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  1. Not as many as you think.... Glad you are finally done with this bull####.
  2. Gabriel's Gate picked up steam... Seems like a place to go.
  3. Never said I do so maybe get off your high horse. The things I did say were true though so not like I was making it up. That is the good thing about being able to see how many people are actually watching.
  4. Someone should just give him the shot while he is sleeping.
  5. Sorry didn't know when people quoted me I wasn't allowed from respond. You seem really angry that I don't share the same views of the Olympics as you. Do you want to talk about it?
  6. Lol Olympics are dead in America. Olympics thread has 11 replies and half are "Didn't know this was happening" It's not about representing your country and hasn't been for years. It's run like garbage and destroys wherever it is held.
  7. My job would fire you if you didn't wear a mask while not vaccinated. I had to get vaccinated if I wanted to stop wearing a mask for my job. I did it without problem... Mostly b.c I am not ignorant. Sad to see these millionaires threaten to retire just b.c of ignorance, but the NFL isn't always about brains, it's about talent. They can retire and live comfortably, I would get fired and not be able to afford my bills.
  8. And you are literally the only one. The Olympics are basically getting worse views than Sabres hockey.
  9. Not as big as it used to be. I cannot even find one person actually watching. Hell most people didn't even realize the opening ceremony happened
  10. Good let's get rid of the Olympics anyway. They are just a waste of time and destroy any city that hosts them.
  11. He realizes Kyler Murray is nothing more than a HailMurray.
  12. Almost forgotten about this guy... So he isn't going to be on the Texans one way or another I am guessing. Hopefully he goes to the NFC they need good QBs.
  13. That is kind of scary b.c of who it is coming from.
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