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  1. I think the plan is to work him in slowly. Getting more plays each week and hopefully he will be feeling confident enough to play major snaps by the Miami game. We will need him for that one. We can survive the Pats and Jets offense with Tre playing a limited role.
  2. Unfortunately getting healthy won’t happen fast.
  3. Actually they just have the normal one week to get ready for the next game. I wish they had the extra 10
  4. Slow developing runs are the worst thing we can do with this OL. And we run way too many of them
  5. Exactly. It won’t change anything. Any new D coordinator is going to run McD’s defense. That’s just the way it is.
  6. He’s going to start running. And will probably get injured further.
  7. It’s worked when we’ve done it. For whatever reason they refuse to keep at it. Will cost them today.
  8. Lol this team can’t get out of their own way today. Special teams now contributing to the clownshow
  9. Injuries matter. That sack was because Quesinberry couldn’t protect Josh’s backside
  10. A loss today and the playoffs are not guaranteed at all. In fact I’d doubt it
  11. Allen skittish in the pocket that time. Pressure wasn’t even coming
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