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  1. I guess facts are facts, but it certainly feels implausible that we were first in the fewest ST penalties. I would have loved to see a poll on that from the group in advance of seeing that article. I don't think anyone would have imagined they're in the top 10, much less first?!?
  2. I doubt Long gets cut. Both Feliciano and Cody Ford just underwent shoulder surgeries. While they're projected to be back by training camp, you can never be sure
  3. If I was Athletic Director for a program, I would make a standing ground rule to reporters that they can't ask anyone about prospective jobs until the season is over. Whats he supposed to do, distract everyone by saying he'll be leaving right after the National Championship game and have that turn into a major story while the team is focused on the task at hand? McDermott actually handled it well when he was asked about Daboll and Cleveland the week before Texans game.
  4. On the injury front we definitely had a great year. I don't really know whether / what we're doing that is different from others. Is this just a matter of luck or something else? Regarding sprains, pulls and recovery I know that the Bills have spent a lot on top-notch medical care for players. I have not idea how that compares to the rest of the league. Regarding breaks, ACLs and a myriad of other injuries may be just dumb luck. Someone rolling up on an ankle or knee is just unfortunate bad break.
  5. What do you think are his standard for grading and how do you disagree with them?
  6. For example, when I look at our LBers, where Lorenzo Alexander is now retiring, do we really need a "veteran" replacement to provide guidance to the young'ns? Matt Milano is going on year #4 and Terrell Edmunds on year #3. They've spent their entire professional careers learning how to lead, conduct meetings, break down film, take care of their bodies.... at the feet of Lorax and by extension to the whole D, Kyle Williams. At what point do they become the veterans that Vosean Joseph and whoever we pick this year will learn from? I think the time is here...
  7. The Texan summary would have highlighted a dropped pick-6 in early going that would have evened out the game in the first quarter, likely changing most of the subsequent events...
  8. Will that be today? I don't think I've seen anything on this yet...
  9. Given the more difficult schedule next year, there will be lots of candidates for primetime games.... Chiefs, Rams, Seahawks, Steelers, 49ers, Titans, plus divisional games
  10. or kept Wyatt Teller.... this is getting worse by the post
  11. Maybe Beane's next QB choice after Allen was Lamar Jackson?
  12. Zay wasn't picked by Beane.... that was McDermott/Whaley
  13. Man, if there was one guy I didn't want the Bills to draft last year it was DK Metcalf.... would he ever be an asset to Josh Allen in hindsight. Would have made a hell of a 2nd round pick
  14. There's a long history of "bonehead plays" in the annals of sports that could be wiped out if referees routinely removed these plays due to interpretation of a player's intent.
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