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  1. My bad. He won the SB in his second season and missed the playoffs once despite having a winning record that year. He's also made it to the second round of the playoffs or further in six of his eight seasons. Either way, I don't like the comparison.
  2. This is the type of thread that divides the fan base when it comes to Allen. There was enough to like about the way Josh finished year 2. Why do we need to compare him to a future HOFer? Russ's development into an MVP caliber player has been unconventional. He was a 3rd round pick. He played in a run oriented system, and then switched to a passing system. He won the SB in his rookie year and has been in the playoffs every year of his career. This is like when NBA fans compare their team's promising sophomore to Kawhi Leonard's second season. Like no, that guy is an outlier. The comp is disingenuous. Unlike Russ, Josh has spent his first two years in a passing offense. Our base is three wide -- it's designed to promote passing production. Unfortunately we go through bouts where our OC loses confidence in our QB (justifiably) and so we get conservative and run with an oline that was designed to be a pass blocking unit (don't laugh). Comparing their year two stats makes about as much sense as comparing comparing year 2 Darnold with year 2 Steve Young. The one thing I like about Josh is two years in and I don't totally know what he is yet. That's unusual for current day QBs. Let's let him figure that out on his own without saddling him with unrealistic comparisons which he's destined to lose.
  3. A big stud WR that is not only huge but outrunning NFL CBs for deep balls. Are we talking about Randy Moss?? If we had Tyreke Hill would he be too small for Josh too? His problem with deep balls is that he isn't accurate on throws that require touch, especially long ones. He's missing Brown, Knox, Foser, etc. by 5-10 yards sometimes on deep passes. No one is making those catches. I suspect it'll be a big point of emphasis this off season and he'll get it cleaned up just like he did with the intermediate throws.
  4. This is the reason I hope we press the issue some in free agency and the draft. Bills have a two year window before Josh gets expensive (assuming he develops). If he doesn't develop we're likely rebuilding anyways. The highest upside move is hope Josh develops now and surround him with good enough talent to make a run while he's cheap. Whether or not he's good enough to carry inferior rosters is a question that can wait.
  5. Dumb thing to say by Beane. You know this will get back to Brady. We’ll be the one team he just torches next year all because Beane couldn’t resist the temptation to take a shot at the GOAT.
  6. It sounds like he's coming back too so it's good their relationship is on such solid footing. I suppose even if it doesn't work out and we wind up going run/play action down the road with less option route stuff, Josh will still be better off for it. Daboll has learned from the best.
  7. I'm torn here. I really do think we'd be better off finding an OC like Roman or Lynn who could build a top notch running game with a revamped line and another back so we're not asking Josh to finish 59 plays in a playoff game (or any game). But is that OC available? Who is he? I don't have those answers.
  8. Clowney has been playing hurt for a huge chunk of the year, and is still playing hurt.
  9. I trimmed your post and itemized it for clarity. I agree with 1 & 2, but 3 is where we differ. Obviously we need better talent on offense but a lot of the problems IMO are fit related. Do you believe Allen is right type of QB for Daboll's system, one which requires a pocket passer to read the defense based on coverage concepts and be on the same page/timing as the reads from his receivers? You mention Greg Roman. How much better would Josh look with a top running game to play behind and protect him? How much better would that type of offense fit with the type of conservative game McD likes to play? I don't think Daboll is doing a bad job. You're right, he takes way too much undeserved criticism on this board given there are weeks (or even random portions of games) where Josh just loses it, and Daboll has to call the game with one arm tied behind his back. Sometimes the fit between player and coach just isn't clean enough. We need to find an OC who better fits our QB.
  10. I'm a broken record at this point but I'd go further and change the offense. It's insanity that we're making him play read the defense for 60 minutes. He finished 59 plays on Sunday including passes, runs, sacks, and the fumble. Find an OC who can call a running game, re-make the Oline with guys who can move and block downfield, get a second RB, and yes, give him another play maker at WR, and then we'll have something on offense. Right now we're asking way too much of him given his experience and skill set. Imagine Josh rolling out off play action after faking to someone like Derrick Henry or Fournette.
  11. Hmm...it would certainly put things in better perspective. Josh was playing fairly well before that but I didn't think there was anything out of the ordinary on the Watt hit. If it came before that Josh made a bunch of key plays in between being concussed and the 4th quarter mistakes which is possible. It felt more like a snowball effect to me. He takes the sack. He doesn't see Mercilus on the fumble. Now he's doubting. He holds the ball too long on the next possession trying to make a big play and it results in three and out. Then the double sacks. Then the crazy lateral. It's what McD said: he was trying to do too much.
  12. That's the first I've heard of it. Do you recall hearing what play people are speculating about?
  13. The lateral cost us 5-10 yards but outside of that it was mostly just funny for other fan bases. The reason we should still care about it is because it capped off a four drive, ~9 min stretch of Josh coming unglued with the game on the line starting with the Watt sack. The moment got too big for him and the lateral was symbolic of that -- that's why people are making a big deal out of it. I disagree with you on the DiMarco pass. Yes it could have been caught had he taken another step before jumping. It was still thrown into double coverage and we had a receiver (Beasley??) open on the crossing pattern. I think you could make an argument that this was one of Josh's top 3 games of the year. We asked him to do too much but he was productive and up until the 4th quarter he did a great job extending drives and bouncing back from his mistakes. I'm hopeful for next season. With a little bit of perspective I think many of the naysayers will start to come around. That's coming from a naysayer
  14. I thought Allen had one of his better games in the wildcard despite the minor 4th quarter meltdown. This team gets to the playoffs with any of the top 20 QBs in the league.
  15. He certainly wasn't the only reason. I keep coming back to him finishing 58 plays. Way too many. Other teams are winning with good defense and run game, and a QB who makes plays when he needs to not all freaking day long. I'm no longer in support of what we're doing offensively. Daboll is not a good fit with Allen IMO. We might as well sign Brady if we continue to run this offense. Find an OC with a creative run game arsenal and re-make the line again with guys who can actually move and block downfield. Bring in another stud RB to play with Singletary and find a TE who can block and catch then we might have something.
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