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  1. I will say this for the pro Barkley crowd, we do have an absolute cakewalk of a schedule the rest of the way outside of the Pats game. Except, we already have seven losses. Just because that was good enough to fluke into the playoffs last year, it doesn't mean we have a realistic shot at it again. Nine wins won't be enough. Quote me on that. If I'm McDermott I have an honest conversation with the team. It's about development the rest of the way. It's about getting better for next year. We're still going to try to win, but we're going to get a look at the young guys too. Allen is going to be the QB. End of discussion. The buy week is the perfect time to have that talk.
  2. Yeah I'm about as pessimistic as it gets around here with Allen and even I think we need to give the kid another look. We're realistically out of the playoff race. The pressure to win is finally off. Now we can take the shackles off Josh and see what he can do. Barkley should stick around as the back up. Whatever wisdom Anderson was supposedly going to impart, he's done that. This is Allen's time to prove that he's got what it takes to eventually be the franchise guy, and we don't need to go get a real QB in the off season to compete in training camp (though I think we should do this regardless). We're not going to find out anything with Allen sitting on the bench.
  3. VW82

    Josh Allen is all that matters

    Yes we've seen that McBeane has a blind spot on offense and in particular with QBs, but we've also seen that he's an incredible defensive coach and someone who can help his team overachieve (see last year's playoff team that never should have made the playoffs). It's clear we went defense first by design in order to keep us competitive. These guys deserve one more year to fix the other side of the ball. After all, this is a rebuild and those take time. If we're still completely inept offensively next year McBeane will likely be shown the door. I suspect we'll be better though with another off season of signings and drafting.
  4. I don't want Josh in there this week under any circumstances. Maybe he's healthy enough to play, but we should be aiming to make his second stint as successful as possible. Give him the buy to get to 100% and time to really nail down a good game plan against the Jags. He needs practice reps. He needs preparation. If we bring him back a little early and it doesn't go well, that's only going to further erode his own self-confidence as well as confidence from the coaches and teammates that he can ultimately get it done as a franchise guy. Let's err on the side of caution. We have too much invested in this kid to set him up to fail again.
  5. VW82

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    Chris Ivory is absolutely better than Shady at this point. End of an era.
  6. VW82

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    What's the record for least yards given up by a defense when the other team scores 34 points or more? We might still have a chance!
  7. VW82

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    Confession time. I picked the Bears in my eliminator pool. It was partly a way to hedge against my growing apathy of watching this awful team.
  8. VW82

    First half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    What the hell is Peterman doing there??? Throw it up! He's terrified of throwing another pick.
  9. VW82

    First half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    I think you guys are wildly exaggerating his lack of arm strength. It's not like he's out there throwing wounded ducks on every play. Peterman is inaccurate, doesn't always make the right decision, and gets rattled under pressure or when things aren't going well. Those are his issues. That and the play calling has been suspect. Clearly Daboll doesn't trust him. His arm strength is fine albeit a stark contrast with Allen (who's even worse in the above listed areas than Peterman right now). Our QB situation is a joke.
  10. VW82

    First half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    I'm not sure that's it. He had a receiver get clobbered before the catch, another one juggle a ball right into the hands of the defender, and another one caught and fumbled for a TD. It's a little like what happened in that Chargers game last year. Just a comedy of errors. I wonder how much of it is more about a collective lack of confidence in Peterman with his teammates. They're just expecting things to go badly, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  11. VW82

    First half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    I can't help but laugh at all these Peterman turnovers. So far I'm not sure any of them are his fault (today) but he's just a magnate for negative plays. He's also not doing much of anything right either. What a joke.
  12. VW82

    Picking Mcdermott over McVay

    Lol @ the idea that we passed on McVay as appose to him choosing LA over Buffalo.
  13. VW82

    Bills vs. Colts Postgame

    Four blow out losses in seven games this year. Four blow out losses last year. I like McD but outside of the QB fiasco this is the biggest red flag for me.
  14. If Allen hasn't shown any signs of improvement by end of season, then McBeane will likely bring in two new QBs to compete with him. One vet starter caliber, one drafted. They can all battle it out in training camp. McBeane and Allen will all get until the end of next year before they're at serious risk of being let go. It's possible McBeane outlasts Allen if they're able to rebuild the team AND find a suitable QB replacement if Allen can't cut it.