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  1. I'll bet they don't even score any points this Sunday and drop more. Pathetic 😉
  2. Pretty sure he strained his back jumping off the bench to beat the crap out coach Dougie.
  3. I would be more concerned if he was eating a salad and drinking a kale tonic, and did anyone check for ranch? QB, WR, prima donna's maybe I can see it. All of them though burn so many calories it's hard to keep bulked up. I want my OL and DL to be eating like a ravenous carnivore off the bone and growling if anyone comes near.
  4. I look forward to seeing him Sunday feed off a home crowd for the first time! Next year hope to see him be a force that can take over games.
  5. The process is strong in this one.
  6. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001056093/article/rb-index-week-3-lamar-jackson-heads-list-of-top-running-qbs 3) Josh Allen, Bills: Allen led the Bills in rushing yards (631) and rushing TDs (8) in 2018. The second-year QB, who has a pair of rush TDs in as many games this season, is a tremendous athlete who doesn't get enough credit and has the rare ability to get first downs or convert in the red zone with his legs if a play breaks down. He is improving as a passer, but his strength is definitely running the ball.
  7. Wide receivers who actually get separation, but also realize that we have a QB who can scramble and know to keep playing, find an open spot and show him their number or work back towards him.
  8. Unfortunate for him, I am a fan of his game and wished we had a shot at him this off season. Wish him well. Although, I have to wonder though if all those practices with the "clumsy" and "uncoordinated" Henry Anderson were to blame.
  9. Popped on Jets board for delicious tears, and they mentioned Quinnen with a Zero stat line. Didn't hear his named called all game, possibly affected the bad snap?
  10. I think he should be signed up to the NFL's Reverse International Player Pathway and ship him off to England to play something for a few years..... Cricket?
  11. Rented Patrick Chung’s Airbnb, forgot the security code and did not get his cleaning deposit back?
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