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  1. Utah John

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    A team builds a 10 point lead, the other team scores a TD with 20 seconds left, has a 4th and 15 and tries a pass play where there's a BS pass interference or defensive holding, followed by a hail mary. 59 plus minutes of winning overshadowed by some foolishness. OK, you say, don't let PI or DH calls change things. Suddenly it's fair game for the defense to do whatever it wants to, if it's necessary to stop the 4th and 15. This will be a total mess. No thanks. If you're losing at the end of the game, it isn't the end that's to blame, it's the other 59 minutes.
  2. Utah John

    What do we do in the first round? (Options in Poll)

    Looks like we're gonna need another option then.
  3. About Whitner -- Does anyone ever remember him wrapping up on a tackle? His style was to try to bump the guy over with his chest, which generally let the guy get more yards or even get away. I always assumed he was playing not to get hurt so he'd have a long career and retire rich. Is this the worst Bills draft ever? https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/buf/2006_draft.htm Only lucking into Kyle Williams preserved a little dignity. About Whitner/Ngata -- Is this worse than Torell Troup / Gronk? I think not.
  4. I just got home from Hawaii this morning. The people on the big island will certainly tell you that Mauna Kea is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. They don't mention that a lot of it is underground. And how exactly do they know the depth, exactly? A mystery not to be solved without beers.
  5. Utah John

    2016 Browns/Bills v 2019 Browns/Bills

    The Browns had a terrible roster except for a few excellent players (Thomas, Haden). The were eager to dump and start over. The Bills had most of the defensive personnel from the Schwartz D and thought Wrecks would only make them even better -- fat chance (hah). The Bills also had talent at RB and WR and knew it, but without a QB it was wasted. The Bills took a pretty big dip in order to regroup, but the Browns went waaaay down and got picks and cap cash to rebound fast. On paper the Browns look like the team to beat in their division. (Amazing to say that but true.) We'll have to see how the coaching works out and whether the team bonds. On paper the Browns are stronger than the Bills, but so what. I'll be happy to play the Browns in the playoffs. I think the Bills have patched enough holes to be a lot better this year. I am not convinced the O linemen we brought in are the solution, and RB by senior committee is an interesting strategy to put it mildly, but we still have the draft to go, to grab some strong players.
  6. Utah John

    AJ McCarron cut by Raiders

    Parts of Oakland have always been very nice, particularly in the hills on the east side. Parts of Oakland have always been very bad. You need to be careful about where you go.
  7. Utah John

    Brandon Beane's Most Impressive Move as Bills GM

    We didn't trade Watkins for a 2nd. We traded Watkins and a 6th for EJ Gaines and a 2nd. Gaines played well but then we let him walk after a year. So we traded Watkins and a 6th for a 2nd. We didn't trade Darby for a 3rd. We traded Darby for Jordan Matthews and a 3rd. Then we let Matthews go for nothing and he resigned with the Eagles. So maybe we did trade Darby for a 3rd after all. Darby, who was a very good player for the Bills and a mainstay on the Eagles defense. For a 3rd. Anyway I don't quite follow about some of the throw-ins on these cleaning house trades. Was Jordan Matthews over the hill? He didn't produce much after he went back to Philly. So why take him at all? Letting Gaines go when we had holes at CB is very questionable. Fortunately we've had good players step up, but there was no guarantee that was going to work out.
  8. Utah John


    I'd like to see the Bills go all-in on the O line this offseason. There are other holes but the defense is still good, Shady is NOT over the hill but he can't overpower people, and if given just a smidge more time Allen will light up any defense. We have some young receiving talent and just need one fast FA and a decent TE to be in good shape overall.
  9. I think Beane was trying to get AB for cheap, both in draft picks and salary. The draft picks were probably OK but AB wants OBJ money, and he's not worth it at that age, and not for the Bills with a rebuilding offense. I look at this like a regular guy walking into a yacht store and seeing one he likes, and trying to figure out how he could make the payments. After a little while you just shake your head and walk out.
  10. Utah John

    Jason Witten returning to play for Cowboys

    There really aren't a lot of good tight ends (although the draft seems to have some good ones). The Cowboys really missed having Witten on the field. Even old, he's probably better than their other options. They'll probably draft another TE in case Witten doesn't work out. And Witten really was terrible in the booth.
  11. The thing about both this play and the No Goal play, is that in both cases, the Bills and Sabres failed to do their jobs. Yes, it's true, they were cheated by the refs because both plays were called wrong. But, the Bills failed to contain the away side of the field on the kickoff, after failing to run the clock down so there would be no time for a kickoff play. And, just before Brett Hull scored that illegal goal, a Sabre came right past him and tried to poke check the puck away, instead of body-checking Hull. Also, to be fair, the Sabres were exhausted and hadn't had a decent scoring chance for an hour of playing time. Every time someone would summon up a burst of energy and attempt a play at the Stars end, their huge defensemen would swat him down and the puck would be coming back. Even if the No Goal hadn't happened, or hadn't counted, it seems really unlikely it would have made a difference in the outcome. Rob Johnson did OK in that game. Maybe Flutie would have been better. Johnson left the field after leading the Bills to a lead in the final seconds, that should have been enough to win. I told a friend before that game that I thought whichever team won, would go to the SB that year. It turned out it was the Titans who went, and they came within one tackle that they couldn't break of winning the game.
  12. If the Bills did as much winning as Trump has, we'd be drafting first every year.
  13. To compare Allen and Rosen, consider this -- the Cardinals are talking about taking another QB at #1 overall this year. If they do that, I assume they'll trade Rosen and get good value. But if the Bills were drafting #1, do you think they'd dump Allen at this point and move on? I sure don't.
  14. Utah John

    Karlos Williams conditionally reinstated by NFL

    If the guy really turned it around and has himself in shape, I'd take him back. We need to restock on players named Williams.
  15. RBs in this league have a tough time convincing anyone they're worth very much. It's pretty sad. A really talented RB with a bad O line is no more productive than a mediocre RB with a great O line. And the team with the great O line can do more things offensively to help their passing game. Why invest huge money in RBs? There are some exceptional RBs who actually are worth more than the average, but not nearly the amount that Bell was trying to get from the Steelers. I don't think Bell is a bad-attitude, problem child like AB. I think he had a very incorrect sense of his own market value. If the Bills could get him for $3M a year, he is powerful enough to do better for them than Shady, who was lost behind that pathetic O line last year. Shady deserves a chance to get only to a winning team to close out his career.