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  1. It wasn't Manuel's fault the Bills drafted him way too high. It wasn't Manuel's fault the Bills never acquired a decent QB after the Flutie-Johnson fiasco burned out. It wasn't his fault he didn't have a stable coaching situation. It wasn't his fault he was drafted by the Bills in one of their looooong periods of mediocrity in between bursts of competence. He is a smart man who has an intact body and a small (not that small) fortune in the bank. The only thing that might change if he stuck around for another year would be that his body might be broken. Why not leave now? Good luck in your future, EJ..
  2. If that's his regular throwing motion, I think I see the problem right off the bat.
  3. I think of Incognito as a talented but troubled person. I hope he does whatever will help him prepare for the rest of his life, to be a good person in society. He has some work to do and I hope he does it. He might have been a little crazy when he was with the Bills the second time, but he was a great player and a great teammate.
  4. Leonard Williams is in the fifth year of his rookie contract. He'll be much more expensive than Q next year, and will have five years of wear and tear on his body. This draft pick looks to me like the Jets are just planning ahead, wanting to keep at least one great D lineman in place at all times. Two is better of course but the budget doesn't allow that in all cases.
  5. In 1972 or 1973, our West Seneca East high school band went on a band exchange with a school from Maryland. Aside from concerts we gave at both locations, that Maryland school's band got a day at Niagara Falls and we got a day in DC. A group of 6 or 7 of us boys found our way to Congressman Kemp's office. The secretary squeezed us into his schedule for 15 minutes. The other guys were just in awe, looking at the pictures of Kemp playing football. (I remember one where Kemp had just released a pass, and enormous Ernie Ladd of the Chiefs was in the air above him, on his way down to land on him. A good choice of photos for a politician.) I started talking to Kemp about China, and I took the position that the people in China were going to be better off under the communists. Wow, did that Republican not agree. We debated in a very cordial way for 45 minutes until his secretary insisted he stop talking. I am impressed to this day that he took so much time to listen and communicate with a high school student.
  6. Low draft picks who make the team are cheap labor. Trading a low pick for an established player costs a lot. Better to take a shot on a draft pick than trade that pick for an older guy who would want a big contract.
  7. Beane had to have a clear understanding of what the teams ahead of the Bills were going to do. There must have been a temptation to give something up to move up a few spaces, but he didn't do that. "Genius" is probably too strong, but "well-prepared" and "nerves of steel" apply.
  8. SOMEONE'S got to push the wheelchairs for our ancient RBs. Just kidding, just kidding.
  9. Sorry if anyone has posted this already. I went through the Bills schedule comparing the rest the Bills had each week vs the rest their opponent had. This was easy because except for the Thanksgiving game the Bills games are all at 1 pm. I scored 1 point if the other team had a 4:25 pm game the previous Sunday, 2 pts if the other team had SNF game, 3 pts if one team had a Thursday night game (10 days rest) and 4 pts for a team coming off a bye. The Bills have only one game against a team with more rest: the Skins who have a Thursday night game the previous week (-3 pts) The Bills play 5 games where the other team played the 4:25 pm game the previous week (1 pt each) The Bills play 1 game against a team that played the 8:20 pm game the previous week (Eagles) (2 pts) The Bills play 1 game against a team after the Bills play a Thursday night game the previous week (Ravens) (3 pts) The Bills come off their bye playing the Dolphins who had a game the previous week (4 pts) Total +11. I'm not going to figure this score for the other teams in the league, but this has to be one of the best scores in the league. Plus the farthest west they have to travel all season is Dallas. The have no 3 game road trips. I see 6-2 at home (losses to Patriots and Ravens) and 4-4 on the road (losses to Titans, Browns, Steelers, and Patriots). 10-6, wildcard, Browns in the SB.
  10. This whole topic is so off-season. No one would pay any attention to this any other time of year.
  11. Filled a lot of known holes with unknown (to me) talent. Mostly guys who couldn't start somewhere else. I hope most of them work out as planned. If most them turn out OK, the season should be successful, barring injuries.
  12. He was a good player who got into the league only because the Bills gave him a chance. He made a business decision to move to the Patriots, and it worked out for him. He did much better there than he would have here -- what receiver wouldn't do better catching Brady darts? Hogan's game meshed well with the Patriots' offense, too.
  13. All reports from the Bills were that Incognito was a great teammate and solid citizen in the locker room. Somehow he apparently was able to channel whatever was wrong with him into his play on the field, which was never less than excellent. Either that or the management and his teammates figured out how to handle him to avoid him blowing up. The salary shenanigans before last season were clearly intended to drive him away despite his ability to keep things under control. I feel very sorry for this guy, who clearly has mental health issues but no longer has the socially acceptable outlet of professional football to channel his aggression toward. It's just wrong to beat up on a sick person, and Incognito is very much a sick person. I wish him well.
  14. Get back to me when some RB breaks 2000 in 14 games.
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