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  1. It was a very classy response to a somewhat negatively slanted question. The reporter, in my opinion, was looking for criticism of Zay Jones’ game and Coach didn’t take the bait. Instead, McDermott turned it into a positive and said that he’d always be in Zay’s corner and that he never “gives up” on a player. Exceptional leadership!
  2. Getting a little ahead of our skis with the talk of Frazier getting snapped up. I wonder how McDermott is approaching the potential loss of assistants? Does he sit down with them and help prep for interviews or does he not lend support? If we continue to be successful we will have to deal with the loss of key coaches and the continuity it brings.
  3. Personally, I don’t think NE will end up paying the guarantees. NE had to take into account the details from Oakland as they wrote the contract language to sign AB. It would be a colossal business failure to not insulate the organization from additional risk (new victims or continued erratic behavior) or simply the lack of transparency from AB and Rosenhaus to disclose what they knew. I’d bet money that NE covered their bases here.
  4. @elijah thanks for putting it together. I think when people see the “all-22” in the title that they expect screen shots when they open the thread. Your thread is more of general observations of the all-22 which is fine in my opinion. As for the subject of Ford: I think the coaching staff has a dual purpose. They have a workload plan to save an injured knee and they also want to evaluate Ford under live fire. I think this is all part of the process for Coach McD. He has a plan and he’s sticking to it. I don’t think that the coach is doing it to justify a position of a draft pick. If so, I’ve completely misread McD’s intentions...just doesn’t jive with his personality or leadership style.
  5. I’ve been patiently waiting for @YoloinOhio to break the news! Who is backing up Matt Barkley vs the Titans??? I’ve not heard of any signings or roster moves as of yet. Are they hoping that Allen makes it out of protocol?
  6. National media has been targeting Gruden since week 2. I think Fangio and Quinn are circling the toilet. Disagree with Marrone. They’ve put together two wins after Foles went down and finally got Fornette some yards.
  7. I concede your point. Different views of the same car wreck. He looked out to me.
  8. To pile on here, he was definitely knocked out. I won’t be as definitive as @Boatdrinks but I’d say there is a high probability that he doesn’t play next week. Conspiracy theory: the concussion may offer Coach a medical reason to sit him to not only physically recover but to correct some of decision making issues by watching Barkley. Kind of insulating Allen from losing face... just a random thought.
  9. I noticed this too. It was weird. They had four or five coaches watching our warmups.
  10. Was at the game today and the whole crowd felt that the Bills were going to score on the drive that Allen got hurt on. I believe we would’ve scored if he wasn’t knocked out. The hit was dirty, I was sitting at the 40 and you could clearly see the DB target his head. The crowd reacted with chants of “#######.” Two of the interceptions actually happened at similiar positions on the field and against the same Defense. It seemed like the Pats played a Cover 1 Robber quite a bit today. I think that was the D that caused two of the picks. Other causal factor for pics: Josh continues to throw 50/50 balls where our receivers don’t go up and get them or just get beat for them. Not making excuses for the decisions on JA’s behalf but I think he will learn from this game today. McD obviously frustrated in the post game presser in that JA needs to take what the defense gives him. I’m still a little confused as to why Dabol left the run game so willingly. Last observation is that JA was too pumped up today for this game. I think with time, he’ll mature and not let his emotions impact his play as much. Talk of benching him is premature. He’ll be better after this concussion.
  11. Nasty! I think that WR has some broken ribs and a punctured lung. Wow!
  12. My favorite line of the article, “A few plays later I wrote this: “Holy [BLANK] Daboll is doing it.”” Well written piece. Thanks to OP for posting. Take the time to read it folks!
  13. I believe he also earned the dubious distinction of throwing an interception for eight different teams!
  14. I’m watching that game too...thanks CBS! Miami looks incredibly bad.
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