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  1. The part I don’t agree with is kids 12 and older have to get the shot to enter. We’ve been holding off for our daughter for more long term data to come in. Not a fan of the policy as written.
  2. I really enjoyed the historical reference!
  3. I was shocked at the lack of motion.
  4. I think McD was pissed. Pissed enough to make significant O-line changes. He was honest when he said that he had already made some conclusions but was going to watch the tape again. My take, he wanted a different O-line combo and got talked out of it. Think you’ll see a different interior next week. Beasely comments were interesting on inside and outside leverage. Seems like the coverage they were running gave some challenges to the offense. Last point, this game is an anomaly. You had a defense that clearly focused on our offense all TC and pre-season in prep. Won’t have that same challenge again this season. We also had no film on their O with a new coordinator. It’s hindsight, but just a bad circumstance that won’t repeat itself. I don’t get upset with the canned responses. It’s leadership and that’s hard to do. I’m trusting the process here. We’re going to be ok.
  5. My quick take: We’ve been rewarded in the past, mostly last year, for being aggressive. It’s kind of like getting addicted to drugs in that our 3rd and 4th down success rate makes you think that it is sustainable; when it’s not. I think we are paying back that stat Gods this game. We definitely returned to the mean. We’ll get it figured out. I think McD will force a return to more conservative football. I think, and hope, the light bulb went off today.
  6. Couple of honest questions: Do inactives get game checks? Moss has been dinged up in TC and pre-season. Anyone think he’s still hurt?
  7. Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for creating this wonderful place.
  8. I can’t help with your specific question as I don’t live up there. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. Going through it with my mother in law now. Recommend you get on the FB groups as I was ill prepared for all the heart breaking things that happened. We went with assisted living and now we are at the memory care level. Good luck!
  9. Yeah. Texans put him on IR due to concussion. He didn’t play in his bowl game at SDSU due to hamstring. Have read that he’s struggling with technical aspects of the position.
  10. Wow, Baldy left Josh Allen out of his top 5 players list.
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