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  1. How about a HOF thread here at PPP? Your idea, you should be the OP.
  2. I don't know what difference it makes, they couldn't find anything against Trump even with the illegal spying.
  3. And JA is Maxine while Kemp is Mark Sanford, who tends to disappear with his pair a moors.
  4. There's a reason it needs a lime.
  5. Yenta comes from Yento which means Tiberius in Pig Latin.
  6. You are wrong but not worth my time. I see what an ass you have been towards DR and have concluded that you have no redeeming qualities and no matter what proof I provide you will never accept it. Why should I bother anymore with you?
  7. What with the slim margins in some states a few ill gotten votes can change the outcome. The dems are notorious for election fraud. It's understandable when they fight tooth and nail against such simple voting laws as voter I.D. I'm not going to prove anything to you, I've already been down this route and have proven it to myself. You can do the same thing by searching online. Good luck.
  8. That is not how that conversation went. Someone is lying.
  9. What you'll find is that certain precincts in large democratic party controlled cities have 100+% voting. Philadelphia is one and so is Los Angeles County who had an extra 1.5 million voters on their rolls. Google and take a deep dive for yourself.
  10. Maybe so but there are different versions of "Go Fish".
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Hillary and Bill Clinton just returned from an overnight vacation in Portugal. When asked by reporters regarding the purpose of the trip Hillary claimed it was for a long planned vacation in the sun.
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