonder if our D just got worn down at the end of last season...
  14. That's the million dollar question... What CB will be available to us that can cover Hill? I think the one that can cover Hill can cover anyone else. Who is it and will they be available to us? I don't know that answer. Does anyone here have that information?🤔
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