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  1. Funny Girl is an idiot. I've seen some of the stuff she's posted online and I'd be surprised if she can spell her own name. Not Streisand and not even Barbra but Barb.
  2. Did you forget that Bob is a pothead and you are trying to convince him of anything?
  3. Lois Frankel from Florida takes a page out of AOC's antics and tries to cut down on Florida tourism. Meanwhile AOC just stated that her turning down 25,000 six figure jobs hasn't had any affect on Brooklyn.
  4. Hank Johnson just wondered out loud if California might tip upside down if it splits with the mainland. He further clarified his comments explaining that with all the mountains running down the middle of the state it could be just too top heavy to stay erect. Nancy Pelosi, obviously relieved, stated that California was fortunate to not have any fossil fuels to confuse the issue and that natural gas had turned out to be their savoir. Obama then opined and claimed New California as the 58th state. Meanwhile, Christine Blasey Ford, reknown professor at Berkley, cried that ever since coming out with her accusations against a serial raper she's felt tremors.
  5. Not exactly correct. Cash, in foreign currency was bundled on pallets and put on planes and went somewhere (Iraq or wherever). That amount was approximately 1.8 billion dollars. Another 150 billion dollars was released from Iran's frozen funds from 1979. Understanding Iran's propensity for funding terrorism around the world and killing Americans it would seem like we made a pretty poor deal. Further understanding that the mechanisms put in place for inspecting Iran's nuclear facilities were nothing short of a farce, we got suckered into paying another country who has vowed to destroy Israel and the USA money to do just that.
  6. The question was based on a false premise and could not be answered properly.
  7. Those are your little things? This certainly makes you appear as if you don't give ashit about anything but yourself.
  8. Nancy Pelosi just took the last one. Still want to join the fun?
  9. Why bring up all those asswholes? Some of them probably can't even read. Unless you're telling people to stick it up their ass or put it where the sun don't shine your comments make no sense. Sometimes simple, straight talk is the best. Besides there's less chance of using the wrong word that way.
  10. How can you be a teacher when you don't read, comprehend or learn anything? This started with someone posting the four democrats with the leading donations in the last month. I stated that Trump beat the four of them combined. You then went on a mission to change the parameters and prove me wrong based on your new contention. You continued to voice opinions to other posters without providing links. I told you that you needed to provide links and you told me to find them myself and eventually you provided a link to information that had nothing to do with the original premise. So, this all makes you an idiot, not worthy of receiving my attention. Gee, do all your threads turn into troll fests?
  11. You still don't get it do you? Don't try to post factual type things here without a link. All you ever did was move the goalposts and declare yourself the winner. I suggest that you leave this "toxic" place and fvck off.
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