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  1. 3rdnlng

    Trump and Russia

  2. 3rdnlng

    Trump and Russia

    You can say that again, assmudgeon.
  3. 3rdnlng

    Vote DC Tom in 2020!

    Didn't you make a promise you'd leave if someone guessed your secret? I guessed your secret.
  4. 3rdnlng

    Trump and Russia

    A term of endearment.
  5. 3rdnlng

    Vote DC Tom in 2020!

    There's good reason he had to cut out each pic from a magazine. He needs to stay as anonymous as a kidnapper with thatshit.
  6. This right here people-----------------------HAHA Gator has come out and stated what we already knew to be true. He likes his politics more than he likes his country. He is the anti-patriot.
  7. The reason Paul Manafort was brought into the Trump campaign was for the sole purpose of helping with a brokered convention. His duties and length of stay were limited and to characterize him as Trump's campaign manager is dubious.
  8. The TDS people in Congress and the MSM are insisting that Mueller's report be handed over or released in its entirety. It's a red herring. They know damn well that some things will have to be redacted or Barr's report will leave them out for legal reasons. This is their way of discrediting Mueller's report, all for the sake of saying that bad things are being hidden. Has it ever been more apparent that theseshits care more about their politics than their country?
  9. 3rdnlng

    The Thread For Greg's Stashes

    Hope your friend ends up being found alive, Foxx.
  10. 3rdnlng

    Bills host OG Quinton Spain from Titans

    Well, that's sure to up the penalties. Maybe we should encourage Allen to throw to the wide receivers instead?
  11. Sorry Doc, but you very well could be wrong. You're forgetting HRC and gang.
  12. Really, after months of you treating people like a dick I finally call you a dick and you label me as a "name caller"? Listen, you earned that moniker fair and square and I have every right to refer to you as such.
  13. How many of the 30 some indictments are Russians who did things like post crap on Facebook? 26, you disingenuous twit.