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  1. JFC…I live in Boston…they feel like they are going to play great…..Bills nation is so freaking insecure they grip about meaningless crap like this….grow up
  2. Moderate? Just shut it down….the world will be a better place with one less location for people to spew crap and argue…
  3. Hopefully the actual Bills players and coaching staff aren't as paranoid and insecure as TBD posters....
  4. I wasted 2 minutes of my life watching the ad then the story. Why not look at actual historical games played and see then….rather than general climate?
  5. It did go the other way….read the original DA review of the case and his characterization of Arbery. It was only after the video was leaked and the case kicked through multiple DA’s that these guys were indicted. Everyone patting themselves on the back that justice was served…..only by sheer luck.
  6. well you can go on about Mahomes better than JA…Happy we have JA and not really worried about a PM comp…..You should be worried though that McCorkle will never be good enough for any comparison to JA🤪
  7. I mean….what are we even talking about…McCorkle gonna be goat2 right? Gotta love the radio boys up here in NE….they got the Pats in the AFCCG already🤪
  8. All those terrible game plans last year led to a team record 501 points🤪
  9. Why do people think hotcoordinators are goi g to be good HC’s? Completely different jobs
  10. They have the lowest Points allowed and the lowest yards per play allowed…what do people want?
  11. Bills have number one point differential..what else do you want?
  12. Can the mods collect all these threads into a single “I need to find something wrong and drag everyone in” thread? FFS be happy …They are a SB contender….that’s all you can ask for…
  13. So what your temp go josh? What DO YOU need to see?
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