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  1. I could see us rolling with Smith, Knox, and Sweeney to start the season. Croom has two games to take his spot back. Either way, that third guy is likely getting cut when Kroft comes back from PUP.
  2. What happens if they play him in games 3 or 4 and he breaks off another 50+ yard play? I have to believe a team would claim him. Perhaps Wade is too green and that's why we haven't seen him on ST or getting touches with the ones or twos. Perhaps McD is trying to stash him and we won't see much of him again.
  3. Wait is this still not sorted out yet? I thought other teams could sign him if we cut him. I wonder how much McD will play Wade in games 3 and 4. Murphy, Perry, and Yeldon are all listed ahead of him on the depth chart. If Wade does play and breaks off another big one they won't have the option of stashing him on the practice squad. Also, cutting Shady is risky but there's financial benefit (6M) and perhaps developmental benefit (Allen leadership) to doing it. If that happens maybe McD can justify keeping Wade as a 4th RB.
  4. I know how much you guys love PFF but they had Hughes right there with Darnold and Fletcher Cox for highest percentage of snaps (~11%) generating pressure last year. Hughes is criminally underrated. If Murphy, Lawson, Love, and Oliver can give us anything we're going to have a decent pass rush. Also, I get that McD doesn't like to blitz but Zo and Edmunds are terrific pass rushers. I have to believe we're going to see plays that get them involved in the backfield.
  5. The TD run vs. Colts was great but he wasn't touched and you could discount it some if that was all you'd seen. I don't think you can fake the catch and run vs. Panthers regardless of how badly they tackled. This guy is a gamer with experience competing against the best in the world in another sport and being a star while doing so. I like Murphy but I'd rather take a chance on a guy with star talent.
  6. Overall I thought Allen was good though I don't get the assumption he wasn't trying to make a play here. Singletary had a half step on the defender with no one in front but the sideline and he was beyond the LOS. All of Allen's misses today were low (first two passes to Beasley, McCoy in the flat). This one was no different. It was a hard throw to make on the run even though the distance was short. The ball went through Singletary's hands (down by his shins). I think he just missed him.
  7. According to ESPN we were 2nd in yards allowed per game but we were also the 18th ranked scoring defense. We just couldn't keep teams from scoring once they got in the red zone. Is that going to change this year? We're still a little small up front but I bet we're much better. Year 2/3 in the McD system for a lot of our starters.
  8. I still think it's the offensive line. Long and Spain suck IMO and Ford although promising is still a rookie. Add in the issues we're having with our TEs and we're going to have to game plan to get the ball out early or Josh is going to spend time on his backside. Everything changes if/when Morse returns.
  9. Others have said this too. It would surprise me. Zay was McD's second pick ever as a head coach. He's also arguably the most talented receiver on the team so you know they'll give him every chance. If he doesn't improve this season he won't be on the team next year.
  10. I know it's early but I think the Cole Beasley signing is going to wind up being an overwhelming success. Every QB needs someone they can trust. Allen wanted that guy to be Zay but he just isn't. Beasley gets open AND makes tough catches which Allen forces you to do sometimes. Watching Allen last night I saw chemistry developing with his new go-to guy.
  11. I thought the coaching staff did a nice job putting Allen in positions early to make some easy throws and get a better rhythm than game one where he was taking shots deep (and missing) right out of the gate. It also helped that the early passes were to Beasley instead of butterfingers so instead of poorly placed balls being incompletions Beasley was able to adjust and pick the football out of the dirt. By the time Allen had to make a harder throw downfield to Sweeney (lofted to right sideline) he was confident and put it right on the money. Thumbs up for Dabol and McD.
  12. It’s probably 2002 Bledsoe and Van Pelt no? Statistically they had the best year. It’s too early to say anything about Allen and Barkley. If we’re going by last year they’re probably middle of the pack.
  13. So because of the Barry Sanders rule we can use an arbiter to go after Mitch's signing bonus. He's going to make every effort to play. We might be jumping the gun on the retirement party. Hopefully we're just being overly cautious. Morse was diagnosed with concussion like symptoms not as having had a knock out event.
  14. Kyler Murray is not accurate. He's missed a bunch of difficult but makeable throws so far in addition to the typical rookie issues (delay of game, poor decision making , etc.). Did Cards just whiff on two QBs in b2b years?
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