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  1. I don't think the D line will be a weak link, but among the team's units I think they'll be the least strong. Even the O line will be better, if preseason is any indication. The Bills have a very good team in the making. They don't have a great WR, they don't have a great pass rusher. That's about it.
  2. I look at the list of names who are providing standout play on offense, and not a lot of them are players from last year, and very few from two years ago. Beasely, Sweeney, Wade, Singletary, most of the O line (what a great job upgrading) -- McBeane have overcome the disastrous 2016 draft -- players who should be rounding in the top-notch pros at this point. The only one left, I think, is Shaq Lawson. So we went out and got players to fill the 2016 gaps. I'll feel better if the offense can do even half as well as they have so far against non-game planned defenses full of grocery baggers. Well maybe that's harsh. I am extremely encouraged by the changes this year.
  3. More and more it looks like humans are really not designed to play American football.
  4. It would be like a certain public figure shooting someone on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight. The same people who support him now would support him then. Everyone else would feel different.
  5. Fitz carries a virus that afflicts all starting QBs ahead of him on the roster, regardless of which team he's playing for. The starting QBs don't get sick, they get hurt. Then Fitz comes in, has a string of mediocre games broken only by one insanely hot game, and the starter can't get back on the field.
  6. Bills QB Joe Ferguson used to be criticized for walking off the field with his head down, particularly after an interception. He explained he was just thinking through what had gone wrong, not indicating he was giving up. Nevertheless that head down walk was what many people remember about him as a player. Pretty ironic considering that he was the Bills' second greatest QB ever (so far).
  7. Well, Allen played college ball in Laramie, a couple of hours north of Denver. The Denver papers probably had stories about him in college, and probably some Denver fans drove up to see a game or two. So, they might have been familiar with him in college but quite possibly not as a pro. And a lot of us weren't that sure he could play, either, when he was drafted. There was a lot of chatter that we picked the wrong Josh, that Rosen was the guy and not Allen. That was then. We've all seen what we've seen, and most of us have a very different opinion now. There's no reason the Denver fans would know what we know.
  8. McCoy runs through holes. He doesn't create them. When the O line lost Incognito and Wood, Shady's 2018 was doomed. If this new O line is a lot better than last year's, we'll see whether Shady really has gas left in the tank.
  9. There's an old Russian saying (appropriated by a US president): Trust but verify. The O line was the biggest problem last year. They brought in a bunch of guys and a good rookie. If this fixed the problem, we're in good shape. If the new guys are no better than last year's stiffs, it will be another long year. Is that pumping the brakes? Maybe.
  10. Taking care of things that pop up, I'm sure. Take care, and come again.
  11. It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. There has to be a reason he wasn't heavily recruited or drafted. Lack of speed? Not strong enough? Who knows. Talent and determination can't be measured with stop watches and strength tests. Wallace can PLAY.
  12. Ask not what your team can do for you during May, ask what you can do for your team all year long. The younger players need to become familiar with him, and he with them. Tom Brady, a far better player than OBJ, welcomes every Patriot player and makes them feel good about being his teammate. (Josh Allen is doing that too, and good for him.) OBJ wants his teammates to be in awe of him.
  13. The biggest handicap of our O last year was the O line. The offense won't be good until and unless the line gets better. We had one good player and four stiffs last year. We're up to two good players now, possibly three if Ford steps up quickly, but until I see the evidence that the new set of guys is better than the old set, I'm a skeptic. If the line can deliver above-average run blocking and simply average pass blocking, we'll have Shady and Gore back to their old selves and Allen getting his groove on. But those are some pretty big ifs. I have my fingers crossed but that's it for now. So Daboll, good luck, I hope your offense clicks and turns into a scoring machine. I am not convinced you have all the pieces in place yet.
  14. The biggest drawback to Ron McDole is that he got traded to Washington and got more attention there. I'm pretty sure it was the disastrous John Rauch who sent McDole away. He was a great player and a great Bill. I'd like to see him on the Wall just to lay some claim to him as a Bill. Most people around the country only know him as a Redskin. I'm always amazed that Cornelius Bennett isn't given more props. Someone said earlier that adding him was what turned the good Bills defense into a great defense, and that was right. He got moved to middle linebacker, which was a waste of his natural talent and speed. I don't understand why Hansen is there if Schobel isn't. Schobel was a much better player. Gilchrist is there because he was just so dominating. I think he was the second best RB in Bills history, behind only OJ. He was a PITA and so he got traded but it wasn't for a lack of talent or production. Finally, my top choice is Fred Jackson. The Wall isn't a watered-down HOF, it's for the players who had the most impact on the Bills and the community. Jackson won't ever make the HOF but I have never seen any Bill play with more heart and passion.
  15. The DBs were excellent last year and they're not really old but they're not youngsters either. If anything someone back there might lose a step. Maybe this won't happen and this is just looking for problems where there aren't really any.
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