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  1. I was hoping to see Stafford throw versus our D. Disappointing news if true.
  2. What are ends have done well in the preseason is set the edge, not lose contain, and diagnose screens. Pressure has been produced in spurts, normally through a line stunt. McDermott has talked to how he defines pressure as moving the quarterback or negatively influencing the throw; not necessarily a sack or forced scramble. I think we may walk into the regular season with what we have. The D-line is doing just enough at this point.
  3. Those throws to Sweeney were dimes! Dilfer dimes with the fire!!
  4. Start of 4th Qtr. I’m out. Night Bills fans!
  5. I thought that was funny too! Rivera jinxed himself.
  6. Terrible throw that leads to pick in end zone. Attempt was to Bolden. Jackson just chucked it. Complete duck.
  7. Tyree Jackson has wheels. Ran right for 20. QB is Jackson. RB is Murph. Again, game coverage is terrible. O lineman injured. Don’t know who. Jackson sacked. Penalty saves the drive. Illegal hands to face.
  8. “A sack tsunami”. Peko with sack. Followed by huge run with poor tackling. 3rd and 2 leads to incompletion. Drop for Panthers. 4th Down.
  9. Special teams update: Bojo punt for net of 47. side note: coverage missed entire Bills offensive series with sideline report. These guys aren’t top notch.
  10. Good idea with Barkley as holder. I don’t know why they don’t do that. Maybe it’s practice time and they want the kickers to be able to kick without QBs??
  11. First drive 3rd Qtr. QB is Barkley. RB is Yeldon. Matriculating the ball down the field.
  12. Special teams note: Easley with the special teams penalty for illegal block in back.
  13. Lacey starts 3rd Qtr with a great defensive pass breakup.
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