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  1. Tenn, NO, NE have potential to be prime time as well.
  2. Maybe Hockenson is a trade option id Detroit wants Pitts. I’d give them a #2
  3. The way I see it, as long as HA is on the Bills roster it was a team friendly deal. This is the best QB we have had in nearly 30 years and could go down as the best ever. Pay that man his money!
  4. Oh brother....I’ll bow out of this convo.
  5. Beane said the goal is sustained success. You wouldn’t care, but management would. You are inpatient and short sided, Beane is not!
  6. I can only think of 4 teams that’s been good for a long time (Pats, Packers, Saints, Hawks) and that’s because of the QB. Cap destroyed the Hawks and Saints eventually. Stand by for the Chiefs and Tampa to implode in 2 years.
  7. Looks like we did if it’s 6 mil. Way too much for a 33 year old #2/3 WR IMO.
  8. A bu ch of better options out there. Kind of confused unless he signed for dirt cheap.
  9. Because that’s what he said last year and he traded for a top 3 WR.
  10. They will most likely be 1 year cheap deals. That’s the only way I see it happening unless the bills want to kick the can down the road on Diggs and Whites contracts
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