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  1. Miami will be worse than last year. I doubt luck will follow them like it did last year.
  2. Exactly why draft a QB when you can draft a fantasy football stud...
  3. We dont have the roster spots to really move back, moving up a few times is probably going to happen.
  4. I came into this thread with an awesome Jake Fromm joke... It would never have survived this masterpiece.
  5. I cannot wait for the headline "Miami is looking for a new HC" once Tua fails
  6. If only you were GM we would have won so many Super Bowls. You would have predicted the pandemic and won more than 13 games.
  7. The volatility allows you to buy and sell on the wave crests. People always saving these, I told my buddy to sell and he said he was holding on. Why not sell for profit and buy when it tanks like it always does. Sure I never get max price but i do set my profit limits to make a very sizable profit. Just paid the tax man on 2019, they really want that money for trading cryptocurrency.
  8. OMG that poor kid... Throw the book at her!!!
  9. Time to buy back in soon. Thanks for the crazy wave which I cannot find out why it did that other than maybe the doge scare. Robinhood wouldn't let me sell my doge as high as i wanted but still .40 off each that was bought at .12 will work for me. You know what maybe Turkey banning Crypto payments is part of it.
  10. Anyone know the total number of dropped INT's last year for the league?
  11. Ever in WVU area go to Tudors Biscuit World... Amazing.
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