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  1. I seen good play from those guys, the play calling on defense though...
  2. They don't give a ***** they are trying to hurt this team, ***** them!
  3. Wrong the Bills have dominated the whole game, if not for mistakes made by themselves this wouldn't even be a game
  4. This is why old people aren't being hired as HC anymore!
  5. This team needs it more today than ever right now. He better add another back on this thread.
  6. The level of disrespect the Bills have gotten this week all b.c of one quarter of football is insane.
  7. Are people donating to his charity, does he have one?
  8. We aren't going to have 2 guys that are supposed to kick the ball have nothing to do.
  9. Why does it matter? It's the players that play the game not the trolls.
  10. If that was as true as you say Tampa wouldn't be in dark uniforms, no florida college team would be in darker uniforms... this is funny though, thanks. Hot is hot and the key is just staying hydrated enough and keeping loose, both teams feel it, has no advantage to one side.
  11. B.c if he didn't put that you never would have shared and showed his tweet. Smart click bait.
  12. This is why the Bills built depth on the team. They are better off from within than some outsider. I trust this coaching staff with the secondary more than anything else.
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