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  1. Whatever they are calling this boogieman these days,as we were shoveling today during the record national cold wave my neighbor had a good point.When I was in high school (1980) my ultra lib environmental science teacher assured the students in my class that there was an impending ice age. A few years after I graduated from HS I heard a few teenagers talking about global warming in a book store.I did some research and I quickly realized the same thing my neighbor said today.Well before the industrial period in the world had started the worlds ice that covered most of the continent had melted during a warming period.Obviously that warming was not caused by man because the industrial era was not existent at that point so it was a natural cycle. Man caused global warming/climate change is nothing more than a boogieman created by the left in this country and now the world to control policy.Furthermore whenever a scientist pushes this agenda one only has to Google their name and you'll soon discover that that scientist is financed by some government entity.I also discovered a couple of years ago that many scientists have been caught skewing data because the numbers didn't match their hysterical agenda.
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