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  1. Buccaneers lost their opening game last year. But that's OK because it was on the road?
  2. Wikipedia says that he currently plays for the Zappers
  3. It should be noted that is is also the Vontae Davis quit at halftime game.... actually when I think back now, can we blame him??
  4. I was at #10 in Baltimore. Plus it was my b-day and it was pouring rain. A suck-fest from the start. The only thing I can say is that I was in attendance at Josh Allen's first regular season appearance (6-15, 74yds) and, I believe, Nate Peterman's last start. After that debacle they had to hand Allen the job on the spot, ready or not, and he's run with it ever since!!
  5. Still 11 days to the opener.... perhaps a discussion on who should be the 6th CB??
  6. Can make for some debate while waiting for 4pm to hit... Giannis just won championship, so that's something!!
  7. Does anyone know what are the rules around players on the COVID list at final cutdown? Both in Training camp and during the season teams are able to fill their roster spot and the players are not on IR, so don't have to wait three weeks. At final cutdown is that a loophole allows teams to maneuver? For example, the Colts just added three players including Wentz to the list. Clearly nobody but the Patriots would try to manipulate use of this list, but just looking for what the rules are....
  8. Its not him I'm referring to. Unless the Texans knew about his activities, which I haven't seen any articles stating, its unfair to them to be kept in limbo. On the exempt list they can deactivate him until his situation is resolved and not use a roster spot. Also they can't trade him and realize value until teams know what Watson's status is. I'm definitely not stressing the impact on Watson. I don't even really care about the Texans, it just seems unfair for them not to be able to act in any way to resolve the situation.
  9. This doesn't make any sense. Shouldn't he be put on Commish exempt list? They can't play him, they can't really trade him and realize value. While I'm glad he's not suiting up in the AFC East, it seems to be unfair leave his situation hanging like this...
  10. We can say Addison all day long, but none of the lower echelon teams would have wanted him and Beane hates to eat a dead-cap hit....
  11. This knocks me out of the Survivor Pool.... I had all three making the team
  12. I don't think they would trade him at all. Based on what we've seen this preseason there's a substantial drop-off in QBing after Josh/Mitch... Fromm and Davis are not close in capability at all. I think the price to trade Trubisky would be quite high.... its not just "what could we get for him". If Allen has to miss a couple games, they need a QB who can keep winning. That's what Trubisky showed against the Bears last week.
  13. They'll wait to see if we cut either Obada or Johnson.... #neither!
  14. I think it would be just a matter of making sure they can get through the last preseason game. After Brown and Doyle got hurt last week, they're don't want to play anyone who is going to make the team
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