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  1. Wow do it for a 3rd and a bag of peanuts 🥜
  2. I think this is who we are targeting. It’s our number one target that available.
  3. Now this I can be on board with. Being reported on Twitter. It’s being reported on WGR-55 and Some NFL national reporter accounts.
  4. If the Bills can’t beat Haskins at home they need to just quit the season and go home.
  5. Do me a favor after the Bills beat the Titans and Josh has a great game please don’t comment. Your on a 7 week Concussion protocol Josh Allen comment sabbatical. I can’t help that you put your self there.
  6. Bills should be starting Mahomes anyways. it’s wise guys like you that trashed him and said he would not amount to anything. Don’t think I don’t remember your posts pre draft. Own it Mr. Cheese
  7. your joking 5 games, I could see sitting this one out and then the bye week. But come on 5 weeks
  8. Who cares if he smokes weed. The NFL needs to get with the times. So many great players have come out saying the smoked it to, to help cope and heal their bodies.
  9. Why would Digs start following Bills players on Instagram out of the blue. This trade is imminent and he’s about to become a Buffalo Bill. Zay Jones and a 2nd round pick for Diggs, I’m calling it now.
  10. I’m so upset and I see so many things the the refs did in this game that were wrong. I can’t accept what happened. This game hurt me the most. I’m fed up with the NFL and the patriots.
  11. My way of thinking is we beat them with a 2 tight end sets with Sweeney and Knox. Both are good blockers and they also can really catch the ball. This will be the first time in a long time we come into the pats game with the better TE. We must not be afraid to attack Gilmore. Smoke can beat Gilmore because he is smaller and quicker. That’s the kind of Receiver Gilmore can struggle against.
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