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  1. So the OP asks "Trump Haters" a question....and who chimes in....the trumptards answering the question....comical
  2. Fear of immigrants, fear of someone taking your guns, fear of the DEEP STATE, fear of death panels, fear that wearing a mask will make you a commie....you guys are certainly well versed...
  3. Man....still haven't got that "Black President" taste out of your mouth' yet huh?
  4. Sexually assaulted a girl in the a$&. He was huge...she had to get stitches.
  5. Just wondered...I would do it in a minute ...your phone and computer/Apple/Google/FB/Amazon already know pretty much everything there is to know about you....at least this would be tangibly useful... No...no they don't
  6. What is there is an APP on your phone that traces and verifies your status as a non carrier....What if this becomes the ticket to go to Bills games, restaurants, clubs,....etc....you know....private entities operating in the free market.... Would you participate or stay home?
  7. Is this thread going to "wind down" now the the CV 19 thing is to hard to deal with and not good for reelection is licked and we can move on to the stock market again?
  8. Scoreboard bro....Euro countries same intel ....probably less...than the orange menace...Yesterday Germany plus France plus Italy plus Spain....less than 4000 new cases....US 28k...if you are hanging your hat on that ban....might wanna try something new Hey....we might be losing 32-3 in the middle of the second quarter...but we almost ran the opening kickoff back for a touchdown and settled for a field goal....BUT DID YOU SEE THE HIGHLIGHTS?
  9. Huh...what? The WH/FG abdicated the fight of this war to the states and governors...they are "back up"....in their own words. The WH/Feds have failed to provide the testing structure and resources to move forward quickly and safely and are balking at funding the war....some "war time" prez and senate leader you got....."Not my problem" AFA deaths 62000 as of today...we are clipping at a 6 percent fatality rate....and yet to tamp down the daily infection rate below 30k consistently...or 1,800 deaths per day racking up...another 50-60k per month..... Only someone deluded would think the WH/Feds are being "successful....
  10. Find us a governor and a non partisan health care expert who says they have enough testing.....I can’t get a test where I live nor can my parents in Florida.... Trump sends the governors out to fight the war....doesn’t give them the resources to win...and everyday drags up a bunch of either syncopants or lap dogs to tell him otherwise
  11. I built the greatest economy.....pretty sure Jared helped
  12. Stock market bingo!.....no doubt the smart money is all in right now
  13. Flynn...should not go to jail for breaking the law .....very unfair “I” built the economy.....I though Obama did that?
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