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  1. Is Hockerson not a big reach at 9? Someone please tell me we're moving back to pick up an extra first next year.
  2. I think if he doesn't take a big leap forward in his play this year he'll be on very thin ice. There were a lot of excuses made for him, many of them true, to absolve any blame for our horrific passing attack. This year he now has a year under his belt in the system, and will be surrounded by better players. If he struggles with accuracy and decision making again, then I hope we don't resort to calling it a sophomore slump. Personally, I think he's going to take another big step forward in his development just like he started to at the end of last season.
  3. I'm with OP. I'm cautiously optimistic, but I worry about just how much improvement we'll really see. I fear we'll be in the same position next year trying to build a line from scratch in FA.
  4. That practice issue cuts both ways. Yes you want guys who have experience and have already developed their game at the NFL level. OTOH it's tough to develop cohesion if you're cycling new guys in every year because you're constantly looking at vets on one year prove it deals, or contracts that are designed for the team to cut bait after a year. I had hoped we'd look at finding a top flight tackle this year in the draft with the plan of trying Dawkins instead at guard given his history. It sounds like the draft sucks this year as far as sure fire O lineman. Perhaps Dawkins just needs more stability next to him. I'm not sure we're going to get that with Spain but we'll see. In any event, It's easy to believe this current group will be an improvement over last year even if they're only together for one season.
  5. Do we know yet what we're running? I guess based on the signings probably not zone. I have no idea what to make of Bobby Johnson given that he's mostly been an assistant...and a tight ends coach?? I suppose even if we're just competent it'll be a huge upgrade lol. Perhaps some of these guys will surprise in camp. I still wish we'd draft a stud. Good lines make such a difference.
  6. I don't know what to think about this one. Clearly he has some name recognition, and at one point was thought to be a good player. Anyone watch enough Titans to know why his play dipped? Apparently he's not the same run blocker anymore, or so the scouts say. Obviously worth a flyer on a one year deal. Anyone see the terms yet? I guess my only real gripe with all these bargain bin signings is it's looking more and more like we're not going to invest a high draft pick in the OL this year. Last year the biggest problem was plain old lack of talent, and you don't close that gap much in FA. There's a reason why all these guys were available.
  7. I don't know about greatest RB ever but I will say this kid in NYG looks like the greatest RB prospect ever. Barkley can do it all. He's like Marshall Faulk except he's bigger and can run you over in between the tackles. It's nuts. My favorite runner was always Barry Sanders. Human highlight reel. Jim Brown was before my time but clearly he needs to be in any GOAT discussion.
  8. You missed the point. I’m sure that although Allen would be pissed, he’d take it in stride because he’s a gamer and is really competitive. It’s about the message that kind of trade sends to the rest of the team. Not only do we not believe in Josh anymore but we’ll give up on you too before you’ve really had the chance to prove yourself one way or the other. It’s a terrible precedent to set. That’s why I said we’re probably a year away from being able to make a trade like this and have the other leaders in the locker room back it. You need buy in from your football team to win. Right now there’s buy in when it comes to Allen. The coaching staff / front office could lose the team if they moved too early.
  9. I think we're a season away from making this type of move. The part you haven't really considered is what message a trade like this sends not only to Allen but the rest of the team. Right now Allen is the guy that Bills are building around. There's a common goal of seeing him improve in his role and become a franchise guy. Trading for Rosen would shake the faith. You bring up Steve Walsh but that was 30 years ago. People are different now. Smarter. These kids see through the BS. If you send the message that you're giving up on one of your main building blocks before he's proven unworthy you risk cracking the foundation of the culture if you're trying to build.
  10. Love seeing Foster's name near the top of the yards per target list. That's legit. I still feel like he's going to get stuck competing with Brown for a starting spot, and given we just guaranteed Brown a bunch of money he's likely going to get it. Speed is great, and both those guys have it in spades, but I can see McD opting to go with someone that has a little more size and toughness at the other WR2 spot. I think Zay will be the favorite and guys like Duke will push him. It'll add another dimension to have someone who can block for Beasley on WR screens or pick plays. Foster will get his share of snaps though. He had nice chemistry with Josh, and that counts for a lot.
  11. It’s all damage control for his brand at this point. Apparently AB doesn’t think he can live with people knowing we wouldn’t meet his contract demands. How insecure do you really have to be to take it to this length though? I almost feel bad for the guy. Maybe he should see a therapist or something.
  12. Good interview. I'm kind of surprised that Beane doesn't just come out and say that the only reason AB is going off on Buffalo is because we wouldn't pay him. He goes right to the edge and lets the listener connect the dots, except no one in mainstream media appears to have connected the dots. Maybe Beane just doesn't want a circus. Also, yes the decision making was a problem but the accuracy was a problem too. It's funny the team continues to push back on that. You'd think they'd want to address the issue head on rather than pretend it doesn't exist. Maybe they are privately.
  13. Ugh. This is probably right. On the plus side we've already endured his hard to watch transition into the NFL, so this year should be a lot more fun.
  14. Further to Doc's comment, if you read between the lines of what Rosenhaus and Beane said it's clear we got close to Steelers asking price (to trade) but balked at Brown's (for a new contract), and walked away. What made it even more obvious was Brown's initial public reaction and continued reaction to the whole thing. As soon as the story was leaked that we might trade for him, he immediately went on the offensive saying he'd never play here, even though the deal was long since dead per Beane and Rosenhaus. Brown for some reason is still killing us on social media. Why? Because his ego is hurt. You think he even thought about Buffalo before all of this? No, but we wouldn't meet his contract demands and he doesn't want the world to think we said no to him, so like a spurned beauty queen he goes out of his way to trash us now to make himself look better. The other big clue is Brown started trashing Buffalo before his deal was done with Oakland. So he's intentionally eliminating one of the only interested teams with both a need and cap space to meet his demands that Rosenhaus could use to leverage Oakland?? Not a chance. He trashed us because everyone knew we killed the deal, so all that was left was to save face.
  15. I’m not surprised. He likely views himself as the best non-QB in football, and we spurned him. Now he’s super salty and his ego can’t handle it. He’s like the really pretty girl who’s never been dumped that finally gets rejected by some guy who sees her for what she really is, a hot mess. How does that girl usually react? By loudly admonishing the guy and twisting the story to try and make herself look/feel better. Except, it only serves to do the opposite. AB looks so insecure and weak right now.
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