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  1. But that’s not considered a fair catch! That’s what I mean. It wouldn’t have been considered a fair catch, and I can almost guarantee it would have went back to “he didn’t take a knee”
  2. My questions is would have it worked the other way? say he does his fist bump thing (or whatever he did to say “fair catch”) and tricked everyone and then took of running for a TD. Would it be called a TD because he never took a knee? Or would it have been called back because of him making no attempt to run...? I honestly think it wouldn’t have been called back if he took off running after pausing a moment
  3. Does anyone have a stat comparison on Tre vs Gilmore? Would like to see who’s doing better this year stat wise... I believe Tre is doing way better just watching both teams
  4. Do we need another loss from Titians? Or did today’s count?
  5. Has anyone ever asked in a press conference or a call why they don’t use duke or yeldon?
  6. A win against the Steelers guarantees us a playoff spot. Seeing they are right under us along with Titians (who we already have the tie breaker with) having a tie breaker with Steelers would be just as important
  7. I was hoping we would take Metcalf in the second round, instead we grabbed Ford... keeps looking like a mistake every time I watch the Hawks
  8. Redskins planning on starting Haskins this week
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