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  1. The Rams haven’t serious issues and cap problems. If Hopkins from Texans can be traded for a bag of pucks so can darnold.
  2. Don’t shoot the messenger reports coming on twitter that the Bills are making a play for him.
  3. This play is in overtime, Allen runs around the right side for 5 yards on 3rd down. The bills are about to possibly win the game in ot if their FG kicker makes a 50 yard FG in OT. Then the refs say no it’s a personal foul for a blind side hit. Ok let’s look at it. A blind side hit is when you blow some one up and the guy ends up on the ground. It’s also usually from the back. Now you tell me if this was the patriots this would be called. This was nothing happened on this play they were both facing each other also on the last drive for Houston on 3 down and 18 yards the clock ran out by a full second. We rewound it and watched it 4 times it was more then a second. The texans made the first down when the guy dove. There was a review and I thought they were looking at the clock ⏰ and if he made the line to gain for the 1st down. Just 2 reasons why this was caused things to end the way they did. Houston made a great comeback. But the NFL has to do a better job.
  4. instead of reviewing if he made the first down why no review of that
  5. Just confirming what we already know. Not only should Duke be starting but Sweeney should be in there with knox when the Bills go to 2 TE sets. Also put Singletary and Yeldon on the field at the same time. This is so easy to see. Maybe our coaching staff will wise up. We need points not a fullback or TE that just blocks. Sean McDermott started Peterman out of the blue against the Chargers 2 years ago and benched Tyrod. Maybe lighting will strike twice. We need to score, wtf is wrong with the Bills flood the field with your best weapons and let’s attack.
  6. The point is to put the most offensive skill players on the field. Spread the other team out and let Josh go to work. When you know going in your going to win almost every game if you score 24 points. I don't care about lee smith, Foster or our full back. Are problem is scoring points let’s make it hard for the other team to cover all of our best skilled offensive players. That’s not really a hard concept. I’m surprised 😮 you guys don’t get that.
  7. This team lacks fire power and scoring, its time to cut bait and unleash our best players. Put them all on the field and let’s go. Put Singletary, Yeldon, Knox, Sweeney, Smoke Brown, Beasley and Duke Williams out there in different combinations and let’s start scoring some points. That is some serious fire power and weapons if you put them on the dam field and unleash them. Stop f-ing around and playing chicken ***** conservative offensive football. I’m tired of scoring 17 points. Let’s take some chances put the best guys on the field and let’s start using all of our weapons. Play a fast pace style of football. Let’s start dictating and using all our weapons. I’m tired of playing 1970’s football.
  8. Just like I said in the title Parker just abused Gilmore all day, he was more physical and went up and over him to high point many catches. There is only one player on the Bills that can do that same thing who is hungry and plays like beast mode. I’m tired of the excuses. If Duke Williams does not play in these playoffs something’s wrong. Also he almost made a Ridiculous catch from Josh Allen down the right side line which was looking very spectacular. He was a dam beast out there against the jets.
  9. This is what most of us have been saying all year. Duke Williams is a dam bull in a china shop with talent and big hands he is beast mode at the wideout position This guy is a serious weapon. He needs to play.
  10. I say this again because I started this thread, Foster and Mckenzie have not done much. Why have them active along with our do nothing fullback. Duke Williams won us a game against the Titans. He got injured in the next game on a great play and was never heard from again. I’m no Duke Williams fan boy I just want to win. You have to use the roster you have currently. It makes no sense to have 4 skilled players on the field that are shorter then 5 foot 10 inches. I’m counting Singletary on that list. Until we address this matter by free agency or in the draft next year it make real good sense to have Duke Williams on the active roster. End of story there should be no debate. Duke was our leading receiver in the preseason high pointing the ball all over the field and he won us a game in the clutch vs the Titans. He was the leading receiver in the Titans game as well. Go watch his CFL highlights all he does is go up high and high points his ball catches. He is a real weapon with size and talent. He was a five star recruit out of high school and the CFL leading receiver 2 years in a row. So spare me your response about how he is some low end recruit. Bottom line is I want to win Sean and Brandon are not perfect. There is no doubt having Duke Williams on the field makes us harder to defend. I want to win and that’s what matters most, I’m tired of watching midgets running all over the field.
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