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  1. Not really only missing a few pieces.
  2. I will be there in a skybox suite.
  3. Only thing I think about is the dick pic he sent a female staffer when he was on the jets.
  4. I use either or, Mayo when I add more to my grilled cheese like a thin sliced roasted beef. I use Butter for just straight up grilled cheese.
  5. Not really just the internet being the internet. Time to move on this thread has been beat to death anyway.
  6. I was waiting for the dolphins to lose but that fluke win made the Dolphins fans think they are amazing so the tickets are super expensive. Luckily one of my food reps has a skybox and extra tickets.
  7. Nope just happens on the internet when people attack someone for no reason other than it isn't what they agree with. I was half joking in the post but when people want to act like children I will respond accordingly.
  8. You have not had a single update on him since the injury... I doubt you are going to get one 2 weeks into his pup where he cannot even come off for another 2 weeks. Yea me too it's what people here do
  9. They are b.c they wouldn't be insulting people of they weren't.
  10. Nah I just think it's funny how angry people get over nothing. All part of the fall of humanity. They all think they are entitled but in reality they arent. You should be more worried that they took what I said so seriously and are angry about it.
  11. 97 year old Marv Levy would have better seats than that. You sound like an angry karen.
  12. Anyone that can't stand for an entire game either needs to get different seat or just not even go to the game. Went to a Patriots game and people would try to get you kicked out of a game if you were standing when they had the offense on the field. DONT ACT LIKE A PATRIOTS FAN.
  13. Well it is for the lead of the AFC north.
  14. No I don't go to bars much anymore since I stopped drinking.
  15. I just want to know if Gabe ever got some BBQ...
  16. Woman in a Dolphins jersey at the Browns game...
  17. Can he go back 2 back 2 back? Remember it's consistency is his problem b.c he is only "insert number" years old.
  18. So Josh Allen is a lot better... yea we know this.
  19. It's OK this will be an easy game for the Bills, perfect game for him to sit.
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