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  1. Ok...I actually read most of that....I...for the life of me....cannot understand what the point of that chart and all the text that accompanied it is supposed to mean.....Seems like a there is an entire industry that exists to explain why W and L is an inadequate force rank of who is best...
  2. Officially on the hot seat?!!
  3. Why bother if to quote a bunch of stats if your are just going to disregard the good ones and throw out the present ones...just say TLDR - We think he sucked before...he will soon suck again..... Someone here had a much better description of the overall picture...What about all the sacks he breaks, the constant running threat, the extension of plays, the impossible 3rd down pick ups, the crazy throws that only a handful of guys can make. I watched last nights game and those QB's didn't throw a pass more that 10 yards.....all game How many 3 and outs do the Bills have....seems like 1 a game...17-12 as a starter when he never was even scheduled to start year one....
  4. Merrimack Baboosic Lake my Granite State Brother
  5. I never understood why you can listen to the game on wgr55 on a desktop computer from anywhere....but you can't listen on a mobile device....
  6. The queen of herd immunity group think....Atta girl!
  7. What is the over under for amount of threads Penfield will start on variations of this topic?
  8. By chance I was clicking through the channels and saw it.....it just seemed more mean spirited low bar trash than sports talk....kinda weird...thought more of them
  9. I hear he was THIS CLOSE to making it to the final selections....but the Nobel committee saw that White Power video he posted on Twitter.... oooops
  10. Most non partisan people would say 6700 posts of calling climate change a hoax is using up a lot of space with nonsense Same here....prolly 2 votes for D over the years vs dozens for R. GOP lost its way under Bush, went haywire with Obama, and is now lost.
  11. Anyone got a good recipe for beef brisket? Thinking on the grill...for Sunday Jets game....
  12. The only thing I have noticed in the last bit...snowflake....is more posts disagreeing with the regulars
  13. I am ALL IN.....SEEN THE LIGHT 4 years in and we keep getting greater and greater.....MAGA ! I hope this freedom fighter gets out on bail soon from these Biden clowns so he can get back to work cleaning up our streets from these liberal terrorists!,
  14. I suggest you look at his first victim
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