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  1. I'm here, just hanging out, lurking in the background, minding my P's &Q's. 😉 On O = I'm going with DK.😁 On D - I'll go with Groot.
  2. On O - Shakir. And again, they should bring up Isabella and give him a shot. I think the Jets will be focused on Diggs and Dalton. Could be an opportunity for the short quick passing game. On D - I'm going with Groot. He is due for a really good game. Time is now!
  3. I thought he played ok. Definitely want him to get playtime and see more. Nothing really outstanding, but I did hear a few times that it looked like he was being used as a spy? Guess that could be one of the reasons why it looked like he was lost at the line.🤔
  4. I guess he has one of the most pleasurable jobs of the entire staff!🤣
  5. He played last week. He will get one tonight and get our CB'S back on track.😁 He is listed from what I see.😉
  6. On O, Shakir. And I'll continue to say it, Isabella should be brought up and given a shot. I have the need for speed.😁 On D, I'm going with Douglas. Should be enough time to pick up quite a bit of the playbook and we really need him to step up this week.
  7. Buy - Shakir. Still has potential for growth. Could start paying dividends soon. Hodl- Bernard. Was doing great, but got a little banged up. Let's see what the trend line does. Sell - Dodson. Get what you can. Just Dead money. Flip it to Williams. At least there could be some upside.
  8. Bills - 45 Broncos - 24 Bills come out PO'd and light it up!!
  9. So we can still call it K-Gun then?! KINGcaid = K-Gun. 😁
  10. I'd be all for adding another dynamic WR, but I think that would still only cover the symptoms and still not fix the problem. Without better scheming of the routes or adding some creativity it probably won't do much against good teams. I understand the thought of continuity and having Josh's input on Dorsey, but, it was the wrong choice and time to move on. I wasn't a huge Daboll fan either but at least he had balls and would get on Josh for bad plays. The only time I saw Dorsey get fired up is when he threw crap around in the booth and got a meme out of it. This O needs a ball breaker not a friend in the booth. We need some creativity, a flee flicker is not what I call creativity, that's just a gadget play. Give me some jet sweeps, some pitch plays, some better screens and some more uptempo.
  11. It's like getting back with your ex. Fun at first, but typically doesn't work out!! People need to move on!
  12. Been saying it for weeks. Scrap the Harty project and bring up Isabella. Harty is useless, time to do something different.
  13. Don't worry, the offense is making up for it.🤬
  14. Was just going to say the same. How can it not put a smile on your face!🤣
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