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  1. I don’t know. Jimmy G at 49ers?? Don’t know if they actually officially entered into the fray.
  2. It will be interesting to watch over the summer. The WR room has depth and competition. Might be some surprises at the end. I continue to worry about WR injuries like we had last year. These guys took a pounding last year and they culminated in the AFCCG.
  3. @D521646 good to see you Tim! Hope things are good for you. Schein did get this right!
  4. Gunner-can’t dispute the facts you lay out. But, I think Frank Reich will make Wentz better. The kid definitely needed to get out of a negative situation in Philly and reboot himself.
  5. I’m actually glad to see Epenesa get fired up during practice. Honestly, nothing to see here long term.
  6. Hey Ice! Thanks for dropping in. Best of luck with your season as well.
  7. Lenoir rhymes with out the door. Not cool in my opinion.
  8. I love Baldy! “Cody Ford hasn’t been that happy since he won the BIG12 championship....”. My vote is the Arizona comeback drive. Not only do I think that was the best drive of the season but the resulting Hail Murray pissed this team off and focused them on the rest of the season.
  9. I may have my head in the sand but I’m absolutely shocked that the first several pages of all of the board’s OTA press conference threads consist of COVID 19 vax discussions. I’m really surprised at the lack of football discussion. Please don’t interpret my post as a shot towards the posters or the discussion....I’m just honestly surprised that the vax is the dominant subject.
  10. Still can’t believe the Chargers moved to LA. They’ll always be the San Diego Super Chargers to me!
  11. Serious question: is Dak able to play yet? Will he be under center for this game?
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