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  1. Colts gave us Hines. This year we give Hines back, but he's missing 7 fingers and gone on a diet.
  2. Outside of the gadget role, I'm getting a John Brown Routes type feeling for Harty. They obviously wanted those again bad enough last year to bring back the man himself
  3. OBJ did the same "tour" iirc. Seems like Hopkins isn't getting the offers he may have expected. The more this unravels the more I think BB is playing this very responsibly. Still might land him, but the "market" is still shifting.
  4. I think Jimbo/Hines + Harris/Murray can get done what we need out of our run game. If the Oline can manage to open up a crease there should be ample running room, this becomes even more the case if Dhop enters the huddle.
  5. Add me to the list of "it would be nice but I'm not worried". Until I see otherwise Diggs will show up and be ready to resume the role of the alpha receiver when the season begins. Let's be honest, the fact that he's supposedly dating margot robbie and has been seen outside his house already proves he has more discipline than i could ever hope to achive lol. I'd be holed up for the entire off-season! Just door dashing Gatorade and Energy drinks..
  6. Thank you, sir. The beer one is better fitting for a long weekend anyway lol. Analogies aside though, in 2020 Diggs and Hopkins were each traded. In 2019 Diggs had 63 receptions for 1,130 yards and six touchdowns. Hopkins had 104 catches for 1,165 yards and seven touchdowns. It was basically a coin flip as to who was viewed as the "better" receiver, where people who valued physical measurables liked D-Hop and Team: Separation liked Diggs. Diggs hooks up with Allen and go berserk while Hopkins continued riding the qb carousel. What if the secret to actually sniffing the ceiling of Josh Allen as a professional quarterback is as simple as doing whatever it takes to bring him another Stefon Diggs? If you could make a copy of Diggs and sign him to our roster right now for the next 2-3 seasons, what would you be willing to give up? Imo that's the question we're talking about right now.
  7. It gets even more interesting when you consider that Diggs and Dhop can both run every route out there including from the slot. I honestly don't think there's a team in the NFL with the personnel to match up against the combinations that buffalo could field. Imagine trying to set your defense while not knowing if you're going to have to deal with Diggs DeAndre OR Dalton running through the middle of the field? Unless you have Ramsey, Sauce and Gonzalez all in the same secondary you're going to have issues.
  8. Allen & Diggs are the engine of the offense, from a skill player standpoint. The rest are like upgrades installed to maximize the performance of the engine. Signing D-hop would be like a motor swap and moving all of our upgrades from a 350 small block to a big block 454 lol. Now that turbocharger you bought during the draft to "help keep up" is sending you bus lengths into the lead. I'm hopeful Bean does whatever can be done to make this happen.
  9. I agree, I think Cook will be our #1. The real question is "Will Harris be better able to spell Cook and pick up short yardage than Z.Moss was?". I think the answer is clear here as well.
  10. "Don't want no conversation Gimme that Poon Don't wanna hear about your situation Gimme that Poon Don't need that small-talk bullsh*t Shut up I don't want to hear it Gimme that Poon Gimme that Poon Gimme that Poon" - Brandon Bean
  11. Murray only has 9 fumbles over the course of his career.Motor already has 10 during his rookie contract. He's a viable stand-in to spell Cook if Harris gets injured. Pretty sure that's going to be the extent of his roll if called upon.
  12. There's alot of master baiters running around too though..
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