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  1. Poyer is a beast and that was the 2nd most obvious hold I've ever seen
  2. + 1. I'm hoping it's not the end of the road for him. I know we have a lot of life long bills fans on this board but Im young enough to have come in during the JP Lose-man Era. I've only known pain and heartache at the hands of the NE Patriots. When Hyde snatched the life out of that entire team last post season with the end zone int it was like a new chapter had officially begun. One of my all time favorite plays as a bills fan.
  3. This sucks. I wonder if this is it and he decides to retire? I hope he gets well and can return next year.
  4. Nerves - kicking in. Increasing alcohol intake to combat
  5. It may be more likely seeing McKenzie on that inactive rotation as the season progresses.
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