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  1. Greeny also stated last week that the Patriots will win the AFC East next year after all their free agent signings. So he’s still an idiot. But nice of him to say today.
  2. I didn’t believe it a few weeks ago, but now with all our resignings, I’m starting to believe the mock drafts that have Buffalo going RB round 1. It’s starting to feel that way.
  3. Watt has a house in Wisconsin currently and still spends time there in the off season.
  4. Agreed. It would show proof of Buffalo as having fully “arrived” as a free agent destination going forward. I think Watt signing here could have added benefits now and in the future for the organization over and above what his play hopefully brings on the field. And I gotta believe this is all heavily playing into Beane’s decision on Watt in addition to obvious scheme matters.
  5. Mahomes threw his OL and receivers under the bus after the game in a national interview. That’s a fact. He deflected the blame off of himself onto other teammates. Thats the complete 180 of how Josh Allen handles himself and his answers after tough loses. I hope every one of Mahomes teammates get to see and hear his remarks and that a rift starts tearing that team apart. Mahomes finally had a bad game in the NFL. I’d assume his worst ever. And how he handled it afterwards was NOT leadership material.
  6. Right? Cause if he actually did this, he’d have done nicely. The amount of money I took betting TB was pretty much offset by me taking the over instead of the under. My greediness got the best of me. Wish I would have just stayed with TB like my brain told me. But I thought points would be overflowing. Dam* it.
  7. Yes Rosen is getting a ring as well as McCoy This thread is that McCoy got 2 rings for doing nothing. He does. HOF? Not a chance.
  8. Oh I definitely don’t think they would have. But look at next year’s schedule, it could be as tough, if not tougher than this year’s was. Just seems like we can’t get a break.
  9. Agreed. Every game is its own entity. But the Bills in their 2 games against the Chiefs tried 2 different ways to play the Chiefs. So I guess hopefully next year we will figure it out. We know we have 1 regular season game vs them. And then possibly a post season game as well if both teams get to that point. When Brady played well, they won pretty much all those games. He had a few games in the first 2/3 of the season where he wasn’t “on” and they lost. The Bucs are a very good team and they pretty much sunk or swam based on Brady’s mistakes or lack thereof.
  10. I just think due to cap issues, ours specifically and the NFLs overall, then add in Whites deal to explode and eventually Allen’s I just don’t see how the Bills will be able to spend big on others. I think they will have to draft well and get lucky signing guys for cheap. And I don’t know if that will work well enough for us to win it all.
  11. Yeah I’d agree. But people said that about THIS season and look how it turned out. The guy just has a burning desire to succeed that is pretty much unsurpassed in sports history, other than maybe Jordan. Brady is a douche but he’s damn good. People just can’t dispute that. I’m very very glad he’s out of the AFC East finally.
  12. He just said on the podium he’s coming back. Lol it’s a non issue now
  13. Yep, and our defense geniuses McD and Frazier couldn’t figure it out. Hopefully they smarten up by next season.
  14. He already said this week he wants to play to 45. Win or lose today. He’s not retiring most likely.
  15. Check out his IG or Twitter feed in a few days. I bet you’ll think differently. Just a guess.
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