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  1. Hard to follow and see all players, especially DT’s. These should make people feel better about Oliver.
  2. Should we trade for JJ ? A bit old and built like a receiver. I do think Rerun could be a 1 tech and replace Star though.
  3. I was at that game, i remember AZ punting and it got caught in the wind and ended up behind the punter. Worst weather ever, rain, sleet, hail etc all with wicked wind, totally sucked and yes the drive home was terrible especially soaked. A few weeks later i was able to be in a suite during good weather thinking about how bad my luck was not having them reversed.
  4. Well i think it's an excellent idea and Coach Lynn should totally keep Tyrod as the starter until at least oh let's say after week 12 to be sure.
  5. The deuce you say! I will wear my shocked face for the rest of the night 😮
  6. That’s totally fake BS. Everyone knows he never memorized anything. the calls are whispered to him from Ernie Adams through the special helmet.
  7. Browns ........... “This wasn’t no business move,” he says. “This was personal. They thought they’d send me here to die.” (The Giants declined to comment on Beckham’s exit.) These, though, are not those same Browns. Beckham believes he’s perfectly matched with Kitchens, an imaginative schemer, and Mayfield
  8. Dat

    Diggs VS draft

    Yes, that's what I'm thinking. Plus the fact that he was more of a know commodity (separation, catch rate, 1000 yd season) is worth something. As much as the rookies may look great only time will tell if they can perform at the next level consistently, and when they have to go against the #1 CB or double covered.
  9. https://www.spotrac.com/research/nfl/contract-comparison-ramsey-vs-white-1087/ Contract Comparison: Ramsey vs. White Jalen Ramsey’s 5 year $100M extension Total Value: $100M (1st) AAV: $20M (1st) AAV % of Cap: 10% (1st) 1-Year 1 Cash: $26.2M (1st) 2-Year Cash: $43.7M (1st) 3-Year Cash: $58.7M (1st) 4-Year Cash: $75.7M (1st) Guarantee at Signing: $43.7M (2nd) Practical Guarantees: $71.2M (1st) Signing Bonus: $25M (1st) Tre’Davious White’s 4 year $69M extension Total Value: $69M (5th AAV: $17.25M (2nd) AAV % of Cap: 8.7% (3rd) 1-Year 1 Cash: $18.75M (6th) 2-Year Cash: $37M (3rd) 3-Year Cash: $48M (3rd) 4-Year Cash: $58.1M (4th) Guarantee at Signing: $36.7M (3rd) Practical Guarantees: $55.25M (2nd) Signing Bonus: $10.5M (11th) Concluding Thoughts When Jalen Ramsey’s deal was announced, it was clear as day that Tre’Davious White’s contract wasn’t in the same stratosphere. However, with the details now laid out in front of us, it’s clear that White’s deal isn’t even 2ND amongst his position in many of the major categories. Buffalo scored a fairly team-friendly deal from their All-Pro DB. In terms of Ramsey, did the Rams reach too high? As many have noted, the trade compensation that brought Jalen to LA (two first round picks & a 4th round pick) immediately pushed his contract demands to a new level. Subsequently, the WR market continued to rise this summer, with DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, & Amari Cooper eclipsing the $20M mark. The cornerback market has long been trying to keep up with the rise of the WR numbers, so the push to $20M was always in play here, and Ramsey’s base value reaches that plateau exactly. Who benefits next? The player most likely to see a financial gain isn’t even a cornerback. Newly acquired Seahawks safety Jamal Adams now sits as the next player to be traded for two first rounds picks (plus a 3rd, & a player) with his eyes on a sophomore contract extension. The current high bar at safety is Budda Baker’s new $14.75M mark, a figure Adams should easily surpass in a year or so (his contract will not be addressed until after the 2020 season per terms of the trade).
  10. Dat

    Diggs VS draft

    You may have missed this in my post "I understand it's one game, means virtually nothing and "get back to me after the season" applies." But thanks. Although, I pay Diggs for the exact reason you bring up. With no offseaon or preseason he is worth the difference in pay if the Bills want to win now.
  11. Dat

    Diggs VS draft

    Totally positive. I love me some John Brown, but he is a quiet humble guy. Diggs is a vocal vet with passion to pump everyone up, call them out, help them out and be a leader in the WR room is just an added bonus. The discussions he was having with everyone including Allen during practice that some reporters were trying to make into a big deal was just him trying to make the team better to me. His interview after the game saying he enjoyed seeing Allen having fun and promoting that all game, He a dogg
  12. Dat

    Diggs VS draft

    Totally agree. Also, in terms of catches and yards he is a known factor and as a #1 has their attention and best CB &/or double where the rookies likely had their catches vs #2 or #3, although i turned the game off it did look like Jeudy was getting attention early.
  13. I was curious about the rookie WR's and started looking their game 1 stats up. Thought in case anyone else was interested I would post. I understand it's one game, means virtually nothing and "get back to me after the season" applies. In the order of the draft REC Yds Targets Diggs 8/86 9 Ruggs 3/55 5 Jeudy 4/56 8 Lamb 5/59 6 Reagor 1/55 4 Jefferson 2/26 3 Aiyuk 0/0 Higgins 0/0 Pittman 2/10 Shenault 3/37 Hamler 0/0 Claypool 2/39 Jefferson 1/31 Mims 0/0 Gibson 2/8 Bowden 0/0 Edwards 1/9 Duverny 1/12 Davis 2/16 GandyG 0/0
  14. Damn, they even upgraded the pens! Beane always making improvements. Love this signing and that players really want to stay here.
  15. Called Knox "Mr. Stiff Arm" ? Too funny.
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