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  1. Would it be crazy to offer Seattle a 1st round swap for Clark? I don't know if they'd take it, but if we're looking for a pass rusher anyway Clark is a young player that's effective in the league as opposed to the 50% bust rate for pass rushers and is at an age where I'd be comfortable paying a contract. Then I still get to pick at 21. I don't know if Seattle takes it.
  2. With the combine it's really easy to scout who the best athletes are, so somebody who's a great athlete that plays a position that's similar to college ball is a good player. I could see this being why Guard, Safety and Linebacker are the safest. In most cases, it's a lot harder to scout a position where the skills and skill level changes a lot. Quarterback especially is the most overdrafted position and I'm not convinced anybody has a clue how to evaluate them.
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