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  1. Surely, this can't be right coming from PFF Not a long video, but tune in at :27
  2. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28969350/bills-o-lineman-dion-dawkins-buffalo-big-fun-adopted-son This article lays out why Dawkins is the exact type of player this team is built around. He is an amazing kid.
  3. how much depth do you want? you can't be 3 Pro-Bowlers deep at each position. Norman is the expensive veteran, Gaines the cheap veteran and Wallace is the cheap young guy. I'd say they're set up pretty well. It can always be better, but I think most teams would be envious of our secondary depth.
  4. Brady covered a lot of holes on that team. This year is going to be fascinating. Do we finally see if it was Brady or Belichick all along who made that team great? Belichick got 11 wins out of Matt Cassel, but has a suspect record predating Brady. I'm not saying the Pats will tank in 2020, but the rumor has been Belichick would not leave the cupboards bare for his successor. The Pats got the most comp picks in 2020, and will again in 2021. Comp picks can now be traded. i wouldn't be surprised if the Pats move picks this year for next and just absolutely load up for a run at a QB in 2021.
  5. I had totally forgotten the circumstances of his last year.
  6. Correct. Spotrac is getting that number by increasing the projected 2021 cap based on previous years' hikes. They are also then factoring in rolling over the team's current cap space. I believe there are still 1 or 2 deals left to factor in to this years cap. I know everybody is in a super big hurry to get Tre signed, but the team doesn't have to be. He is under control for 2 more years on his rookie deal. Obviously every day they wait his price goes up, but they likely pay it regardless as he has been identified as one of the best players in the league. I think MIlano and Dawkins will take precedence. They're going to be very interesting. Both will command top dollar at their position, and both have been identified as core pieces by the administration. However, neither at this point is a Pro-Bowl level talent. I will be curious to see what McBeane does.
  7. A 1st round pick gets 5 years. Diggs is signed for 4. I doubt any rookie was going to come in and do what Diggs will day 1
  8. Larry has never been a looker, but at least he can move and he's not hunched over like Lewis.
  9. No, i did not. i remember seeing it, but never watched. Lewis and Jeff look incredibly bad this season. Lewis can barely move and Jeff just does not look well. Cheryl on the other hand looks f'ing phenomenal. I don't care how much surgery she's had, send her doctor a tip.
  10. He's a time slot hit!
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