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  1. Its not the same as a choke out but the Vagus nerve hit in neck can knock you out and cause all the problems we saw. Damage to that nerve could even be worse and more chronic than a concussion.
  2. If that nerve got damaged it could be a huge issue for him. Might be worse than a concussion.
  3. The game plan on offense was terrible. Stubborn Daboll weather game part 1. Your right about D though...espcially when you watch that one again...the problem was tackling...bad angles....not scheme.
  4. It was Zimmers first game and we did reshuffling on Dline. Murph got benched. Bryan Cox Jr got a lot of PT.
  5. Storylines we will see; -Rematch of 1993 AFC Championship. -Andy Reid understudy Mcdermot from Eagles. -Chiefs ran all over us last time. -Maybe Chiefs traded w us to draft Mahomes.
  6. Me too. Im not keen on us backdooring in. Wanted this game all season. Last time that happened Bo went out and we won 51-3 but lost to G Men.
  7. I don't think I've ever seen somebody get so wobbly from a concussion in a game. Part of me would be surprised if it wasn't a missed game for him....My first reaction was that he actually hurt something else like his neck or shoulder. Or that other injury he had in foot got worse.
  8. I agree. Heck we could have won that downpour game if we had made a few plays.
  9. My guess is they will run on us. We played great this week on D, but with Henne and how they did earlier, they are going to run.
  10. You can get concussed without a hit to the head. That hit to the back might have done it.
  11. Well we did run effectively on that drive to start the 2nd half. I just didnt get doing these deep passes w the wind instead. It was the same stubborn weather stuff we saw in Chiefs game. I just was not a fan of the 1st half playcalling...in some spots.
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