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  1. 5th as the only spot that would not be so costly that I would gag. But, I would only go there to get Allen, Bosa, or Quinnen Williams. I doubt they will get the chance so this is moot.. All three will be gone by pick 4.
  2. Ooooooo, I betcha that threat made Bell sweat.
  3. Wawrow has always been an accurate source. I have not noticed any change when McDermott/Beane took over. He has been, IMO, pretty consistent. My 2 cents.
  4. I can't believe bell is considering the Bills UNLESS the offer is substantial. Upwards of $16 mil per year would be my guess. Antonio just got upwards of $18. Bell is 3 years younger. Different positions, I know, but still a factor.
  5. Egad. TMI, CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/25/us/robert-kraft-solicitation/index.html yuck yuck yuck.
  6. I will be surprised if a team offers a 1st for him. Not that he is not worth it but because he has hurt his trade value too much at this point. But you never know. I can see the raiders over paying. I would definitely offer a 3rd. Maybe a 2nd. Is a swap of 1sts (9 for 20) too much?
  7. I don't see this listed anywhere so I am starting up this Thread: My season tickets went up $3 per ticket this year. An increase of $60 for my pair. My seats are in the Family Section. I plan to Renew.
  8. You should make this into a Tee Shirt.
  9. I will be boycotting the SB for the 2nd year in a row.
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