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  1. Well that's a bold prediction. Is that fence getting a little too uncomfortable to be sitting on?
  2. But do they actually make that little or do they make market rate for the job they are doing? I was seeing signs all over for jobs here in WNY that paid $2 over minimum. My understanding is that Walmart is upping their minimum pay to $15 an hour by the end of the year.
  3. Who makes federal minimum wage? It's a non issue.
  4. The WHO's stance on not recommending a travel ban and saying there was nothing wrong with traveling to and from China was incomprehensible.
  5. At that point in time China had already shut down all of their movie theaters. Unless you think that they were all inhabited by bats, they are acting to prevent human to human transmission but claiming that it is impossible. China is guilty of first degree murder and needs to pay the price for it.
  6. From what I understand the virus itself is encapsulated and protected in a fat like substance and the warmer weather helps that fat naturally melt away. While the warmer weather is not a panacea it reduces the time necessary to naturally kill the virus. It won't change the dynamics of a person coughing in the face of another but it will reduce the time the virus is contagious on the grocery belt.
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