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  1. I don't have him on official "ignore" but I ignore him each and every time he posts. Nobody should ever believe anything he posts. He already has broken one promise and doesn't deserve another chance.
  2. It's all good now until the next time. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/micheleblood/2019/06/07/twitter-temporarily-shuts-down-shut-up-about-politics-n2547766 Award-winning country music artist John Rich took to Twitter to alert fans that the platform had deemed a link to download his wildly popular “Shut Up About Politics” song as “potentially harmful” or a “violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service.” “Hey, @twitter you’ve deemed the #1 most downloaded song in country music to be harmful and in violation of your terms? 100% of the proceeds to to @FoldsofHonor. You need to fix this,” five-time Grammy-nominated Rich tweeted on Friday morning. “FANS: Pls help me spread this message,” 45-year-old Rich added, tagging Fox News’ “The Five” hosts Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld and appending a screenshot of the warning.
  3. Yes, Norma Jean Kennedy died under suspicious circumstances but that's nothing compared to the rumors that she was reincarnated as Chelsea Clinton, thus preventing (I think) Bill from fulfilling his long time desire to take JFK's seconds. This is nothing compared to the investigations I have going on regarding the connections between "The day the music died" characters and Sonny Bono's death.
  4. I'd have tried to pick up the glass and immediately spilled it all over the table and floor. If I was really in a pissy mood I'd then tell the waitress to expect a lawsuit for ruining my breakfast.
  5. Reparations? LBJ just came out of his grave lamenting that he hadn't thought of them. Reports are that George Wallace overheard him say "If I'd have thought of giving those N****** reparations instead of signing the Civil Rights Act, I could have had them voting democrat for the next 200 years without having to treat them as equals".
  6. I had heard that Portland, Maine was a major destination too. I can picture these new lobstermen from the Congo enjoying the February weather when a Nor' easter comes barreling into to their fishing grounds.
  7. I heard those 737 Max's were a little faster. Also the Dominican Republic has a special on hotel rooms and free mini bar if you want to break up your trip.
  8. You've got to hand it to Trump. He's taking on all of the hard issues.
  9. I spent a couple decades in the real estate development business. Simply put, every project will have problems with some of them being insurmountable, some of them not worth the extra effort while a few of them get done. The process is as such: Identify what you are trying to accomplish. Identify what kind of a location will work Identify a location See if that location will fit within municipal parameters Make an agreement with numerous contingencies with the owner. Go to work Until you get to the "go to work" stage you have nothing. Once you get to the "go to work stage" you have a tentative deal. Nothing that I've heard regarding any Russian Trump Tower deal that they had even identified a specific location, much less had a tentative deal. Tiberius, aka HAHA Gator, Gleeful Gator and Village Idiot has had the above explained to him several times. He refuses to learn and will forever be the ignorant person he chooses to be. As far as Bill Clinton goes, he's just a washed up pedophile who frequented the "Lolita Express" with his good buddy Epstein. He and his enabling wife deserve to be shunned and banished from society.
  10. Or they can claim to have "dirt" but come up with a nothing burger and the president can dismiss it completely like his son did with the Trump Tower meeting.
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