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  1. I've forgotten many of the Bill's whole games in the past. It was intentional.
  2. It would appear that he had 2 concussions within 4 days. The way he stumbled and collapsed after the Milano shove has to tell any reasonable person that it was his first concussion that we know about. The 2nd concussion was like too much of a "bump" and caution should be used before getting him back on the field.
  3. Yes, let's have a $17,000,000 a year safety. Add up the secondary salaries once our new corners become really good and have a 60 million dollar secondary.
  4. Those jugg machines have an artificial feel. They're just not like the real thing.
  5. It works for me because I take it with my regular supplements as a matter of habit. My level is about 50% of daily requirements and that seems to be a happy medium that prevents cramps but doesn't cause any other problems. I experimented with other products and none seemed to work like this one. To each his own though and you guys who would prefer to rub your legs shouldn't deprive yourselves. -)
  6. At that distance a sand wedge might have been more appropriate.
  7. Try a product called "Cramp Defense", available on the internet. It has magnesium in it but it also has some other products that "buffer" the magnesium and doesn't mess with your lower tract. I used to wake up with leg and foot cramps all the time but have been taking this product for about two years and haven't once had a cramp and my stomach isn't affected.
  8. So, is this what accounts for the large spread?
  9. @Wayne ArnoldI objected to you calling all billionaires the dregs of society so you post an emoji laughing at my objection? If you disagree with me state your case, don't hide behind an emoji.
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