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  1. I take your point, however, I think that trading back to accumulate more 2nds is OK. If we collect any later round picks, they need to be used to move back into 2nd round. If we can end up w/ an extra 1-2 picks in the 2nd, then I'm good w/ trading back. We certainly don't need to keep accumulating 3rd day picks. I think I would let Oliver drop to us, but I don't have any problem with them making a move up for Quinnen Williams as you suggest
  2. Need their 4th as well to trade that far back from #9... maybe both of their 4ths
  3. He has to give up something to move from 48 down to 37. Based on the value chart that prices Zay Jones as a top of the 4th round pick. That's probably not out of line...
  4. Interesting approach. Hard to imagine trade w/ Dolphins, but I like that we end up w/ 3 picks in the top 37. I like the move back in first for Wilkins. I'm so mixed on Metcalf, but wouldn't be unhappy to see this happen.
  5. that's just based on size... TEs have to work pretty hard in the blocking game. I don't think he has the desire in him to make that change.
  6. While this is a digression on topics related to debating BPA strategy and who we should pick in the first round, I thought I would post it here as its a great tribute to how many pro athletes give back to their communities. On the Bills we have many players led by Lorenzo Alexander and already from LaAdrian Waddle (and wife) who invest substantial effort their communities.... so there's my tie-in to the Bills Must see video...
  7. You're right,... I'm just speaking for myself. The SabresSpace forum goes in the opposite direction where they rigorously seems to stick to not having repeat threads and some of these run well into the double-digits in pages. I just don't have enough time to keep up with that, so I like the multiple threads even if its variations in thought on a larger umbrella issue. Though we've certainly had multiple BPA and who's your #1 pick threads.... how many days until the draft??
  8. I know... it was just an attempt at humor
  9. That's possible, but really once a thread is past 8 pages its impossible to keep up with it. The topic often digresses and introducing a new thought will just get lost in the volume. New threads have no cost and for me its just easier to keep track of
  10. I'm not sure I agree that BPA is a always a single player, especially as the draft moves into the mid to later rounds. It might a be a tight clustering of 2-5 players that are at the top of your remaining board. From there they would pick the player from a needed position group. For example, if in Round 4 the top three players in order was a QB, S and RB and they were within a very close range of grading (not sure exactly how the Bills grading system looks), then I'm sure we wouldn't be picking the QB, but probably opting for the RB
  11. My first reaction is what an under-sized QB Kelly was.... how did we never notice?
  12. BPA by what measure? They have their own internal grading that we'll never see. By the 2nd round the top 5 BPAs, are probably pretty close in rating, so its not a choice of a single player as THE BPA. Let me shift the scenario a bit. You say we picked Oliver w/ #9. Its highly unlikely, but lets say someone like Christian Wilkins drops to #40. He would likely be graded considerable higher than whoever else are the next best available players. Lets say the same ones that OP identified. Would we pick him... I bet we would!
  13. I was actually going to disagree with you, but then looked at the value chart for the Bills 2 first round trade-ups last year. In the Allen trade they moved from 12 up to 7 and gave up to 2nds. Per the chart, one of the 2nds should have been enough. Then in the Edmunds trade they moved from 22 up to 16 for first pick of 3rd round and a 5th. The 3rd by itself should have been enough for that trade. So we paid a premium in both trade-ups even as they were down in the area of #16 pick.... I'll bump you a beer on your post!
  14. ...that should amp up the interest in this forum
  15. I disagree that Allen was going #1 to Browns. As I recall, the tweets surfaced the morning of the draft, possibly the day before. By that point, the Mayfield to Browns train was already in full motion
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