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  1. Even that KC miss was a very difficult play, with the KC defender disrupting the path of the ball. That dropped pass got a lot of attention because the Chiefs had been doubling Diggs all game, and then finally the Bills had a chance to get him free for a killer TD.
  2. He's been a key part of the core of the Bills STs, and they'll miss him. I think McBeane figured they can get good replacement value from a cheaper player, probably a rookie. The vet minimum or even the amount vets expect to get paid, are going to get a lot of players released when they still have gas in the tank. Anyway, I wish him well with his new team except of course when they play the Bills. A team's culture is a fragile thing. The Bills have cut or traded so many key veterans this year that I am a little concerned about keeping the winning culture going. Each cut or trade was made for a different good reason, but the overall impact is going to be tricky to overcome. The one I'm most worried about losing is Morse, but losing Hyde and Poyer is also a real loss.
  3. That's correct, that game checks are taxed according to the tax rates where the work is performed. I have never questioned that before, but now that you've brought it up, I wonder why this doesn't apply to everyone who travels for their job. If I live in a no-tax state and my company is based there, but I spend half my time on the road in other states that do have state taxes, why am I not taxed for those days according to the local laws? Or vice versa, of course. Or if I work remotely from my company, and I live in a no-tax state but my company is in a state with taxes, do I avoid all state taxes even if I travel to the company HQ a week out of every month? I'm just asking here, not advocating any changes. But it does seem that sports are taxed differently than other businesses.
  4. I've been suggesting that the salary cap for all teams should be adjusted upward to compensate for state income taxes, where they apply. This would allow all the teams the same actual dollars available to pay players. Players and agents know that playing in a state with, say, a 5% state income tax, means their paycheck is 5% lower right off the bat than they could get in a no-tax state. Why should a sports team in a state with income taxes be at a disadvantage? The whole idea of parity is that all the teams have the same resources to compete, and that's not the case now. If this was sone as I suggested, the total amount of the salary cap would be greater than it is now. And the poor miserly NFL (/s) and the actually poor NHL would have to come up with more money overall. So the solution is to figure out what the total would be with the sales tax plus-up, then proportionally reduce the amount going to across the board so the total remains the same.
  5. Allen played great in that game, but the Bills plus the weather beat the Patriots. When Hyde picked off that pass, and Allen's throwaway toward Knox turned into a TD pass, and the temperature was some absurdly low number, the Pats lost heart. They knew they were beat by the end of the first quarter, and the players on the field spend the rest of the game looking longingly at the parkas and heaters on the sidelines. This isn't to take anything away from Allen. The Bills all knew they could do whatever they wanted and so they proceeded to do just that. Allen was the death rider on the lead horse, but there was a whole herd right behind him. Whoever said the Bills broke the Pats that day had it right. The Pats lost their mojo completely and have never recovered.
  6. It's not just the closing speed. It's that Hyde took the exactly perfect angle to anticipate where the pass would go.
  7. I'll go further and say the Jets have been built specifically to slow down Allen. That's a very logical thing to do. The biggest gamble they've made is pinning their offense's hopes on Rodgers. Even if he's fully recovered from his Achilles injury he's still up against aging. His play was deteriorating in his last couple of years in Green Bay, and of course we never got a chance to see how he'll do in New Jersey. I'm thinking he'll try to keep doing what he used to do, and it won't work. He could turn out to be the third best QB in the AFCE, in other words the second-worst.
  8. Just watching the game now, the announcers only gave you a small taste of what was going on. A guy pissing to put out a fire? That's gotta be some kind of record for a non-soccer sporting event.
  9. Thanks. That makes sense. I hope he does well and plays for a few more years.
  10. Well with our great pitching no one's hitting to left field against us.
  11. I'm trying to find out what happened with Nyheim Hines after he had that terrible jet ski accident. All I can find out about Hines is that the Bills released him this spring and he signed soon after that with the Browns. What do the Browns know that the Bills don't? Is Hines ready to play football again, and if so why didn't the Bills keep him? The Bills didn't use Hines much in 2022 except to return kickoffs, and he did very well at that, but with the new kickoff rules maybe a KO returner is just not a high priority. As for being a running back, maybe the Bills didn't keep him because they felt (like most teams) that running backs are pretty disposable and they didn't want to try to squeeze his veteran's contract under the salary cap. So maybe this all just comes down to money, and Hines wasn't worth the difference in salary he represented. Does anyone have any other news on him? He seems like a great guy and it's just a shame that he's having to resurrect his career this way.
  12. Looking ahead, which is where Beane spends half his time looking, Shakir will be the slot receiver for a decade. Coleman will be WR2. MVS and the others are rentals/bandaids. The Bills are in salary cap purgatory this year and did well to patch holes as well as they did. WR1 will come next year when the Bills draft a little higher (not too high, I hope) and have more cash to spend.
  13. OK then, let's hope that's right. That's not the story we heard earlier, but I hope what you said is correct, also that the Bills' offense is a good fit for his skills.
  14. It can definitely have an impact. Some O linemen are better at different schemes. As I said I hope McGovern excels here with the scheme the Bills use.
  15. McGovern thinks center is his natural position but the Cowboys tried him there and he was terrible. All the hoopla about him taking that job and holding it sounds great and I hope it's all accurate because that would solidify the line, but I would not be surprised if the rookie with too many names takes the center job by early November, and McGovern slides back to LG.
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