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  1. He has had nobody to toughen him up for debates with Trump. He won't be used to answering tough questions.
  2. I just can't get out of my mind the time the governor explained how to deal with a baby that didn't want to come out of the womb dead because of an aborted attempt at a last minute abortion. Seems like I remember his particular protocol was to ask the mother if she wanted him to kill the baby or let it live.
  3. Go into a Walmart or a Dick's Sporting Goods store and look at the shelves. Walmart basically has no TVs for sale or bicycles or fishing equipment. I wanted to outfit my two GS with bass fishing equipment and the shelves were pretty bare at both places. All I could do is scrape together a couple "starter kits". I noticed that Walmart had an abundance of fans and they were made here in the USA. Looks to me like there is a great opportunity for domestic manufacturers to maybe at least partially fill the gap.
  4. Wow, stellar choices there, CNN. More at the link: Added: Good God , the V word is a perfectly fine, anatomical word ! A little Black Velvet?
  5. See all As nouns the difference between precision and preciseness is that precision is the state of being precise or exact; exactness while preciseness is the condition of being precise; precision. is used for exact or precise measurement. Nov 4 2019 Don't you ever get sick of being wrong?
  6. You can't discuss anything because you have nothing but to make up personal crap about me. You aren't worth responding to. You are devoid of substance. ***** off.
  7. Change your name or account all you want but that doesn't make you any less of a dick.
  8. Not only do you have no substance but your so called sharp legal mind misses little things like grammar and spelling. No wonder you have never made it past 3rd Chair status with your lack of preciseness.
  9. What a crockofshit response to each of us. You have no substance whatsoever. No wonder you are called 3rd Chair.
  10. We have the ultimate power over Russia because we can control their economy somewhat due to our ability to export energy. Now I know it's not that simple but by working with our domestic producers we can manipulate prices and make Russia ourbitch. It's not something that can be done on the drop of a hat but it is something that can be a more lengthy and far reaching retaliation.
  11. He's been posting "Wide Right" here for years. Because he's a dick.
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