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  1. She's fallen for every play action fake since 2006.
  2. I think the Bills will be taking the Steelers temperature in ways that the Steelers will not like.
  3. BREAKING NEWS: It was learned by this reporter that President Biden is meeting in Delaware this week with the Chinese Communist Party Director of Fine Art along with Hunter Biden and his banker/lawyer/entertainment director, and Hunter's personal trainer pictured below. Since this meeting has no bearing on the presidency no logins will be required or released to the public.
  4. Biden has accomplished what no one thought possible. He's made that guy in Canada, Trudeau look as if he's halfway competent. If it wasn't for Trudeau losing his fake eyebrows he might be going unnoticed.
  5. I was cruising by with this link in my back pocket and realized what a disservice I'd be doing if I didn't at least stop by and post something for the good of all of the Biden admirers here.
  6. It's called a microphone on a boom with some media intern moving it from questioner to questioner. Either that or if they don't really answer the question, who's to know?
  7. BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown reports that #17, some guy named Jodi(?) Allen is scheduled to start under center.
  8. Orion belongs in the sky. Does it make sense now?
  9. Many of us here have joined another site called billsfans.com for more adult conversations in the political realm. As you probably have noticed, this place's political site has been overrun with foolish trolls making it virtually uninhabitable. We would like to invite you to join us for good discussion without the clutter created by trolls. Come on over!

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