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  1. Of course it would mean clearing cap and restructuring several guys deals. There are projections on several other threads, and the notion the Bills are in cap hell is vastly overrated. It would also be contingent on a new deal for Donald. A cap friendly deal. I'm pretty confident in the creative contract work of Bean. Listen, I think our Dline was actually pretty good for most of the year , but we are talking Daquan Jones and Von Miller being healthy...this is about being a cruel machine in the playoffs.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/rams/.amp/news/los-angeles-rams-espn-jalen-ramsey-leonard-floyd-aaron-donald-trade Rams open to trade. Could be the blockbuster move that sets the tone for next year. Obviously we'd need to shift money around and likely get him a new deal...but... I am liking the idea.
  3. I feel this defense is fine to build on. Just need to tweak some items. Adjustments. We have to stop tackling high and need a few more studs in the secondary. Obviously, we need the D-line, Miller and Jones back and tweak a couple players to get more of a consistent rush. If we had an elite penetrating DT this defense would be amazing. Whatever happened versus the Bengals was a shame. I don't have an explanation for the game. Neither the poor call to give such soft cushion in coverage or why our Dline got no push against a weak OL. I felt like our players struggled for footing in the snow, whereas the Bengals did not, a fact that still mystifies me. Frankly, offense has to stop turning the ball over. That puts a lot on the Defense.
  4. Not to paint this about the Bills but seems the AFC runners up always blow up/ get fired up vs us then blow it in championship.
  5. Refs were terrible this game. The call was ok...but it was a call that definitely would take effect on the outcome. I would have thrown the flag. Unbelievable poor choice by Ossai.
  6. I'm not going to totally disagree here, but there is a counter. We've beat physical teams. We've met their intensity. We met the Colts intensity in the playoffs in 2020 then , the next year got pounded by them. Beat the 49ers in a very physical game out west that same year. That was a tough defense. We beat a physical Lamar led Ravens team in the playoffs that year, also beat them this year after getting roughed up in the first half.
  7. One thing outright is I thought the team looked timid in the snow and on uneasy footing the whole game. It was like it was in our players heads, but not effecting the Bengals. They looked lost in the snow.
  8. I thought he was good in that game. Mainly stupid fumbles and turnovers toward the end. Honestly, you could argue Defense blew it that game just as easily as 13 seconds.
  9. The weird analysis and mainstream breakdown of the Bills is just so aggravating.
  10. Nick Wright and Cowherd's thoughts are insane. Coward ranting how McDaniel outcoached McD 3 times. It's damn ridiculous. He didn't watch the games, while I'm not going to boast about Mdermots in game tactics, it was clearly turnovers that have done it. That tells me he just doesn't watch the game. McDaniel was a clown in this game and made many serious gaffs. The Allen regression line is equally as stupid. First off, Allen isn't a project or development project anymore...he's a finished product and hopefully he works on his mistakes like any pro. There's no gd regression. The notion he is even in a slump, is a stretch, and comes from a few bad throws and low stat games where we ran for 200+ yards.
  11. Bengals lost 2 more starters this game on OL and looked a lot different when their LT left. Looked like a serious knee injury. Gotta get pass rush home.
  12. Couple of thoughts: I'm most worried about Bengals pass rush getting to Allen. In a perfect world with an open minded OC this would be a Motor Cook Hines game. Baltimore ran all over them, and while those big backs moved bodies and got extra yards, Ravens left even more yards on the field as the holes were huge. Gus and Dobbins could not hit them fast enough and neither guy has breakaway speed. So in short; run the damn ball. We have to have better plans to drive the field. Plz, give me a few more screens and WR passes. Unleash running Allen. It is the time. Ball control, clock discipline, mistakes all need to get under control. O line really needs to pick it up. Gut check time.
  13. I wonder what to take to get him. Heck ya, I would be interested. Then again...at what price? I think Hopkins has great hands and will have a long career, but he's going to be # 2 here. Just a matter of cost. He's probably my #1 guy to look into this year.
  14. Tua is living rent free in many of your heads. It's annoying as hell. We've put up nearly 5 hunny per game against them. Who cares whose QB?
  15. Honestly, he did a pretty good job during the bulk of this streak. We ran the ball very well and had some good balance to play calling. This game was kind of a regression. Most of my blame goes on the playcalling, but Josh deferred on a few noticable easy completions.
  16. I thought he had an outstanding year. No doubt he would have put up some big #s v cincy. Most of Allen's lost fumbles this year were genuinely QB pressured hits while passing as opposed to goofy running fumbles. We have to get this guy more YAC and more screens.
  17. Yes. I think chance of jets winning w Flacco going down to Miami is low . ...also think Brownies beating Pitt in Pitt is unlikely too. Strange energy from Brownies. Both happening at once even more unlikely. Pretty happy with notion of playing Pitt or Miami in Buff.
  18. I don't think the Bengals are that great. Was not impressed by them from the Pats game.
  19. My grill got picked up by the wind and tossed 30 feet. RIP My grill.
  20. If you take away a bad first drive on defense, the Bills played decent. Allen played ok as well...had a couple bad throws that show up in the stat line but 3 other TDs . Given some special teams goofs w weather nearly put up a 40 burger.
  21. I'll give them Allen should have got a grounding penalty. The Mckittrick no-catch was the worst call of the game, ball movement was minimal and hand moved with ball, under control. It was a brutal call.
  22. I saw the poster on Facebook and thought it was just a joke. Fake poster...but no...it's real...
  23. I'm with you. I thought the bills were going to roll last night.
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