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  1. So in short order we should pull out of South Korea, Japan, Germany, Poland too right? I mean we gotta be consistent....while we are at it....i mean we have been concerned with Israel for 70 years....they can do their own thing too.... Sick of paying for those bases!
  2. Dude - I will repeat: I am assuming that Police Departments are repeating what they train and officers are testifying what they are trained to.... Yes - That is exactly what the Fort Worth police department stated regarding this incident.....they would not lie correct? That is also what numerous police departments and officers have testified to... My point - which I actually have: The similar incidents over the last several years have been acquitted because the officers perceived a threat - so they shot because the perciev ed they or the public was in danger. This Fort Worth officer was either trained to do exactly what he did - or he was trained poorly, given a gun and sent out in public and took an innocent life...
  3. Yes - That is exactly what the Fort Worth police department stated regarding this incident.....they would not lie correct? That is also what numerous police departments and officers have testified to... Police also shoot to kill - not to wound - but you knew that right? Got a point somewhere?
  4. Police choosing to shoot perceived threats is known, is trained, is policy and holds up in court over and over again...numerous other similar incidents have police testifying in court that they have been following their training.... I will take it for granted they have not perjured themselves.....
  5. They clearly have been trained to err on the side of shooting when presented with what might be perceived as a threat to their safety
  6. I am old enough to have been picked up by the cops for goofing off in the 70's and pulled over for various traffic stuff over the next 30 years....back in the day when we were goofing around the cops would drive by flash their lights - let you know to cut it out and move on....when you got pulled over in the 80's the cops were generally friendly about the whole affair - somewhere over the last 25 years the deescalating strategy turned 180 degrees - now even a white dude in his 50's driving a dad car gets a cop in his face for doing 51 in a 35.... The Cop who shot this nice young lady was - I understand - very young - poorly trained, given a gun and a license to kill - or maybe he was trained to do exactly what he did.....
  7. You 5Th Avenuers are such dupes...came here for this an was not disappointed!. Lets see......DT gets some bad press....the stock market goes down aaaaannnnndddd BINGO....a press release uncorroborated by the Chinese retweeted by the 5A fake news machine telling us how much soy beans the Chinese are gonna buy and how we are getting closer to a trade deal.....and you puds post it on here with your MAGA hat on like it just came out of a burning bush......someone go back and count these up...... Carry on 5A club.....BRAVO
  8. Came from Stadium Wall - Stayed for the same reason people look at car accidents....For one - I don't know what you guys do for a living or a home life but it seems you guys have formed lives whereas many of you can scan the web and post a bunch of crap with the same boring repetitive takes and comments all day every day for years on end... I post for the sheer tragicomedy of showing how unequivocally delusional most of you are......you do realize forum this is a different reality - correct - please tell me you know this....
  9. So you are quoting a guy who literally cannot tell the truth about anything
  10. No kidding....dude was until today ...a rookie....FFS 4-1....accuracy not an issue ....dude is money when it counts ....team is 4-1....and surprise....he makes rookie mistakes
  11. D was good but without JA we lose that game.....all day. His 16 th game today
  12. DR......do you really think cutting and pasting a bunch links and memes containing no actual substance from people nobody knows or dumb ass monikers is actual ....stuff?
  13. I see you regulars got back from your parade on 5th Avenue....celebrating your extraordinary ability to contort logic and suspend the belief system you say you have....bravo! You really are a bunch of puds
  14. Please point me to an existing or historical right wing or libertarian country or society that was an enduring success.
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