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  1. shoot, updated injury report now lists ed oliver as OUT
  2. I saw the report on profootballtalk.com https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/09/21/xavien-howard-misses-practice-with-groin-injury/ Note they also mention starting LT Terron Armstead also did not practice (he apparently is nursing a toe injury)
  3. Great video! It was very difficult to follow all of it but it certainly shows how well coached the players are.
  4. I think Bills will call up Bryant, move Boogie to DT and activate Lawson. I agree that Benford and Elam will be the starting two CB's if Jackson can't play.
  5. Today's update is that all three again did not practice. Again, my source is the One Bills Live show (Tasker and Brown).
  6. Latest update (got this from One Bills Live (also on WGR) - Settle and Oliver again did not practice today (Thursday). Also Dane Jackson did not practice. I have no additional information at this time.
  7. I thought nm meant "No Message". So, I had nothing to add. I simply saw the report on One Bills Live when they opened the show at 1 pm.
  8. nm......no message.....aka I have no other information. :^o
  9. One of the defensive ends. Pick one not named Rousseau, Miller, Epenesa, or Basham. Love? Lawson? Ankou?
  10. I have two tickets for tomorrow's camp (8/2). pm me. I will edit this to say claimed when they are no longer available..... they are no longer available.
  11. Hey, I think the reason you are getting no replies is that your post makes no sense. August 2 and 4 are for training camp not preseason. So, are you looking for three tickets to training camp? I will likely have two to August 2nd....not 3. I will be going tomorrow with my wife (August 1). I grabbed the 2nd in case August 1 was cancelled too hot, etc. -Richbythelake
  12. Edmunds which can happen for several reasons. First, contract year. Second, new good defensive middle linemen in front of him.
  13. Yes, that's true buffaloaggie but according to Peter King ( I can provide the link if you want) the Dolphins requested this specifically. Since they are a pretty stupid team management wise I doubt any other team......okay maybe the Jets.....or the Browns..... would request this.
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