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  1. Definite possibility. I think it will depend upon if Singletary is a go or not. Not sure if Gore can do another 100+ yarder this week. I believe the Titans are going to stack the box and make Josh try and beat them. I do foresee a lot of 2 tight end sets to protect Josh, with Duke being the big body down the field. Keep Smith on the right side to help Ford. No reason for Smith to be downfield. I hope Duke is ready and has a GREAT outing.
  2. Interesting response, but I would have gone for the Doerfler-Stewart test. But to each there own.. 😉
  3. Great News. Now we just need Singletary. Any update on DS?
  4. Definitely have not lost faith. I actually have more faith in the team and his ability to lead a comeback then I have since Kelly (Reich). It has really made the games more enjoyable to watch knowing were not out of a game. I'll take a few INT's over the overly conservative TT days... He's a smart kid and still learning. One thing I've noticed (maybe it's just me) but when Josh has more time at the line before the snap he seems to be better. Whether it's up tempo or just the call getting in earlier, he seems to be more comfortable. Again maybe it's just my old a$$ eyes...
  5. I missed the middle finger Josh is holding up. I saw it as him just pointing at him. My Bad.
  6. Great art there. Could only be better if it was Kelly instead of Brady...
  7. I don't think he'll be worried. He may not be 100% and may try and avoid unnecessary hits. Maybe less YAC or more work outside instead of the middle of the field? It just seems he is the one that keeps the chains moving and it wears down our defense. Hopefully it won't be the case later today. BTW. Lyndonville, New York.
  8. Well, It is National Beer Day!!! Go for it.
  9. Sorry. I am more of an inside the box thinker than outside the box. Although, I wouldn't mind lining up Milano or Edmunds on the LOS and knock Edleman on his butt to throw off any kind of timing with Brady...
  10. No. That goes back to my original question. Does having Beasley help the defense prepare? As NoSaint responded to my question and probably in a better way. Could he be used on the Scout Team to simulate Edelman?
  11. More of a reader than a poster. I saw your first reply as it related to the combine (Thanks). It was a good place to look as a comparison for numbers. Although it didn't look to me as such a drastic difference between the two. My initial question was would it help the defense to prepare for NE. You basically answered my original question in this post. Thanks again.
  12. Darn it. Maybe by the time I correct my errors I'll get to a 100 posts. LOL.
  13. Wow.. Getting fired up over a misplaced comma this early? You must TOTALLY freak out reading the GDT on Sundays. I didn't realize perfect gramma and punctuation was required.... My Apologies...
  14. With the way Beasley plays versus how Edleman plays on the field, does this help with the preparation of the Bills defense against NE this weekend? I think shutting down Edleman will be key to beating NE. Thoughts?
  15. Stopped reading all the negative posts in the GDT. Bad vibes.....
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