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  1. None, but then again I’m not paid to asses QB’s so my opinion means squat. If Watson is cleared of the charges I’d imagine he’d be the priority.
  2. No idea if they would favor a QB in the draft or they are targeting DW or another vet. This is what I’m thinking as well. But then again, most draft analysts had Allen as a bust and the other QBs in the draft as can’t miss franchise QB’s.
  3. Trading draft picks for a stud DE has never helped any team win a championship…oh wait. You put me on ignore because I called you out for being a D to other posters. Keep it real bud!
  4. Do you need to be reminded Josh had us 90 seconds and 13 seconds away from most likely an NFL championship and the Defense completely failed him? Defense wins championships…ask the Bengals I’m sure they would agree. Thanks for the contribution to the thread.
  5. How’d he do the previous year? Who said anything about the HOF? He had a solid rookie campaign 7.5 sacks, 4FF, 3 FR, and crowned DROY. We don’t have a single DE on this team that can effectively rush the passer. Rousseau is still an unknown and everyone else most likely wouldn’t be starters on any team in the league.
  6. Are sacks the only metric we’re looking at? How about TFL, QB Hurries/pressures, FF, FR?
  7. Not if was only for the remainder of the season after he missed the 80% of the year.
  8. He’s on the 3rd year of his rookie deal. It’s not a monster contract.
  9. The picks provide them Ammo to trade for one. Most draft experts aren’t predicting QB’s to go in the first couple picks this year. Maybe they need the ammo to get to #1 or #2 similar to how the Bills moved up for Allen. It’s a stretch, regardless.
  10. Reports are they are willing to part with him to get a franchise QB. Please do explain. He has been great every year except this year because he was hurt.
  11. At no point did you say anything that can be considered a rational thought. We are all now dumber for having read your reply. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
  12. https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/football/nfl/player-news/10601761 Supposedly, the Commanders want to start over and May need ammo to trade for or draft a QB. A Chase Young quality DE on this team and we are instant Super Bowl favorites. What would fair market value be? Do we have the ammo? Khalil Mack cost was 2 #1’s a #3 and #6 for KM and a #2.
  13. To be fair, over the last 2-3 years, the Bills have been rumored to be in the mix with a lot of top end free agents. Now that Brady is retired and the Chiefs have no cap space, the vets seeking a ring might be looking at Buffalo even at a discount.
  14. Obviously you and the OP have never been to a rap concert. Every one I’ve been too is 60-80% white. When I was a kid growing up in the 80/90’s all of my white friends (even the ones that listened to country) listened to rap and later hip hop. To answer your question “they” isn’t race to me it’s “fans of hip hop” that the OP was referring too. I recommend trying to understand peoples posts prior to jumping to judgement. Regardless of what some media outlets say about humanity, most people in our society mean well.
  15. Agree, it hasn’t stopped the Sabres from tanking the last 5 years.
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