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  1. I saw this list and debated starting a thread. I won't even count Diggs because he hasn't played a game as a Bill yet, so basically 1 player makes the list. It definitely plays into the narrative that the Bills are a good team as opposed to a collection of good players. I'm not sure what 1 player in the top 100 says about the squad. I guess it makes McDermott look really good.
  2. There are lots of Montgomery Counties. Per the PFT article, this was in Houston, which is in Montgomery County, Texas.
  3. McDermott drew the line when Sammy called himself Jesus
  4. This is what I'm questioning too. How could he be spending every night on Chippewa and sucking balls on the field without people calling him out here or on Twitter?
  5. Guys, Thomas asked us not to talk about it and only to pray for him. He would be a perfect fit here with that religiosity.
  6. Morons will blame the governors instead of the dumbasses tailgating in the parking lot
  7. not new. i just don't post nearly as much here as i did on BBMB. we've done the Whaley stuff ad nauseum. Sure it's fun to revisit, i just think this is a good chance to recall just what a gigantic damn turd sandwich Karlos Williams was. I don't want that to pass.
  8. Can we steer this thread back to talking about what a piece of crap Karlos Williams is?
  9. Whaley made it pretty clear he valued talent and production above all. He would have kept Williams around if he gave 1% effort, but that was apparently too much to ask.
  10. this article does nothing but prove Whaley right. Williams was and obviously still is an awful person. There is a reason he's been out of the league 5 years.
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