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  1. Not really sure you can compare TJ and Groot for their rookie season. TJ played 82% of defensive snaps and Groot played 49% (751 to 541). 240 more snaps for TJ to get 3 sacks and 1 more solo tackle. Plus Groot didn't even play the year prior. So I agree with Hope. Not sure we could have expected much better and I look forward to season 2 results.😁
  2. I'd say Bates ( or whoever plays RG). The one spot on the Oline that I don't think has been locked down yet.🤔
  3. A chihuahua? Yappy little thing that thinks he's bigger than he is...🤣🤣🤣
  4. Your right. Had to go double check myself as I knew I saw it somewhere. College career. 24 PR 7.5yrd average (9 in 21' for 8.5av) 7 KR 23.9 yard average. (2 in 21' for 28.5 av)
  5. I thought I read that Shakir had punt returns? Or at least return ability?🤔
  6. Let me guess. Your a Tenuta fan. Maybe Benford or Spector is your favorite. Sorry if I upset you.🤔 I don't need to justify the pick. The pick was made by my team already, not me. I answered the question as to my favorite pick and gave a few words as to why. Did I even mention in my post as to a round or if I thought the value matched? I said favorite pick. So unless you know me and what my likes and dislikes are, you can just run along and play now.
  7. Elam was my favorite. I think a much needed upgrade over Wallace and also has room for additional improvement. Can't wait to see what he becomes with our coaching. I'll say Bernard is a close second. I said in other posts, the more I read and watch I understand why we drafted him. Plus having a Milano clone, I think he was a great choice as a 3rd LB and potentially a great backup in case of injury.
  8. The more I read, the more I watch the more I love this pick. I may be a little biased (well maybe a lot.😁), but I don't see him taking Lil' Dirty's spot. I can see him taking Stevenson's though. With Stevenson going to the PS and Shakir taking more of a full time role in 23' when Crowder leaves. Start this year K/PR duties along with some WR reps and more as the season rolls on. I also get the Woods vibe when I watch him (yes, with some more speed).😉
  9. As always GB, love reading the information, details and the follow up you provide. That Tenuta pick is the one that I really don't understand. Even after reading up on him. This is the one that I just don't get. The others, I wasn't familiar with at all (Benford and Spector), but at least after reading up on them, I can see what they were looking at and can understand those picks. Like most I think, Just really surprised we didn't take a swing at an outside WR. I was hoping for I. Weston as I thought he was worth a late round swing at. Anyways, Thanks for all the effort and time you put into your research, detailed information and posts. I really enjoy them.👍
  10. I'm with you. Probably another one I've never heard of.😉. I like Nick Ford from Utah, but he's probably more of a UDFA.
  11. Agree with a late corner. If the do, I hope they take swing at a REALLY Fast one. Maybe like a Kaylon Barnes from Baylor. 🤔
  12. I love this part of the draft. Soooooo many players, choices and never know who and when. Josh Thomson - S/CB Amare Barno - Edge. Speed! Want him to learn for a year with Miller. Daniel Bellinger TE SD State. Zander Horvath - RB/FB to upgrade Gilliam and Moss. J. Camarda Punter. Need a new one.😉 I could go on and on. But I'll leave it there for now.😁 Darn it. Forgot to put a WR... Isaiah Weston - WR Northern Iowa.
  13. Probably not. I don't think his ankle monitor will let him go to Vegas.🤣
  14. Not giving you my thoughts anymore. Lost the last 2 I wanted on your lists!😜
  15. Could be good. Keep going to top of 3rd and stay away from 2nd rnd.😉
  16. Mac is going to waste his speed. Can't the the ball to him fast enough. He'll have to stop and come back to get it.😉
  17. Not gonna jinx it by saying his name, but I like #10.😁
  18. And he didn't look very happy in the clip I saw.🤣
  19. Still lots of options. V. Jones, B. Melton even late rounds like an I. Weston. Not saying we should wait, just saying there are a lot of WR'S available. All shapes, sizes and speed ranges.😉
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