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  1. Now you recognize that our first may be in the high 20s, while the Jets second will be in the low 30s. The typical price for that kind of move in the draft is about a 4th rounder. They may not trade him for that...
  2. The latest rankings from NFL.com for 2020 MVP https://www.nfl.com/news/top-10-nfl-mvp-candidates-russell-wilson-leads-field Josh Allen #3 on the list....<yawn> But #10 is.....wait for it.......... Wyatt Teller....WHAT?? The video montage they provide in the article is duly impressive. Its a good thing the trade capital for him got us to Diggs, otherwise we would be on the losing end of a Jerry Hughes-type trade
  3. I think its not uncommon when a team benches their starter to drop him to QB3 for the next few games. Especially a young player who may have his confidence shaken from the benching.
  4. I've been wondering if the best solution might be to lock the league down for Week 5 and look to restart Week 6 with TNF game. Then Week 5 could be rescheduled as Week 18 at the end of the season. The main issue would be that the Lions and Packers have a by scheduled, which they wouldn't really get an advantage from at the end of the season. Perhaps the Packers if they were playing on Wild Card week?
  5. Obviously he hadn't fully arrived yet, but the last game of his rookie year against that Dolphins. They were not a good team, but he was in complete control...
  6. I haven't live in Buffalo in 20 years and work for a large global company with everyone working virtually. I opened a meeting yesterday by showing a box of Josh's Jaqs and recommended that they are a nutritious part of a healthy breakfast! We do have a Wegman's here and my wife bought me a case. Will likely be used as Christmas presents....
  7. Hughes trade was clearly an epic success, but not in the same category as this or Bennett. This was a bold move for an impact player to bring an ascending team to the next level. That's what both the Diggs and Bennett trades were. Good topic by OP, Diggs trade has been huge. The whole team has a different feel to it now. Its elevated Diggs as well. He was probably a top 10-15 WR before, now maybe top 3?!?
  8. Question: Did we just have a game where the phrase "Josh Allen Experience" was not uttered, tweeted or written about??
  9. If you go back to the draft Embedded video they put out, its especially great hearing Beane talk about him at the scouting combine (4:10) and hoping that he doesn't run too fast of a time in the 40 making his draft stock go up. He knew he wanted to grab him even before the combine
  10. Maybe the OP lives in Europe?? If so, the answer would be you for being awake to read it....
  11. He's improved so you're clearly right, but its "conventional wisdom" that you can't. Its discussed endlessly about any "inaccurate" QBs. Its been constant on Allen up until this year. EJ Manuel had the same rap. Cam Newton, Geno Smith, Blake Bortles and many, many others. I have no idea what that QBs not named Josh Allen have done to try to improve their accuracy, but fans, announcers and commentators all have this pre-disposition on that topic
  12. This sums it up best. The only thing I can add is that many people don't think that a QB can improve his accuracy once they get past college and into the pros. It is what it is, in their minds. We've said it on this forum over and over again regarding EJ Manuel. He was an inaccurate passer and it will never improve. That's baked into how people think about the position in the same way that your 40 time affects WR/CBs. And there was plenty of video example to reenforce that point-of-view.
  13. They wouldn't be able to get him until after the season and playoffs. That seems like wild speculation this far in advance.
  14. While its a tough call, this type of PI call happens nearly every week in various games. Its happened to the Bills before. The only difference is the game isn't typically on the line. Makes little difference whether its PI or Illegal Use of Hands. The result would have been first down with Allen in business. I would imagine with the same result finishing the game.
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