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  1. The Bills are doing this consistently. They released Shady so he could sign with KC and get a ring, instead of trading him for an insulting 7th rounder. They recognized that Jordan Phillips and Shaq Lawson had earned a raise and could get more money somewhere else, so they applauded them on their way out. There are other former Bills playing and starting around the league, who couldn't earn a spot on this team, and I never hear of any of them having anything bad to say about this organization.
  2. The Bills are 5-2. They can go 5-4 the rest of the way and get the 10 wins they need to be almost sure of a playoff slot. If they can't go 5-4 the rest of the way, they won't be competitive in the playoffs anyway. A win against the beat-up Pats would make it 6-2, and the need to go only 4-4 the rest of the way.
  3. Moss is more elusive than you think. He hasn't had that many touches. He doesn't break the defender's ankles with moves -- instead he breaks their arms by moving past them with force. I became a big Moss fan while living in Salt Lake City and watching Utah football. I was delighted the Bills drafted him and I think he'll be an asset for a long time to come. The problem with the running game isn't Moss or Singletary. It's the line.
  4. With only Kroft at TE, the running game is not likely to be effective, again. It will be up to the passing game to win. The offense really misses John Brown. What's much worse, though, is that Josh Allen seems to have forgotten all the good things he learned in the offseason about footwork. The past two games, he's been jumpy, off-balance, throwing off the wrong foot, and not even pointing his feet in the right direction. If he can fix his footwork issues, I think the Bills will be fine. If not, this season could crash and burn.
  5. This is silly. NO will never let him go, we already have three top receivers (maybe four), our salary cap is in good shape, we need help much more at other positions -- need I go on?
  6. It would be a two-fer. Trade for Williams to be the 1-tech, and he'd be better than anyone we have this year at 1-tech. Shift Oliver to 3-tech, where he belongs, and suddenly we get the guy we drafted playing the position we drafted him for. Our second round pick won't be very high in 2021 so I'd make the trade if it was available. We could have the interior D line set for three years to come. Worth it.
  7. They're trying to make room for Wyatt Teller, who they figure is hanging around Cheektowaga waiting for a phone call.
  8. The Bills O line and D line practice against each other, and they both look good in practice. But they're both too small, and against other teams, their lack of size is exposed. Ed Oliver needs a massive guy next to him, to free him to do what he is suited for. I think he could be a force that really helps the D, but without his buddy he's a too-light ineffective roster deadweight.
  9. To quote an old commercial: Where's the beef?
  10. You can't build an effective defense around key players who are always hurt. Milano can't be relied upon.
  11. On a slippery field, the offensive skill position players have the advantage. They know when they're going to cut or stop, and the defender has to see that and react. Hard to do without good traction. I am pretty worried about Milano getting through the game without re-injuring his hamstring, while trying to cover KC receivers over the middle.
  12. While this is true, the reason was that the Titans moved down the field so quickly and easily against our D.
  13. I'd say it's more likely that Josh Allen will change the way young QBs are coached and developed. Allen didn't get so good overnight, just by being in the league a couple of years. He got so good through months of hard work in the offseasons.
  14. The biggest problem for the Bills is that offensive holding isn't being called. Of course this helps our offense too, but time and again I saw a Bill defender just about ready to grab Tannahill, despite having someone's arm across his neck, and Tannahill then hitting an open receiver. Frankly I never notice when the Bills offense gets away with holding, but I'm sure they do too. For some reason the league seems to have mandated that scoring needs to be up, so holding calls are few and far between.
  15. 1. Allen wasn't right all game. His footwork this season has been fine, but not against the Titans. He wasn't balanced, he was throwing flat footed a lot, he was throwing off his back foot, he sailed a couple of passes to open receivers. He even threw an honest to God interception, his first of the year, when he failed to see the defender. I don't have any idea what caused his problems this week, but I hope his coaching entourage can figure it out and straighten it out. 2. I hope this game was this year's Philadelphia game. The Bills put up a stinker against Philly last year, for no apparent reason. Then they got it figured out. 3. The Bills have been a tightly knit bunch all season, in love with each other. In this game they played like they'd been jilted. I know we won't ever hear the true story, but I suspect that White and maybe Brown just didn't want to play against the covid team, and so they bailed on their teammates. We won't know whether that's true or not, but the other players do, and they looked a lot like guys who suddenly are questioning the family values that they've built up. 4. Where again are the team leaders? Who is it who steps in and gets his teammates fired up, or reads the the riot act when they're not producing? Especially on D, there doesn't seem to be anyone. Edmunds might be playing hurt, and credit to him if he's doing that, but he's also playing badly. It seems like Hyde and Poyer are tight with each other but not the rest of the D. 5. Paging Ed Oliver. Phone call for Mr. Oliver. Has anyone seen Ed Oliver? 6. Not that it mattered, but Tannehill was WAY past the the line of scrimmage when he threw that late TD pass. Being a glutton for punishment, I rewound to the actual play, and it is as clear as day that Tannehill was well past. I don't know why all the replays omitted the line on the field showing where the line of scrimmage was.
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