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  1. The feds told him that he lied when he didn't but then they brought the full force of the government against Flynn. He went broke defending himself.
  2. Ok Einstein, please explain what relevancy there is in how much different presidents paid in taxes during their first year in office.
  3. Seems like the feds pretty much tortured Flynn monetarily though.
  4. This post and its inference is about as stupid as a post can get. It puts your serious lack of any shred of brain power on full display.
  5. Hey Gleeful Gator, you already have Stupid Poster of the Month sewed up for September, no need to pile on. Save your ammunition for October, I've heard 3rd Chair is going to put a big push on for your title.
  6. I am not going to read this whole thread. While something might have been added here in the last 18 hours that would prove me wrong it appears as if the NYT's is following the Schiff way of releasing information. Hide the real info but interpret it for the masses. Actually I give Schiff too much credit. This was the schtick medieval priests used by making themselves the spokesperson for God with their prayers and sermons in Latin.
  7. We used to hear that becoming energy independent was impossible because it would take us 10 years to do so. Today the USA is energy independent because we not only set out to do so but were fortunate to discover and utilize fracking. Fracking has been a Godsend to our country and possibly the world. You are dead set against it but praise renewables that have made very little difference in reducing carbon emissions. In your own words you claim that solutions don't have to be perfect but the least crappy one. Here is an article from Slate that is 8 years old. I searched using the words fracking, reduction and carbon emissions. I quit perusing the different articles after 3 pages but chose one from a notoriously liberal source. https://slate.com/technology/2012/09/thanks-to-fracking-u-s-carbon-emissions-are-at-the-lowest-levels-in-20-years.html It is my understanding that we here import much of our lumber. I could imagine a government/private industry partnership that would allow logging on federal/state lands along with simultaneously cleaning, thinning our forests and creating fire breaks. Returning to paper bags instead of disposable plastic bags might be a solution for some of the deadfall along with standing timber. We need to daily bitchslap faux environmentalists that protest against trimming tree branches around electrical lines while whole communities burn down. Our energy independence, along with our ability to export energy products places us in a position to dictate outcomes around the world. The Middle East has given us trouble and blackmailed us for decades because they had the oil. Russia, clearly not our friend, relies on oil and natural gas for their main income. We can use our energy independence to shape outcomes around the world. While many may dislike hearing this and I don't find it a perfect solution to the world's problems I see it as the "least crappy one". As far as California goes it is an overpopulated irrigated desert without enough water to support its residents. Their efforts would be better spent looking for solutions such as desalination plants rather than bullet trains. The problem though is that they have given away their ability to actually make bold decisions because of their deep seated government pension deficits. They are the perfect example of failed liberal policies.
  8. There was a secret memo changing the rules and allowing the defender to have his foot in the crease.
  9. Ok, every game this year I've lost reception for at least part of the time and the Bills have of course won them all. Should I disconnect my cable for part of the next game?
  10. Tom Ridge caved to the teachers union in PA 20 years ago by increasing their pensions by 50% and reducing their vesting time from 10 years to 5. He's just another RINO, trying to ingratiate himself and his consulting firm to D.C. insiders.
  11. I beg to differ with you. In order for a person to embarrass themselves they must not live up to expectations. Nobody has any expectations of Slime beyond the spewing out of vitriol and the inadvertent fun he makes of himself. Try as he might, he hasn't as of yet learned to slither.
  12. https://www.whec.com/politics/nypd-should-stop-making-traffic-stops-attorney-general-says/5874695/?cat=10056&fbclid=IwAR1lOEPjV7O91CLLE2KnWm8sf4apit7nonOPaDeJ9O_PEVvfaueQ6TH5xgI What a dumbass idea.
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