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  1. Rare pic of Beane at 9 PM in dark arts negotiation.
  2. Say what you want about how good of a player he is and what that is worth. I have loved his attitude and personality since the day he arrived. I don't think he will be back unless the market for him isn't what he thought. Will miss him getting the fans and teamates pumped.
  3. Yeah i'm grading on a curve and thanks to AB the curve looks like a lopsided plate. He makes Zay and Kuandijo's offseason adventures look almost normal.
  4. Was that the driver of a moving van holding his stuff because Josh wouldn't pay him? Somebody related to his ex driving his Bentley? No?...... then i'm ok with it 😎
  5. I think the new state of the art training facility and locker rooms was a step in the right direction. Last year Beasley was impressed enough to comment about how much better they were than the Cowboys. This with the family, friends and team culture in the whole organization will help change minds along with winning and making the playoffs as long as they can get them to come visit.
  6. Did i just have a Bruuuuce! sighting at the end? 1:40 Bad lip reading "what are you so happy about? you know you were supposed to hit those right?"
  7. $1,750,000 is his dead cap. Cutting him saves $7,200,000 total cap is a not inexpensive $8,950,000
  8. It just takes him too long to get off the swing/wheel route. The endzone view is telling on this one. Staring at that route forever with a free rusher in front of his face. Get off it dude pic.twitter.com/F6EqAEdK6D — Seth Galina (@SethGalina) January 7, 2020 The only way that's in front of his face is that after that hit he is looking out his ear hole thanks to the whiff block by Ford on JJ. Lots on him but that one isn't on Josh.
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