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  1. I don't see this listed anywhere so I am starting up this Thread: My season tickets went up $3 per ticket this year. An increase of $60 for my pair. My seats are in the Family Section. I plan to Renew.
  2. richNjoisy

    Who hates the Patriots** more than I do

    You should make this into a Tee Shirt.
  3. richNjoisy

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    I will be boycotting the SB for the 2nd year in a row.
  4. richNjoisy

    Fan Appreciation Day

    Yeh, I am going to try and use the app tomorrow. It looks like it worked but I will find out when I try to enter.
  5. Who are you? Clay's mommie?
  6. richNjoisy

    Bortles getting Benched

    Don't forget he outplayed Tyrod last year in the playoffs. Sadly.