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  1. Only for The scumbag fans who don't deserve to be rooting for a team to begin with. When you thumbs down this post you make yourself guilty.... @Aussie Bill, @Yobogoya!
  2. Oh God here come the toxic #######s into this thread after 1 play.
  3. Lets go BILLS! Don;t even let this be a game, DESTROY them!
  4. With all the injuries be happy the defense isn't worse. 07 Pats didn't have that problem.
  5. Today's performance might show why the Bills "Shoulda puta dome on it"
  6. I heard he cannot run routes anymore after his latest ACL.
  7. It's not the Bills fault backups played in those games b.c they put the game away in 3 quarters. To say they didn't put 4 solid quarters together all season is a lie, they won a close game against Ravens and KC which needed 4 good quarters to win.
  8. What I am saying is it's McDermott first time as HC and many of those on the list failed many times before they got onto a team that won a Super Bowl. It's why the half completed list doesn't tell the real story.
  9. USA Claims gold medal in Curling for first time ever.
  10. Drew doesn't realize teams have fans from more than 1 little area? Not to mention the storm is over... sad to know these people would actually ask these questions in real life and think they are legit good questions.
  11. If the Bills win by too much it wont look good and if they win a "close game" it wont look good... need to win by just the right amount.
  12. How long did it take Andy Reid to win his first Super Bowl? He started HC in 1994 and didn't win one till 2019.
  13. Yea but would he play NHL immediately or would the Sabres keep him in the lower leagues for 5 years?
  14. Buffalo area can't win close snowstorms? Beat the good weather by 70 inches... but can they win by 3 inches?
  15. His brand will only do as well as his game so he better get his act together.
  16. This team looks like they already gave up. That power play was absolutely horrible.
  17. Chubb injured in the first quarter out for rest of game. 2 rushes 5 yards.
  18. I love all the garbage people on here been spewing about them needing to leave earlier...
  19. You root for a tie... other than that it doesn't really matter b.c neither team will end up with a record as good as the Bills.
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