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  1. Also, generally true of any large market. I'd imagine that big stars in LA, Chicago, Dallas, NY, Boston, Philadelphia would make more in endorsements in the local markets than Buffalo, GB, Cleveland, Cincinnati....
  2. Allen is the QB. He's going to get 100x the discussion anyone else is. That who the whole team sees as its leader / face of franchise. I don't think we see players speak about anyone in a similar manner; Hyde, Poyer, Milano, Diggs, Morse, Dawkins??
  3. Not sure what's going on at the Chiefs board, but if that was a Bills player this thread would be on page 18 with the vitriol being hurled at him
  4. I haven't seen his highlights in a long time, but looking at that brief clip, it made me think of Cole Beasley
  5. That would be pre-McB... Whaley and Rex Ryan would have had to have the same foresight to develop someone like that
  6. I was at that game as well! It was my wife's b-day present for me. She held out and was a trooper through a miserable rainy day, so she forever gets credit for that! I agree that the energy picked up when Allen entered the game. He held his own in an unexpected appearance as described by OP. Great journey from there on......
  7. Living outside of Buffalo, I've watched more Sabres this past year on ESPN+ than I have in the last 5+ years combined
  8. One of my favorite players and all-time best trade! if the Bills win SB this year the ONLY regret that I would have is that he wasn't on the team. Never know, if there's a few injuries maybe we'll make a move for him at the trade deadline to shore up pass rush for "future considerations"
  9. Thank you! Belichick has his own issues, to think that he's looking to orchestrate the Bills draft...by helping KC, another AFC rival, is just ludicrous. At this stage of his career, the only validation for him is to win a SB w/o Brady. How does "handing" a coveted player to another team at the top of the AFC help that?
  10. You should probably update the title to this thread adding an '!' after the word "released". Your enthusiasm warrants it!
  11. I don't want to belabor it as I have much respect for Bill's insights, but a miss of a few slots in the top 5 penalizes almost as much 2+ round misses on QBs that people were projecting going in the 1st
  12. Very happy with both of the first two picks, but have to go with Shakir. Its always sweeter when you feel like you really swiped someone with a later round pick. We'll see how it turns out!
  13. I always read @GunnerBill posts as he has excellent insight, but is that the best way to evaluate? There's a big point slide scale across Round 1. Won't that over-penalize for inaccuracy at the top of the round vs. those at the bottom. Make a mistake on one guy in the top 10, Stingley was picked much higher than many expected, and you've blown the whole mock. Perhaps some of these guys in the lower end of your list did much better later in the round, where the picking is far more difficult.
  14. Bills will not be picking at #25. They're trading back and selecting Breece Hall w/ pick #3x (maybe #32 w/ Lions or early 2nd round)
  15. Doesn't the tweet on Ronaldo's say that its "the Niall Quinn statue". Who is this guy.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niall_Quinn
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