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  1. The other part of it that he mentions, but doesn't discuss is the affect of that heart inflammation (also I've seen articles on reduced lung capacity) on not just linemen who are over 300 lbs, but what about RB, WR, CB? While yeah, they're likely to recover and not be killed, these kinds of after affects could take a guy who runs 4.3 forty and turn him into a 4.6 guy. At those positions, that can be the difference between being elite and out of the league... with the reaction of fans, being "see ya, he needs to be replaced"
  2. That's where I was headed with this question as well...
  3. Don't forget Croom. He missed last season, but wasn't at all bad the previous year.
  4. If they just re-arranged the name to Washington Team Football they can then go by WTF, with an emoji for a logo 🤬
  5. I agree that signs point to it, but I think they'll keep having to back off based on outbreaks and quarantines. If 1-2 OL test positive a couple days before a game, how many players might have to self-quarantine? I haven't seen anyone even try to give an answer to a question like that. Lets assume 5-8 other players, perhaps coaches as well. 10 days...that might be two games missed? Its inevitable that some version of that may happen to at least a dozen teams, maybe a lot more. How do you have a fair season with scenarios like that popping up? Lets play for fun and assume the Bill and Chiefs start out 4-0. They play Thursday night in Week 5. Two Bills' OL test positive on Wednesday...
  6. I like the Edmunds safety in the Browns game as well.... another consideration from that game as a package of plays is the Defense goal line stand across, I think was it 6 plays from the 1-2 yard line they stopped?
  7. Tre White interception of Fitzpatrick at the 1yd line as the Dolphins were driving to go up 21-9 heading into 4th quarter. Game stayed at 14-9 and turned around from there to ignite a huge 4Q for the win.
  8. This is a real problem when we think of future for Pegulas and their ability to continue to be viable owners. We're already seeing the affect of this related to the Sabres. They're seeing a trifecta of problems in front of them that may mushroom faster than we think. 1. Rocked in core industry, where they can't just "dig a hole if they need $" 2. No NHL ticket revenue given they won't make playoffs and will have difficulty putting fans in stands next season 3. While NFL teams get substantial revenue from TV contract, the Bills have big money re-signings ahead of them including coach and GM https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/22/shale-industry-will-be-rocked-by-300-billion-in-losses-and-a-wave-of-bankruptcies-deloitte-says.html?__source=twitter|main
  9. I don't know why people keep putting their head in the sand? Its not positive cases, like a sprained ankle where a given player is out. Its how many others that person infects and will take with him. A team could lose most of its OL from one week to the next... or more. And staff, coaches, trainers. How do you play that way? Anyone still thinking that this is just a flu virus needs to change all the channels they watch, listen to and read online In all the cases above its not a single player, but several. What if this is week 5 of the season, the Bills are 5-0 and they're about to play the Chiefs on Thursday night? Fifteen players test positive. What then?
  10. I don't have time to read however many pages of comments are listed here, but I'd love to hear what is being proposed if a few people on a team test positive in mid-season?? Here's the scenario. The Bills are 5-0 and after meetings on Tue/Wed and a full practice on Wednesday where the Offense went up against the Defense; Mitch Morse and Feliciano test positive less than 24 hours before the scheduled Thursday night game against the Chiefs. What is the protocol for how many players are quarantined??
  11. He was a DROY candidate. He set a pretty big expectation that first year.
  12. What you're saying just isn't practical. Beyond sports, most business are also embracing these protests and re-examining their policies. I'm not going to exalt their past righteousness and they may not get it right this time either. However, everyone has to recognize that every company, sports league or the entertainment industry is made up of people who have thoughts about this. To expect that everyone just shuts up and do their jobs when they are surrounded by the affect of these problems is unrealistic. I work for a Fortune 50 company and my son graduate last year and is working for a much smaller company. Both companies have given their employees room to express their thoughts, feelings and even encouragement to protest. My son's company even gave time off to people to attend protests. The sports industry given their predominant players are African-American is even more affected. Also beyond the physical component, sports has an enormous mental aspect to it around motivation and intestinal fortitude. To think that could be just turned off because you don't want to hear it is both selfish and unrealistic. These protests have a deep multi-generational cause to them and have deep pain for those who have been offended. Nobody can be a robot and so insular as you suggest.
  13. One of the solution I've been suggesting to people for a few years now is for the NFL/owners to fund a series of public service announcements that would be created by the players. Each team would create two 60s commercials on this topic. Its up the them what they want to say, who they want to feature, what examples they want to highlight and how they want present the story or remedies... no league guidelines or approval. Then these commercials would run during games. The home team's right after the anthem is played and the visiting team's just after the 2nd half kick-off. That's just a step among many that needs to be PART of a larger solution. But it at least neutralizes the fake political arguments about kneeling during the anthem and allows the focus to be on the issue itself. It also gets the NFL out of the way and just provides a platform for its players
  14. CBS Sports is doing a game by game prediction for each team. In this one the Bills end up 9-7 as a Wild Card team. They start strong, but then lose 4 of the last 5 at at the end of the season. Its a long season, but I think they're better than this. I don't buy the 4 game losing streak at the end and expect they'll be at least 10-6. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bills-2020-schedule-predicting-every-game-week-by-week-odds-matchups-projections/
  15. Thats an interesting idea. This could certainly bring drive-in movies back at a larger scale. I like it
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