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  1. I don't think it sent any message, except that it was a bad call and refs double suck.
  2. Almost unbearable gushing about Mike white on the Jets broadcast , really they are jumping the gun here there's a reason why he was benched before.
  3. NFL channel should fire MJD he sucks. I'm not just saying that.... He genuinely seems like he is above everything and everyone.
  4. I don't think the Pats will be a contender under Bill. Just think he's lost it.
  5. Bills have dominated the LOS. One bad give up on defense. Really proud how we've masked the LT issues. This team is tough guys.
  6. Gonzalez kinda being a diva. I don't mind the coverage team. I like Michaels. Problem is w the clunky feed that seems to twitch and lag.
  7. Cook has played well, but stumbled a lot. He may want to check his cleats.
  8. Gives me warm fuzzies of Leonard Russell, John Stephens, John Von...
  9. You did not listen to Von when he said had to wait a few days and once swelling goes down can get a better picture. Von kinda exaggerated about Jets game. He's an optimist....
  10. Chronic woman beater it seems. POS. Good riddance to his career.
  11. Can return for Bengals game. Next man up.
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