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  1. Wait until this place gets a captcha. That'll be the end of bots like you.
  2. I get it now. Trump mocked the disabled, and you took that personally. Don't forget your helmet.
  3. When I watch videos like this I am reminded just how little I know about concepts and schemes. Ah well, I still blame Dorsey.
  4. Keep Flailing little leftoid. You've already outted yourself as a simpleton.
  5. I was actually prepared to let you have the last word, misinformed and condescending as it may be.. but then you had to come back and pathetically double post to try and get yet another shot in. You add nothing to this discussion. You are effectively a Twitter repost bot devoid of any ability to comprehend nuance let alone digest opinions expressed in long form. When cornered you deflect to tangential arguments for which you have no basis of fact. You are the quintessential holier than thou clairvoyant leftist who believes that they know what's best despite their obvious high-school level education. "Roe is laughing". No, Roe is dead. Just like your disgusting ideology. The bodies of the victims have not yet cooled and you turkey vultures are already circling the carcass attempting to leverage the tragedy to foist your delusions of a grand utopia in which all we need are more laws and more concessions and more restrictions placed on the American people who had no part in this. I've seen the evolution of your kind. Fat slovenly totalitarians who are too stupid to win on the merits of the argument so you disingenuously flail around reposting other people's quips like youre some kind of sociological expert when you're clearly too stupid to even type out more than 3 sentences before copy/paste syndrome kicks in. You're a joke and a disgrace to actual "liberals", who once championed themselves as being fighters for civil liberty rather than pigs in a pen wallowing away on the slop that is fed to them by their almighty government. You should have quit while you were ahead.
  6. Wow. I see the type of person you are. No use discussing any further. Have a good night
  7. 1. I never expressed an opinion on abortion, as this is not the topic of discussion here. 2. Filling vacancies in the Supreme Court as they present themselves is different than unilaterally expanding the number of SCOTUS seats and simultaneously appointing new judges to fill them. 3. As it pertains to the topic at hand, Your feigned concern over the rights of women is laughable as you advocate for stripping them of the best force multiplier they have when confronted with a larger, stronger attacker who would otherwise overpower them with ease. This is even more troubling if I reject your world of make believe where criminal rapists, muggers, and home invaders all willingly submit to your pie in the sky solution and turn in their guns.
  8. I suppose this is where the road ends. When forced to reconcile the fact that your solutions are untenable given the constraints set forth on the state by the highest law of the land your only remaining recourse is to undo those constraints. Stripping away more liberty from the individual via expanding and packing the supreme court with like minded ideologues who just so happen to share your view on what is "ethical". It's a very shortsighted game you're advocating for, given how quickly the winds of politics change. I guess we'll see how it all plays out! Take care
  9. I thought court packing was just a right wing boogie man? Your authoritarianism is showing.
  10. Lol John Podesta. Yeah this green energy thing is definitely not just a scam to repay party donors.
  11. Nuclear bombs and fighter jets eh? I see we've made it to the red herring stage of the debate. The limitations referenced by Scalia narrow the ruling to types or classes of arms (not jets or bombs) that would be commonly owned by citizens. The fact of the matter is that semiautomatic firearms are the most commonly owned class of firearm by citizens for the legal purpose of self defense thus they are protected by 2A. That's the end of the story. Unless you'd like to delve in the the Bruen decision which took Heller and strengthened the rights of the citizen even further by requiring a historical analog or precedent be available to justify any infringement. This sent NY in to such a frenzy they actually decided to try and use the historical precedent of disarming Native Americans as the justification for their unconstitutional edicts. "From the early days of English settlement in America, the colonies sought to prevent Native American tribes from acquiring firearms, passing laws forbidding the sale and trading of arms to Indigenous people,” the filing from the office of Attorney General Letitia James (D.) reads.
  12. It's the bill of rights, not the bill of wants or the bill of needs. No law abiding citizen of the US has to justify anything to you as it pertains to their constitutional rights...especially when no reason provided will ever be good enough for you. Your entire premise has already has been rebuked by the highest court in the land when it determined the state of NY to be violating the rights of its own citizenry when it did exactly what you are trying to do now in setting its own arbitrary set of "reasons" that it made necessary to allow its subjects to carry a firearm for protection while navigating the crime ridden hellscape that this state fostered. No, The onus is on YOU to give us a reason why we should forsake our right to defend ourselves and our families with whatever tool we deem necessary.. and it better not be "because there are lunatics out there who want to kill innocent people"
  13. Declares war on an entire sector of the US economy and then implies youre a socialist if you tell them to stop it so you can afford to heat your home.
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