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  1. A Steve Wilks Defense doesn’t scare me! I think the loss of GreggO will hurt them. We can take the Brownies.
  2. Redskins can’t catch a break! They lose both QBs last season and now this.
  3. My biggest takeaway: imagine how good this defensive unit could be if we fix the offense!
  4. All kidding aside...Williams will have the Jets defense ready to play! Say what you want, I think he did a great job with the Browns last season.
  5. @OldTimeAFLGuy Article requires subscription for me. May want to add to thread title.
  6. @DaBillsFanSince1973 thanks for providing the update. Much appreciated!
  7. I don’t understand the logic that Gase in New York > Gase in Miami.
  8. You always make me feel better Yolo! Thank you!
  9. Build the team through the lines!!! Love it!!!
  10. I watched it....typical College Game Day crew antics with the addition of puff pieces by Robin Roberts. Lee Corso literally left the set for bed time around 10pm...no joke.
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