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  1. LOL! Did anyone else notice Pat Chung flying around the field making plays Sunday night? The police literally found piles of cocaine on his coffee table and he has felony charges pending. You think the evil empire is going to cut one of the top receivers in the nfl over an accusation in civil court? C'mon now..
  2. I was ecstatic coming home from the win over the Jets... then I made the mistake of turning on the Sunday Night Game. They look disgustingly good this year 🤬
  3. I can easily see the NFL handing this guy a 2 game suspension for this (which will coincidentally land on weeks they play NE)
  4. If one were to think back and consider the circumstances surrounding our OL that lead to the hailmary signing of Russ Bodine, you should be absolutely giddy over the news he's heading to NE 1 wk before the start of the regular season.
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