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  1. Yep, then let a lot of talent walk. Defense just eroded. Mistake to not resign guys like Judon.
  2. Team looks scared. I've never seen anything like this.
  3. A lot of folks gas bagging on here, trying to impress everyone and be the expert. It's pretty simple and reasonable to believe that if the Doc was fired, there is some cause. It's also reasonable to believe that cause was that the protocol was not followed or there was some degree of malpractice or negligence. Essentially we have confirmed what we've been saying here for a week.
  4. Shefty read it the other day, something about showing signs of loss of motor reflex at any time following.
  5. Or both DL out...starting center, back up center, WRs go out , RT .... Whut..? We could have won w/o Hyde poyer bro...half team went out.
  6. Refs really sculpted this game...what do I mean? I thought Knox should have drawn a helmet to helmet contact on one play. I thought Allen had 2 uncalled facemasks. Allen should have drawn a low hit on QB uncalled. Benford PI bull####... Tua late hit on Milano completely uncalled for. Quesenberry hold unknown validation as it was never replayed. Tua cleared protocol is the silliest; he was delirious on field. You cant have this many lop sided calls in one game.
  7. Tua being let back in the game is a huge head scratcher. He was visibly incoherent w altered motor skills on the field. That is a mandatory deadline .
  8. This game felt "sculpted" by the refs. BTW, ugh on Milano dropped INT . We win if he catches that.
  9. One of the weirdest games I've ever seen. How did the phins win?
  10. Let's talk about the phantom Quisenberry hold. Super late? Let's see the replay? Important play? Waiting for the film on that one.
  11. Watching some of the coverage on Miami kinda pisses me off. We struggle for respect after turning things around, essentially regularly making the playoffs during the Mc D era, winning , yes being usually flawed, but often facing a sea of haters or doubt. Now maybe for the last year we get more love, but that year after the Texans it still took a long time to convince people we were good, and even now folks still talk about that year we played the Texans as some sort of 'bad' season for Josh. I just feel people are too spring loaded to buy into this phins team. Tua looks bad for 2 years, has an AVG game versus a weak Pats team and 1 sick half versus the Ravens and suddenly they are the golden era 49ers.
  12. Etienne looks very timid and soft. Glad we passed on him now.
  13. A lot of ex Bills looking good so far. Trubisky, OJ Howard, Hughes, heck Ray Ray McCloud had nice block.
  14. Von Miller..... unbelievable. He was so fast and quick. Never seen a faster DL. He may have 20 sacks this year.
  15. The Kool aid is just flowing uncontrollably. I'm so uncomfortable in this spot as a fan. We usually blow this stuff.
  16. I think Howard is also toast. I don't love us keeping 4 TEs and then let's not forget Gillam. That allows usay e the leeway to keep an extra WR or Blackshear. I'd rather cut the cord on Howard and bring in a couple PS TEs to develop. Is Howard PS eligible?
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