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  1. I listen to all sorts of news…don’t think anyone has it straight. I do…however…listen to Fox when the hilarity of them spinning obvious good news into something else is so predictable. You quoted…almost verbatim…that one lady …who prior to the release…was relishing the forthcoming bad news….then they gave her 10 minutes to pull her self together to belch exactly what you posted….LOL
  2. Holy Crap - Straight from Fox Business News...literally...were you transcribing? Got any of you own observations?
  3. They SHOULD have spied on Trump. The Russians were obviously dicking with the election for him, HE GOT ON FREAKING TV AND ASKED THE RUSSIANS TO HELP HIM, the timing of his talking points was obviously aligned with Wikileaks…..WTF would you expect?
  4. 3.5 million vets exposed to toxins…I am sure you probably think that’s too much to spend on those vets though
  5. That’s what the people who voted them into office want. That’s our countries issue now right? Half the country is proudly in eff you mode.
  6. The GOP flipped on this as soon as Manchin green lighted the climate tax bill. As one GOP analyst admitted…they just could not stomach the DEMS having any success….so eff the vets. That is all there is to it.
  7. It’s not what most people think. Players are paid by the game and pay income tax for that particular game in that particular state. When Miami plays here …they pay NYS income tax on that games wages….and visa versa rsa
  8. You literally have no idea what you are talking about
  9. LOL - Beeatch died doing what she loved - SS and Cap Police should have opened up the gatling guns on those armed traitors....any other situation and you MAGA traitors would have been in full agreement
  10. I live in NH. The vote was reviewed by both Democrats and Republicans. There was ZERO double votes from MA residents. Try harder.
  11. Ummm…that is how they already do it… solid 163
  12. Dude….take a break from the media and this board and go get some bearings back….if you are posting multiple times a day …everyday….here trying to flex your hot take nuances….you surely should have better things to do….
  13. I am 58…old enough….The Dems are have been the same my whole life….genuinely interested in solving problems…but generally bad ideas on how to do it. The GOP went off the hook when a black guy got voted to be POTUS….and since then the only thing they have done legislatively is cut taxes….that and stock scotus to drop bad decisions most people don’t want…or really even asked for. They vote lock stock and barrel against anything and everything…just because. We are not going to get a third party….a reasonable GOP would be welcome….we have a lot to improve on to give our kids and grandkids a better place and squabbling over transient social issues is a waste of time….
  14. Here is the REAL problem. If this passes it is a "win" for Democrats - and that is unacceptable for enough GOP to stop it. Damn the citizens.
  15. Does Mcbeane know about this? They better stop everything becuase they "MUST" answer this.... Good Lord - Must be getting old - the pompousness of sports writers these days....
  16. This doesn't amend the constitution....that's called an AMENDMENT Polarize? This is the standard GOP reaction to a proposal that most people want ...but they pull the "polarize" card to futher brainwash people like you ...and it works
  17. So either you are cool with both being wiped....or not cool with both being wiped........which are you?
  18. I definitely recall the first thing the pilgrims did down in Plymouth in 1620 was find a rock and use that rock etching kit they lugged from England to tag the beach with their new logo… lol
  19. Only a diehard brainwashed cementhead would classify 3 innocent people dead a “good” outcome… Just to be clear….we are talking about lives “saved” after a shooter has already killed someone …right?
  20. Interesting that…generally….red states lead the league in suicide rates and the commie libtard states have the lowest…
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