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  1. They will start covering the Colts about a week before our game with them. So the Bills/Colts game should figure prominently in the 2nd episode.
  2. There is a fine line between confidence and over confidence. By the sounds of Beasley’s quote I’m definitely getting the feeling that this Bills offense and coaches are guilty of being over confident. They need to take a step back, regroup and work harder in practice to do the things that got them to 2020’s level in the first place.
  3. Steelers have been perfect in every phase in the second half. We had no answers.
  4. Those 3 options are terrible. It should go up in KC or Cleveland in all honesty this time.
  5. Lol I hope you’re not being serious here. There is NO comparison between Terry Pegula and Jerry Jones considering Jerry Jones IS the general manager of the Cowboys. I’d say it’s definitely within his job description to be sitting in on meetings evaluating players and deciding which players stay and go.
  6. NY House: 11 miles TX House: 1,395 miles
  7. I love that full me twice feeling every Thanksgiving.
  8. Another fun fact of this ‘74 season opener, it was the first official game the Bills wore the charging Buffalo on their helmets after wearing the standing Buffalo for all previous seasons. The Bills started 7-1 in 1974 en route to a 9-5 season and their only playoff berth of the decade.
  9. Film, not combine times. There is a difference. Hope he works out.
  10. Moore as a future replacement for Beasley or Samuel Jr. Gotta be one or the other. Assuming JOK is gone.
  11. Don’t spoil the night for him. He’s trippin.
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