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  1. Thats an interesting idea. This could certainly bring drive-in movies back at a larger scale. I like it
  2. That's really kind of an unusual question being asked. He's probably prepping for questions about defensive alignments, assignments, whether he can play either side.... I"m sure it caught him a bit off guard. Plus he was just a high schooler at the time.
  3. Man, we've gone soft.... next thing you know we'll be signing one of Brian Cox' kids
  4. He plays for the Dolphins
  5. and Roscoe Parrish...and Marquise Goodwin. We were never really able to consistently get these guys into space. I can't recall any 5 yard catch + 30 YAC from these guys. Goodwin caught an occasional long ball
  6. I loved Moulds! He was just outstanding. I'll agree with #2. I wish we had him during the Super Bowl years
  7. what? No 7-round mock draft?? I want to know who they'll be picking with the extra 5th rounder fleeced from the Zay Jones trade...
  8. You know what would be incredible data... if teams could submit their draft boards to an anonymous process AFTER each draft and just make a consensus draft board out of it. Can't look at any teams ratings, just the final average slot for each player. Then we can see after a few years how well or poorly people drafted. The problem I have with criticizing a pick like Harris (or countless other busts) is that if the Dolphins didn't pick him, he probably would have been gone within the next 5-7 picks to be a bust for someone else. Most likely, evaluators as a whole got it wrong on the guy rather than just the one team that selected him. The Athletic has a great article on this that created a consensus board this year and last year from a collection of evaluators and pundits, but it would be incredible if that could be taken from the actual teams doing the picking. A reach is not a reach four years later, but in real-time if you're picking a guy #26 that the vast majority of the league is rating as a 5th rounder.
  9. it probably highly situational. Depends on where other teams have injuries, gaps due to poor performance and where some of our talent stands out as a better alternative. In addition to Bodine and Teller last year the Bates trade involved a DE. Its possible for trades of DL, OL, maybe WR, maybe even Barkley depending on the circumstances I just described.
  10. That's interesting... I wonder if his Dad will come cheer him on. Could be heck of a pre-game interview
  11. Its actually a very good analysis and too bad its not available to everyone as it would make a good post draft discussion. They basically average a ranking of each player based on 60 different evaluators to get a consensus draft board. Then they take what each team picked and calculate how much of a reach or steal it is. If you had the #10 pick and selected the #25 player then that is a -15 reach. They make more advanced statistical adjustments based on position from previous drafts. So the reach I just gave an example of may be less of one if you're picking a QB vs if you selected a TE or S. So then across the draft they can take your draft capital (positions you picked from) and match it against the big board to compute how much better or worse a team does than the consensus board. It looks like there's also some multiplier for each round. So a -15 reach in the 1st is worse than one in the 7th round. I didn't see an exact formula as to how they made some of those adjustments as I wasn't able to replicate their numbers The Bills ended up #3 across the NFL. Its not clear to me how they accounted for #22+ / Diggs trade in these calculations??
  12. If you consider the what if our opponents (1st Jets and Titans games) had better kickers, we might be looking at 8-8 last season with a completely different narrative about this team.
  13. Based on what Beane said, he was trying to trade up 3-4 picks with an NFC team, but during the discussion the guy got picked. So the 2nd pick of round 6 when we have the 8th is consistent with what Beane was saying. He also said the player was picked by an AFC team. He may have been trying to trade w/ the Panthers or Giants, but the Broncos jumped on him before they got to the team being on the clock.
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