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  1. God help us if John Brown misses ANY time this season.
  2. Is he really a Cancer in the locker room though? From what I've read he just had an extremely difficult childhood and battles with substance abuse. I guess from a "letting down your team" standpoint he might be but havent heard about him being a destroyer otherwise..
  3. The Honorable thing for an organization to do would be to cut him before the deadline and allow him to choose where he wants to play. Since we're dealing with NE however I expect he'll end up with the Dolphins or Skins and spiral out of the game from there.
  4. Seriously. The guy is 6'3" 225 and runs like a gazelle. Just pay the guy and make it happen.
  5. I wouldnt mind watching the Pat's lose tonight but at least Darnold's performance makes me feel a little better about Josh's showing.
  6. The arguements for and against seem valid. From a physical standpoint its understandable you wouldnt want to rush your (hopefully) franchise qb back and put him at risk. From a mental and confidence standpoint I dont know if allowing that last performance to fester until after the bye is the best thing either.. Tough call but I'm in the "if cleared, play him" camp. Hopefully he can stay upright, make some plays, get a win, and put that last performance in the rear view ASAP.
  7. The killer for me wasnt even the contested catches. It was a low ball thrown by Barkley that once again bounced off his hands. It was heartbreaking. Call up the Duke.
  8. They definitely have a knack for maximizing the talent they have. I was just shocked when I saw Michele's ypc so far. His longest rush of the year is only 12 yards. Just seems like they're not opening lanes this year and he cant get beyond the D-line in power running situations. I dont expect to see a Brady Sack-a-thon but I think Edmunds and our front 4 hold up and we arent going to be gashed up the middle for 10-14 yards at a clip either.
  9. Yeah, the Pats Oline is NOT good at this stage. Of course it's been disguised by Bradys quick release and overall caliber of opponent thus far. Michele, the main "between the tackles" runner is averaging something like 2.5 yards per carry. They dont scare me running the ball up the middle. I hope to see Milano flying around the field on the inevitable white/Burkhead dump-offs/screens.
  10. Knox. 1 bad drop but he was mowing down Mofo's on the game winning drive.
  11. LOL! Did anyone else notice Pat Chung flying around the field making plays Sunday night? The police literally found piles of cocaine on his coffee table and he has felony charges pending. You think the evil empire is going to cut one of the top receivers in the nfl over an accusation in civil court? C'mon now..
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