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  1. I would argue that the issues with the 2022 offense were more schematic and philosophical and less about talent. I agree with Greg cosell's assessment that the passing and rushing schemes aren't really coherent. That's what I hear when people say the bills don't have an offensive identity and from an eye test standpoint, it doesn't make sense to me that one play there in a spread formation and in the next play when they want to actually run the ball, suddenly there's an extra linemen and a fullback. I also didn't particularly like Buffalo's tendency to bring extra guys in against the blitz. What works better is having enough blitz recognition to go where the Blitzer is coming from and get the ball out of Josh's hands more quickly. At quarterback, Buffalo has what I refer to as the Russell Wilson problem. Josh Allen holds the ball way too long way too often. His recognition after the snap needs to get better, he needs to turn the ball over way less, and the decisions and reads have to get made much much faster. For all of the maligning that goes on with the offensive line and deservedly so, they were the fourth best team in the regular season at pass block win rate. It's a metric that determines what percentage of the time the offensive line gives the quarterback at two and a half second window to throw the ball. Buffalo's past protection group did that 67% of the time, but Buffalo didn't take advantage of it between too many long developing pass plays and a quarterback that has a tendency to hold on to the ball and gives it to the other team way too often. Against Miami and Cincinnati, Alan was over 3 seconds snap to pass. It's way too long the bills have to coach him to get that internal clock down so that he's more consistent and so his career lasts longer. From a talent standpoint, I want to get back to where the bills were in 2020 and 2021. We knew that the bread and butter formation was having three quality wide receivers to spread it out more. We know Diggs is really a good player I like Gabe Davis on the outside as a vertical threat, but they definitely have to correct the error of letting Cole Beasley go without replacing his production adequately. That could be Diggs to the slot, it could be bringing Beasley back for another and developing Shakir, it could be anything else. With the offensive line specifically, Buffalo should go get a couple of guards that can run block. Figure out what sort of running back oriented scheme you want, go get linemen who can do it, and build off that. They ranked 22nd in run blocking per win rate, struggle against light boxes they see and need to better there.
  2. Yeah Diggs and Milano are clearly the vocal leadership guys here. At LB and WR you can have that and it's ok. Josh Allen can fall on the sword and Diggs can say what needs to be said. Creates less controversy that way.
  3. Good post. I agree that as long as Allen is here and healthy, The Bills are going to win a bunch of games and make a bunch of playoff appearances. He's a franchise quarterback and the Bills have talent. They're due for a OL overhaul similar to what KC did, but they have talent. My issue here long term is coaching. McDermott, Dorsey and Frasier continue to get schooled from a gameplanning and play design/ scheme perspective, and Buffalo really fell victim to offensive brain drain this year and in this game. It's the reason why offensive playcallers that can maximize QBs get the head coaching jobs now. McDermott is an A+ culture guy, but you'd never see Andy Reid put out this bad of a gameplan, especially on the offensive side. Buffalo is talented enough to win a bunch of regular season games anyway, but the goal is to get a Lombardi and there's a level that Buffalo hasn't reached yet.
  4. Knee is down before he extends. I think it's a good challenge because they'll have to respot it and take a measurement at least.
  5. Yeah I'm not sure what Allen is trying to do there. It's double coverage and he has to get off that read.
  6. I think that's an incredibly good challenge by Lovie. Don't know that he'll get it.
  7. The offense is getting better, not worse, and over the last 3 weeks has done a good job of playing the team in front of it. Against the Jets and Patriots, the scoring output was lower but against those teams it's more important to play a clean game. They scored on 50% of the drives today with all of them except for one being touchdowns, and that's essentially a league best number. It isn't the best look to score 3 times then get stopped 3 times, but if it's in a different order no one is complaining. We're getting super bowl winning caliber offensive production and Dorsey is maximizing the skillset of his franchise QB. That's the job.
  8. There were 27 passes and 24 runs, so it's almost a 50/50 gameplan. The issue with the run game is personnel choices on the line and we've seen that a few years running it isn't old. It also isn't as effective with Bates out and Dawkins playing with an injury. It's a lot of Allen and Singletary runs because they're trying to go through the middle to attack the wide 9 of the Jets.
  9. Can definitely see the team going through it some with the condensed weeks and the injuries. Getting out of this 2-0 is what we look for, and games will look like this until the defense gets healthy. They have a full week then ten days, so hopefully some guys get back. I kinda see where the injury affects those sidearm throws on the RPO. A lot of those were off today but Allen can make everything when he steps up and throws over the top. The offensive line is also bad when starters go out, and that was a problem today. McKenzie looked really good today. With the defense so hurt, I can see that Buffalo likes to draft guys who can cover and then play them once they can tackle. The difference between the starters and backups is basically that the starting unit doesn't miss tackles and the backups, especially Hamlin and the linebackers not named Milano, just don't tackle well at all. Hamlin is SUCH a bad tackler especially.
  10. That's one where they have to get more creative. The fake to the slant is one they run a lot.
  11. The positive given the condensed week is that they won even though they looked like a team that didn't practice much over the week for a half. Offensively I like the efficiency and decision making from Josh and the running back production. He got through the progressions quickly and got the ball out. When the snap to pass time is low, there are less turnovers and the offense is so efficient that when it scores on 7 or 8 possessions straight, they have a good chance to win against most teams even with a lot of field goals. 172 yards at 5 YPC from Singletary and Cook is the running game we want. Defensively they need health.
  12. It's what he needs to prioritize right now. Eventually the defense moves up to cover those and then you go deep.
  13. We are basically in the middle of the game and a half of really bad quarterback play, And looking at the wins and losses buffalo is over two and division games on the road. Those are the type of games that brew websites when every team in the division is relatively good, but given the conference standings in the head to head wins Buffalo has you don't want to make that deposit this early. I hope it's a blip, And I think that when people watch game tape, they're going to see underneath the routes open that Josh isn't taking. It needs to throw those, he needs to make better decisions and he needs to get the snap to throw time a little bit lower, especially at the beginning of games. When the past protection isn't working as well, The ball has to get out faster. They're definitely some macro level issues with the team and their weaknesses here, And yesterday was sort of the first time it cost them a game: A defense I think the issue is health. Waht I see what I watched the younger secondary players is that the difference between when the defense is healthy and when it's not is tackling. The pass blocking and the offensive line in general have definitely regressed from last year. This is definitely a weakness in management because we seem to be on the third consecutive year and second offensive line Coach of guards and run blocking in general just not working. The offense is just way too slappy with the ball. The average is two turnovers a game and has way too many giveaways. Buffalo has the fourth most turnovers in the league. I think the turnover issue is the thing they have to fix first.
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