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  1. See the problem is I never said "No one complains" this is another thing people like you do, make things up to fit your crazy narrative. I said who cares what a few people think... Did that stop any team from winning the Super Bowl and getting a trophy and a trip to the White House? It didn't so in reality all the complaining you are purposely looking for is only affecting you. Basically if the Bills win the Super Bowl no matter how much you want it to be tainted and with an asterisk it wont be and the parade will happen, so will the trip to the White House... all while you sit there screaming "tainted" from behind your computer or phone or tablet. Millions of people will never think this once but it will always affect you b.c you are forcing it to.
  2. Hey at least I am not making up crazy assumptions with the world saying the Bills wouldn't have won a real Super Bowl if they do this year. I am glad you are now resorting to attacking people.
  3. No you are just interesting b.c you are one of those who go crazy about made up things. I want to understand people like you b.c you are the backbone of the future collapse of humanity.
  4. Well at least you know the stuff you say is useless.
  5. Why are you driving yourself crazy with the thoughts of a few people who don't matter and you don't even know unless you go looking for that ***** to purposely make you like this.
  6. Doesn't matter what the NFL wants... it matters which teams win.
  7. When people complained about NE it didn't do anything and they were still allowed to go to the White House.... nothing changed. Just a bunch of idiots looking stupid on the internet. So still where do you get these crazy thoughts? I bet if the Bills win the Super Bowl you won't find a single person complain about it... unless you decide to look for it, that is your own fault feeding your crazy thoughts.
  8. You were proven wrong already. When the Bills allow a first drive score they are 5-0 this season. Don't know why you keep trying to say this other than trying to start fights on the forum.
  9. That makes no sense... you said something crazy and expect people not to talk about it?
  10. Is this really the thoughts that goes through all your heads?
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