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  1. How can you say you trust Beane and than proceed to cry about every FA he signs/doesn’t sign? I understand this is a place to discuss Bills football, but you come across as very arrogant and juvenile. It’s like you are 5 and papa Brandon told you “no” to a toy you wanted.
  2. That guy as in someone who likes what our GM has done and doesn’t cry when every free agent I want doesn’t get signed by the Bills? There’s not a single GM that hasn’t drafted busts and/or signed a perceived premium FAs who ended up being a scrubs. Get over yourself, you’re not a sports GM for a reason.
  3. Mahomes, Rodgers, Allen, Wilson for sure and maybe Herbert, Burrow or Lawrence because they are on rookie contracts for a while longer. He’s a top 5 QB in the league and he can’t throw worth a damn…let that sink in.
  4. This is becoming the arm chair GM thread. Beane took a bottom 10 team and turned into a top 3 team with a top 3 QB and top 3 WR in 4 years yet I know better than him thread.
  5. Sounds like you need to update your resume, champ.
  6. It’s because he’s the most athletic QB to play the game since Mike Vick. LJ might not be the best passer in the league, but he is a freak of nature that keeps DCs up at night. I hope this is what you were going with and not the BS path I think you’re going down.
  7. No offense, but I think Beane knows what he’s doing. Arrogance coupled with ignorance runs rampant on this board and you might be the King Dingaling of that BBMB kingdom.
  8. Since we’re doing the tinfoil hat thing: The Bills will franchise tag Trubisky and trade him to Daboll’s team for 2 - 1st rd picks.
  9. Trading Addison alone clears more than 6. Not saying they should, but they could fit him if they wanted. The offense would pretty much be unstoppable.
  10. For sure, Speedy and Rib Pit Is right up there with Ted’s and Nick Tahou’s for upstate / WNY fine dining
  11. That Jazz team is a top 10 all time team. If it were not for the best team of all time keeping them and the Knicks at #2 they would be top 3 of all time. That being said the packers are not even a top 20 NFL team of all time, so no similarities other than no championships.
  12. What about that AZ WR that sat behind Bolden and Fitzgerald…the one that would be a #1 on everyone else’s roster…is he still available?
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