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  1. Tennessee will struggle this year due to the loss of their OC and TE. JJ is an upgrade over the WR2 they lost but not enough to overcome the losses. Their O line is not good. And their D is just average at best. We think the Titans are all that because the Bills lost to them so badly last year. That was a strange game, with covid impacts and uncertainty, and that game was the low point for the Bills last year. I think even last year the Bills beat the Titans 7 out of 10 times. This year, 8 out of 10. Cleveland and Miami have both been doing things right for a few
  2. Maybe one of the TEs they picked up can play QB. That's the only way they'll get the ball in their hands.
  3. I honestly don't see a way for Gentry to make the team, other than injuries. His number on the depth chart might be in double digits. Looks like a decent player, though. Hollister, OTOH, looks like a very strong possibility to make the team.
  4. First, don't give a high pick to an AFCE team, particularly the Pats, for an aging player. Second, Gilmore is looking for more than he's getting from the Pats ($7M). Do you think the Bills have cash available? Third, it isn't the DBs who struggled against Mahomes, it was the LBs trying to stop Kelce. If teams could spend unlimited money on players, sure, I'd love to have Gilmore back for a couple of years, during our SB window. In the real world, it doesn't work.
  5. Those fast-moving long passes are great, but don't overlook Allen's improvements on touch passes. They also are getting better and better.
  6. People forget that it's the job of defensive coordinators to solve problems. Lamar Jackson still has all the talents he had when he was MVP, but DCs have figured out how to neutralize him. Sooner or later, this happens to most of the good players and good teams, unless they can keep re-inventing themselves. We have to assume the DCs in NE, Miami, and New Jersey have spent time this offseason watching Bills tape and working up ways to slow down Josh Allen. I hope that Allen and Daboll have been spending time working up new ways for Allen to excel. The NFL is a dyn
  7. It's pretty incredible that this went on ever, and even more incredible that it continued this long. Shameful.
  8. Josh Allen didn't just miraculously get so much better. He knew his game had flaws and he really worked hard in the offseason after each of his first two seasons. (I haven't heard what he's been doing this year. I hope he's been back with Jordan Palmer, working on some new ways to be great.) Anyway the fact that Knox recognized his flaws and is working hard to correct them at least gives him the chance to advance and improve. He's acting like a professional athlete.
  9. Tre is Tre, a great player, and I don't care about these rankings. But I think what keeps him a little lower is a lack of interceptions, and for that I blame Levi Wallace. With the big gap in ability between Tre and Levi, other teams don't throw toward Tre that much. With a better CB2, Tre would get more action and more opportunities to flash.
  10. I completely agree, that was the point at which I realized for sure that these guys know what they're doing. It took a while, not surprising considering the hole they had to dig out of, but here we are. I think Beane, for some reason, can't evaluate D linemen very well. One after another, he brings in old veterans or rookies that don't have the skills to do the job. Other than that position, though, he's a master at evaluation and at managing the salary cap.
  11. Looks to me he's been listening to his coaches. 13-3 last year, 15-4 counting the playoffs. If you want to see a circus performer check out other teams. For what we're talking about, 20 yards is like a screen pass. The stats ought to be on throws of 40+ yards.
  12. Probably his car had a scratch or two so it was time to move on to a 2021 Bentley. So many other players have older Rollses that his didn't stand out. On a related note, did you notice ticket prices have gone up?
  13. That happened to me too, in Dublin California. The cops wouldn't do a damned thing. But I did get the car back. Minus a few things. Engine, doors, body panels, seats, transmission. They left the convertible top they cut through to get in, and the steering wheel they cut to get The Club off.
  14. Probably did Walker a favor by cutting him so early. Gives him a chance to find a team with more than 0.005% chance of making the roster.
  15. Harrison has been working out under the watchful eyes of the Bills' medical staff and coaches. If his recovery process wasn't going well, the Bills would certainly have taken action to draft other 1T players. The fact that they didn't do so tells me they are confident in Harrison's ability to contribute this year. BTW he started last year pretty tentatively, but by the last month was playing more snaps and was being effective and disruptive. I think good things are ahead for him.
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