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  1. Orion belongs in the sky. Does it make sense now?
  2. Many of us here have joined another site called billsfans.com for more adult conversations in the political realm. As you probably have noticed, this place's political site has been overrun with foolish trolls making it virtually uninhabitable. We would like to invite you to join us for good discussion without the clutter created by trolls. Come on over!

  3. Yes, the wrong problem is being identified as what's ruining PPP.
  4. Horseshit. We had posters that continued to post the same memes over and over or copied and pasted (in one instance) the same sentence 10 f'n times in a thread within an hour. Posters who made it obvious that they were only interested in bringing this place down. It simply became unbearable here and nobody would do a damn thing about it. This is why people are moving on. It's not the moderation because there always will be some disagreement with that but the issue is the avalanche of crap posters who invaded this place.
  5. Hunter Biden was a self admitted crack addict. Addicts will do strange things so shooting the messenger is not appropriate. What's important here is that at the very minimum Joe Biden allowed himself to be used in a bribery scheme for the financial benefit of the Biden clan. Joe was either behind the scheme or simply didn't have the balls to resist it. You are trying to deflect from the story purely for political reasons and are willing to have a corrupt person, beholden to foreign entities be our president. It is obvious that Joe Biden's mental capacity is diminished from a very low starting
  6. If they are paying attention and not listening to the advertising going on with the hundreds of millions of dollars supplied to the DNC by mega donors then yes, Trump may win. Trump is pragmatic and a bulldog. There's no doubt in my mind that he will get the economy going again. Joe would ***** it up like everything he has done throughout his whole life.
  7. Carter not only lost because the economy sucked but because he was such a pessimist. His idea of fighting the energy crisis was to put on an extra sweater and turn the thermostat down. Reagan was like a breath of fresh air and had his own MAGA program proposed in a much more artful way. Bush 41's economy was turning upward as Clinton with the help of Ross Perot beat him. Without Perot being in the race Bush would have won easily.
  8. Seriously? The article you linked to was over a year old and simply parroted the dems line before their attempts to impeach Trump. It has no bearing on the information that has recently come out.
  9. Are you forgetting Joe Biden's self admitted bullying of the Ukraine government into firing the main prosecutor of son Hunter's employer? I know it was just a mere billion dollars that he refused to release but c'mon man.
  10. You may not know this but do the world a favor and don't try to glue your rubbers back together. We have the gene pool to consider. What, you're afraid of people giving themselves the virus?
  11. Already been discussed and Kamala came away in first place.
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