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  1. so, turns out when i called to OK the deal THEY offered, they basically told me to F off and hung up. Back to Spectrum and their "new subscriber" rates
  2. i tweeted several different Bills media people asking about this. it seems most people didnt notice.
  3. I like his rah rah stuff But he's a terrible game day coach. I said it in the grade thread.
  4. Pat's got called for more penalties than expected....and still got away with a ton. The drive before half was huge again. A blatant facemask is missed which would gave been a 1st down. Then a LB leaped over the OL on the field goal...wasn't that banned? And they had multiple penalties nullified by offsetters including KO'ing Allen Grrrrr
  5. I got my most recent DTV bill and my promo ran out. I called and threatened to cancel unless they restored my promo pricing. They refused, so I quit. Not even 12 hours later they called me and offered $200 Visa gift card, my old rate back, and Sunday ticket for the balance of the season. I'm gonna see how much more I can squeeze.
  6. He's good at the team building, rah rah stuff But he is atrocious at game day management
  7. Sal is the team's biggest cheerleader. Get him some pom poms and a skirt.
  8. "They won, so stop being critical" Sorry you hate hearing it, but he did it again today before half.
  9. LOL @ Sal trying to take credit.... My tweet had 75k views and involved Hauschka and Anderson's wife hours before Sal tweeted about it. Sad he can't give credit.
  10. Haha my tweet made it to a Jets board
  11. His wife tweeted me that her husband "tripped" She also claims the hit on Hauschka was "tackling the kicker"
  12. Hmm, not sure. Just funny how it all went down. I was talking to my cousin about it and he didnt recall the play, so I recorded it and sent it. Decided to post here and on Twitter and it just blew up. Has about 30k views and retweets from a couple players. And Sal acts like he doesn't see it and posts about it? Lame.
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