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  1. Of course she'll serve her 6-year term. She won't win the presidency.
  2. He has great name recognition and has won the Cliff Claven Award three years running, but also was voted the person you would least like to get stuck in an elevator with.
  3. 3rdnlng

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    He made up for it with his free commercials for "The Villages".
  4. 3rdnlng

    The Trump Shutdown

    One thing I've heard starting to come up again is the dems stating that they aren't going to allow a 2000 mile wall. For a year or so Trump has been saying he wants about 700 miles. Are the dems bringing up the 2000 mile wall position so they can cave but say they got Trump to cave on the amount of wall?
  5. I don't need no stinkin exploratory committee. I'm throwing my hat in the ring and the hell with the rest of you. Kinky Koko and Transitioning Tom won't last till their next periods.
  6. 3rdnlng

    Islamic Terrorism

    So, your way of ridiculing Tom is to call him a woman? Nice move.
  7. For the most part they took it pretty easy on Barr. Mazie Horono and Richard Blumenthal were asses and Kamala Harris was a little curt but the rest seemed to not go overboard. Corey Booker was actually somewhat complimentary. Barr is pretty squeaky clean and his confirmation is not the place to pick a fight. Yes they have to feed their base but they still have to keep the suburban women, and attacking a nominee as qualified as Barr is going to hurt them with those women. They should pick less of a slam dunk to make their stand.
  8. I didn't say clean up their actions. They know they took it on the chin over Kavanaugh, and they know they can't block Barr, so why not pretend to be bipartisan?
  9. 3rdnlng

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    And all the accompanying lies should get out in the open.
  10. China Lady just said that she thinks Barr will be approved. Maybe the dems would like to clean up their reputation and be bipartisan.
  11. He talks out his ass.
  12. Oh, I know. But when you first open the bag and see them in comparison to what I was used to, my immediate reaction was that I got screwed with a bag of sticks.