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  1. Check the pregame thread. He's running around on the field right now lol
  2. When the Bills win and Rhodes makes it through halftime without retiring, I will be more at ease with this decision to sit your first round cb in a game against Mac Jones. It must be scheme related. Maybe they want the best tackling dbs out there. I don't know..
  3. Suprised at the Elam news. I was wondering if he would get some time tonight against Parker. Guess not. Glad it seems Tre is a full go though
  4. It's legit. I just got an ESPN notification saying Smoke was activated to the active roster tonight.
  5. Is this true? ...doesn't matter, im going go tell everyone I know it's a done deal anyway
  6. Quessenberry(sp?) finished the lions game at LT after Dawkins went out
  7. Last year's pats playoff game wasn't the game I was remembering regarding the Singletary quick passes though he and Reggie G caught consecutive check downs to the top of the screen to keep a drive alive. Other things I noticed: The playbook was "Josh Allen Playoff mode" - multiple called designed qb runs. Dawkins shut down Judon, whom the announcer said had been in a lull with 4 games without a sack. The entire Oline played well and Knox was left free to run routes and catch passes. His disappearing act this season remains a mystery to me. Barnmore was coming off an injury and Duggar had a club cast on one arm. Hydes int remains a thing of beauty. McKenzie had another good game. He was running end arounds and catching passes. Basically the offense moved the ball effortlessly against the hoodies vaunted defense, using practically every skill position available. The Patriots were straight up outgunned and had no answer. Let's hope we can recreate this magic tomorrow night.
  8. I'm going to go back tonight and re-watch last year's playoff game but if memory serves me, Motor feasted on this exact observation against the pats. 5-7yrd passes in the middle of the field.
  9. Hoodie vs Dorsey is going to be an interesting one to watch.
  10. I believe Rick Bates himself said he will be center if mitch can't go.
  11. I hear you. It's maddening to say because as fans we all want to know what the heck is going on with our all pro cb, but this realistically could be a case where McD's "taking it day by day" is the truth rather than coy coach-speak. It's a risk/reward evaluation combined with many variables that we can only speculate on. We just have to trust our coach, the trainers and tre to make the correct decisions. That being said, if he's not back in some capacity on or around 12/18 I will officially become worried about his eligibility in the future. *fingers crossed* Edit - aaaaaaand as I was typing this the news hits. Tre is active! Progress!
  12. Trust the process. I have 12/18 v Miami circled as the game we should very much hope he is back and up to speed for the (hopeful) SB run.
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