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  1. I just don't see them going WR in the 1st no matter how much the fans scream. It's the deepest position in the draft. They're going DL again, IMO
  2. Depth on the D-Line is already a concern. If Shaq and JPhillips want big money, I doubt they'd cut Murphy. Star is not getting cut this offseason. 1 more year before it would be worth it.
  3. Have you never met a gay person that is in the closet? The cover is everything. I had friends in high school have parents get divorced after one of the parents finally had the courage to come out.
  4. Football is just treated differently. Baseball player does PED'S? SUSPEND HIM! BAN HIM! Football player does PED'S? Edelman suspended 4 games? Eh
  5. Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this....
  6. And the Bills will go defense in the 1st round
  7. Fans getting excited about these playmakers are going to be so pissed on draft day...
  8. She's trying to get that big contract so she can leave him. She is ridiculously hot, but an absolute moron. A must follow on IG. Had to unfollow on Twitter.
  9. Half the players on the field called it
  10. I got less than 10 minutes in. I know you said they didn't show the acts, but once the cats went into the bag I turned it off.
  11. this might sound dumb, but i had no idea practice squad transactions could happen after the regular season. could a non playoff team sign a practice squad guy now? i wasn't having much luck finding that online.
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