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  1. “The Pegula's own a Record Label in Nashville.” So you’re saying they can be had for a song? I like it.
  2. Hey who's that tall lanky dude #18 on the Giants in the clip at 8th? Looked like a guy that could help Josh a lot smooth crisp and caught the ball, we should trade for him even though probaby too young for McD. 👿
  3. My VHS tapes tell me otherwise. Right now the bills are up 41-3 at the half against the raiders and I feel good. Now get off my lawn.
  4. That's exactly how I want the visitors bench, lockeroom and sideline to look when they are done. Don't change a thing. It's also where they pile the snow. Deal with that 'phins.
  5. Takeo agrees. Back in the day his neck injured 3 players in one game.
  6. I watched this a few times and laughed each time. Such a good personality.
  7. But then what would happen if somebody leaves their grill on and the whole stadium burns down. Plus Von already as much as admitted to comtemplating arson. And don't get me started on asteroids. Doomed.
  8. We still call Edmunds a middle linebacker instead of large field obstacle 🤣
  9. If I remember right McVay had the starters in, went up tempo but not 2 min as they were not going for the sideline, and also went for it on 4th down. I'm thinking McD understood then that they were both treating it as basically a chance to practice and try a few things. Felt like they were on the same page and mutual respect and not a D move, just let it all play out.
  10. I am much more concerned that we did not get to see our new punter kick. Which if i check my notes.... is a flat 0.0 TCL (Total Concern Level) So running the numbers with Elam vs Benford and adjustments for draft position is at a -3.2 TCL, which coincidentaly is at the "just beat the defending SB champs on the road across the country in front of a national audience, with a belly full of wings and beer" level of concern. All kidding aside, I am so happy that this coaching group does not take any of this into consideration. Best players on the field regardless of draft position, pay, age, vet or rookie mean nothing, make plays and put in the effort. (See OJ Howard, Cody Ford vs Matt Milano, Spencer Brown)
  11. Holy crap i thought you were kidding until i read the bio 😀 Davidson has excelled in one of the most unusual double-duty roles in college football the past three seasons. The Webb City, Missouri, native has been the Mules' punter since his redshirt freshman season, when he averaged 44.3 yards per kick.
  12. Younger, used to punting in the cold, and will be juiced up on all that rich oxygen. I'll reserve judgement until I see his RAS score and thigh measurements though. 😉
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