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  1. The comp pick they get when he walks in Free Agency is a 3rd so the asking price is at least that plus a contract.
  2. I think that's where they took inspiration.
  3. Yeah the attendance in LA doesn't look good here. They also lowered the ticket prices in LA yesterday.
  4. I like the transparency of the review but eventually that will be a commercial break instead. Jones looks like the best athlete on the field in this game so far and McGloin doesn't look very good to me here.
  5. I definitely think the communication rules for the coaches wear the headset never turns off is a great way to help the quarterback play. But the broadcasting here is definitely very good and this was a good watch today. I'll time in tomorrow also.
  6. I don't see more investment in defensive line with the bills defense than I do in any other unit really. but I also think that a lot of us are victims of watching the bills defense a little bit too closely and we don't understand how good it actually is because we're looking for the 2018 bears the 2017 jaguars or the 2019 Steelers.
  7. Passing efficiency is still the number one indicator of how good teams are. what you see in the title games is that other factors come into play because the teams that can't pass efficiently are sitting on the couch. the NFL is still a passing league in the sense that you have to get the ball down the field efficiently using the passing game if you want a chance to be pretty good. it doesn't mean that you have to throw the ball 57 times a game. The season every team in the top 7 and passing efficiency made the postseason and the only two teams outside of the top 12 that made it in we're Philadelphia who was 13th and buffalo.
  8. I think player to coach ratio is a faulty way to look at it. Coaches aren't direct player management in the sense that teams just take somebody who's a player and make them a coach like how other professions work sometimes. Also, about two-thirds of the coaches haven't played in NFL down (18 as of last January) and the coaching ranks tend to be more for people who don't make it as players. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theundefeated.com/features/which-top-minority-coaching-candidates-would-be-good-fits-for-nfl-job-openings/amp/ There's a little relevant reading on minority candidates according to the undefeated. For those looking for names, George Edwards Jim Caldwell Leslie Frazier Eric Bieniemy Ron Rivera Looking at the hiring patterns this year and teams not waiting for playoff eliminations, Beiniemy, Edwards and a few of the mentions from SF in the article aren't going to get looks from anyone except Cleveland because their teams are still playing. The minority guys I'd consider as an armchair GM are probably Rivera, Marvin Lewis and Caldwell. Rivera got a job and Marvin Lewis got consideration from Dallas, a team that decide to go with an experienced coach. I also think the head coach candidate market in general wasn't very good this offseason which is why you saw teams like Jacksonville and Detroit basically decide to keep their guys for another year.
  9. Allen is definitely better as a prospect than EJ or Losman were, but I agree that in a year we are definitely going to know what we have at the position and that it's sufficient time to bring in competition if we don't see league average passing efficiency or better. We play in an era where players that make bad decisions or have a gunslinger mentality don't succeed because passing efficiency is king. To make it clear, Josh should be the starter next year and I will think he will get there, but NFL development has a shelf life because that's how rookie scale contracts work. I think the key to developing Allen as a passer is to find something he can do consistently as a passer and do it a lot. I don't know what that is yet. Just looking statistically, Josh has 9 games below the eating average and 8 games above it in 17 starts this year and the offense varies wildly like his play does.
  10. I don't disagree, but at some point Allen has to drop back and win and today he couldn't. McDermott's criticism is fair.
  11. That's not to say Allen can't improve, but it's hard to have a consistent offense when the quarterback is still inconsistent and erratic as Josh has been this year and this game against a bad pass defense.
  12. Buffalo's only touchdown came on a drive where the team did everything they could to make sure Allen didn't have to throw a pass. That isn't a good sign.
  13. The clear answer is not yet. Allen was rattled in the 2nd half and failed to make a play during critical times in the game. Houston won because Watson was able to make a really great play in overtime.
  14. I think tomlin's tenure has become a little more impressive considering what Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell ended up actually becoming when they left that team.
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