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  1. Why would I watch someone that doesn't matter to this country?
  2. Why is control of something that orbits the earth so important...
  3. Anyone see Trump's Giant Healthcare book that was just blank pages.... Still making Reality Check angry everyday.... Don't even have to do anything.
  4. Yea cost is a non issue, whoever controls the moon will control the world. We can get a base up there easier launch capabilities for space missions and weapons.
  5. Watch on Hulu "totally UNder CONTROL"
  6. If only there was such a thing as eating crow for being wrong but that does not exist.
  7. DK just won them that game. I can go to bed now.
  8. They said it's only his second INT ever.
  9. Oh no! Russ over cooked the noodles!
  10. Now that is some creepy stuff right there....
  11. Not a single one of those analysts have any influence on how a team gets into the playoffs.
  12. We'll better look up when the last time they lost 4 in a row also.
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