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  1. Great post by OP. Pretty much mirrors my thoughts on Allen. There are definitely issues with accuracy and decision making but the kid has a penchant for explosive plays. I hope we embrace his strengths and don’t get too caught up in trying to turn him into something he isn’t. Simplify the game for him. Don’t ask him to make a bunch of quick reads or difficult throws with the receiver in motion. Let him be an athlete, and take off if need be. Have the receivers run come back routes or sit down in zone coverage. He can make those throws. The future is exciting.
  2. I thought it was terrible behavior by Raptors fans. It wasn’t the cheering when he went down as there was a fast break. It was cheering/jeering KD while he was being helped off the court. People should know better. It’s not like this is the first time someone got injured in front of fans. I hope fans wouldn’t cheer Brady getting seriously hurt.
  3. I still doubt Josh. He's come a long ways since game one but he's still no where near good enough. He still isn't accurate with the football. He takes too long to make decisions, and he makes too many bad ones when he finally does. Allen put out a lot of tape to feed the doubters. He also showed he can learn from his mistakes and improve. If he has the drive and will to never be satisfied and keep getting better then I think he'll become a good QB because the talent is certainly there. He'll never be Peyton Manning but he might be some version of a cross between Brett Favre and Cam Newton.
  4. I remain terrified of this pick, and expect Oliver to have a rough transition to the NFL much like Edmunds did at times. I also thought Edmunds might have to change positions and those guys scare me. OTOH in two years it’s possible we have the best 3T/MLB combo in the NFL. I’d be more skeptical if it wasn’t McBeane taking/developing them.
  5. Nowhere did I say they were gods. I said I’m growing more impressed with each transaction and that they weren’t incompetent. That’s quite the reach you made. Obviously there have been misses. They way they handled the QB position last year was just awful. Many of the decisions they made last off season were terrible, but they appear to be getting better. What I like the most is they seem to be building an identity with tough minded, character guys. No divas. No agenda guys. They had a rebuilding plan and they executed it, and even lucked out and made the playoffs for the first time this century. On the whole, it’s been impressive. Obviously everything depends on Allen’s development and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about that (especially with the way our other QB decisions have gone). There’s hope for him though, and now at least we’ve given him help. I’m the meantime, we’ll be a tough minded defensive team that good teams aren’t going to like playing. We’ll be in most of the games, playing hard and being competitive, which as a fan is all you can ask for really.
  6. This is perfect. Exactly what I'm sure many of us were hoping for. Gotta say, I grow more impressed with McBeane with each transaction. It's so much more fun cheering for a team that isn't incompetent when making player personnel decisions.
  7. Darnold vs. Allen vs. Rosen is going to be fun to watch over the next few years. It’s crazy that they all wound up in the same division. I thought Darnold marginally outplayed Allen in their meeting last year, and on the season. Everyone brings up our lack of weapons but the Jets didn’t have much to work with either. I didn’t get to see as much of Rosen. Let’s hope our boy plays well enough that he becomes than just one of the 2018 QB class in the AFCE.
  8. The Browns are being pumped up because their roster is incredible. They have great lines, a shut down corner, one the best play makers in the league, and a young QB who looks like a perennial all pro. I’d put them below NE and KC but they’re definitely in that next tier IMO.
  9. If we're picking 4th overall next year then we're looking at QBs not WRs.
  10. This was what I was trying to say about building our offense around the passing game. Maybe Ford doesn’t quite have the athleticism you’d look for in a tackle but he gets the job done. He was 4th best out of all the draft eligible tackles in fewest pressures allowed per snap. The guy is going to be good.
  11. I just meant he doesn't diagnose the play quickly/correctly enough and get the ball out. His story about being a normal farm kid who played lots of sports and had other responsibilities totally fits. Compare that to other players who enter the league having spent most of their physical and mental energy throughout childhood playing and thinking about football, playing Madden, etc. So Allen is a little behind from that stand point and it shows on the field. Watch Baker, then watch Allen. Josh will get better at that stuff though with more reps, and in the meantime his physical gifts are special and will keep us in or win us a bunch of games. The extra offensive talent around him will help tremendously.
  12. I think you can still be a star QB even if your decision making and timing is a little suspect. We've seen Vick do it. Favre was the best player in the world for a couple years. Cam was MVP. Allen has escape-ability + a crazy arm combo that few others have ever possessed. Again, I'm not saying he can't improve with his pre-snap reads, and making quick, correct decisions with the football; but right now he isn't anywhere near that type of QB (to be realistic). It would seem like a tough ask for him to become something he's not. I think it's a perfectly fair ask of him to continue making explosive plays with his god given ability and improved throwing mechanics. Eventually, he'll gain enough experience to hard wire in more of those "football instincts" (i.e. quick decisions) and won't be as reliant on his natural gifts.
  13. I don’t mean to call him dumb either. I’m sure he’s a smart kid. He just doesn’t have hardwired football instincts like some of these guys who have been life and death with the game since they were kids. He’s behind the curve. I can’t see any reason why Josh won’t have multiple receivers go off in a game on a consistent basis. He did that later in the season last year. It just takes him longer to find the open guy because he wants them to really get open so he can gun it in as appose to having to lead the receiver as much and risk behind inaccurate (my working theory). He’ll get better at that too. But it’s that extra second he takes in the pocket to figure out where/how to throw that’s going to determine a lot of his career. Bet he can shave at least half of it off in the next few years, and for him given all his other gifts that might be enough.
  14. I think making quick decisions and hitting the check down guy in the numbers is something Josh might always struggle with. No doubt he’ll improve, but I don’t think he’s wired to see the game that way. He’ll never be Baker spreading it out, and getting the ball out in two seconds or less. Currently he doesn’t make enough explosive plays to make up for the fact that his reads are slow and often incorrect, or inaccurate. I think he has a better chance becoming a superstar play maker than a cerebral QB. The Cam Newton comparison still feels appropriate. Maybe a YPA of 9 is attainable. That’s rare air but he has the talent to do it. The fact he can escape the rush so well gives him a lot of leeway to extend plays and go for chunk yardage, and if it isn’t there he can just run for it. I’d prefer Tom Brady or Phillip Rivers but that’s not who we drafted. Regardless of how he does it, I think he’ll be much better this year.
  15. I don't think we're ever going to see a high completion percentage from Allen, but we might get a high YPA. I'm hoping to see an increase in explosive plays. He flashed that at times, but too often was playing solely on instinct and with little to no help. 8+ YPA would be great. 60% Comp, 220 YPG, 60 RPG sounds about right. INTs will be an issue but you live with that as long as he's making plays and winning.
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