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  1. I actually selected "other". I am very interested in the battle at DE among the newcomers (Obada in particular) along with the rookies and returning DE's (Addison, Epenesa, Johnson and Love).
  2. I can definitely see the Bills using the extra cap space to sign DL Sheldon Richardson recently released by the Browns.
  3. I am very sorry to answer the original question with factual information and not joke or add commentary: The Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz,has stated he has the power to set the policy for attendance at Highmark stadium as being Full Attendance=Fully vaccinated. The Governor of NY, Andrew Cuomo says only he has the power to set such a standard and that he has not made any decision on this yet. Therefore, there is no official policy yet. My conjecture is that we are heading to a combination of fully vacinated for entry and proof of negative test for those unvacinated. This
  4. Thanks. I actually found the email in my spam. They also sent me a second email after I complained.
  5. Hey STHers, my purchase window just opened but I never was sent my passcode. Is anyone else experiencing this same problem?
  6. Is this a "turn around"situation, Mickey? His stats look consistent to me. I would think as a rotational player he would be a great mix with Star. Is he not that type of player?
  7. I am still cheering for the DAwgs. Why? Browns have never won a SB. Mahomes might still play next Sunday. And the big one: I want the game in BUFFALO!!
  8. Back from game. We had a great time.Obviously,Bills played one of their worst games but still good enough to win. But, I am here to describe the fan experience. Googlepay app sucked BUT I had a satellite signal so my tickets were able to be scanned at game. They asked for proof of COVID test negative), photo ID, then the usual. I easily snuck in the banner I made. Fans were actually kinda close. They had a mask sherrif constantly signaling us to put out masks on, even when we were etaing/drinking. Good, I guess but God it is soooooooo hard to keep glassesfrom fogging in 35 degree weather
  9. there will be no parking in hammers. no tailgating. all tix included parking fees
  10. My last update for attendees and those interested: Parking pass was sent via email separately and I printed up because it will be accepted in print form. Testing went fine and results came back (negative) in 24 hours. The ticketing , however at least for me, sucked. This "all mobile" is not well run, was at first always described as, "download to your Apple Wallet" until I, and obviously many others said, WTF? Do you work for Apple? I For the record, I don't hate Apple I simply am one of "those" who bought Dell 'cause it was cheaper and okay for my uses. Sounds like a digression but jeesh, ho
  11. Fantastic Story! My wife and I drive from Rochester was much less dramatic. And we ate lunch at Danny's. I didn't need my drinks like you did.....but I still drank them.
  12. Update: Testing went well, very easy and quick in Lot 4. I heard the same thing from a friend of mine. We were told we would get our results in 24 hours. Still no tickets to upload but I WAS told tomorrow (Friday).
  13. I have some information. "The ticket barcodes have not been loaded and they won’t be loaded until 24 hours prior to the game. Once the tickets have been fully loaded, you will be able to download the tickets into your apple wallet. If you are unable to do so, you can still bring the tickets up on the Buffalo Bills app and we can scan the tickets from the app. Yes, you can bring in seat cushions that are just the cushions and do not have any zippers on them. Blankets are allowed, bags and banners are not allowed into the game." I was sent this in
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