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  1. Yes...and those were all "liberal" decisions.....and went with overwhelming public sentiment...and history has proven them to be popular decisions OTOH The repeal of the VRA of 1965 and the Citizens United decision - both of which overturned massively bipartition legislation and fit the definition of "activist" judging and were both "conservative" ....and both are horribly regarded by most
  2. And 40 years after following this exact protocol ...we lead the league in gun violence....but it is still work repeating?
  3. Replace "activism" with "Trumpism" and you are correct Replace "blacks" with "cops"....
  4. So....when the exclusively GOP legislators crafted this legislation ...did they go to ...you know....the urban and ethnic sections of the state and ask them... you know because they are citizens too....what they think should happen at elections...you know...how to make them run smoother, make it quicker to vote? I will go out on a limb and say no. That is all you have to know....and that is why it is rightly condemned.
  5. Nah....Glad to see the normal world calling out the GOP for the total douchebags they have turned into. GA legislation is a direct response to the loss. The GOP has won 1 of the last 8 POTUS popular votes and are doing nothing to change that. GOP needs to disintegrate and come back...the country would be better for it. No voting crap is the - hopefully - last flailings - of a bad 40 year Chapter for the GOP.
  6. l effects of a lock down last MUCH longer. Hahaha....seems like the psychological effects of this pandemic seem to be hitting libertarians, conservatives and republicans sooooo much harder than everyone else...because you know...they are forced with the simple fact that being a citizen...part of a collective effort...is the way to get out of this quicker and faster than acting like a myopic brainwashed idiot.
  7. You should try to cover more topics....more poorly....in your next post....LOL
  8. None of what you say here is true. None of it.
  9. Feel the burn 29 LOL Ya...when I want unfiltered data...I go to Foxnews which is quoting a clickbait site....
  10. anonymous employee told the Washington Examiner. There is your problem... Does it hurt to wake up? Would you be happy with a system that works and shows no signs of fraud/voter cheating etc? Good - because that is what just happened! Be happy!!
  11. The ideas that you mention above would and have gone nowhere with the GOP
  12. Since he was part of a well regulated militia ....he had the right to bear arms
  13. Problem yes....crisis...no
  14. When you say crisis...what do you mean? Are these kids fleeing chaos a salient threat to the stability of the Republic? Do they become mass shooters? Do the assemble and attack the capital in an act of sedition to prevent the constitional transfer of power? Are the threatening the American way of life? Are they showing up on your street corner and threatening your neighborhood and ready to steal your wife and daughters? Have they mounted a non stop misinformation campaign? Please enlighten us on what the crisis exactly is?
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