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  1. Thought he had a great drive today in the second quarter which led to the TD. Three great throws in a row to finish it off. Other than that I thought he struggled. Titans have a pretty good defense though and it was a tough situation coming back so soon from the concussion.
  2. You're crediting Josh, I suppose? I thought he had a predictably rough day against a tough Tenn defense. It really helped his stat line that the McKenzie run was considered a passing play. Daboll, Gore, and the Oline get an unreasonable amount of hate around here. I thought they were the difference today (along with our always good D and the Titans kicker).
  3. Daboll and the run game FTW. Defense only gives up 252 total yards. And of course, a big time thank you to Carlo Santos (and Mike Vrabel for sticking with him). Couldn't have done it without you guys. 4-1 baby!!
  4. Dopey haven't you been reading? That one was entirely on Yeldon, and and the line, and the wind and rain, and...
  5. I watched it again on replay. There's no way Yeldon gets there even if he's in a dead sprint which he wasn't. Bad football all around but that one is mostly on Josh IMO.
  6. So I re-watched it and Yeldon comes to a full stop before the ball is released then starts jogging across the field and doesn't get more than two or three steps before the ball is there. No way he catches that even if he sprints. That ball is getting picked either way. It was either a bad decision or horribly inaccurate or both.
  7. Are you sure he was throwing to Yeldon? The ball was thrown at Beasley. I wonder if Yeldon stopped thinking Beasley was the target.
  8. Back from where? I've been posting the whole game.
  9. Even if he did stop it was still an ill advised throw and it led to seven points. Titans had multiple defenders in the area. It's also unclear whether he was throwing to Yeldon or Beasley.
  10. Looked like Brown and one other WR on the right side weren't set and Josh just snapped the ball without checking.
  11. Ok that was a tricky blitz. Great design by Tenn. Hard to pin that one on anyone. Ford had to cover a lot of ground to get the outside.
  12. CBS halftime guys are all drooling over our defense. We stop the HOF traditional passers. We stop the mobile threats. Is this D better than prime Takeo Spikes, London Fletcher, Pat WIlliams, et. al? Might have to make a thread and poll it.
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