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  1. https://www.tmz.com/2019/05/30/jordan-poyer-lounges-next-to-rachel-bush-butt/
  2. Just to continue this topic a bit longer on McD... good interview with Ken Dorsey today in the Athletic. Below are the first two paragraphs of the article. He's certainly responsible for the coaching that he hires and approach to the depth chart. Even if Beane made the move to trade McCarron, McD should have insisted on having some more experience at the QB position to help the two young players, especially after the BIG draft move of moving up to pick Allen at #7, with a bunch of capital moved to get him. Until we see that better product on the field, he should be ranked lower, rather than higher among coaches. This will be a big year https://theathletic.com/1004274/2019/05/31/qa-with-ken-dorsey-the-bills-quarterbacks-coach-on-his-philosophy-and-what-he-sees-in-josh-allen/ The Buffalo Bills entered last season with two quarterbacks, one a rookie, the other a sophomore with two NFL starts. Yet as thin as the depth chart was on experience and, as such, in critical need of qualified wisdom, the Bills’ quarterbacks coach was a novice, too. David Culley taught only wide receivers in the NFL before Bills head coach Sean McDermott put him in charge of the sport’s most important position in 2017. Culley hadn’t handled quarterbacks since he was at Southwestern Louisiana 30 years earlier. With new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll initially calling plays from the press box, in-game guidance was, well, the opposite of maximized.
  3. I think I would rank Rivera, Garrett, O'Brien and possibly Vrabel ahead of McD. Difficult to put him in the top half of the league at this stage. Rivera's been to a Super Bowl. Garrett's had multiple playoff appearances. O'Brien won his division last year with 11 wins where he finished ahead of Colts with Reich ranked in the top 10. I'm still thinking about McD v Vrabel... however, that would land McD at #17, which is probably about fair
  4. Last year was a Tale of Two Cities; "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...". The first half of the year (a full half season) the team was lost and putrid. I was personally puking on the word "process". And not just the lack of offense, but the defense was getting carved up as well. He was on the verge of losing the team AND the fan base. The losses to the Ravens (I was in attendance), Chargers, Colts, Packers, Bears and Patriots were as disheartening as it gets. He's accountable for the whole Peterman fiasco as well. The season was absolutely salvaged in the 2nd half after Allen came back from injury, they changed the WR core and the team set off in a new, exciting direction. He should certainly get his share of credit for that. However, when looking at McD in totality, that first half can't just be dismissed and declare him "Wonder Coach". Lets see what they do this year before clamoring for him to be rated substantially higher...
  5. The FRL (Fan Reaction League)
  6. What do OL need thumbs for... should cut down on the holding
  7. Has anyone seen a more informative explanation of the surgeries for Beasley and Morse and their timelines? Someone spent a lot of time coming up with that phrase as a way to say nothing...
  8. This is a key point that we haven't discussed enough. His excellence, particularly running, lead to defensive players getting frustrated and wanting to take cheap shots. Here's Kiko Alonso (5:14) way frustrated trying to line him. If were a bit better at it he would have knocked Allen straight into the following week and he likely would have exited the game with a concussion. Its one thing for a QB to frustrate you with outstanding passing, but as in this game, when that's combined with owning the D with his legs, cheap shots will get out of control
  9. I"m sure this has been posted somewhere, but what is the current record for oldest RB to take a carry? I wonder if it will be broken this year?
  10. Even better observation slightly down the archive post from @NewDayBills " Too early for this, younger players will develop and come into their own, too early to pinpoint specific needs."
  11. I'm not sure how a 1 year deal would have worked w/ Ansah? Was he going to be a full time starter opposite Hughes? He would be part of a rotation and at the end of the season, there would be a distribution of sacks across several players, plus DTs. I'm not sure any of them will get more than 10 sacks, though its possible the D as a whole will be quite successful getting to QBs
  12. Anyone attending a Raiders game will be w/in 500 yards of him
  13. I still don't really understand why they wouldn't have grabbed Anthony Johnson. Sticks out out on this listing. Should have grabbed him with our last 7th
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