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  1. It's 92 pages, but here's one page my lawyers said I could release to the public:
  2. Apologies for being so late... I would have been here sooner but I've spent the past seven plus months researching. And by researching I mean having as much sex, in as many positions, elevations, and locations as possible. I'm nothing if I'm not thorough. I researched all different kinds of sex, reproducing scenes from every classic sexual movie. I tried conservative sex (missionary, no eye contact or speaking), liberal sex (lots of intense insults and propaganda), to libertarian sex (lots of friction, usually a solo activity). I had sex on film, on tables, in front of an open fridge, at band camp, in Central Park, a coatroom, even the Queen Mary. I had sex with actresses, models, wannabes, producers... the list was as endless as my penicillin prescription. And I did it all for you. After all of this exhaustive (and sometimes expensive) research I found myself happier. I found myself more at ease. My blood pressure dropped, my cholesterol plummeted, my doctor said my heart has never been healthier. I even have a six pack now, a real one, just from all the thrusting and exercise I've endured for the sake of this showdown. My skin looks better, my smile is brighter, and my stress has evaporated to the point where I spent the past three weeks smiling (and icing my junk) without ever once looking at my phone or any type of screen. In other words, exposure to sex lead me to watch less of Hollywood's product. I didn't have time! All I could think of was how lucky I am to have a fully functioning penis and a city full of desperate (and attractive) women eager to help my research. Which brings us to our point. Imitating the sex I've seen on screen has left me satisfied, content, and too tired to go on any sort of violent rampage. I'm more inclined to help a little old lady cross the street than I am to mow down a bus full of nuns with my AR-17. That's a win for the entire community, and a win for sex. Even better, my new found appreciation for sex requires concentration and effort and that limits the amount of time I have to watch Hollywood's products. Less time watching Hollywood junk means more time for me to put my junk to use. Can the same be said for those who watch violent movies or shows? I think Rob's post above shows us violence in Hollywood leads to a more aggressive posture; a potentially more violent posture. Look at the hostility in nearly every word Rob chose to type. Does he sound like a man who's satisfied by the loving embrace (or even the slutty embrace) of a good woman? Or does he sound like hours and hours of endless violence has left him with a hair trigger and no outlet for his rage? In some ways, it sounds a lot like Islamic Fundamentalists -- barred from sexual congress with women, or alcohol to soothe their manly urges, is it any wonder these fundamentalists often choose a life of violence and suicide bombs? Without sex, violence is all that is left to fill the hole in their hearts. Is that the kind of message we want to impart on our vulnerable youth? While my health and temperament has improved from watching and imitating the sex I've seen, Rob's has declined. Worse, his obsession with violence leads him to watching more and more violent images to get a release -- meaning he watches more and more of Hollywood's product (greasing the skids and encouraging Hollywood to continue to produce even more drek) -- whereas exposure to sex on film has led me to stop watching as much Hollywood drivel in order to find more P. PGreg... I like that. Shall wear it with a badge of honor. So, if your primary goal is to lessen Hollywood's influence on our culture, you should support more sex on screen. More sex on screen leads to more people having sex off screen which leads to less people consuming Hollywood's product.
  3. Days late to the party (but don't worry, I brought treats) -- but did Rob's first post get deleted? I can't find it in order to respond...
  4. If you don't think there are 15,000 crazy !@#$s out there who worship Tebow enough to buy tickets, then you haven't been paying attention to the Tebow circus. We don't need their kind at the Ralph.
  5. Finishing the year 3-13 behind Tuel will undoubtedly have an impact on the FA decisions in the off season. If the front office starts Tuel they are admitting failure and (loudly) proclaiming to the rest of the league the front office, with 20 million+ in cap room, cares more about the bottom line than wins and losses. As Bills fans, we already know this is the truth, but we don't need to demonstrate that to the rest of the league.
  6. Selling 15,000 tickets to people who aren't fans of the Bills, but rather fans of a single player, does nothing to excite me. We don't need those kinds of fans at Bills games, or their belief systems.
  7. No rookie coach believes in a rebuilding year. There are no such things as rebuilding years in the NFL anymore -- not for coaching staffs at least. With free agency, a reverse order draft, franchises are able to turn the page faster than ever. Just not in Buffalo.
  8. It's just business as usual for OBD. "Pinching pennies since 1960!" #OBDmotto
  9. You're mistaken, the vitriol is not directed at Tebow himself. He can't help the fact he's a terrible teammate and terrible QB for the NFL. The vitriol is directed towards people like yourself who continue to prop up a myth and legend rather than look at the actual facts and on the field play. Tebow is not the answer for the Bills, nor is he the answer for any NFL team at QB. If he wants to play TE, maybe we can talk. But, he doesn't so we won't.
  10. Considering his post was about Freeman and didn't mention Tebow, no. You would address him in the same fashion if you stood next to him at the urinal though... just saying. Awesome. And Rob Johnson has a super bowl ring.
  11. His name isn't toxic, HE IS. That's the difference. :lol: He's such a Tuel.
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