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  1. Yeah, the defense wasn't good today. But Offense being ahead of defense is the trend across the league so I don't know if it's an indicator. McVay is also one of the best in the league. However, I'll happily trade some concern with the defense for the scoring output we are getting and for efficient Josh Allen.
  2. I guess my hot takes are that offense is ahead of defense across the league and that I don't see many great teams out there. Other things: Houston is probably better than their record. Tough draw getting Baltimore, KC and at Pitt. McCarthy coaching Dallas looks as underwhelming as ever, but their offensive line is in trouble and the name is bigger than the game for Elliott.
  3. Kroft has the ball and he's down by contact when his back his the turf. Expect a reversal.
  4. The Rams will be traveling. They aren't allowed to stay on the east coast because of COVID rules.
  5. I agree here. Lots of ball control from the Pats but they don't have the firepower to finish drives.
  6. I don't understand all the off coverage by seattle here. They should be pressing the receivers and making Newton throw with precision.
  7. I can't be that mad at Lynn for punting there. Herbert looks like the more impressive of the rookie QBs to me in a short sample size, but his game needs some refinement.
  8. I generally like that call but in this game I wouldn't go for that.
  9. Aaron Rodgers has one super bowl because that's the going rate for a decade of great QB at unless your name is Brady. Green Bay vastly improved their coaching, defense and running game for the end of Rodgers career and for the transition to Love that will happen sooner rather than later. Green Bay isn't a rookie or one player away from winning a Super Bowl, especially at their draft position and in the COVID offseason, so I can see the value proposition of Love there if they see him as the next guy to start for them and don't want to trade out for an impact player.
  10. I think there's proof positive for some preseason based on this week, especially considering that the NFL season is so short that if it takes 3 or 4 games to build chemistry, you can lose a year. Teams that made major changes we're adversely affected, especially teams that drafted young QBs. The preseason isn't for fans, though, so just don't watch if you don't want to. It really shouldn't matter unless you're a season ticket holder who has to pay for those.
  11. That 3rd down play call and 4th down decision don't make sense.
  12. I think we saw pocket awareness, quick decision-making and touch from Allen that we haven't seen in his first 2 years. Allen wasn't forcing the pass game, threw away once or twice, and his only misses were to receivers that were very wide open because most QB's can't roll to the opposite side then throw across their body. Nobody was covering Brown there because it's so uncommon to see a throw even go that way. As a passer, Allen was outstanding in a way we haven't seen before. He does, however, need to show higher IQ as a runner. Secure the ball and go down, especially after he has the first down. On the first fumble, the ball got punched out, but Josh has to secure it instead of fighting for extra there. I do definitely agree that Diggs' impact by sliding everybody else down a slide in his ability to make tested catches were on full display. I especially like Buffalo going to the rhythm passing game at the beginning of the game. What I also take away is that Buffalo is going to try and make its living on offense by attacking defensive weaknesses. Days like this against good interior run defenses are going to mean the screen and option based attack we saw today, and it's going to ruffle the feathers of people who don't like the approach of Allen running. I think it's refreshing for Buffalo to move away from things that aren't working. They weren't a particularly good power running team last year, but it was refreshing to see it not forced down our throats when it doesn't work a la Gore last year.
  13. The Bills struggled with this last year too. The difference is that in this game, they didn't try to force it when it wasnt working and went to short passes and the QB option instead to keep the defense honest.
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