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  1. I'll bet they don't even score any points this Sunday and drop more. Pathetic 😉
  2. Pretty sure he strained his back jumping off the bench to beat the crap out coach Dougie.
  3. I would be more concerned if he was eating a salad and drinking a kale tonic, and did anyone check for ranch? QB, WR, prima donna's maybe I can see it. All of them though burn so many calories it's hard to keep bulked up. I want my OL and DL to be eating like a ravenous carnivore off the bone and growling if anyone comes near.
  4. I look forward to seeing him Sunday feed off a home crowd for the first time! Next year hope to see him be a force that can take over games.
  5. The process is strong in this one.
  6. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001056093/article/rb-index-week-3-lamar-jackson-heads-list-of-top-running-qbs 3) Josh Allen, Bills: Allen led the Bills in rushing yards (631) and rushing TDs (8) in 2018. The second-year QB, who has a pair of rush TDs in as many games this season, is a tremendous athlete who doesn't get enough credit and has the rare ability to get first downs or convert in the red zone with his legs if a play breaks down. He is improving as a passer, but his strength is definitely running the ball.
  7. Wide receivers who actually get separation, but also realize that we have a QB who can scramble and know to keep playing, find an open spot and show him their number or work back towards him.
  8. Unfortunate for him, I am a fan of his game and wished we had a shot at him this off season. Wish him well. Although, I have to wonder though if all those practices with the "clumsy" and "uncoordinated" Henry Anderson were to blame.
  9. Popped on Jets board for delicious tears, and they mentioned Quinnen with a Zero stat line. Didn't hear his named called all game, possibly affected the bad snap?
  10. I think he should be signed up to the NFL's Reverse International Player Pathway and ship him off to England to play something for a few years..... Cricket?
  11. Rented Patrick Chung’s Airbnb, forgot the security code and did not get his cleaning deposit back?
  12. Dat

    Chung Indicted

    To whom it may concern, The NFL has decided to reinstate Josh Gordon Patrick Chung . insert patriot name here
  13. Ok, gotcha sorry. Just took it as over critical negativity and a "yeah but...." I was seeing that as a 7th rounder and a late camp trade are usually just camp bodies. The fact that they flashed and got recognized against anyone, as rookies who can improve, gives me a better feeling about OBD. Past regimes couldn't find these types in any round.
  14. Some people see a half full glass of Kool Aid, others see a full glass of dog crap and sharp nails. Johnson was a 7th rounder, and Bates was acquired for a guy who wasn't making the team, can play every position on the line and graded well in the position he played the least. Being noted that they stood out against anyone at the pro level is a win.
  15. If you actually watch the clip, Zay has his head turned and is tracking the ball as it leaves JA's hand, if it was behind him then it was on Zay (it wasn't unless his helmet was on backwards). If you watch frame by frame the ball hits his hands and his head is already turning towards endzone/safety before he secured it.Again on Zay. I have no doubt that Brown or Beasley catch that ball, score and are not badly hit. JA had some bad throws that night, but this one was money.
  16. Funny I was thinking I don’t feel comfortable with him being uncomfortable in that role.
  17. IMHO Beane is the best GM we have had in a long time. He signed one of the two best centers available, could have been in on Paradis also for all we know. Weighed the risk, did due diligence and set up the contract so there is an out after next year. He could have followed the Jets and waited until camp to realize he had no center and had to beg someone out of retirement who may be washed up. Yet he signed backups who are better than our starters last year across the line. Morse's value even if he plays half the games is a huge upgrade and will also be seen in the OL room, and in Allen's ear coming from a great program and helping another young QB get on track. I would take that gamble any day. I was a Dareus fan in his early years here, not any more. After his contract he was lazy and didn't care, anyone remember Drayton Florence trying to light a fire under him early on in his career, that didn't work. Give me Loutelili with consistent effort, than flash on one play and give no effort for two. FYI his new team had a worse record than us, and is -$26 million over the cap next year, great for them. I wouldn't want him any closer than 1,000 miles to Ed Oliver and the rest of the team with his work ethic and man child attitude rubbing off. I'd also rather have a GM who at least takes swings than plays scared.
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