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  1. Only one foot and no force out rule.
  2. Yeah can't even see that on that replay.
  3. The Redskins had about 3 exciting minutes there. Defense continues to look dominant. The takeaway on offense is having that third receiver in synch with the offense is huge. Sanders looks like a huge improvement over Brown here. Knox also played very well as did Moss.
  4. Obviously goofing around with that first down call...
  5. No he has to catch the ball. He completely misjudged it.
  6. Baltimore has to run 3 times. Can't leave KC with a timeout.
  7. The first one his receiver slipped on a timing pattern and the second one wasn't much worse than a punt, so a little context here.
  8. Tennessee looks atrocious through 2 weeks. It's only 2 weeks, but their defense doesn't look good at all.
  9. The interception was a throw he shouldn't have tried. That slant was double covered and you have to have a better post-snap read than that.
  10. On the Miami side, I definitely thought that Brissett handled the Buffalo pass rush way better than Tua did, but they really just didn't solve what Buffalo was doing on defense at all. Buffalo's offense picked up in the 2nd half, mostly on the back of the running game. Scoring 3 touchdowns on 4 possessions in the is the efficiency you want, even if it doesn't always look pretty. With 33 passes and 30 runs, I appreciate the attempt at having a more balanced approach, especially when the rushing attack works to the tune it did today. But the pass protection is an issue here and clearly affects the overall efficiency. The film review is going to show a few things: The Bills trying to use the crossing routes against the heavy man defense that worked for them last season and the protection not holding up. Allen's passes also seemed too floaty and he was throwing off his back foot some. When the protection held up, it looked like last year. When it didn't, it looked more like 2019. Defensively, it looks like a top unit so far but everything with only a 2 game sample size is a taken with a very big pile of salt.
  11. The O line is really concerning here. On that first and that third down Josh is getting hit before the routes even develop.
  12. Nah that throw was good and Slayton has to catch that one and everyone knows it. Jones looks good when he isn't turning the ball over. That was a great play by Jones on a 50/50.
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