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  1. Phins will draft a later QB, likely a 3rd or 4th rounder. Tua had a ton of upside when drafted...he was hurt afterall.
  2. They could have had Pitts, who is a generational talent. Now they need to cross their fingers ATL and CIN dont take him. I think Pitts is well above those other guys. BTW cannot stress how I 💘 them letting Godchaux, Lawson, and Van Noy walk. Phins are kidding themselves, and they've gotten worse.
  3. I honestly think Miami's rise is "severely" overrated. I don't like what they've done, and I'm not in love with their direction. For starters, Im not a believer in Tua. Nor was i a fan of throwing Tua in over Fitz. They keep jettisoning solid players for draft picks, yet the drafting has been so so. Draft picks are great, but you've got to draft players, keep them, and coach them. Let alone build a culture, etc... The trading back cuteness got the Pats in steady decline. They hit on a few, but missed elite players. I see similiar stuff happening in Miami.
  4. Sure, and QB flux where teams could stack boxes. Still had over 1500 AP yards and 16 total TDs. Regression or not, I'm pretty comfortable Etienne is a huge upgrade.
  5. Tough to turn this around on the fans. Singletary was pretty inefffective and mostly deserved some critique.
  6. Love it. I prefer Etienne or Toney as gadget guy, but would love Hariss.
  7. My big belief is that the pass rush was not a total disaster last year and we may be stronger rushing as well in 2021 for a few reasons; A. I like the potential of this new Efe dude. B. Addison may play better. C. Healthier Milano amd Edwards good for blitzes. D. Epenesa flashed and I see promise. E. Whole DL may click better w a healthy, rested, Star back in.
  8. My #1 Target is Kaderious Toney This is the electric guy we need. Year one he fills in for Andre KR/PR and we ease him into McKenzie role. Keep in mind, Sanders is a 1 year deal. McKenzie is still likely a fill in guy who will always be under the gun. I personally think McKenzie has too limited a use to be a long term. #2 choice for that first pick is Etienne #3 is Hariss #4 BPA Bills are in great shape with this pick.
  9. The world of copyright trademarks is vastly different across these areas. It's very complex and anyone, even an experienced copyright/trademark/ patent saavy lawyer would say there are no absolutes and you are potentially very very wrong. My point is there are no slam dunks. But I would wager the Snyder legal team is far craftier and more resouceful than you or I, let alone Mr. Macaulay. As for your question, I'm not going to head into or tie up the thread any longer. There are numerous ways to challenge the validity of copyright, pursue fraud, or find avenues in fair use. If your
  10. Ha...just I knew you were going to come at the angle of "im a lawyer" type reply. If you were, and you offered any kind of support for the notion that deep pocketed entities did not have a serious advantage in these situations...you're offering "marginal" insight... Obviously you did not even read the cited article in the chain, which also has a legal expert supporting my own belief that this man has a threadbare shot of whatever his goals are: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/washington-redskins-name-trademark-martin-mccaulay/ Let's further look at the guy's we
  11. Yeah you're simply not correct. I love the snarky know it all answer, but you're just not accurate. There are ways to challenge the validity of a copyright, and there are also angles with fair use. Examples you cite are likely a poor comparison. Website URLs are not comparable, The money of the WFT to pursue in court is far greater than this one uppity dude with a half ass trash website is pretty pretentious. It takes money to fight appeals and pursue in court. WFT has more money, and likely can craft a legitimate challenge or exhaust this dudes ability to
  12. That dude has no case on his team names...an NFL team would eat him for breakfast. Website actually lies and says the name is going to be used for flag team? I thought Washington United should have been the name. The name is used by several teams, so copyrights would be marginal and it would sister up with DC United. I dont know about Snyder selling the team as a factor. He's still a businessman and could have sold a lot ofmerchandise.
  13. From PFF today in ref to best free agents left: 21. WR SAMMY WATKINS Once looking like a future star, Watkins has leveled off as a complementary receiver over the past few years. He’s never gotten back to his career-high 89.8 grade in 2015, though he posted solid grades between 69.0 and 74.0 from 2016 to 2019 across three different teams. Watkins’ 64.4 overall grade in 2020 is the lowest of his career, though he always seems good for a couple of dominant games per season, and last year it showed up at the right time during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl run. Contract Analysis: W
  14. Firechan.... Down graded punter... Restructured Matekevich.... Went w rookie kicker last year.... Let pricey but good KR walk.... What are you blathering about?
  15. Your not reading the part that says 2020 gaurenteed money was rolled over into 21 league calender day. I dont believe clinical obesity was one of the NFLs qualifying high risk conditions.
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