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  1. This documentary isn’t really about cats.
  2. Some people just want to be miserable. Easy schedule my ass, how many games in which it is close and the bills found a way to lose. This is a different team. Part of that is josh Allen’s winning mindset. He is our franchise qb.
  3. Just make sure to mind the gap.
  4. Galloway is another Brit that supports hamas and hezbollah. probably worse than corbyn.
  5. I don't get the Allen hate. This is a team that has had JP Losman, Fitz, Trent Edwards, Kyle Orton, EJ Manuel, Tyrod Taylor and Nathan Peterman as starting QB's and we're shitting on the only guy who can actually throw a football to save his life??
  6. Do you know anything about George Galloway?
  7. It was ok. Too long.
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