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  1. Was literally thinning him as soon as I saw the title! Lol
  2. Chubba Hubbard from Oklahoma state looks decent. May not have to use such a high pick
  3. He looks a little slow in those highlights. And that’s one issue I have with Singleterry... can never beat anyone to the outside. Moss will definitely be the power back next season. I think we need someone with some speed to complement Moss
  4. Do you play him? It would be nice to see a drive or two, get him over Bledsoe and then sit.
  5. Grew up a Bills fan in MA. Now live in Tampa. I was surprised on how many Bills fans are here. Obviously the Bucs have the most here, but the Bills are always the other football team you see people wearing
  6. I guess it’s okay for the chargers to taunt but not us...
  7. Can he be back this Sunday? If so, has anyone heard If he is healthy and ready to play?
  8. How many more do we need to cut? What’s the roster at as of right now?
  9. Signed with bucs on a one year deal
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