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  1. NFL channel should fire MJD he sucks. I'm not just saying that.... He genuinely seems like he is above everything and everyone.
  2. I don't think the Pats will be a contender under Bill. Just think he's lost it.
  3. Bills have dominated the LOS. One bad give up on defense. Really proud how we've masked the LT issues. This team is tough guys.
  4. Gonzalez kinda being a diva. I don't mind the coverage team. I like Michaels. Problem is w the clunky feed that seems to twitch and lag.
  5. Cook has played well, but stumbled a lot. He may want to check his cleats.
  6. You did not listen to Von when he said had to wait a few days and once swelling goes down can get a better picture. Von kinda exaggerated about Jets game. He's an optimist....
  7. Can return for Bengals game. Next man up.
  8. Cosell is wrong. First off Bills have a top NFL talent at QB that alone is huge. What he adds in the running game and passing is incredible. Then they have a top, hall of Fame, WR, a top 10 LT , likely a top 10 RB and a top 10 TE. Knox and Singletary are incredibly talented guys. I think motor would get 1k yearly in other offenses. Our online is mediocre. But we have the LT and a pro bowl caliber player at C. Stack this up versus the Chiefs, as someone else pointed out, or the Ravens, or the Titans, frankly it's on the level.
  9. I don't get some of the hate for Beasley here. Is it still the COVID stuff? He was a warrior for us. And his specific component is what the offense has been missing. If he's in shape, I'd take him back easy. I'm not sure what happened with him in Tampa...it was a real down field attack so maybe he just had trouble learning the offense and saw he was not a fit. Would not be the first time we brought back someone who was a misfit elsewhere. Phillips, Lawson, Marlowe, etc.. Contrast with Smoke Brown who's return most folks are happy about. I'd be happy to see Beezer back.
  10. NFL needs to stop calling pancake blocks holding
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