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  1. Yea people quoted twitter *****. No but someone tried to blame Obama.
  2. Those are shoes republicans buy.
  3. No, no you keep listening to Trump. It's funny to watch you idiots.
  4. ***** Trump always making ***** up. See how all the republicans ran away the second it wasn't an attack.
  5. TBH I just want to get it and get it over with. I see a few people that had it and came back they are relieved they got it done with. I don't know if they will catch it again but they say it's just a weight of their shoulder
  6. Well good news is when season begins he will have already had it
  7. Trump and a few people here a re stupid. You actually have people saying kids cant get infected or even that kids cant pass to adults. I mean the level of stupidity is insane and Trump is behind all of it. These people believe their President but he gets everything wrong and twitter doesn't help, we have elderly people in this forum posting fake tweets and thinking they are real.
  8. Team Brown, I like him. Don't know much about Glab. I don't think Murph needs to be doing this anymore. Play by play is all he needs to be doing now, he can come on the show to give insight but he don't need to be spending 3 hours a day doing this anymore.
  9. This guy is dangerous, he should prob be banned form twitter b/c all he does is twist things into lies. The worst part is stupid people follow him and believe the ***** he says.
  10. Trump is the perfect president for crazy people.
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