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  1. I think roethlisberger was tremendous last year given the serious deficiencies that Pittsburgh had as an offense. With any given team that's really good, there's a period where they're playing at their best and there's a period where they look like they stink and there's a lot of in between as a season goes. the similarity here in Buffalo is that we knew all year that the team was a one-dimensional offense with Josh Allen throwing to the receivers and that train was going to be ridden until the wheels fell off. Buffalo stunk against Kansas City and Tennessee early in the season, looked like th
  2. I would say during the regular season that OT shouldn't be played. Call it a tie and move on. In the postseason, 1 possession each then sudden death is fine.
  3. The whole point of DirecTV buying the license was using it to make people subscribe to DirecTV. It's the same thing that cable companies do when they purchase a local baseball or local basketball contract. When my family had DirecTV, the company would basically give Sunday ticket away every year when it was time to renew because Sunday ticket is DirecTV's loss leader. Whoever the NFL decides to sell their streaming license to is going to want to make money off of whatever they pay for the license. that means the price of the consumer probably goes up if say Amazon gets it, but at l
  4. the whole point of the halftime show is to get people who don't usually watch the game to tune in. That's why the NFL usually chooses contemporary talent. The average NFL fan is along the lines of 50 year old male, so wouldn't surprise me if they didn't know who weeknd is. But again the halftime show it's not for you if you're going to watch the game anyway. With this game the rating is pretty simple. The game just wasn't that good. Both teams started a little slow in the Chiefs never got anything going. If that game were close, that game would have held an audience and will probab
  5. The counterpoint to this is that Wilson stylistically is the quarterback that is responsible for many of his own sacks because of his tendency to deep drop to find receivers down the field and his inability to throw over the middle. Seattle's offensive line was bad in 2016 and 2017, but has gotten better since Dwayne Brown got there. This season they were top 10 in pass block win rate and 16th and pass protection according to pro football focus.
  6. What covid has taught us is that the death knell concerning injuries is too many at the same position group. We saw the browns lose with no WRS, the broncos played with no QB, we had 3 receivers hurt in the playoffs and lost our corners against AZ. All of those were losses. the Super Bowl post-mortem isn't that interesting because Fisher got injured late in the AFC title game and the second tackle going down basically causes any team to have to completely shuffle the line to get five guys on field and have a backup and not really get any time there or together. It is all so incred
  7. Especially considering that Fisher got hurt in the 4th quarter in the AFC Title game. The KC line becomes like a new line that has never played together when the second tackle goes down and it turned out to be the whole game.
  8. The situation is crazy because Wentz is largely a guy with franchise type upside who's been pretty excellent for three out of the four years he was starting in Philadelphia, but we're seeing more and more signs at the organization is actually quite a mess. The offensive line is bad, the skill position players are bad, and it became obvious that the type of offensive play calling that Doug Peterson is comfortable with was very limited. Carson had a down year, but it is very much a statistical anomaly by any measure and Philadelphia's roster decline is a very big contributor to that.
  9. There's a lot that goes these discussions. I think the value of a first round pick is that it's a hedge against the parity engine that is the NFL and the more towards the future we look, the more it is true. Like if you have a year like San Francisco where a lot of unlikely things happen and you miss the postseason, you get access to more of those premium picks. My general take is that it's a sure sign that your front office is bad if management can't hit 50 percent on first rounders. Getting a contributor every 2 years isn't hard for competent teams. The success rate in the first
  10. I would like whatever the Mariota is better than car crowd is smoking because that take is objectively terrible. I think it's going to take five or six first to get Watson and the reason why Carr doesn't just get moved for him is because Houston wants draft picks as opposed to players. Stafford just moved for two first round picks and Carr is better than Stafford and 3 years younger. Two first round picks for Carris a deal that makes sense if your Chicago or if your San Francisco and you are currently looking to upgrade that position. That deal is in realistic for the
  11. I forgot about Chip Kelly, but I think that's fair. As far as McDermott goes, he's 46 and I think he will be here as long as he wants. I Iake to the Steelers philosophy that you don't fire people who are good.
  12. This looks like fun so I'll give it a try. Obviously the most likely to start a new quarterback is going to be Jacksonville starting Trevor Lawrence after they pick him first. The most likely one and done is in Philadelphia, because their organization manages its team like fans and their last two head coaches have played in the Super Bowl and they fired both. Say what you will about Detroit and Atlanta, but we know ownership there is going to give their guys plenty of time. I will choose Urban Meyer for the most likely to make the playoffs, mostly because th
  13. I do think that the Rams operate with this type of interest grab in mind, but the Chargers basically don't have a fan base here and are a destination city for road teams and play in division with Mahomes.
  14. It's a lot of risk for the Rams because with Seattle and SF, you could still be a 3rd place type operation in the NFC West. It looks like either a misguided attempt at going for it in a short window or a splash trade more than something well thought out or a significant increase in talent. Statistically over the past 5 years I'm not even sure that Stafford and Goff are even that far apart aside from volume, but Stafford has never played in a big enough game to be put under that microscope like Goff. The situation around Goff in LA has been declining quite a bit since 2018 and that
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