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  1. We just went through this with the place kicker that we lost on waivers.
  2. Prayers for you and your family.
  3. Incredibly shallow analysis! Much like his football career.
  4. Here’s to you Riverboat Ron!! A good coach with a great heart.
  5. Ravens 31-21. Assuming Lamar plays entire game without injury.
  6. Peter King lost all credibility with me when he bought a beer to drink for Thanksgiving and forgot to drink it. Really Pete? You’re better than that! good article though, thanks for posting!
  7. I don’t think our defensive front 7 is physical enough to win this game. Roman runs a power blocking scheme that will neutralize the speed of our linebackers. This game will be won between the tackles. I hope I’m wrong!
  8. This is epically sad. Wow! Didn’t even realize this until now.
  9. I don’t like NE* by any stretch but they’ve had a hell of a track record drafting QBs. Brissett, a former Cheater, is no slouch either.
  10. Same here. I’m considering just flat out dropping him because he’s a Pat* now.
  11. Dan Quinn will be fired soon. He’s lost the team. They said on the CBS post game show today that the Falcons have no edge to them. I agree with the assessment. Up to Arthur Blank at this point, but, man, it’s bad.
  12. It was a very classy response to a somewhat negatively slanted question. The reporter, in my opinion, was looking for criticism of Zay Jones’ game and Coach didn’t take the bait. Instead, McDermott turned it into a positive and said that he’d always be in Zay’s corner and that he never “gives up” on a player. Exceptional leadership!
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