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  1. Comp picks in a league with a cap is a stupid concept. That being said, it's not that hard to understand, yet it's one of the most misunderstood things in the NFL.
  2. Or, do the exact opposite. The teams take turns letting each other score 75+ yard touchdowns and pad the hell out of their stats.
  3. And here we are in the delay...why did nobody listen to you?
  4. I hate Belichick, but the guy gets the most out of every defender. Gilmore went from an average player here, to All-Pro in New England. We'll see how he fares if they decide to start calling him for holding again now that he's out of NE.
  5. My dad and uncles loved this call. It was repeated at almost every family gathering and at least once every game.
  6. I wouldn't want my personal life broadcast to the world. I also wouldn't leave 100k car abandoned next to railroad tracks, but I guess that makes me the weirdo.
  7. what does this even mean? Are you saying the story is fake?
  8. A few months back in my town, an off duty police officer drove his car through a fence at a local elementary school. He left the car and fled the scene. He turned himself in the next morning. Of course by then he had sobered up, so he could not be charged with anything more than fleeing the scene of an MVA. Were laws broken? Likely. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Again, we have no idea if Diggs was involved, but this was likely a very lucky outcome.
  9. I don't deny this, but none of it adds up. Sorry if that's inconvenient. Sounds like a good friend, though. Leaving a 100k+ car sitting feet from train tracks and abandoning it. I'm sure it was totally innocent.
  10. Please don't hurt yourself bending over backwards to create a new story for them. Nobody would judge them poorly if he simply said, we went out, we had too much to drink, so we got a ride home. In fact, they would likely be praised for being so responsible. This is not their story.
  11. If he was out drunk and chose to Uber home, that would be fine, but that's not the story his team had laid out. He said a friend was driving, got a flat, called a tow truck and left. The police then had it towed after it was found abandoned.
  12. If that was what happened, that would be the story. But it's not the story.
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