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  1. I bet the Bills are preparing like Mahomes will be healthy so this doesn't matter to anyone but... Well, us lol
  2. If only you could find a democrat that brainwashed millions into thinking there was voter fraud and put more and more bull#### into their head. Then plan a huge rally to "Storm the Capitol" in which 5 people died b.c of your terroristic followers were just as quoted from his Trumpsters "Doing what Trump told us to"
  3. Yea Tony Riali used to do the behind the scene on PTI and go right into ATH after he corrects any mistakes PTI guys had at the end of their segment.
  4. So what you are saying... Patrick Mahomes is about to have the best game of his career? Just too crazy... This is like that Favre dad died game, or Jeter 3k day coming, why...
  5. I doubt the NFL will let a concussion keep Mahomes from playing. He will magically be out of protocol by gameday.
  6. I don't think I have ever seen one Matt Milano hater.... I don't understand why people post a story and say "Hey haters" where there is none... Why can't we just post the story instead of making up hater groups?
  7. I have a feeling he will be cleared to play even if he isn't finished with his concussion protocol.
  8. If you defend Trump you defend terrorism, it's that simple. Poor Doc... Even the Trumpsters that got arrested are saying Trump told them to do it.
  9. The HoF players, the ones who retired a Bill, sure. That defensive play probably made everyone go crazy.
  10. Ok let's buy some more pardons. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/17/us/politics/trump-pardons.html
  11. Good luck with that one, stuck in the old age of football. Welcome to 2021 Eli playing at elite level during those times of the wins, helped by a bad NFC East. You saying a team willr recreate the best defense in history? It really is easy to see why Lamar won't do it and makes it more clear after you listed those QBs.
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