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  1. That throw to Diggs against the Broncos sort of proves my point. When Allen released the ball he was standing on his own 25 yard line. Diggs caught it at the other 15 yard line. 60 yards in the air. It was a very accurate throw but because it had an arc it also gave Diggs a little room to make adjustments, which made it look like the throw itself was the only reason for the accuracy. Diggs also had a lot to do with it. Anyway, 60 yards seems to be a good distance for Allen making deep throws.
  2. Some of the greatest basketball centers couldn't shoot free throws well. None of their shot motions -- either a close-in pop or a set shot from 10 feet -- worked. Sometimes they tried backing up from the free throw line so they could take a shot that fit their bodies. Maybe Josh's problem is that he doesn't have optimal mechanics on what would be range-stretching deep throws for most QBs. When he throws a 40 yard pass, it's a laser, and that doesn't work for deep throws where he needs air under the ball so the receiver can track it and make adjustments. He has great touch on shorter passes but not on that range. Maybe he needs to let the receivers get farther downfield, and then unleash a 60-70 yard arc the receiver can run under. DBs won't believe they need to cover WRs that far.
  3. The coaches are using Edmunds the way they think best. They aren't looking for splash plays from him. They want him to eat space and force action to places where they want it to go to. This defense is not 11 guys running around. It's one unit with 11 parts, and if it's working well the MLB has a lot to do with its success. Edmunds on another team might be given very different duties and perhaps would become a dominant force by himself. On this team, he's the glue that keeps everything working together.
  4. I think McD did that to let his players realize they're good enough to pull that off. It's one thing to practice things, but to be in live situation like that with no margin for error, running several plays all working perfectly, lets the players look around at each other and say, damn, we really are good. There's no price tag for that kind of reinforcement.
  5. Neither the Chiefs nor the Titans are playing as well this year as they did last year. But you could have said the same thing about the Bills a week or so ago. The NFL is a very tough league, obviously. HCs and coordinators are paid to figure out how to attack the other team, and no team is so completely stacked that there aren't opportunities for another good team to exploit. The current jumble is a sign that league policies are working to make a complete product attractive and interesting. Not like MLB where some teams in small cities need a miracle to be competitive. Baltimore has a good solid team but they don't seem to have the inner strength of character to show up every day. A team that can beat the Chiefs has no business being in a position where they need an obvious mistake by the officials to beat the weak Lions on a record-setting FG. (For those who don't know, just prior to the long FG, the Ravens had the play clock go to zero a full second or more before the snap. That FG would not have been good from 71 yards, which is where it should have been kicked from.)
  6. Edmunds is a key part of the Bills' team defense. He is not not supposed to be making highlight plays on a regular basis. He's supposed to be taking a large portion of the field away from use by the offense, and he does that. Remember the old BASF commercials? We don't make (fill in the blank), we make (fill in the blank) better. Edmunds job is to do what he's doing which makes all the other players more effective. The Bills entire team is set up to work as complete units. We got used to Diggs making lots of catches last year but the offense is actually more lethal when more players are catching balls. The same principle applies with the defense. Some teams have MLBs that make a ton of tackles, but their overall defense doesn't work that well. I will take what I see from the Bills all day every day.
  7. If the Bills are up 31-17 late in the fourth quarter, I hope Allen is planted firmly on the bench, and Trubisky is getting some snaps. Covering a spread like that is no reason to leave Allen exposed. Not that Houston has anyone who's a threat to Allen's well-being...but still.
  8. The money from the sale of PSLs should be counted toward the percentage paid by the people (taxpayers, ticket buyers) and not the owners.
  9. Thanks. I enjoyed the guy's POV. The Dolphins used to have a great LT, Laremy Tunsil. They fleeced the Texans, trading Tunsil for a lot of draft picks, but those draft picks are a benefit only if the players they use them on, pan out. Jackson is waste of a first rounder. Right now it's looking like the pathetic Texans and the pathetic Dolphins both lost in that trade.
  10. This isn't right. A friend of a friend of Harding's thought he'd do something smart and have Kerrigan attacked. Harding had nothing to do with it and was not aware of the plan. And it really worked out badly for Harding. Kerrigan went to the Olympics, and Harding got permanently banned from figure skating.
  11. So who's going to turn out better, Epenesa or Rousseau? Both look great so far. With Ed Oliver finally having figured things out, the D line looks the best it has in years. Last year's weak spot has become a position of strength.
  12. Well I hope this is the correct view. It could be the wrong view, unfortunately, and we won't know until we see how Allen's performance changes through time. You can't look at two days of stock market changes and declare that the losses we just saw are a blip. What are the fundamental reasons for the drop? Looking closely at the fundamentals gives a much clearer picture of what's going on. For this the opposite of the zoomed out view is needed. Allen won't suddenly get over what ails him just by assuming he will. He more than anyone needs to look very closely at what's happening, and work hard to correct whatever flaws he finds. Based on past performance, that's exactly what will happen. But you know what they say about past performance. As I said, I hope your view is right.
  13. It will be useful to track Allen's performance vs the strength of the opponent's pass rush. Pittsburgh obviously has a great D line, Miami doesn't, and Washington does. Let's see how this unfolds on Sunday. If the Bills passing game struggles against teams with great pass rushers, they need to find other ways to win. Daboll seems reluctant to switch up the Bill's offense, and who can blame him for not wanting to give up what could be its greatest strength, the passing game. But when other teams take away the route progressions the Bills use, it's necessary to go to alternatives. Something will be open and it's up to Allen and Daboll to find it.
  14. Larry Felser had a lot of clout among the pro football writers. It was Felser's campaigning that got Billy Shaw into the HOF (that, and the fact that Shaw was a great great player). None of the current or recent writers had that same amount of clout, and no one has taken on the challenge of getting Sestak the recognition he deserved.
  15. The Bills have a very deep and talented receiver corps. Davis is a burgeoning star and he's better than the people who will replace him if he can't go, but those replacements are very, very good.
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